Thunder Martial Chapter 291 - Evil Cannot Vanquish Good

Yongji City was very big. It was a city made by refining. The walls of the city were pitch black and tall.

Looking from afar, the entire city looked like a pitch black iron fortress. It was situated on the flat ground and would stand for tens of thousands of years without collapsing.

Zi Chen and Nie Tian came to Yongji City.

As Letian City was a large power, naturally the two of them would not brazenly appear. Zi Chen did not mind, as he had turned into A Luo, so no one knew him.

As for Nie Tian, Zi Chen used the disguise technique and helped Nie Tian change his appearance. He looked a little crude and rough, and he had matured a lot.

Is this okay? Nie Tian was not used to it.

Don't worry, as long as you don't meet that damn monk, no one will recognize you. Zi Chen laughed.

Yongji City was very lively, and there were even more people than the previous Cangli City.

However, most of the stalls here were selling weapons. As expected of a city famous for its smithing skills.

Along the way, there were all kinds of weapon sellers and there all kinds of strange, sharp and heavy weapons. Zi Chen's eyes widened as he looked around.

Nie Tian, are you sure that what you are talking about is a secret? Why are there so many people in Yongji City? Walking into Yongji City, there were a lot of cultivators, and there was no lack of experts in the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Although he did not dare to say that there were many of them, but just from looking around, he saw at least three or four of them. This ratio was simply too terrifying.

This... Ten or so days ago, it should have been a secret. Nie Tian also started to hesitate.

However, after his appearance had been changed, Nie Tian's smile looked very strange. It could be imagined how strange it would be to see a rough and unruly man trying to smile gently.

Amitabha, please wait a moment. Suddenly, a familiar Buddhist prayer sound rang out. Following the sound, a monk wearing a monastic robe, with a big belly, walked over from afar.

Damn, it's this damn monk. Zi Chen's face changed slightly. He had just said that this damned monk was not to appear, but he did not expect to see him in the city.

Let's go!

Zi Chen indicated for Nie Tian to leave quickly, to ignore the other party.

Nie Tian did not understand, but he was obedient and followed Zi Chen.

Benefactor, please wait. The monk continued to speak. His kind eyes and eyebrows gave him the appearance of a high monk.

However, Zi Chen knew his true intentions. He was simply an Evil monk, and a shameless one at that.

Zi Chen was even faster. With a flash of light under his feet, he pulled Nie Tian and left.

Sir, please wait a moment. Please listen to what this old monk has to say. Right at this moment, a golden light flashed, and blocked in front of Zi Chen.

The monk's speed was as fast as ever.

Nie Tian looked at the monk vigilantly.

I wonder what this noble monk has for us since you stopped us in our tracks? Zi Chen clasped his hands together and his pronunciation was somewhat strange.

Benefactor, you two are so fast. It was hard for this old monk to catch up to you. The monk said with a smile on his face. He looked solemn but he was still too young.

At the same time, a golden light flashed across his eyes as he looked at Zi Chen, then towards Nie Tian.

Damn, could it be that this damned monk still hasn't given up on searching for me? I went outside of the Southern region. Zi Chen secretly cursed in his heart. According to the information, everyone guessed that Zi Chen had left the Southern region.

I wonder what business this monk has since you blocked our way? Zi Chen said.

I see that you two are very good-looking, and not ordinary at all. You are obviously not here for sightseeing. This old monk has something here that you two might need. The monk smiled mysteriously.

F*cking liar. Zi Chen secretly cursed, and said on the surface, Sorry, we are not extraordinary at all, so we don't dare to be interested in the things this monk has said.

After he finished speaking, he pulled Nie Tian and was about to leave.

My two benefactors, please do not be impatient. This item from this old monk is definitely useful to the two of you. Meeting today is fate, I will specially give it to the two of you. The monk clasped his hands and smiled.

Give it to us? Zi Chen laughed coldly in his heart.

Of course, I still need to collect a few small fees. After all, even monks who wants to refine their spirits in the mortal world need grains to refine their body. Buddha is merciful, but we also need to use fragrant oil for him. The monk was young, but he talked as if he was old.

Liar! Zi Chen coldly snorted as he turned around and left. In his heart, however, he was extremely disdainful. After all these years, he still used the same move.

Benefactor, please wait. Meeting one another is fate, how could this old monk lie? You will understand after one look. The monk stepped forward again and stopped the two. Then, he mysteriously took out something from his bosom.

He was acting like a thief.

It can't be the Cloud Parting Palm again, right? Zi Chen sneered, but his heart was also filled with anticipation. Last time in the Cloud Parting Palm, there was a page of Heavenly Book, then what about this time?

Zi Chen was disappointed. The monk took out a soft paper like object. It was wrinkled and had a yellow glow, as if it would rot in the next moment.

It was crooked, like a tadpole, and it had something on it.

What is it? We don't need it. Zi Chen waved his hand, feeling very disappointed.

No, this is the map. Nie Tian suddenly gasped and quickly covered his mouth.

This is the map, where did you get it from, monk? Nie Tian was shocked, he lowered his voice and quickly asked.

Amitabha, this was obtained by this old monk with a nine out of ten chance of death, but unfortunately, this is a vicious place similar to a mausoleum garden. As a monk, I naturally cannot go to such a place, but seeing that we are fated to meet, I have decided to give this thing to you. The monk put his hands together in front of his chest.

Zi Chen naturally knew what kind of character this monk had, he did not believe it from the start, and had the urge to beat him up. Right now, he was much stronger, so naturally, he was confident in his ability to fight this monk.

Is that so? Then monk, how much scented oil money should we donate if we were to obtain it? Nie Tian was very smart. He knew that he shouldn't ask for the amount of money, but for the amount of donation.

Looking at the map, Nie Tian's heart skipped a beat. He felt that he had gotten lucky, over the past twenty years, he had been unlucky, but after meeting his benefactor, his luck had increased a lot. This map was the map of the ruins.

Nie Tian saw that familiar dense forest, he could immediately recognize it. Furthermore, there was a yellow light on the surface that had an ancient feel to it.

Amitabha, ten thousand Yuan Stones will do. The monk laughed.

What? Nie Tian was shocked.

Ten thousand Yuan Stones, he didn't even have a thousand, but he was certain that this thing was definitely worth ten thousand Yuan Stones even to the extent of one hundred thousand. If it was two hundred thousand, it was still worth it.

Immediately after, he looked at Zi Chen for help.

I don't understand this thing, it's useless if you want it. Let's go, it's more important to get down to business. With that, Zi Chen ignored Nie Tian's gaze and dragged Nie Tian away.

This is a good item. If we don't want it, we can sell it for a very high price. Nie Tian was anxious. This was a heavenly good fortune, how could he miss it?

No matter how good the item is, we will not be able to use it. We will not do something as heartless as that.

Zi Chen ignored Nie Tian, grabbing him and leaving.

No, it's just ten thousand Yuan Stones. Why don't you just take it out? Nie Tian continued.

When the monk heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Isn't it just ten thousand Yuan Stone?

The monk nodded in satisfaction.

Let's go, although ten thousand Yuan Stone is not a lot, buying a rag is really boring. Let's go.

Zi Chen forcefully pulled Nie Tian away.

Benefactor, please wait. The monk chased after him with a smile on his face.

No need, monk, please go back. We don't have any Yuan Stones, so we can't afford to buy it. Zi Chen's feet flashed with light as he pulled Nie Tian away.

Benefactor, it is fate that we meet. Since Benefactor does not have Yuan Stones, then this monk will give this thing to you. It can also be considered as earning merits. His voice was always coming from behind Zi Chen.

Monk, you should find another fated person. You won't be able to earn any merits from us Zi Chen went even faster and lightning and thunder appeared from nowhere.

Since we've met, it means it is cause and effect. It means that I must give this gift to you.

The monk walked forward step by step, but it was like he was shrinking the earth as he followed closely behind Zi Chen.

At the same time, Nie Tian also stopped quarreling about wanting to buy the map.

The two of them moved at an extremely fast speed, and in the time it took to take a dozen breaths, they arrived at a relatively secluded place.

As if panicking, Zi Chen dragged Nie Tian and turned to enter.

However, he suddenly realized that there was no other way out.

Just as he was about to jump into the sky, the monk suddenly appeared in front of him.

Amitabha. The monk walked in front of Zi Chen, clasped his hands together, looking solemn.

This was a very familiar scene. The monk from before had also forced himself into a corner and shattered all his bones.

Today's scene seemed to be about to play out once again.

Monk, since you've stopped us, is there anything you need help with? Zi Chen's face revealed a hint of ridicule, it was a very familiar scene, just that this time, Zi Chen was the one who took the initiative.

They once again clashed.

This monk has decided to give this to you. The monk took out the map.

Give it then. Zi Chen's eyes flashed, he instantly grabbed towards the monk, but he missed.

The monk was obviously prepared.

Damn you, bald donkey, so you have an unyielding heart. Zi Chen sneered. After this day, he was strong, so he was naturally not afraid of this monk.

Although Old Mo had said that this monk cultivated a cultivation method that was very strong and possessed very strong fighting strength, and during his battle with Li Hao, he did not use their full strength, but Zi Chen had been able to kill Li Hao when he was at the Second heaven of the zhen Yuan Realm and now that he was at the Fourth Heaven, he was confident that he could fight against this monk.

This monk is a monk, not a bald donkey. The monk looked solemn as he said, I already knew that benefactor had evil intentions. I didn't expect this to be the case.

Bald donkey, you still know how to judge? Then, look and see, is it you who is evil, or me?

Of course, it's the benefactor. Evil cannot vanquish good. There was a smile in the monk's eyes.

Evil cannot vanquish good. This old monk sees that benefactor is evil so this monk must do his best to save you

Hearing that, Zi Chen's eyes flashed coldly and he threw a punch at the monk.


A surging wave of energy rolled out. This was a strike of the perfect body. Although it wasn't the full strength of the body, it still wasn't something that an ordinary person could block.