Thunder Martial Chapter 292 - Bald Donkey Fist

Zi Chen and the monk met again, it was a very similar scene, just that back then it was Zi Chen who suffered, his bones were broken, and the Raging Flame Sword was taken away.

Zi Chen clenched his fist and unleashed a powerful attack, causing an ear-piercing whistle. Upon seeing the monk, he did not have to hold back, and immediately went for the kill.

This Evil monk had caused trouble for him many times, forcing him into a dead end.


The golden glow around the monk's body looked dignified as he chanted a buddhist chant. Towards Zi Chen's attack, he did not dodge or evade, and was prepared to take it head on.


A dull sound came out from the clash and it caused the ground to tremble. Zi Chen's figure blurred and took two steps back, while the monk did not retreat a single step, a merciful smile still plastered on his face.

Good, bald donkey, you have some skills. Surprise flashed through Zi Chen's eyes. Although his attack was not at full power, it was still not something that an ordinary monstrous genius could block. The monk blocking it so casually, was clearly not ordinary.

Amitabha, benefactor indeed has evil thoughts. Fine, meeting each other today is a form of fate, Old monk will surpass you, benefactor, but the cause and effect of it will be different. The monk looked solemn and he chanted a buddhist chant again. A faint golden light rippled around his body as he struck towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen sneered, this damned monk was still talking to him, playing tricks on him, but it also proved that he did not recognize who he was. If he did, he would be so angry that smoke would start coming out from him.

Zi Chen also welcomed the attack, his entire body releasing a golden light, the energy provided by his perfect body made a terrifying attack.


The dull sound was released once again, causing a violent tremor. The two of them fought fiercely, and it was as if streaks of lightning were striking fiercely.


The two bodies were both very terrifying, their golden light was resplendent, once they clashed, it would emit the sound of metals clashing.

Bald donkey, your strength is only mediocre. Zi Chen sneered again and he purposely provoked his opponent.

This old monk is a monk, not a bald donkey. The monk was still pretending. His face was solemn and his eyes shined with a golden light.


The two of them exchanged a fierce blow before retreating. Unknowingly, the two of them had already used 80% of their strength. Now that they separated, their eyes were filled with surprise.

It seems that this Old monk has underestimated benefactor. Since Benefactor's strength is so strong, then this Old monk will have to offend you. The monk clasped his hands together and he started to chant.

Pui, you dead bald donkey, don't put on such a face. If you have the ability, then fight. If you don't, then obediently hand over the map. Zi Chen said fiercely.


A golden light flashed around the monk's body, and a golden finger was released, striking fiercely at Zi Chen.

Since benefactor is so stubborn, this Old monk will have to go all out. As the sound of his voice faded, the radiance of the golden finger intensified. Golden light shone even more brilliantly, and the golden finger looked as if it was cast out of pure gold. It was extremely sharp.

Within Zi Chen's body, his vital energy and blood continuously circulated. His perfect body was revealed and streams of energy circled around his fingers. A resplendent golden light that was not one bit weaker than the monks was released.


This time, an even louder sound rang out. The earth trembled, and soon, a golden ripple spread out for three meters.

Seeing this, the monk's expression was no longer calm.

Zi Chen also found out about the monk's powerful strength.

He was actually able to block the attack from his Perfect Body.


With a slight tremble, the monk stretched out his right hand. A bright golden light, like a huge fan, glimmered with golden light and struck towards Zi Chen.

The Vajra Palm, a profound martial technique of Buddhism.

Azure Peak Seal.

Between Zi Chen's palms, circulated an aura that was as heavy as a mountain, and he merged the Azure Peak Seal into his palm.


This time, even the compressed energy created a distance collision. The entire ground shook continuously, and a loud sound was transmitted very far away.


Sensing that the other party was not ordinary, the two did not probe further. The more they fought, the more powerful they became, and they were no longer concealing their strength. The powerful martial techniques compressed themselves into a few meters and each attack was more terrifying than the last.

Within Zi Chen's body, his perfect body continued to provide energy. Although the golden Qi and blood did not soar to the sky, his power was not weak either.




The sound kept on ringing out, reaching far into the distance, drawing many cultivators to watch, but they did not dare go near.

Who's fighting?

It seems to be a burly man and a monk.

Monk, where did this monk come from?

When the cultivators arrived, they were pointing from afar.

Heavens, that is the Good and Evil monk, a true monstrous genius.

What, he is the Good and Evil monk, the Evil monk who specializes in evil, deceiving and stealing, doing all sorts of things?

Damn it, it's this damned monk.

A voice filled with dissatisfaction came from the crowd. It was obvious that the monk's reputation was not good at all.


Powerful energy fluctuations spread out, causing the place to tremble again. The compressed energy vibrations caused cracks to appear all around. It was clear that the attacks of the two were too powerful.

Who is that man? He's actually this frightening? He can fight the monk to a standstill?

I don't know, but I'm afraid he's some hidden monstrous genius from some family.

There were more and more people gathering in the crowd, and some people directly jumped onto a roof to watch the battle. This was a battle between monstrous geniuses and it was rarely seen in more than ten years.

Nie Tian, what are you standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and make your move. Zi Chen released a telepathic transmission, signalling Nie Tian to take action.

Ah... That's not good, two against one. Nie Tian was startled.

This is an Evil monk, not a good person. He's even worse than an evil person, what's more, you don't want that map anymore? Zi Chen sent a sound transmission again.

However, he did not stop his attacks. He continued to fight fiercely against the monk. The two of them were like two golden rays of light as they kept on clashing.

Alright then. Nie Tian was slightly unwilling, but he could not withstand Zi Chen's stern shout, and could only say, Evil monk, you must be careful, I'm going to attack you now.

After hearing him say those words, Zi Chen's nose almost went crooked from anger as he sent him a sound transmission, Why are you wasting words with this fellow? Let me tell you, if I'm not here today, you would have been robbed by this monk.


With that said, Nie Tian moved in a flash. He was also a monstrous genius, after joining the battle, it immediately became two against one.

Benefactor, do you think that it is appropriate for two people to fight against one Old monk? Anger appeared on the monk's face.


But before waiting for the monk to finish speaking, Zi Chen found an opportunity. Using his extreme speed, he flashed in front of the monk and punched him in the head, causing a huge tremor that caused the ground to shake.

But unfortunately, it did not break the monk's defense. Instead, it shook Zi Chen's hand and caused him to feel pain.

You want to kill him? Nie Tian was shocked.

Do you see him as someone who will die? Hurry up and knock him out so that we can take the map away. Zi Chen rolled his eyes.

Alright. Unexpectedly, this time, Nie Tian's reaction was fast, he flashed behind the monk, and also followed along with it, and made a loud noise.

Even though his defense was not broken, the monk staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Look at my bald donkey fist. Zi Chen bellowed. Seizing the chance, he rushed forward and clenched his fists, the Golden light flashed, following that, his True Yuan surged, and like rain, attacks fell.




The rain-like fist landed on the monk's head like a drum, causing the earth to tremble. Every strike was like a heavy hammer smashing down, and the sound was like thunder.

Ha ha!

Zi Chen fought to his heart's content, and all the grievances he had suffered previously, were all brought back to him today.

Am I seeing things? The monk was actually suppressed by someone?

What is that, a drum?

What a fierce person. No, it's two people.

Under everyone's dumbstruck expressions, Nie Tian did not want to be outdone, so he kicked the monk's butt, and under the strong impact, even Zi Chen was almost knocked down.

Damn it!

When the two monstrous geniuses made their move, the monk was instantly suppressed and could no longer continue acting. He let out an exasperated roar, and golden light once again flashed around his body, followed by the appearance of a golden light barrier.

The strongest defense in the world, Buddha's Divine Protection.


Following the buddhist chant, a golden large clock appeared on the surface of the monk's body. The large clock was like a physical entity with its entire body covered in lines, forming many strange patterns, like some kind of mysterious rune, glowing with a golden light. Moreover, the most eye-catching thing were the monks, all of them had their hands clasped together, as if they were chanting scriptures.


When Zi Chen's fierce attack landed on the large clock, it actually made a clear sound, and Zi Chen's entire body was bounced back as he took seven or eight steps back.

Dammit, it's that turtle shell again!

When the Buddha's Divine Protection appeared, Zi Chen was obviously unable to break through it, and he was flustered and exasperated. At the same time, he took the opportunity to hit it a few times.

Nie Tian did not stay idle either and attacked from behind, beating the monk into a sorry state.

The two monstrous geniuses, one in front and one behind, caught the monk unprepared.

When a golden sword was pointing at Zi Chen, there was an attack coming from behind him.

Eat my last strike, bald donkey. Zi Chen let out a loud shout, the blood and energy in his body frantically surged, all of his power gathering towards his right fist. Immediately after, a dazzling golden fist struck onto the monk's head.


This time, it was a deafening sound that shook the sky. Even the Protective Shield began to tremble, and the monk in the middle was obviously shaken.

Let's go!

Zi Chen laughed and turned to leave, displaying the extreme speed he could muster.


Nie Tian also quickly disappeared.

When the monk came out of the protective shield, the two of them had already disappeared. Everyone was staring at them like they were petrified.

Who was this monk? He was a monstrous genius but he was actually beaten up. Although he wasn't injured and they weren't able to break through his defenses, the attacks on his head had completely shocked everyone.

Amitabha, Buddha is merciful. Back then, the Buddha cut off the flesh to feed the falcon in order to dissolve the karma. Today, I am a monk of good and evil. So what if I am beaten up for the karma. The monk tidied up his monastic robe, golden light twinkling around his body, his appearance solemn.

In the surroundings, many people had heard the news and were utterly shocked.