Thunder Martial Chapter 299 - Bark Like A Dog

The few major forces that went to the ruins suffered heavy losses. Many experts were injured, and most of the Geng Family's forces were almost annihilated.

The news of the ruins appeared, and at first, it did not move any of the great powers' hearts. The great powers did not care, because they thought they could completely open the ruins with their Forbidden Artifacts.

However, even after bringing along Forbidden Artifacts and their Imperial Sky Realm experts, they still returned with heavy injuries , which caused a huge uproar.

The ancient giant appeared on the second floor and each stomp he made was enough to kill an Imperial Sky Realm expert. He was so powerful that it was shocking.

In addition, there were more than two levels in the ruins. Clearly, there were stronger existences.

When ancient weapons appeared on the second floor, perhaps even more powerful Core Armament would appear deeper in.

Many forces sent a message to the family, telling them to bring the Core Armament to attack the ruins. At the same time, they wanted their families hermit to come.

It was obvious that this was a rare ruin. There were a lot of precious treasures inside, and everyone was no longer calm.

In just a few short days, many people went to Yonji city.

The Wu Zong Sect, Cloud City, the Floating Snow City, and the other forces that had yet to show themselves were all ready to make a move.

Even the elusive Heaven Killing Pavilion was tempted by the ruins.

All the great powers had sent their experts and geniuses, as well as their monstrous genius.

Early in the morning, there was a disturbance at the gate, the people from Cloud City had arrived, led by a few monstrous geniuses, Wang Qiong, Wang Shi, Wang Xian'er, and Wang Shan.

More than half a year had passed, and their strength had clearly increased by quite a bit once again. Among them, Wang Qiong was the most powerful, his eyes shone the brightest, and the aura around his body naturally surged. Obviously, on the road of Zhen Yuan Realm, they had walked a long way, and they were almost at the end of their journey.

Wang Shi was still as cold as ever, without smiling, he followed the rest towards the gate.

After not seeing her for half a year, Wang Xian'er was even more beautiful. Wearing red clothes, she had attracted the attention of many people.

Wang Shan was the last to unleash his powers, he was once a silk pants, but ever since he received the inheritance, he had started to train even more seriously, and now, he was truly the fourth monstrous genius. Although he still exudes the aura of a silk pant, his power and combat skills were much stronger than before.

What are you looking at? Have you never seen a handsome guy or a beauty before? The arrival of Cloud City's monstrous geniuses caused an uproar. Seeing that the gate has become crowded, Wang Shan shouted loudly, and his voice spread out, afraid that others might not know that he, Wang Shan, was here.

Haha, brother Wang Qiong.

Right at this moment, a hearty laugh sounded out. A man wearing a wide set of robes and appearing to be very lazy walked over from afar.

Brother Wu Mo.

Wang Qiong nodded his head, on his cool expression, a trace of gentleness could be seen.

Afterwards, they greeted each other.

Is there any news of Zi Chen? Seeing Miao Kong's arrival, Wang Xian'er was the first to ask.

Miao Kong had followed Wu Mo here and there were also quite a few experts of Wu Zong Sect.

In the battle half a year ago, with Zi Chen's strength alone, he had massacred Five Great monstrous geniuses and became extremely famous, almost becoming known as the strongest of the young generation.

When Wang Xian'er spoke, the others did not say anything and looked at her.

This... He should be outside of the Southern region by now. Miao Kong was startled for a moment, and then, faintly smiled. Obviously, he wasn't very clear either.

Rumor has it that outside of the Southern region is a very vast world, filled with all kinds of dangers, but with all kinds of opportunities. Zi Chen has already left, I wonder when we can also go out and adventure. Wang Shi suddenly opened his mouth and light flickered in his eyes. It was obvious that he yearned for a life outside the Southern region.

Hmph, luckily he left, otherwise, if he were to meet me, Chu Lie, he would be dead. A cold snort sounded from behind the crowd.

A wave of cold Qi spread out, and the temperature in the air dropped significantly. A group of people appeared, led by a tall young man wearing a white robe, who had a cold aura around him, like a piece of ten thousand year old ice.

Someone from Floating Snow City had arrived.

He was a monstrous genius that was cultivated by the Floating Snow City and he had always been hidden away. The last time Zi Chen killed their two monstrous geniuses, the Chu Family naturally had to choose a new monstrous genius.

If Zi Chen was here, he would definitely be able to kill you. To think that the Chu Family can still be considered to be powerful after that day when the two monstrous geniuses tried to kill the heavily injured Zi Chen, but they did not even manage to last a single round. A cold voice rang out.

Liu Bo represented the power of the Liu Family and had also arrived at Yongji City.

On this day, many great powers arrived, and many monstrous geniuses gathered, appearing together.

Hmph, that was just their carelessness. If I were to meet Zi Chen, even if it's his heyday, I would be able to kill him with a single slap. It's really laughable that a mere rogue cultivator could be considered as the strongest in the younger generations Chu Lie said in disdain.

Don't boast too much. If you really did fight, you might get slapped to death. It's better to keep a low profile. Wang Shan also said indifferently, he could not bear to see others being more arrogant than him.

How dare you! Chu Lie's battle intent surged, as he coldly looked at Wang Shan.

It's not a fight to the death, what's there to fight for. Chu Family, in front of Zi Chen, your dignity being inviolable, but in front of Su Long, haha...!

Wu Mo laughed lightly, stretched his body and headed straight for the city.

You...! Chu Lie's expression changed as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Tch... Wang Shan curled his lips and walked towards the city.

Many monstrous geniuses were gathered, and upon their appearance, a conflict immediately broke out. Although there was no battle today, most likely it wouldn't be for long before there was going to be a battle between the monstrous genius, so everyone was looking forward to it.


The auction would need a few days to start. On the auction, there were many treasures that could recover one's soul power.

Zi Chen obviously did not hold out hope, it was all prepared for the big powers, and at that time, the price of the auction would be shockingly high.

Zi Chen only hoped that he would be lucky enough to find one or two precious spirit medicine. However, after searching almost everywhere in Yongji City, he couldn't find a single medicine that could nourish the soul. Furthermore, he was told that this kind of rare and precious medicine could only be found in the auction this time around.

Zi Chen's face was bitter. This time, the auction was clearly targeted for those experts from the great powers, and there was also information about the ruins this time.

He was just a rogue cultivator with no power or influence; how could he possibly buy off the medicinal ingredients in the hands of a few major powers?

Walking out of the medicine shop, Zi Chen had a dejected expression.

Old Mo's attainments in formations were very high. If he was here, entering the ruins wouldn't be a problem, but in the last battle, Old Mo used up a lot of energy and was still unconscious.

In the streets, there were still portraits of him. The people of Geng Family were humiliated and they would not rest until they had avenged their vengeance.

Damn it, boy. Weren't you very arrogant before? Why do you submit now?

The moment Zi Chen walked out of the medicine store, he saw that he was surrounded by seven or eight people.

The one leading them was Geng Le.

A few days had passed and the Geng Family had also sent someone over. Unfortunately, they could not find any more medicinal herbs.

Aren't you very powerful? Why, you're scared now. Where's your friend? Did he die from the giant's foot? One of the cultivators sneered.

It was obvious that he was from the Serial formation, and was lucky enough to survive. He had the strength of an Eight Heaven.

You all...! Nie Tian's face was extremely ugly. He was powerful, but he could not make a move in front of the Geng Family, otherwise, he would be recognized. Who knows, there might even be an Imperial Sky Realm expert nearby to kill him.

What are you doing? Weren't you very arrogant before? Didn't you say that I deserved to be injured? Why aren't you acting strong now? Geng Le's mouth formed a sneer, Aren't you a monstrous genius? Come, fight with me.

Nie Tian's face was extremely ugly. While trying to hide in the midst of the crowd, he was still discovered, his luck was truly terrible.

He's really unlucky Nie Tian! Zi Chen sighed and walked over with big strides.


One of them released a stream of energy and repelled Nie Tian. With a disdainful smile, he said, Weren't you very arrogant before, why are you so soft now? Come, fight with us

Not bad. Werem\t you supposed to have kicked the buttocks of the monk? Come, let me see what sort of method you have.

The few of them pressed forward, and the aura around their bodies surged.

In the surroundings, quite a few people had retreated far away as they discussed in hushed tones.

That young man's battle power is definitely comparable to that of a monstrous genius. Back then, I personally saw him kick the butt of the monk and even hit the back of the monk's head. For some reason, he has stopped fighting today.

That's right. I've also seen what happened that day. He fought with the monk and the monk could only defend passively.

Someone beside him whispered.

The Good and Evil monk was most definitely a strange and mysterious being. It was impossible to determine his battle power. At this moment, his words had also attracted the attention of many people.

Kicked the evil monk's butt? Wang Qiong frowned. He was powerful and his hearing was naturally not weak either. Everything he heard about the Evil and Good monk had piqued his interest. He walked over and saw Geng Le.

Geng Le had gone to the Guest House before, so he had naturally seen him before.

When the other monstrous genius heard this, they also walked over. They were even more curious especially after seeing Geng Le and hearing that the youth that was surrounded by Geng Le and the others had kicked the monk's butt before.

Come on, let's fight. Aren't you strong?

The few of them were overbearing and released streams of energy. To Nie Tian, although it was not painful, it still played a role in humiliating him.

Nie Tian's face was ashen, but he did not dare make a move. The moment he did, Geng Le would recognize him.

What's going on? If this man truly has such strength, why doesn't he attack? Wang Xian'er opened her eyes wide and asked curiously.

Who knows? Maybe it's just a rumor. In this world, who would dare kick the monk's ass? Wang Shan curled his lips and said disdainfully.

What monstrous genius? I think he's just a waste. He was previously so arrogant inside the ruins, but now he's frightened. He's really trash. How about this, like a dog, crawl around the ground three times and call out three times, and I'll then let you go.

Geng Le said in disdain, causing everyone to laugh out loud.

Nie Tian's fists were clenched until there was a cracking sound. The veins on his arms bulged, and killing intent exploded in his eyes.

Learning to bark like a dog is not bad. I agree with your suggestion. At this moment, an impassive voice sounded and a young man walked out from the crowd.



With one step, he arrived before a cultivator. He waved his hand and slapped him. The next moment, a loud sound rang out and a seventh heaven cultivator was sent flying.