Thunder Martial Chapter 295 - Lucky Zi Chen

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Nie Tian hesitated, and fell into a struggle.

Once the cannon fodder entered the ruin, they would die. If he were to suddenly go berserk and kill Geng Le, he would also die.

You fool, hurry up. Geng Le urged.

Nie Tian looked at Geng Le deeply, turned and walked towards the ruins. He could not fight it out, and not only would he not be able to kill Geng Le, even if he did kill him, he would also implicate Zi Chen.

Let me do it.

Just as Nie Tian took a step forward, he was pulled back by Zi Chen, followed by an indifferent voice.

You...! Nie Tian stared at Zi Chen, he did not know what to say.

You are the unlucky Nie Tian, I am the lucky Zi Chen, the chances of my survival are higher than yours. Zi Chen's telepathic transmission.

Nie Tian was very moved. This place was incredibly dangerous, even if one had heaven-defying luck, it was still possible for them to die. Yet Zi Chen actually blocked in front of him.

The cannon fodder by his side were still gloating. As long as they did not step forward, they would go up.

Aiyo, your brotherly love is deep. Very good. Go, go, only come up after he's dead. Geng Le laughed out strangely.

Zi Chen did not speak. Taking a deep breath, he walked forward.

At the same time, a powerful spiritual perception spread out from his body to sense everything around him.

He had been constantly probing with his mind, and could faintly feel the energy fluctuations from a few formations, which could be considered as having sensed danger ahead of time.

After about a dozen or so meters, Zi Chen arrived at the place where the cultivator died, and then slowly walked towards the left.

Every step he took seemed cautious and prudent.

Damn, you should go faster. Behind him, Geng Le roared in dissatisfaction, obviously he was not satisfied with Zi Chen's speed. Like a tortoise, you're stalling for time. Our time is extremely precious.

Shut up! Zi Chen suddenly turned his head, his eyes releasing an endless coldness, as he roared.

The rumbling sound was like a clap of thunder, shaking Geng Le to the core, causing him to be startled, and his ears buzzing.

Are you trying to get someone to fucking find the way, or are you trying to send them to their deaths? If you have the ability, why don't you come? Zi Chen said coldly.

At that moment, everyone looked at Zi Chen in shock, he was the first one who dared to insult the big powers.

Of course, in the eyes of the crowd, this was also due to him squeezing too much anger out of his heart.

No one sympathized with Geng Le. You asked him to be your cannon fodder, made him risk his life to scout the place, and yet you think he's slow?

You want to die? Geng Le's eyes revealed a dense killing intent.

Come, I am courting death. If you have the ability, then come over. I will slap you to death. Zi Chen stood still in his original position.

You...! The killing intent in Geng Le's eyes became denser, but he could not step forward.

What about me? If you don't dare to go up to me, then shut up. You're a f*cking monstrous genius? Why don't you go and lead the way? Zi Chen mocked.

You...! Geng Le was furious and he almost jumped out of anger, but he did not dare go up. There, the formation was powerful, and if he went up, he would die.

Alright, let's continue looking for a path.

Right at this moment, a cold voice sounded out.

Zi Chen's sudden outburst, everyone could understand why. After all, he was someone who was about to die, and might even die in the next second. He was completely satisfied with his words, unlike them, who only dared to curse in their hearts.

Hurry up and die. Geng Le also stopped his anger, he waved his hand, and appeared to be annoyed.

You son of a b*tch, stop blabbering in front of me. Zi Chen spoke impolitely, and as long as he fought with Geng Le, he would not leave.

Everyone was infuriated.

And at that moment, it was obviously unjustifiable for Geng Le to try to kill Zi Chen.

Therefore, Geng Le could only shut his mouth.

Geng Le no longer spoke as Zi Chen continued to move forward.


However, just as he took a step forward, he felt fluctuations in the energy around him. The next moment, he quickly retreated like a bolt of lightning.


Ripples appeared one after another. Resplendent rays of light bloomed, accompanied by a resplendent killing intent, a formation that was dozens of meters long appeared. Fortunately, Zi Chen had dodged it quickly, and was not affected by the shockwave.

This was the first time so far that a rogue cultivator had successfully avoided the formations.

What a fast reaction speed.

What a shocking reaction speed.

Everyone was astonished and their eyes lit up. It was obvious that this person was not ordinary.

As expected, no ordinary person would dare to do something out of the ordinary.

Nie Tian heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing the appearance of the formations, his heart had reached his throat.

After a while, the formations disappeared. Zi Chen continued to walk forward, and this time he was even more careful.

Hmph, even slower than a tortoise? Geng Le opened his mouth to speak in disdain, but he received a burst of dissatisfied gaze.

All of them were afraid, Zi Chen stopped once again and started scolding and battling with Geng Le.

Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness was extremely powerful. After going through several baptisms of thunder, he was able to sense something that no one else was able to sense. At this moment, in a place that seemed to be in disorder, there were traces of energy fluctuations.

Although it was very blurry, if one were to carefully sense it, they would be able to detect it or two. Of course, one would not be very sure of it, just like what happened before.


Suddenly, Zi Chen frowned slightly. Under his spiritual consciousness, he felt that there was an enormous formation in this place, which had almost covered the entire place. Some of it was blurry, while others were clear, as if it was connected to a formation.

Could it be a Serial formation? Zi Chen's eyes flashed, and then, he retreated backwards.

I tell you to advance, who let you retreat? Seeing Zi Chen retreating, Geng Le shouted again.

No matter how strong you are, I will risk my life to drag you into the formations. If worst comes to worst, we can die together. Zi Chen turned his head and threatened.

Young Master, you should stop talking. Someone beside him also whispered.

Geng Le's face paled, but he remembered Zi Chen, thinking that if you don't die, then after entering the ruins, I will personally kill you.

Zi Chen retreated a full twenty steps before heading in another direction. Like this, he repeated himself over and over again, and just when everyone was about to lose patience, Zi Chen finally walked to the end.

The distance from the ruins was only a short ten meters.


This time, Zi Chen's feet flashed with light, he used a footwork technique and walked past the ten metres.

It's over. Oh my god, it's actually over.

This is too unbelievable. The last few hundred meters passed just like that.

Could he be a formations expert?

Everyone was extremely happy and constantly cried out in surprise. To be able to enter the ruins so easily was clearly outside of their expectations.

Then, the group began to move forward. This time, the major powers took the initiative to move forward and lead the way, attracting dissatisfied gazes.

Zi Chen, who was the first to enter the ruins, did not walk around randomly. This was because within the ruins, there were more formations than outside.

It was clear that the few waves of people that had entered earlier had triggered the formations, causing it to undergo a change.

In front of the remains, there was a huge open space. Relatively speaking, it was extremely safe.

Let's go. The top layer has already been plundered clean. We will enter the next layer.

After successfully entering the ruins, several major forces were very excited, and rushed in without any hesitation. However, the moment they arrived at the entrance, they stirred up one formations after another.


The air trembled as formations appeared one by one. Multicolored lights seemed to fill the entire entrance as teams disappeared into the formations.


Nie Tian, who had followed in the end was dumbstruck. He was incomparably shocked, and people from great powers were engulfed by the formations just like that.

They deserve it. The others were cursing angrily.

Zi Chen, on the other hand, nodded his head.




However, it was evident that the great powers that came prepared wouldn't die so easily. Explosions rang out one after another, and horrifying energy fluctuations spread throughout the entire plaza. The frightening aura of Forbidden Artifacts continued to spread.

At this moment, a total of four Forbidden Artifacts appeared.


The formations were immediately blasted apart and the expressions of all the major powers became extremely ugly. The Forbidden Artifact of the Geng Family exploded with a loud bang and was completely destroyed.

Geng Le turned his head, his ice cold eyes sweeping at Zi Chen, filled with killing intent, and beside them, there were many corpses on the ground.

What are you looking at me for? I'm not a formations Master, so I don't know how to break the formation. Zi Chen retorted.

Brat, why didn't you say that there's a formation here, are you trying to kill all of us? Geng Le, who was filled with anger before, now had killing intent in his eyes.

How would I know where the formations are? Zi Chen said in a cold voice as well, You all were greedy and accidentally barged in. This is my first time here, how would I know so much?

You still dare to quibble? Die! Geng Le's eyes flashed with killing intent, he instantly rushed towards Zi Chen, and not far away, the Geng Family watched the scene coldly, obviously not intending to stop it.

Geng Le was a monstrous genius, and how many youngsters were his match in this world?

Die! Geng Le shouted out explosively, pressing closer towards Zi Chen. After that, he suddenly struck out with his palm, and streams of energy circulated as the spirit energy of his seventh heaven True Yuan swirled around his palm.

Zi Chen stood still and did not dodge. Instead, he similarly struck out with his palm, which flashed with beams of golden light and the True Yuan of the fourth heaven surged.


With a loud tremor, golden rays of light rippled out, turning the surroundings golden and blocking everyone's line of sight.

Fighting with Young Master Geng Le is simply courting death.

Young Master Geng Le is a monstrous genius. A fourth heaven thinks he can fight with a seventh heaven monstrous genius. How delusional

A single strike from Young Master Geng Le would be enough to cripple him.

The people of Geng Family sneered, and emitted disdainful sounds, thinking that Geng Le could win.

However, when the golden light dissipated, everyone's expression changed drastically as they became extremely shocked.

Geng Le's entire right hand had become deformed, his palm had split open, and blood flowed out. On his pale face, there was an expression of pain.

Idiot, I said not to provoke me, otherwise, I would kill you with a slap. Zi Chen's voice was cold as he stood proudly.

Gasps could be heard from the surroundings.

Where did this ferocious person come from? To think that he was so terrifying.

One slap was all it took to injure the monstrous genius Geng Le.


Immediately after, the other experts went forward and surrounded Zi Chen and Nie Tian, all of their eyes flashed coldly.

What, since your monstrous genius cannot beat me, you want to have a group attack? Sweeping his eyes around, Zi Chen's voice was ice-cold.