Thunder Martial Chapter 298 - Serial Formation


With a single step, a great earthquake split open. Cracks spread out, and a huge crater appeared as dust flew into the air.

Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and his figure became like a mirage. Many people were unable to see Zi Chen's true body, and in that instant, Zi Chen dodged the fatal strike.

What incredible speed.

In the distance, someone noticed this scene and cried out in alarm. It was obvious that this was the first person to have survived the hands of a giant.

It was a pity that he was an unfamiliar face.

The giant chased after him and ran out of the ruins. However, it did not leave the plaza and only roared.

Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass, and like a phantom, he flew forward, like a ray of golden light.

Right at this moment, he saw the people from the Geng Family. Geng Le's face was deathly pale, and he was protected by a group of experts.


With a flash of light, a weapon appeared in his hands. It was only an ordinary weapon, after that, Zi Chen suddenly threw towards the Serial formation.

Above the weapon, a golden light shone, as though it had ignited a golden flame, transforming into a ray of light that flew towards the Serial formation, causing ear-piercing hisses to ring out in the air.

Everyone saw this attack. However, they didn't know why this youth with extreme speed would attack a place that couldn't be more ordinary.

Not good. The Geng Family's Imperial Sky expert seemed to have sensed something. His expression changed greatly as he pulled Geng Le and prepared to leave.

However, everything was too late. The weapon had been thrown into the Serial formation, causing the formations to activate.



A series of trembling sounds continuously rang out, and rays of light appeared. This was the Serial formation, one ring after another, its might was extremely terrifying.

At this moment, the moment it appeared, all of the experts were surrounded, as if they were all being devoured.


Miserable cries echoed and the sound of killing filled the air. The terrifying Qi was surging and as the Serial formation was activated, it started to encircle and kill the people from the Geng Family.

Everyone's face changed and their hearts turned cold.

This was a person who was about to kill a great power.

In the distance, Nie Tian recognized Zi Chen. When he saw that the Serial formation had swallowed the Geng Family, he was extremely excited.


The Qi of the Forbidden Artifact circulated, releasing one terrifying attack after another, but this was a Serial formation. Even if they used their Forbidden Artifacts, it was still not easy to destroy.

Miserable screams rang out unceasingly, the mournful sounds causing one's hair to stand on end.


After striking out once, Zi Chen was also in danger, the giant caught up with him in just a few steps, and kicked him again, releasing a tyrannical Qi.

Zi Chen dodged once again, unleashing the Nine Thunder Pass to its limits. The strength of the giant was terrifying, and every time he attacked, a gust of wind would be stirred up, affecting Zi Chen's speed.

If one stomp was enough to kill an Imperial Sky Realm expert, even if Zi Chen was touched by even a little bit of it, he would still die.




After dodging multiple times, Zi Chen turned into a ray of golden light and ran forward, obviously wanting to leave.


The earth trembled as the fierce attack fell. Countless amounts of smoke and dust splashed out, covering the sky and blotting out the sun. Although Zi Chen dodged the attack, he was still struck by the frightening energy and coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

He did not dare to stop and transformed into a beam of light.

In the distance, everyone was dumbfounded. This young man was simply too ferocious, he had tricked Geng Family into the Serial formation. Facing the terrifying attack of the giant, after a few flashes, he actually managed to rush back alive.

Terrifying, too terrifying.

When the young man arrived, everyone retreated, not daring to provoke him. Furthermore, they were afraid that the other party would trap them in some formations.

Although a few experts of the great powers were all injured, their combat power was still there. When they saw that Zi Chen was the last to appear, their eyes flickered.

He was definitely the last to appear, and definitely took the Geng Family's Spatial Ring. A loud exclamation came from the Zhu Family.

A cold light flashed in Zhu Zicong's eyes, he shouted loudly, Stop him!

At the same time, numerous rays of light appeared and a terrifying killing intent surged.

At this moment, the major powers all made their moves.

This was because in the dead Geng Family's Imperial Sky Realm experts, there was an ancient weapon, and a Spirit Armament, both of them were of high quality.


Zi Chen's entire body was glowing with a golden light. With two fingers on his sword, he released beams of golden sword Qi, specially aiming at places with formations. Tese were all sensed by him, and there was no lack of powerful formations.


Trembling sounds continuously rang out, and many great formations appeared, blocking the steps of the experts that were chasing after him.


After dodging the attacks from the great powers, there were still some rogue cultivators who were powerful enough to rush towards Zi Chen.

Hurry up and leave. Zi Chen transmitted his voice to Nie Tian. As for these rogue cultivators, he did not put them in his eyes at all.

A brilliant light flashed in his hand, and a beam of red light appeared. It was as if a flame had been ignited, emitting a blinding light.

This was a Spirit Armament obtained by the Geng Family, a fire sword. When it appeared, it immediately emitted a scorching heat. Seeing it, the eyes of the crowd of rogue cultivators became extremely passionate.


Killing intent exploded in Zi Chen's eyes as a strong will surged out from his body. In an instant, a terrifying aura erupted from the Spirit Armament, causing the flames around him to become even more blazing. Then, he swept his gaze across the area in front of him.

The next moment, a large sea of flames appeared and covered the area in front of him like a sea of fire. At the same time, a sharp sword Qi appeared from within the sea of fire and shot toward the rogue cultivators.



The sounds of weapons colliding continuously sounded. None of the surviving rogue cultivators were weak, as they could all sense the sword Qi in the flames and blocked it all, but right after, the sword Qi sliced their weapons apart as if it was tofu, and even their bodies were split into two.

Within the sea of fire, more than a dozen people were split into two. At the same time, their bodies were also ignited in flames.

When Zi Chen's figure flashed past, the flames had dissipated and there were more than ten pieces of charcoal on the ground.

A terrifying youth, a terrifying Spirit Armament.

It was far superior to the Spirit Armament that was refined by Imperial Sky Realm cultivators.

The other rogue cultivators' expressions changed drastically. They did not dare to advance and allowed Zi Chen to turn into a golden light before disappearing.

Too terrifying.

He killed more than ten people with one sword strike, this Spirit Armament is too strong.

No matter how strong the Spirit Armament is, it is still just a Spirit Armament. The one who is stronger is that young man, he can even control a Spirit Armament with his spiritual perception for an instant.

Everyone exclaimed in admiration and allowed the other party to disappear.


Moreover, at this time, a terrifying explosion occurred again, after using two Forbidden Artifacts, the Serial formation was finally broken, and the Geng Family appeared once again.

There were only five of them.

When they were devoured by the formations, there were more than a dozen of them.

Ah...! Geng Le roared towards the sky in anger. One of the people by his side had already died, and the other one was dying. Moreover, he also suffered from heavy injuries.


In the distance, the iant also let out a roar that sounded like thunder, which far surpassed Geng Le's.

The latter was so frightened that he couldn't care less and led the rest to run outside.

Some of them were even on the verge of death, and amongst them, the loss of the Geng Family was the greatest, and they had even used up several Forbidden Artifacts. Even two of the Imperial Sky Realm experts had died, causing Geng Le to be so furious that he jumped to his feet.

Along the way, he couldn't help but want to skin and cramp that young man. Furthermore, after hearing that he had taken away his own experts Spatial Ring, he had the urge to kill that person's entire family.

However, no one knew the other party's background.

In fact, no one even remembered where he had seen him before.

Zi Chen escaped like the wind, after a while, he caught up to Nie Tian and changed his appearance again.

Come, come with me. Zi Chen said.

What for? Nie Tian was startled.

If the people of the Geng Family are still alive, their losses will be great. Maybe we can find a chance to make all of them stay. Zi Chen said with a cold voice, his eyes flickering with killing intent.

This... That's a good idea. Nie Tian's hesitant expression instantly turned into joy. Thus, the two of them went back to their hiding places to watch.

Not long after, shadows appeared one after another.

F*ck, if I find you, I'll definitely kill your entire family. Geng Le's voice could be heard from afar.

Hmph, let's see who kills whose entire family. Nie Tian snorted, killing intent flickered in his eyes. Even the smile on his face had disappeared.

Moments later, the crowd arrived.

Zi Chen shook his head in disappointment. Geng Family had suffered heavy losses, and if he were to take action now, he had a 60% chance of killing the last few.

However, there were also other major powers nearby. As they were all major powers, they would naturally not stand idly by and watch without doing anything.

Dammit, what a lucky guy. If only they were as unlucky as me. Nie Tian obviously knew that he could not make a move, and was extremely angry.

Let's go back.

Go back to where?

Yongji City, find a spirit medicine that can recover soul power.

Several great powers returned, they suffered heavy losses. This caused a huge commotion.

There were even those in the Imperial Sky Realm that died. That news shocked everyone.

Moreover, the formations in the ruins could be altered. It had already been broken before, but it still appeared in the end.

On the second floor, an existence similar to the Ancient giant appeared. With one stomp, it had killed an Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Of course, all of this couldn't compare to the appearance of an unfamiliar youth. He cheated the people from the Geng Family, stole the Spatial Ring of an Imperial Sky Realm expert, and even killed many experts using a Serial Formation.

When this news came out, the entire world was shaken, Zi Chen had just disappeared but could it be that another fierce person had appeared who dared to go against the great powers?

The Geng Family issued the kill order, and the image of the stranger was posted all over the place, with a bounty of ten thousand Yuan Stones.

At the same time, many Imperial Sky Realm experts were hit by the sound wave and they needed spirit medicine to recover.

As for Geng Family's experts, their injuries were severe.

Thus, taking this opportunity, the Yongji City's Liu Family made an Auction that was targeted at the great powers. There were many rare treasures for sale, and there was also a piece of news that was sold on the Auction.

There was news about the ruins.

The people of the Liu Family knew some clues.