Thunder Martial Chapter 297 - Ancient Weapon and Spirit Armament



A loud sound rang out and the second floor shook violently, as if there was a giant stomping on it.

The severely injured Imperial Sky Realm expert's expression changed. Shock and fear filled his eyes as he quickly retreated backwards.


However, in the next moment, a huge footprint appeared, carrying with it a terrifying aura. The next moment, the crisp sound of bones breaking could be heard as the foot stomped on the ground, causing a blood-curdling scream to ring out.


The Imperial Sky Realm experts' faces were full of fear. Before he could even utter another word, he was slammed onto the ground, which was followed by a series of bone cracking sounds. The Imperial Sky Realm expert's body completely disappeared, leaving behind only a large pool of blood.

In one attack, he had been killed on the spot.

Everyone paled and quickly retreated.

At this moment, another large foot appeared. It was covered in beast fur, and its body was like a steel needle. It shone with a cold light.

Immediately after, two more large hands grabbed the edge of the stone room, and with a bit of force, its entire body appeared.

It was a giant over ten meters tall, its entire body covered with beast fur. It looked like an Old Ape, but also like a human. Its huge eyes emitted a strange red light, and a terrifying killing intent circulated around it.

A tyrannical aura filled the surface of its body. The fur all over its body was like steel needles, sparkling with a cold light. With each breath it took, a huge wave of energy surged out.

Retreat, retreat!

Everyone's expression changed greatly. They couldn't muster up any fighting spirit. At this moment, even with the Forbidden Artifact in their hands, they all felt a sense of dread in their hearts.

So terrifying, could this be the Ancient giant? Nie Tian was shocked.

Zi Chen was also extremely shocked, but his gaze was still tightly staring at the distant mass of flesh and blood. If he was not mistaken, in the spatial ring from the dead Imperial Sky Realm expert, there was one ancient weapon, and one Spirit Armament.


Just then, a light tremble sounded out and a bright light shot up into the sky. It was a Bracelet, but it was also a Forbidden Artifact.

The people of Liu Family made their move, the death of their Imperial Sky Realm expert was no small matter.

The Bracelet flashed with light, and in the next moment, it became a dozen or so meters large. On the surface of its body, a terrifying aura circulated, and with a tremble, it charged towards the giant.



Waves of wind, which sounded like the howls of ghosts and wolves, brought with them a terrifying killing intent as they charged towards the giant's head.


With a light sound, the Bracelet was blocked by the giant's large palm like a fan, and its body staggered as it took two steps back, causing the stone room to tremble. At the same time, many cracks appeared above its entire right hand, and a stream of blood flowed out.

The Bracelet rolled back and many cracks appeared on top of it. It was obvious that it had consumed a lot of the energy, but the result that it brought shocked everyone.

The strike of a Forbidden Artifact only caused a slight wound on the giant's hand.


Looking at the wound on his hand, giant's expression changed. His incomplete facial features became even more distorted. The red light in his eyes became even stronger. Then, he opened his mouth and let out a roar.

A visible shockwave spread from one end of the stone room to the other, bringing with it a terrifying sound wave attack.



Amidst the sound waves, there was also a terrifying force that caused all the cultivators to fly backwards. At the same time, as they were in midair, as if they were being cut by sharp blades, their bodies split into two. This sound wave even carried with it a materialized attack.

A deathly aura pervaded the air, and one cultivator after another was sent flying. Many of them were snapped in half in midair, and died a violent death.


Several of them spat out blood as their spirits withered.

Go, quickly go.

This giant is angry. We can't win against him.

At this moment, even the experts of the great powers were no longer calm. The giant's sound wave attack was so terrifying that no one would be able to block it if it got near.

Everyone was flying backwards, and only Zi Chen was moving forward.

What are you doing? Seeing Zi Chen running forward, Nie Tian was shocked, and quickly sent a sound transmission to him.

Hurry up and leave, don't worry about me, I am the lucky Zi Chen, fortune comes with danger. Zi Chen said.

Zi Chen's breakthrough had consumed a lot of energy, and thus required a lot of resources. Right now, the Spatial Rings that were from the dead Imperial Sky Realm expert were the resources he needed.

Other than the wealth of an Imperial Sky Realm expert, there was also an ancient weapon, and a Spirit Armament that was worth a lot.

Wealth comes with danger, so Zi Chen decided to go all out.

Then I'll go as well. Nie Tian didn't hesitate at all and was about to step forward. Obviously, he was worried about Zi Chen's life.

More people means more dangers. Leave quickly, I have my ways. Zi Chen sent out a sound transmission calmly, following that, an energy was released, causing Nie Tian to immediately retreat.

Hurry up and leave.

Zi Chen urged. At the same time, his figure flashed, and rushed into the stone room.


The giant went crazy. It let out another roar and immediately began to walk. The second layer of the stone room began to tremble violently. It was as if it was going to collapse at any moment.

Everyone was fleeing in panic.

The giant was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of everyone. Immediately following that, with a step forward, a cultivator was trampled to death.


The giant roared to the sky while holding a Zhen Yuan Realm cultivator in his hand. In the midst of the cultivator's terrified struggle, the giant used his full force and ripped him apart. Fresh blood splattered, his internal organs flowed all over the ground, after that, the giant threw half of the corpse away, put the other half into his mouth, and chewed non-stop.

This was a cruel and bloody scene. Many cultivators felt chills in their hearts as their stomachs churned.

The giant who was walking forward stepped on the ground, as if he had no one around him. With a stomp, blood splattered everywhere, and a puddle of blood appeared on the ground.

The scene was very bloody.


The Bracelet trembled again, and the surrounding cracks also became bigger. Like a series of cracks, it transformed into a dozen meter long Bracelet, charging towards the giant once again.


This time, the Tyrannical Aura around the giant's body surged and directly smashed onto the Bracelet. With a loud bang, the Bracelet was smashed into pieces.

A Forbidden Artifact had been destroyed just like that.

At the same time, the giant also took a few steps back and staggered.

This created an excellent opportunity for all the fleeing cultivators, and they all ran up towards the upper levels in a frenzy.

Just at this moment, the giant's breath trembled and his eyes that were emitting red light scanned the room beside him. As the ground trembled, the giant entered the room.

No, no!

In the stone room, a voice that carried a weeping tone sounded. A cultivator revealed fear in his eyes and his lower half was already wet.

This was a guy with ulterior motives like Zi Chen, but with bad luck, the giant sensed his presence.


The stone room shook again, and creaking sounds came from the room. The giant walked out again, and there was another pool of mud in the room.

Because of the people in the stone room, everyone had more time to escape.

The next moment, the giant walked to another stone room. His breath was trembling and he could feel the breath of a stranger.


Amidst the mournful cries, the stone room shook again.

Soon after, there was a third scream, and the giant walked out with half of the corpse.

This was a massacre. Entering the stone room was clearly suicidal.

Those who entered the stone room with ulterior motives were all shaken. Then, they jumped out one by one, rushing towards the outside world.

However, there were still people who were unwilling to give up. They hid within the stone chamber, thinking that the giant would chase after those who had escaped.

The giant's nose quivered, like a dog's. The giant walked into the stone room again. Clearly, another person had died.


Miserable cries of death rang out unceasingly.

In the corner of another stone room, Zi Chen's body was completely frozen. The secret techniques recorded on the Heavenly Book were continuously circulating, restraining all of his aura to make him seem like a dead man.

Hearing the painful cries that constantly escaped from the side of his ear, the corners of Zi Chen's mouth trembled and his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Obviously, this was a gamble with his life, and the only thing he could rely on was this technique from the Heavenly Book.

The giant walked out of the fourth room and arrived outside Zi Chen's stone room. His nose was trembling and a red light flashed in his eyes.

It was obvious that he wanted to kill someone else.

The second layer of the stone room became deathly still, with only the thick smell of blood and piles of mud.

When Zi Chen confirmed that the trembling came from the first floor, he heaved a sigh of relief. At this time, he was already sweating profusely and his clothes were all wet.

Corpses were everywhere, the most common was the cultivators. There were puddles of fresh blood that formed blood lines, which started to flow in all directions.

Zi Chen did not have much time left, he did not have time to sigh with emotion. His footsteps flickered, and he rushed towards the deepest part of the place where the Imperial Sky Realm expert died.

Amongst the pile of blood and corpses, Zi Chen found the bloody ring.

That's it. Zi Chen's eyes lit up, he ignored the blood on the storage ring and kept it, then turned and left.

The ground was trembling, and it was getting further and further away from Zi Chen.

By the time Zi Chen reached the first floor, there was no longer anyone there. The trembling voice came from outside.

Once the giant is outside, can it be that they want to use formations to kill the giant? Zi Chen's face changed. The Geng Family did not want to give up, they wanted to use the formations.

However, when he rushed out of the ruins, he saw that in the open space in front of the ruins, there were many corpses. However, the giant didn't have any intentions of continuing forward and just stood at the edge of the plaza, repeatedly roaring.


All of the bones in Zi Chen's body moved, he instantly changed his appearance. He did not want others to recognize his previous appearance, as this would be detrimental to Nie Tian.

However, the moment he rushed out of the ruins, he was targeted by giant.

The latter turned his head, the red light in his eyes becoming stronger, and without hesitation, he kicked towards Zi Chen. At this moment, Zi Chen felt that the sky had darkened, and a terrifying aura assaulted him.




Zi Chen's entire body was covered in a resplendent golden light. At this moment, he did not dare to hide anything, and appeared out of nowhere in a flash of lightning.

His figure was like a ghost as he escaped the attack of the giant. Just at this moment, Zi Chen saw that the Geng Family had fled far away, and that place was exactly where he had discovered the serial formation.