Thunder Martial Chapter 290 - Letians City Change

Geng Wu fell face up in the sky, letting out the last trembling sound, and the mountain returned to its normal calm.


The Spirit Armament that was flying in the air had lost its connection and it had returned to the size of a palm and fell from the sky with a loud sound.

The white snowflakes turned red the moment they landed on the ground. This was a land dyed in blood.

Zi Chen's body was covered in blood. His black robe was also cut open and it displayed a big scar. The wound from before had already healed and was scarred.

Nie Tian sat cross-legged, recuperating from his injuries and refining spirit medicines.

The usually unlucky Nie Tian was lucky today, allowing him to encounter the second lucky chance in his life, which saved himself from death.

Zi Chen guarded beside Nie Tian.

Two hours later, Nie Tian opened his eyes.

In the next moment, a smile appeared on his face.

The smile seemed to be a disguise on his face. It concealed all of his pain and suffering. He only revealed a smile to let others feel happy.

Thank you, A Luo. Nie Tian stood up, his injuries had not completely healed, but he could still walk, and he smiled at Zi Chen.

A Luo? Zi Chen frowned, and looked at Nie Tian.

After breaking through to the Zhen Yuan Realm and evolving his perfect body, as long as Zi Chen changed his appearance, he would be able to change even his aura, and he would not even be noticed by Imperial Sky experts.

And at this moment, Zi Chen was using his real body.

Heh... Don't be surprised, I don't have any powerful techniques. I only saw the look in your eyes. Although you can change your appearance, you are unable to change the look in your eyes. Nie Tian laughed, it was a very gentle smile.

Oh! Zi Chen nodded.

What are you doing? Suddenly, Zi Chen looked at Nie Tian and asked.

Nie Tian bent down and took away some of the black robed man's baggage.

There's food in here Nie Tian raised the blood stained baggages in his hands and continued smiling.

Do you not have any food in your Spatial Ring? Zi Chen asked.

Err...! Nie Tian was startled. His smile faded, and he laughed happily, I don't have any Spatial Ring. Those kinds of high level goods are not something I can have.

We can't stay here for long. We should take the food and leave quickly. Nie Tian said.

Of course, Zi Chen did not let him take the food, because he had a lot of Spatial Ring. Furthermore, before this, Zi Chen had already looted every single one of them, and they no longer had anything of value on them.

It was just that Zi Chen was extremely suspicious. As the foster son of the Mayor, Nie Tian actually did not possess a Spatial Ring.

Oh right, A Luo, why are you here?

When I was cultivating in this mountain range, my house was destroyed by someone. I only found out after asking that person that he was looking for you. Zi Chen said indifferently.

Thank you. You are truly my benefactor. Nie Tian laughed.

Oh right, why did they call you unlucky Nie Tian? Zi Chen asked.

This was also the question that he had always wanted to ask.

Since I was young, regardless of what I do, it has been very difficult for me to succeed. No matter how hard I try, it is still the same.

Others who go up the mountain to gather medicinal plants would return with a great harvest, but when I go, I will encounter a torrential flood. I would gain nothing, and I almost lost my life.

It's very easy to earn Yuan Stone for mercenaries who have walked the same path thousands of times. However, as long as they bring me along, they will definitely fail the mission.

I've bet with people since I was young that I've never won a bet. Even if the sky is raining and if I bet it will continue to rain. In the next moment, the sky will clear up. [TN: He could totally abuse this cheat lol. Just bet someone won't die and boom, they dead]

Although there are a lot of irresistible factors, but in other people's eyes, it's all because of me, so very few people are willing to work with me. Moreover, I truly haven't come across any good fortune, so people called me the unlucky Nie Tian.

Nie Tian explained with a smile still on his face.

Nie Tian's fate was very bumpy, as though he had always had bad luck, but he nonetheless became a monstrous genius.

Without any resources, it was obvious that his talent was greater than his hard work.

Who would have expected that someone from the Geng Family would come and kill my foster father in one move. Before I managed to obtain the resources, I was being hunted by the people from the Geng Family, and it was a huge chase of millions of miles. On Nie Tian's face, there was a rare look of bitterness.

But luckily, today, I got lucky again. You are my benefactor, and although it is the second time in my life that I got lucky, you saved my life. It can be said to be quite good luck. Nie Tian's smile returned to his face once again.

No... Zi Chen shook his head and said, It was you who saved yourself. If it wasn't for the tenacious personality that you cultivated since you were young, and the fact that you didn't give up until the very last moment, it would have been useless even if I were to appear.

The reason why you survived today is because of your own hard work. Zi Chen also laughed.

Is that so? Haha, based on what you said, it seems like my life isn't too bleak. Nie Tian laughed happily.

Of course it's not too bleak. Your life will be filled with light. Of course, before that, I'll let you have some fun and be full of hope. Zi Chen also laughed loudly.

Zi Chen only had respect for Nie Tian.

In a situation where he did not have any resources, to have such an achievement, other than admiration, what else could he say. One must know that at the time when he did not have any resources, Zi Chen was only at the fourth layer of the True Qi Realm.

With a flash of light, a Spatial Ring appeared in Zi Chen's hand.

This is for you. Zi Chen passed the Spatial Ring to the other party.

I don't want it, it's too precious. Nie Tian waved his hand and rejected.

It might be precious to others, but I have too many. It's useless. Zi Chen laughed, Didn't you say that I am your benefactor? Then let this benefactor be even more expensive.

This could be considered to be the most precious thing he had ever obtained in his life. Luck had always been with him today, and the Spatial Ring had not disappeared even after getting his hands on it. Everything was real.

At the same time, Nie Tian opened the Spatial Ring, and his expression suddenly changed.

There's also a Spirit Armament inside. Nie Tian cried out in alarm. Within the Spatial Ring, a Spirit Armament quietly floated within.

That's Geng Wu's Spirit Armament, I have my own Spirit Armament, the quality is very good, and there isn't much use for it. Didn't you say that your life is very bleak, then I will light it up for you and let you live a sunny life Zi Chen laughed.

Thank you! The smile on Nie Tian's face disappeared, and he expressed his gratitude very seriously. As he held the Spatial Ring in his hands, he trembled.

You're too polite, we are friends. Zi Chen laughed.

No! Nie Tian turned his head and said seriously, We are brothers, brothers who share life and death together.

To live together through tribulation is to be a brother.

The two of them laughed.

After Zi Chen and Nie Tian left, many figures appeared in the mountain range. Their strength was strong and streams of True Yuan swirled around their bodies. The one leading them was the monstrous genius of the Letian City, Geng Le.

They had come after the body.

And other than Geng Le, there was also another person flying in the sky.

In the mountain range, corpses were lying on the ground. Blood stained the mountain ridges red and Geng Le saw his brother on the ground.

Eldest Brother! Geng Le exclaimed and rushed forward.

But Geng Wu's body had long ago become ice-cold.

Who, who did this? Geng Le roared towards the sky, his voice exploding like thunder.

Everyone else was shocked. They had died, everyone had died, and not a single one of them were alive, even Geng Wu, who possessed a Spirit Armament, had died.

Sure enough, as they were chasing after the corpses, what they saw was still a corpse.

An expert then looked at the wounds of the dead cultivators and spoke out.

This was done by a spear, it was very sharp, and even the weapons were shattered, the quality is not weaker than a Spirit Armament.

The wound on Geng Wu's forehead was pierced through by a sword. It looks like a Spirit Armament. He flew through the air and analyzed.

Amongst these people, three of them died in the hands of Nie Tian. Clearly, someone was helping Nie Tian.

Nie Tian, I want you dead!

The angry voice traveled tens of kilometers away, carrying boundless hatred. After dealing with the corpse, the group began to follow the footprints.

Nie Tian knew that the people of Letian City would not let him go, so he increased his speed on his journey. Moreover, Zi Chen had a lot of good quality Pills on him.

Oh right, do you know why the people of the Geng Family are so adamant on coming to Yongji City to kill you? Zi Chen asked.

This is a coincidence. Of course, it can also be considered bad luck. Nie Tian said, I thought that they would definitely leave, so there isn't any problem hiding in the Yongji City, but who would have thought that there would be some movement in the Yongji City, and that it would attract a lot of people, so the people from the Geng Family came over and found me.

Strange movements? What unusual movements?

I don't know either. It's said that some kind of inheritance was found there, and it attracted many experts. Even many monstrous geniuses went over after hearing the news. Nie Tian said.

How come I don't know about this? Zi Chen asked.

You were cultivating in seclusion in the mountains, so of course you don't know. Moreover, this news is currently a secret, so not many people know about it.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed, there was actually an inheritance here.

This made him very excited.

As long as it was an inheritance, there was a ruin, and there would naturally be treasures inside. Ever since the last time You Mingyong took out the wolf tooth staff, Zi Chen had been wanting to obtain something similar.

If Liu Mingyong's one strike from the wolf tooth staff could repel imperial sky realm experts, then he could use it to intimidate them, and maybe even kill them with one strike.

And for this kind of thing, the most likely place for them to appear is in the ruins.

So many forces have gone. I had originally planned to go, but was overtaken by the Geng Family. Nie Tian said: However, it's fortunate that another entrance to the ruins appeared. It's also the place where the Geng Family's Imperial sky experts had to fly to, otherwise, I would really be miserable.

Where is that place? Zi Chen asked, obviously having a plan.

It's just north of Yongji City. It's said that in a forest deep in the mountains, there are quite a few powerful Demonic Beasts there. It's said that there are even Imperial Sky Realm demonic beasts there.

Come, let's go take a look.

The two of them were very fast and headed towards the north. However, they did not go to the place where the ruins were, but first to Yongji City.