Thunder Martial Chapter 294 - Cannon Fodder

This was definitely a dangerous place. The coldness in the air grew stronger, and there were more corpses on the ground.

Zi Chen and Nie Tian followed behind the group of people, feeling chills down their spines, the chilliness seeped through to their bones. After the corpse poison, another two groups of people had died.


Another light sound rang out and the great power in front of them accidentally stepped into the formations. In the next moment, a resplendent light appeared.

In the blink of an eye, the figures of the great powers experts disappeared, leaving behind only the frightened and retreating cultivator.

It's the people from the Geng Family. Someone exclaimed.

The numerous experts were all enveloped by the light, and a terrifying killing intent emitted from it.

They're all the experts of the Geng Family They were all actually swallowed inside

Too terrifying, Geng Le is still inside. He's a monstrous genius.

Everyone's expressions changed. Feeling that something was wrong, they all retreated once again.

Zi Chen and Nie Tian retreated even further.


Just at this moment, a terrifying aura appeared. The brilliance within the formations started to tremble, then it was immediately torn apart by a powerful force, becoming distorted. A few breaths later, it exploded with a loud bang.

The formation had been broken, revealing a group of Geng Family experts, all with ugly expressions on their faces. Geng Le's face had become even more miserable, and by his side, there were a few corpses lying on the ground.

It's a Forbidden Artifact, they used a Forbidden Artifact to blast away the formation.

A mirror glowed brightly appeared in the air, and cracks started to appear around its bodies. Following the disappearance of the formation, the light from the mirror disappeared, and it became simple and unadorned.

It's too scary. We obviously went in accordance to the map , there shouldn't be any mistakes. How did they come across the formation before even reaching the ruins?

Everyone was puzzled. If saying once was a coincidence, then two times was also the same. However, it had already happened three times.

Before they had even reached the ruins, they had already stepped on three formations.

This matter was very strange.

The great powers were clearly hesitating. They stopped and frowned. A moment later, they gathered together and began discussing in soft voices.

They were fully prepared and obviously weren't willing to leave just like that.

This is an ancient formations, its power is peerless, but it's a pity that no one in this world has been able to completely study it.

These are all ancient formations, and they possess unbelievable might. However, it's obvious that the several great powers don't have much knowledge of these ancient formations.

Behind them, people began discussing once again.

It was as if after the disappearance of the Limitless Sect ten thousand years ago, when the great powers rose in power, everyone had focused on their strength and had deliberately ignored the formations.

As long as they met a formation, the various major powers would often suffer losses.

This is bad!

Looking at the great powers discussing in front, and the few gazes that looked over, Zi Chen's face suddenly changed. Without saying a word, he pulled Nie Tian and prepared to leave.

What, we haven't arrived at the ruins yet. Nie Tian asked.

Hurry up and go, we can't go to the ruins, it's more important to save our lives. Zi Chen said. If he was not mistaken, the great powers would definitely have them scout out the road ahead.

At that time, they would be cannon fodder.

You people, walk in front.

Those at the back, from now on, they will be at the front.

At this moment, cold voices sounded out. It was clear that the major powers had come to a conclusion and had the rogue cultivators take the lead.

Why? Are you trying to kill us?

You great powers have methods to protect yourselves but we don't and you want us to lead? Aren't you trying to kill us?

Just as everyone was arguing, Nie Tian's face changed, and turned to look at Zi Chen in admiration. It was Zi Chen who reacted quickly, and unlucky Nie Tian, he was not unlucky today.


Suddenly, a cold voice rang out.

No one paid any attention to the argument that was still going on.

Halt, you two stop. The explosive shout rang again. It was Geng Le, and due to the previous situation, there was a touch of cold light on his ghastly pale face.

Capture them!

One figure after another flew out, grabbing towards Zi Chen.

Not good, it's Geng Le's men. Nie Tian exclaimed.

However, at this moment, they weren't the only ones who were running. They weren't afraid of being recognized.

Damn great power. Zi Chen cursed.


Suddenly, a frightening aura appeared in front of them. A frantic killing intent swept through this region. Like a violent storm, a cold figure stood in the sky and stopped all those who attempted to escape.

He flew in the air to block the way.

All of you, go back. His voice was ice-cold, and killing intent flickered in his eyes.

With...! Just as Nie Tian wanted to say something, he was stopped by Zi Chen who covered his mouth and shook his head: Don't speak.

On what basis?

You have to make us your cannon fodder and send us to our deaths. We are not stupid, I want to leave now.

Amongst the people who were running, there were a few firm voices.


Killing intent flashed through Chu Feng's eyes as he soared through the air. He pointed two fingers at the speaker and shot a dazzling sword energy toward him.

The speed of the sword qi was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, it sliced through the crowd.

Then, two heads fell to the ground, blood splattering everywhere.

Without saying a word, Zi Chen retreated. In Cangli City, he had already seen how the great powers acted, and they were just as domineering as when they sealed the city that day.

Anyone who dared to speak out would be killed off like a bird of prey.

Furthermore, there were so many experts here. Zi Chen did not wish to reveal his identity, so if he were to rush in and kill them, it would naturally not be a wise decision.

Damn it!

Zi Chen cursed angrily in his heart. Old Mo had a good grasp of formations, but he did not wake up.

He was too careless, he should have let Old Mo wake up first.

I told you to stop and run, go to the front, go quickly. Just then, Geng Le arrived in front of the two of them and said coldly.

Zi Chen swept his eyes across Geng Le.

What are you looking at? Are you looking to die? Geng Le bellowed, his eyes flashed with killing intent, he was obviously going to take action.

However, he was stopped by someone.

It was enough to deter people, but if they recklessly killed people, it would cause a riot.

Zi Chen and Nie Tian were at the front of the group, but the worst part of the group was that the people behind them, under the cold gaze of Xiao Kong, they were trembling in fear.

Step forward one by one, don't go all at once.

Behind him, the cold voice of the Geng Family could be heard.

Motherf*cker, this group of great powers are indeed not good people. When there's no danger, they will up themselves and try to fish for benefits. Now that there's a problem with the formations, all of them hide themselves.

In the midst of the cannon fodder crowd, shouts of rage could be heard.

The major powers pretended not to hear. After all, they were people who were going to die, so there was no need to pay attention to them.

Zi Chen, what do we do?

One step at a time. I hope our luck isn't that bad. Zi Chen was also very helpless.

I'm finished, I am the unlucky Nie Tian, I have never been through good luck, if you and I are together, I will cause your death. Nie Tian's face turned pale white.

It doesn't matter, I am the lucky Zi Chen, plus your bad luck was already wiped clean that day. Zi Chen comforted him, but it was clear that he was not confident either.

No one knew about luck.

At this moment, the rogue cultivators had truly become cannon fodder. Under the strong pressure of the Imperial Sky Experts, everyone had no choice but to accept this reality.

Fortunately, it was not too far from the entrance of the ruins.

Amidst the curses, a cultivator was trembling as he stumbled forward. However, as soon as he moved a few dozen meters, he stepped into the formations and was immediately engulfed.

Everyone's faces changed drastically.

Look, it's you rogue cultivators who are greedy ones. Now it's up to you to find a new safe route.

One person had died. Before the rogue cultivator could complain, the sound of a great power came from behind them.

F*ck, who the hell is that greedy guy?

There are so many rogue cultivators, if you have the guts, go find those dead people.

After everyone finished swearing, they continued forward.

This time, the cultivators purposely avoided this place, and walked to the left. After about a hundred meters, another formation appeared, and engulfed this person.

And this time, a super formation appeared. It was several hundred meters in size, and it almost covered all the roads in front.

Everyone's faces changed. Could this place have become a land of death?

Under the urging of the third person, they continued to move forward, but this time, they set off from the right side of the first formations, and continued to move forward.

When they were a hundred meters ahead, the large formation did not appear. A cultivator carefully walked over, but after another hundred meters, he activated a formation.

Watching the rogue cultivators die one by one, the eyes of all the rogue cultivators were spitting fire.

These great powers were truly shameless. They clearly had Forbidden Artifacts, yet they didn't use them. They had no choice but to use their lives to pave a path for themselves.

Their lives were their lives, so was the life of a major power not their life?

In the midst of their staggering deaths, after a few dozen rogue cultivators had died, the group advanced several hundred meters. They were only two hundred meters away from the ruins. No one dared to force their way in, not even Imperial Sky Experts.

From afar, the ruins looked like a huge palace, exuding a gloomy and terrifying aura, like a giant mouth of the netherworld, devouring all life.

It was obvious that this was not the entire structure of the palace. There were many places that had not appeared, and if they had not been concealed by the formations, they had sunk into the ground.

The formations had changed, and in the end, it became more and more dangerous. Some of the cultivators only walked a few meters before they were engulfed by the formations.

Hmph. Let's see if you die or not. Behind him, Geng Le looked at Zi Chen and Nie Tian, laughing coldly, killing intent exploding out from his eyes.

Young Master, you want to kill them? Someone from the Geng Family asked in a low voice.

There's no need to kill them. They won't be able to survive anyway. Geng Le mocked.

Just at this time, another cultivator died. Everyone was trembling in fear, but they had no choice but to step forward.

You, you go up.

Suddenly, Geng Le opened his mouth and pointed at Nie Tian who was in the crowd.


Nie Tian was startled. Seeing Geng Le's finger finger coming over, he subconsciously dodged to the side.

F*ck, what are you dodging for, it's you. Geng Le pointed at Nie Tian as his finger followed his movements.

Nie Tian continued to walk left and right, his face filled with innocence, Geng Le's finger kept following him.

Damn it. That fool, if you leave again, I'll kill you. Geng Le opened his mouth, and a killing intent locked onto Nie Tian.

Nie Tian stopped, his expression extremely complex.

Beside him, the others were taking pleasure in his misfortune. They were all cannon fodder, but dying a little later was something to be happy about.