Thunder Martial Chapter 296 - Ancient Weapon and Spirit Armament

In the plaza outside the ruin, Zi Chen's attack had injured Geng Le, showing that his fighting strength was astonishing.

Even the people from the major powers had astonishment in their eyes.

Brat, you actually dared to injure Young Master Geng Le? A group of Zhen Yuan Realm Experts surrounded Zi Chen, all of their gazes hostile.

He deserves it. He only knows how to shout when he's not strong enough. Zi Chen said coldly.

Kid, are you courting death? One of them glared at Zi Chrn with a pair of ice-cold eyes.

What, you want to besiege me? Then let's fight to the end. I'll keep you all company. I'll kill every single one that comes, and all will be killed by me. Zi Chen's eyes were filled with killing intent.

At this moment, he did not choose to settle the matter peacefully.

Don't go too far, he provoked us first. He deserves to be injured, who told him to be so weak. Nie Tian also did not retreat at all, and was extremely loyal.

You...! The few of them were furious and were preparing to make their move.

Geng Le also walked forward step by step with a miserable expression on his face. It was obvious that he was angry, as he had lost a lot of face today.

A dignified monstrous genius who was injured in a single slap. He had to regain his dignity no matter what.

I know him. He's the one who fought the monk to a standstill last time, and then beat the monk again.

That's right, it's him. The Good and Evil monk had suffered at his hands. He has nearly knocked the monk out of his wits.

Back then, he had hit the monk's head. As for the person beside him, his battle power was also very powerful, so he ended up kicking the monk's butt.

Some of the people recognized Zi Chen and Nie Tian, and spoke out about the fight that happened that day.

Many of the monstrous geniuses' eyes fluctuated, and they felt their heads go blank, hitting the monk's head and kicking his butt.

It was said that the monk had fought with Li Hao on equal footing at that time, but ever since Zi Chen had killed Li Hao, someone had realized that something was amiss.

The monk had the six-word mantra, which was extremely powerful, but he still could not win against Li Hao.

As a monstrous genius, the monk was clearly the most mysterious.

But now, the two people in front of him, one hit the monk in his head and the other kicked his butt.

Where did these two monstrous geniuses come from?

Geng Le stepped forward and he was about to regain some face, but when he heard this, his expression changed and became even more unsettled.

As for the others, their faces flickered.

The good and evil monk was very famous. After Zi Chen killed Li Hao, not only did his reputation not decline, the monk's fighting strength had become even more mysterious.

The entrance to the ruin is already open, if we don't go now, how long are we going to wait? Just at this time, the Liu Family spoke.

The Forbidden Artifact attack from before had already blown away the remnants of the formations.

Let's go to the ruins.

When many people heard this, they immediately turned and began to walk toward the ruins.

Although the battle strength of the two was very strong, the ruins were more important.

Just you wait. Geng Le left behind these ruthless words, turned around and left, while the others also stared at Zi Chen fiercely.

Offending Young Master, you're dead meat.

They sneered, turned around and left, but they were afraid in their hearts. These two had fighting strength comparable to monstrous geniuses, so they could naturally kill them.

Zi Chen felt a chill, and a cold gaze fell on his body.

F*ck! Zi Chen's heart was filled with anger. Geng Le was overbearing and now he was even trying to challenge him.

However, he was too weak. If he were to advance to the fifth heaven, he would not be afraid to accept the challenge even though there are imperial sky experts here.

The crowd all walked into the ruin, leaving only Nie Tian and Zi Chen behind.

What should we do? Nie Tian looked at Zi Chen.

Let's go in and take a look. If we don't have the chance, then leave. Zi Chen said, as his gaze swept across the road he had come from.

Inside the ruins, it was dark and gloomy, with a sinister feeling in the air that sent chills down one's spine. Zi Chen followed Nie Tian and saw an empty stone room. The construction materials of this Hall were unique. If they could be used to forge artifacts, then some of the things in the stone room would have been smoothly taken away by the first batch.


The great formation that broke through the sky appeared once again, and it was very powerful.

Having just walked past the first floor, Zi Chen heard the rumbling sounds of the second floor as terrifying energies revolved around.

Dammit, why did this happen?

It must be because the rogue cultivators from before touched the formations, causing it to change. They are a bunch of greedy fellows.

Occasionally, one could hear the angry curses coming from the second floor.

Ah... This is the corpse poison.

Suddenly, a cry of surprise rang out, and in the middle of the second floor, rays of resplendent light appeared. They then spread towards the entire second floor, and the dense aura of the corpse poison was released.

At the second floor's entrance, Zi Chen felt a bit dizzy, so he quickly retreated.

Nie Tian's face was also pale white.

This place was truly worthy of being called a dead end.



Similar sounds continuously rang out, and soon after, several figures rapidly ran towards the first level. Some of them had just rushed out of the tunnel, their bodies emitting a colorful light before their bodies slowly rotted and fell at the exit of the tunnel.

This corpse poison, even if one did not absorb it, would still be attached to one's body, and would enter one's body through their pores; it was very terrifying.

Miserable screams rang out unceasingly. This place was like hell on earth.

It took a good half a quarter of an hour before the place to return to silence and all the corpse poison to disappear.

This expert, how vicious is his character? He actually intentionally refined these corpse poisons when he was alive and merged them into the formations. His heart is vicious. Nie Tian was shocked, just at the entrance, there were already more than 10 bodies.

And there was no movement from below.

Don't tell me they're all dead? Zi Chen's mind trembled, he felt a chill down his spine, this place was truly a dead end.

Let's go down and take a look. Nie Tian's eyes suddenly became very bright, and he whispered, Zi Chen, if they're all dead, then we...!

Nie Tian did not say anything further, but even a fool would know.

If everyone died, the two of them would be rich. At the very least, the Forbidden Artifacts prepared by the several great powers would be an incalculable fortune.

Stop dreaming. Zi Chen said. Great powers were known as great powers, and they always had some special methods, so how could they easily die?

The people who had died in the tunnel were all rogur cultivators.

When Zi Chen followed Nie Tian into the passage, they saw many bright and resplendent shields of light. The people from the great powers were all hiding inside, they obviously had some tricks up their sleeves.

Nie Tian was a little disappointed. These damned bastards, why didn't they die?

On the second floor, there were many corpses. Most of them were rogue cultivators, but there were also some rogue cultivators who used special methods to block the corpse poison.

Damn, this bunch of damn rogue cultivators.

The angry curses became louder, like rolling thunder, echoing on the second floor. These were the thoughts of all the major powers. Rogue cultivators truly deserved to die. Their greed had destroyed all their previous achievements.


The voice transmitted outwards, triggering a shock. A huge formations appeared, once again enveloping the great powers.

This is the vibration caused by the sonic wave, it can even stir the formations? Everyone was speechless. The formations here was simply too strange.


The Forbidden Artifact's aura appeared once more, surging with a terrifying energy. Following this sudden attack, everything was destroyed, and the formations shattered and disappeared.

This was a difficult path to take, this time there were several great powers that came prepared, and they brought several Forbidden Artifacts. They originally planned to break the restrictions and use them to get treasures, but no one expected the formations to change, and so one Forbidden Artifact was used here.

Many of the rooms on the second floor had already been opened. There were still others that no one could blast open, and they could only use Forbidden Artifacts.


The light emitted by the Forbidden Artifact unceasingly trembled, it was multicolored and dazzling, following that, a terrifying Qi appeared and bombarded the formations


A seal was broken, a wave of Killing Intent filled the air. The ancient aura was awe-inspiring and in the stone room, an ancient weapon appeared.

This was an ancient weapon, it was not weaker than a Spirit Armament, and it was very sharp.

This was the stone room opened by the Liu Family, and their eyes immediately lit up. This was a rare item, but using a Forbidden Artifact to open it was more or less a waste.


With a resounding clang, a sword beam in the sky shattered. This was a Forbidden Artifact. After two attacks, cracks appeared before finally dissipating.

At the same time, a resplendent ray of light rushed out of the stone room and into the outside world. It was a resplendent and sparkling green light, and it was extremely spirited.

Catch it.

A Qin Family expert shouted, one of them made a move, and a huge handprint appeared, grabbing towards the green light.


With a light sound, the green light pierced through the palm and quickly rushed out of the stone room.

Quickly chase it!

The Qin Family's experts' faces changed, it was clear that this was a rare treasure, and he continued to attack.

A resplendent light illuminated the entire second floor as a terrifying aura surged forth. At this moment, three experts launched a powerful attack, resembling an inescapable net.


The terrifying attack landed on the green light and produced a metallic sound, shaking the green light. After several attacks, the green light disappeared and an object appeared. It was a palm-sized sword, flashing with green light. It was a Spirit Weapon.

It was full of spirituality, and could be considered a precious treasure.


Before the other forces could react, the Qin Family's experts had already put away this Spirit Armament. Furthermore, from his pleasantly surprised face, one could tell that this object was far from what ordinary Spirit Armament could compare with.

All kinds of lights flashed, and Forbidden Artifacts continued to attack.

However, not every stone room had something. The Zhu Family had broken through two stone rooms, but they were all empty. They were so angry that they were shouting and cursing.


The last stone room was broken through by the Geng Family people. This time, their gains were not small, an ancient weapon, and a Spirit Armament. After the last stone room was broken through, everyone's eyes were filled with anticipation.

The expert hoped to obtain a Core Armament.

But immediately after, a terrifying killing intent filled the air and a huge roar sounded out, like the sound of ten thousand thunderclaps and surging sound waves. At this moment, the entire second floor was shaking.

In the next moment, all of the cultivators who had charged into the stone room were blown out by a powerful force. Some of them even died a violent death.

His face was obviously filled with astonishment.

What happened? Everyone turned around and looked at the last stone room.


The ground trembled like a giant beast stepping on it and the second floor began to shake violently.