Thunder Martial Chapter 293 - Peerless Expert's Grave

After beating up the monk, although he did not injure him, being able to humiliate him was still a joyous feeling in Zi Chen's heart.

In this world, other than the old monk, who else could hit the monk's head other than Zi Chen?

Furthermore, after Nie Tian heard of the monk's deeds, he was also extremely proud.

In this world, only Nie Tian could kick the monk's ass.

Ah...! Suddenly, Nie Tian cried out in alarm, and his face became deathly pale.

What's wrong? Zi Chen was startled.

The map, ah, that map was the real thing. It might have been able to guide us to find the precious treasure in the ruins.

Nie Tian's face became ugly, It's over, it's over, after kicking the monk's butt, we lost the precious treasure, we suffered a huge loss.

Nie Tian was depressed, he thought that things were changing, but his luck was still bad, he beat the monk to make himself feel good, but he lost the map.

Look, what is this? Zi Chen was all smiles as he took out a piece of yellow paper. It was the map.

You... How did you get it? Nie Tian's eyes instantly lit up.

Beating up the monk is not important, this is the main point. Come, let's find a place to study it.

Zi Chen held onto the map, happily found an Inn, and together with Nie Tian, they prepared to study it.

At another place, after the monk had tidied up his clothes, he called out to another cultivator.

Benefactor, we are destined to meet each other. This thing might be useful to you. The monk took out another piece of map that was glowing with a yellow light.

This is...! The cultivator's eyes lit up and his gaze swept the area. When he realized that no one was paying attention to him, his eyes grew excited.

This morning, the monk had met a total of ten fated people. Other than the unreliable person who stole his treasure map, the remaining nine fated people were all fated to be the monks victims.

Moreover, in the afternoon, the monk had met twenty fated people, but the total profits were not as good as the nine fated people from the morning.

Sigh, business isn't easy. The monk sighed. While it was dark, he sold all the maps.

If I wait until tomorrow, it will be even harder.

On the second day, just as the monk had said, the business was not good, and the streets were filled with maps.

Furthermore, the selling price of the map varied from a hundred to a thousand.

On the third day, when Zi Chen walked out of the Inn, the price map had already turned into ten pieces of Yuan Stones.

Elder Brother, do you want this? The moment Zi Chen walked out of the Inn, he met a person selling the map, and he was instantly dumbstruck.

At the same time, several other people walked towards him.

Damn, it's fake. This damn monk. Zi Chen almost went berserk, his entire body was releasing smoke. This damned monk was truly unreliable.

When Zi Chen angrily returned to the Inn, Nie Tian was still cultivating. It had to be said that after seeing Nie Tian, Zi Chen finally understood Nie Tian was a monstrous genius.

Zi Chen felt that he had already trained very hard, but compared to Nie Tian, he was still lacking.

The speed at which Nie Tian was absorbing the Yuan Stone was not fast, but he was able to persevere and during these three days, other than looking at the map for an hour, he cultivated for the rest of his time.

Nie Tian's success was definitely due to his hard work.

Nie Tian, it's bad, we were tricked, this thing is fake. Now, people are selling it in piles. Zi Chen woke Nie Tian up, feeling extremely depressed.

Ah... How could this be? Nie Tian was also dumbfounded.

The news of the appearance of the ruins was no longer a secret. Now, even a few remains of the map had appeared one after another.

More and more cultivators gathered in Yongji City, and each one of them was very strong.

Following the arrival of the various major powers, everyone was about to explore the ruins.

Why did they have to do it again and again? The major powers had gone there many times, but they had all come back defeated.

Nie Tian, it's time for us to leave as well. Zi Chen woke Nie Tian up.

On this day, the cultivators left Yongji City and headed towards the ruins.

There was a vast army, there were many experts and most of them were at the Zhen Yuan Realm. There were even more powerful people here than when Zi Chen went to the previous ruins.

Look, Zi Chen. Nie Tian gasped.

It's him, Geng Le. Through the crowd, Zi Chen saw Geng Le. The latter was currently with a group of experts, and there was no lack of Zhen Yuan Realm experts among them.

It was just that Geng Le's expression was evidently ugly. Furthermore, he was listless at the moment as he sat on the back of the horse.

At the same time, Zi Chen also saw a few familiar figures, including the Liu Family, Zhu Zicong from the Zhu Family, and the twin brothers from the Qin Family.

They all followed behind the major powers.

Before, these monstrous geniuses did not go, but now, all of them are going together. Could it be that they have the confidence to obtain the things in the ruins? Nie Tian frowned, in the past few days, they had obtained a lot of things related to the ruins.

It's possible. Zi Chen guessed.

According to the markings on the maps, it was still in the north of Yongji City. It was a large primitive forest, and it was said that there was a powerful demonic beast in it that had not appeared yet.

The finding of the ruins was also due to some coincidences. It was because a small adventure team had accidentally stepped into the ruins, and one of them actually came out alive, which was how the news spread out.

No one was in a hurry to travel thousands of miles. They just slowly walked.

After a few days, they finally arrived outside the ancient forest.

The towering ancient trees were dark green all year round, but at this moment, they were covered in pure white snow.

We're almost there. I wonder how many people will die this time.

Last time, it was said that the Qin Family accidentally entered an ancient formation and lost 50% of their experts that they brought.

The moment they entered the ancient forest, some people began to discuss.

In this ruin, there are many formations. If I accidentally step on it, my life will be in danger.

Last time, when the people of the Liu Family entered an ancient formation, they were almost completely annihilated. It was only because they used a Forbidden Artifact that they managed to escape.

Zi Chen and Nie Tian became more and more shocked the more they heard about it. In the end, they felt extremely scared, and according to what these people said, this place was a dangerous place.

I think you must be trying to scare us with your words. If it's really that dangerous, then how come you still dare to come here and why would the great powers come? Some of them were clearly scared as well, and they spoke with dissatisfaction.

Sigh, young man, this is not an exaggeration. This place is similar to the dead zone, and I heard that it is the tomb of a peerless expert. There are many terrifying things inside, and many experts have died here.

An elderly man spoke up.

Then why would the great powers come to throw away their lives? the man continued.

Are you stupid? This is the tomb of a peerless expert. Although it is filled with dangers, there are many precious treasures inside. Any one of these things would be able to stir up a commotion in the Southern region.

Furthermore, this place was discovered countless years later even though it is very close to Yonji City. The restrictive spell here has been loosened, and the tomb was lifted from the ground.


Before even reaching the domain of the ruins, there was one loud rumbling sound after another, like deafening thunder.

Following which, the earth trembled, as though ten thousand horses were galloping across it. Many people fell to the ground paralyzed.

Not good, this means that someone entered the ruins and touched the formations. Someone's expression changed.

The group had obviously increased their speed, and Zi Chen realized that the big powers had become a lot more nervous.

The last great power that went in was almost annihilated. This time, they must have brought Forbidden Artifacts with them.

That's right, we only need to follow behind those great powers.

In the midst of their conversation, Zi Chen heard that the Forbidden Artifact could blast away the formations and he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He had a forbidden artifact, and it could be considered as a life-saving measure.

After walking for several kilometers, Zi Chen heard rumbling sounds three times.

This meant that at least three groups of people had accidentally entered the formations.

After another ten or so kilometers, the chilliness in the air had clearly become denser. Moreover, it was accompanied by an oppressive aura.

This is the range of the ruins, everybody be careful.

When they were still a few miles away from the ruins, everyone became alert. Moreover, they all took out their map and looked for the correct route.


Seeing that, Zi Chen and Nie Tian were both stunned, for this kind of thing that filled the entire street, the two of them thought that it was a scam, so in anger, they directly threw it away. They never expected that, at that moment, it was actually used.

What, you didn't buy it? Here, one Thousand Yuan Stone each. One of the cultivators laughed and took out two pieces from his chest. They were wrinkled and looked like they were on the ground and it was something no one in Yongji City wanted, yet one Thousand Yuan Stone was asked for here.


Nie Tian snorted. He wouldn't even give a single Yuan stone for it, let alone a thousand. Moreover, there were so many people here, it would be fine to just follow behind a group of people.

Following behind a group of people, the two of them looked ahead, wanting to see the true appearance of the ruins.


Just at this moment, the ruins once again shook, this time even more violently, and it was also followed by miserable cries.

A thick, colorful fog gushed out of the ruin and filled the world. The cultivator who was walking in front fell to the ground after seeing the thick, multicolored fog.

Not good, this is the corpse poison.

Upon seeing the colorful poisonous gas, quite a few people cried out in alarm. Following that, plop plop plop sounds rang and dozens of people fell to the ground.

The corpse poison is a poison that has been specially refined. Ordinary cultivators would die from it if they were to smell even a little bit of it.

Zi Chen and Nie Tian saw this scene from afar and their expressions changed greatly and they also felt a little dizzy.

Furthermore, the two of them had personally witnessed cultivators fall one after another, with many people from major powers among them. Geng Le's face was even more pale as he was forced to retreat, and the Black Scaled Horse beneath his feet had fallen to the ground, dead.

F*ck, it's all because of these rogue cultivators. Damn them, why are they blundering around? After the corpse poison disappeared, many people from the great powers started cursing. However, no matter how they cursed, they still had to leave.

As for those rogue cultivators who accidentally triggered the corpse poison, they were long dead.

Be careful, don't run around. Whoever dares to run around will be killed without mercy.

The great powers were furious. They had only just entered, yet they had already lost quite a few people before even reaching this place.