Thunder Martial Chapter 289 - Killing With A Spirit Arnamanent

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The mountain range trembled. Countless rocks tumbled down and smashed into the snow below with pu pu sounds.

Blood sprayed out, and as if Zi Chen entered a place devoid of people, his entire body flashed with a golden light as he began to massacre the black robed men.


Dazzling golden light shone around the entire mountain range and it looked as if the entire area was covered in a layer of golden light.

The bone-piercing killing intent filled the air, and life was withering away one by one.


Another black robed man was penetrated by the sword Qi and immediately, fresh blood spurted out from the bloody hole, causing his vision to turn black as he fell to the ground.


A stream of blade Qi descended, bringing with it a terrifying killing intent and gales of wind. The ground was swept up with flying snow, continuously revolving. An eight heaven's expert full force slash was very powerful.


Zi Chen punched, a golden light flashed and the blade Qi was immediately shattered, and the long blade also broke in an instant. At the same time, his fist smashed into the expert's chest.

With a single strike, the latter flew backwards and crashed into a stone wall in the distance and his life force dissipated.


There were more than ten black robed men and they were all very strong. Rays of True Yuan surged and even the space above the mountain range started to distort as killing intent swept out from their heads. They released terrifying attacks, but against Zi Chen, it was useless.

Zi Chen acted as if there was no one around as he killed someone in the midst of lightning and thunder.

At that moment, Zi Chen's entire body was dyed in blood, his killing intent was awe-inspiring, and one black robed man after another was constantly being killed off.


A light tremble suddenly sounded out, immediately followed by a cold feeling coming from the bottom of Zi Chen's heart. The latter's face suddenly changed, and dodged to the side.


With a light sound, Zi Chen felt a pain beneath his ribs, and a deep bloody wound appeared. Traces of blood flowed out from the wound, and even his perfect body was unable to block this terrifying attack.

Spirit Armament!

The cold light flew off into the distance, and finally turned into a palm-sized small sword. It was cold and oppressive, and disappeared in a flash.

This hidden expert immediately put away the Spirit Armament when it came back to him. The opponent's entire body was surging with True Yuan and he was an expert at the Ninth heaven.

One more step and he would be an Imperial Sky expert and he would be able to fly.

His opponent kept his Spirit Armament, his eyes filled with surprise. His sneak attack did not kill his opponent.



Just at the same time, many figures shot over from the distance. Only then did Zi Chen see that the other party had come with reinforcements.

Another ten people, all of them were emitting killing intent. Their eyes looked at Zi Chen as though they were looking at a dead man.

Geng Wu, it's actually you? Just then, Nie Tian who had recovered from his injuries let out a surprised cry.

Who else other than me can it be? Unlucky Nie Tian, today is the day you die. The eyes of the man named Geng Wu flashed with killing intent. With the Spirit Armament in his hands, he had the confidence to kill the two of them.

Today, I am called Lucky Nie Tian, and I won't die, I'm afraid you will be disappointed. Unknowingly, Nie Tian had wiped the blood off his face with the snow. On his deathly pale face, there was a hint of a smile.

He staggered forward as he walked towards Zi Chen step by step, and said in a low voice, He is called Geng Wu, Geng Le's older brother, and he is known as a genius. His fighting strength is very strong, and he also has a Spirit Armament in his hands.

No worries, hurry up and recover from your injuries. Zi Chen waved his hands, showing that he did not care, but his eyes were staring straight at Geng Wu. If it wasn't for his quick reaction, he would have been killed by the other party's sneak attack.

Who are you? How dare you oppose the people of Letian City? Geng Wu looked at Zi Chen and asked coldly, his eyes filled with killing intent.

I'm the one who will kill you. Zi Chen's voice was cold

How dare you oppose the people of our Letian City. In Geng Wu's eyes, there was a hint of killing intent, Kill him.


Right at this moment, an explosion sounded out, it was from the place where the ancient weapon pierced, and it exploded. Following that, the ancient weapon transformed into a silver light and flew towards Zi Chen, which was caught by Zi Chen.

With the ancient weapon in his hands, an ancient aura suddenly appeared. On the spear, a silver light revolved and it was extremely sharp.

You... Geng Wu's eyes were wide open, they were filled with greed, Ancient weapon, you actually have an ancient weapon, good, very good. I have a Spirit Armament, and I only need a decent melee weapon, I never thought that you would deliver it to me so quickly, an ancient weapon is being used by me.

No wonder you're so confident and dared to oppose us. So you have the ancient weapon in your hands. Kill him. No matter the cost, kill him for me. Geng Wu shouted.

Zi Chen's name was known throughout the Southern region, but not everyone had seen him, nor had anyone seen the ancient weapon in Zi Chen's hands.


All of the black robed men let out a low growl at this moment as waves after waves of killing intent filled the air.

A terrifying killing intent swept through the entire mountain range. The mountain that had just sunk into tranquility once again began to tremble.


Zi Chen's fighting strength was already unparalleled, with the ancient weapon in his hands, killing people was much easier and convenient. With the flickering of the spear, the spear tips continued to shoot out, and with every strike, he was able to kill one person.

Once the spear swept past, its silver spear Qi danced like a silver dragon. In the blink of an eye, three people fell to the ground.


A long blade slashed towards the back of Zi Chen's head, releasing a terrifying killing intent. However, the moment it touched the ancient weapon, it was instantly disintegrated.


The dangerous aura attacked again. Geng Wu urged his Spirit Armament once more and shot it towards Zi Chen.

The Spirit Armament's speed was very fast and it disappeared in a flash.


Golden light flashed beneath his feet as Zi Chen dodged the attack. However, there was still a piece of sleeve clothes that had been cut off by the Spirit Armament.

Kid, I want to see how many times you can dodge. Geng Wu stood in the distance and sneered. He controlled the Spirit Armament with his spiritual perception once again, and shot towards Zi Chen to kill him.


The ancient weapon in Zi Chen's hand was swung down, accurately hitting the Spirit Armament. In the next moment, the Spirit Armament trembled, and shot towards the distance. At the same time, the spear, like a dragon, pointed to the side, and a silver spear Qi shot out.


A black robed man was penetrated by a spear.

At this moment, Zi Chen's body turned into lightning as he moved among the experts. The lightning under his feet appeared quickly, and everyone could only see a blurry figure. After that, they felt pain all over their body, and their life force disappeared.

With his fast footwork and his sharp ancient weapon, Zi Chen was like a grim reaper. Wherever he went, the men in black fell to the ground.

Although Geng Wu had long expected the other party to be even more powerful, he had never expected that he would actually be so terrifying.


In just three breaths of time, Zi Chen had already rushed to the front of Geng Wu. The spear in his hands suddenly pointed, and thrusted towards Geng Wu's throat.


A flash of a blade appeared and blocked in front of Geng Wu. In the next moment, the long blade was cut apart.

This was a sharp weapon, and it was actually shattered with a single strike.


Geng Wu's expression changed. In just a short span of three breaths, seven to eight people had already died under Zi Chen's hands, and they didn't even manage to touch his clothes.

Zi Chen did not say a word, holding his spear and thrusting again, a spear Qi shot out.

Hold him for me, I'll control the Spirit Armament. Geng Wu retreated quickly, not daring to be careless. Right now, he planned to control the Spirit Armament, and let the supreme power that the Spirit Armament possessed to annihilate the enemy.

When the others heard this, they too charged forward bravely.


But against Zi Chen, under the attacks of the ancient weapon, no one could make him use a second move. It was a complete massacre.

The spear flashed by, and a large mass of blood blossomed out. The bright golden light surrounding Zi Chen blinded their eyes, and immediately, the boundless silver Qi turned into a glaring golden light.

The spear's spear tip shot out the Golden light and like a sharp blade, it drew a circle in front of Zi Chen.

For the cultivators in the middle of the golden circle, together with their weapons, they were instantly snapped in half. Their intestines flowed all over the ground and they died a violent death.

In the blink of an eye, all of the people Geng Wu had brought along had died.


However, at this time, Geng Wu controlled the Spirit Armament and unleashed a terrifying attack.

A resplendent sword beam appeared, carrying with it a terrifying killing intent. The entire mountain range trembled, emitting rumbling sounds.

A sword Qi that was more than ten metres long descended straight onto Zi Chen's head, its power peerless.


Zi Chen shouted loudly. The Spirit Armament had been activated and unleashed a terrifying attack, causing him to feel that his life was in danger. Right now, he had to control the ancient weapon to form a perfect defense.

Ding Ding Ding Dang Dang!

A series of light sounds came out like raindrops. Zi Chen used his spear to attack the sword Qi continuously, and at the same time, his entire body was retreating backwards at an extremely fast speed.

With every step he took, a deep footprint appeared. At the same time, the mountain range shook as if a giant was stepping on it.



Geng Wu laughed out loud, his spiritual perception urging towards the Spirit Armament to continue to slash towards Zi Chen's head. Zi Chen kept retreating, retreating more than ten steps, until finally, he shouted loudly.

Inside his body, the golden colored blood surged, as if a great dragon had awoken, providing him with endless energy. Immediately afterwards, the ancient weapon in his hand transformed into a golden colored flowing light, and pointed at the Spirit Armament.


With a light sound, like a bell chime, the Spirit Armament was immediately pushed back and flew into the sky.

Brat, you do have some skills, but you will still die without a doubt.

As Geng Wu shouted, the Spirit Armament that had just flown in the sky suddenly released a terrifying killing intent from its body. It slashed at Zi Chen, causing ripples to appear in the air as endless snowflakes flew in all directions.

How troublesome. A flash of golden light surrounded Zi Chen's body. In the next moment, a ray of golden lightning shot towards Geng Wu with lightning speed.

Just like a real bolt of lightning, Geng Wu, who was controlling the Spirit Armament didn't notice this scene. By the time he reacted and controlled the Spirit Armament to block, it was already too late.

Spirit Armament, I have one too. Zi Chen sneered. At this moment, a golden light flew back and transformed into a golden small sword that was the size of a palm. It shone with a golden light and it's killing intent was even more terrifying.

This was the black blade he had obtained back then. Su Long had fused the diamond into the furnace and smelted it once more.

Err...! Geng Wu opened his eyes wide, his face was filled with shock, and his body fell backwards, causing the mountain to tremble one last time.