Thunder Martial Chapter 288 - Unlucky Nie Tian

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In the midst of the flying snow, a powerful energy fluctuation was being transmitted. Soon after, the sounds of fighting could be heard from afar. It was obvious that someone was fighting.

There's someone.

Zi Chen hurriedly ran in the direction of the sounds of the battle. After a while, he arrived at the location of the battle.

However, he did not see a single living person. There was only a cold corpse lying in a pool of blood and the corpse cardiac pulse was shattered.

The ground was cracked open and the snow was trampled into a mess. A row of messy footsteps was pointed forward.

Following the direction of his gaze, Zi Chen could still see some mottled blood. It was obvious that someone had vomited blood from an injury.

It must be A Tian. Zi Chen thought as he followed the direction of the footsteps.

After around half a quarter of an hour, Zi Chen found another corpse, and there were even more bloodstains on the ground.

Zi Chen used the Nine Thunder Pass and like a streak of lightning, he rushed into the mountain forest.


With another mouthful of blood, A Tian felt that he could not hold on much longer.

After escaping from the Letian City, he was severely injured. After viewing the Genius Party, A Tian thought that he would be safe after leaving the Cangli City, but he never thought that he would run into people from Letian City.

After a fierce battle, A Tian was heavily injured, but he still managed to break out of the encirclement and escape.

After that, it was a frenzied chase.

A Tian was born in a mortal's family, so being able to cultivate was his biggest opportunity in this life. He had always worked hard in his cultivation, and even under the situation where he did not have any resources, he still continued to increase his strength steadily.

The Mayor was picking out geniuses and he will accept that person as his foster son and provide him with endless resources. A Tian participated in a fierce battle and obtained first place.

But fortune made a fool of others, and by some coincidence, the person who got first place, A Tian, was pushed down to second place because second place was a disciple of a large family who supported the mayor.

At that time, this matter caused quite a sensation in the Letian City.

A Tian could only be in second place and he could only get one-tenth of the original resources.

As for the other powers, although they were trying to win A Tian over, with the prestige of the Mayor, who would dare to poach him?

In these short three years, A Tian had used a strength that was several times stronger than others. In this short span of three years, he broke through several levels consecutively and became one of the Letian City's younger generations' monstrous genius, possessing powerful fighting strength.

He had only used a tenth of the other person's resources, and surpassed him within three years. A Tian's hard work could be imagined;

At that time, the Mayor was overjoyed and personally arranged a feast for A Tian. At the same time, he invited the various forces to personally witness A Tian becoming the adopted son of the Mayor.

At that time, A Tian was very excited. After he became the mayor's foster son, he would be able to enjoy endless resources and his strength would naturally break through quickly.

After years of hard work, he finally received a reward.

However, all of this existed in his fantasies.

That day, the City Lord's Mansion met with a calamity. A foreign expert came to help the Geng Family and killed the mayor in one strike.

As for the adopted sons of the Mayor, they were surrounded and killed by the people of the Geng Family. A Tian was able to use his powerful fighting strength to rush out.

Unfortunately, before he could enjoy the limitless resources, he was being hunted down and forced to flee the entire way.


After spitting out another mouthful of blood, A Tian's vision blurred and he almost couldn't hold on any longer.

Looking back, in this lifetime, other than his own hard work, there seemed to be nothing else. In this lifetime, good luck always brushed past him, as if he was born with no great fortune, and bad luck always accompanied him.

The sound of breaking air came to his ears, and the pursuers came again.

A Tian suddenly clenched his teeth, the tip of his tongue blooming with blood. He tried his best to clear his mind and quickly ran forward.


When he arrived at a mountain range, A Tian could no longer hold on and fell into the snow.

Nie Tian, you must persevere. A Tian roared in his heart. [TN: Gonna use Nie Tian from now on]

He staggered to his feet.




Just at this moment, sounds of air breaking came one after another. More than ten black robed men appeared in the surroundings and surrounded him.

Nie Tian, where are you running to?

Brat, you've killed so many of us. Today is the day you die.

A black robed man slowly approached, his eyes filled with killing intent.


Nie Tian let out a roar, causing the forest to shake, and rushed towards one of them, just like Zi Chen, using his life to fight.


A longsword drew a line of blood as it grazed past his shoulder, but Nie Tian struck his opponent's chest with his palm, fighting for his life.

Nie Tian was alive, while the other party was dead.

Within the mountain forest, another corpse appeared.

You unlucky child! You were born unlucky! Today, even if you had wings, you would not have been able to escape!

Some of the black robed men sneered and rushed towards Nie Tian.

Unlucky child, unlucky Nie Tian, this was Nie Tian's nickname. In Letian City, everyone knew him, this was a guy who hadn't experienced luck even once for dozens of years.

Everyone in the Letian City knew about Nie Tian's situation, but it was not because of his hard work. Instead, it was because of his bad luck that he became the laughing stock of the audience.

Of course, there were also many people who admired Nie Tian. In a situation where he did not have any resources, being able to become a monstrous genius was not only because of his talent, but also his perseverance and diligence.


Another strike came out. Nie Tian's vision started to blur, and he almost fell to the ground. The toughness that he had been nurtured from a young age, caused him to not lose consciousness.

Another black robed man died.

Without any resources, he cultivated step by step, and Nie Tian's hard work was several times that of others, or even more than ten times. He had endured a lot of hardships, and he was especially resolute, like an undefeatable cockroach.


A sharp sword Qi pierced through Nie Tian's acromion. Nie Tian roared, and his hlack hair danced wildly as he sent the opponent flying.

The longsword was pulled out, blood spraying everywhere.

The current Nie Tian was covered in blood and in a very sorry state.

Nie Tian, today is the day you die.

No one can protect an unlucky child like you.

The black robed man rushed over with eyes filled with killing intent. They were strong, the weakest among them being a seventh heaven, and a few EighthHeaven.

Even if it was Nie Tian's heyday, these people caused him to be wary, let alone the currently heavily injured Nie Tian.

As they say, death is only a matter of time.

You unlucky child, you're going to die soon, and you still dared to kill so many of us.

However, your bad luck has also arrived. Today, you are going to die. It can be said to be a release, saving yourself from suffering in this world.

Rays of light flashed, and once again, a sharp blade pierced through Nie Tian's body, but Nie Tian struck his palm on his opponents head.

Another person died. At the same time, Nie Tian's body became unsteady, his eyes became unfocused, and he almost fell to the ground, blood flowing nonstop.

Kill him, he's going to die soon. One of the black robed man said coldly.


But at that moment, an ear piercing scream came out, a silver light flew from afar, piercing through the air like lightning towards a black robed man that was close to Nie Tian.


The silver light transformed into a spear that emitted an ancient aura, piercing through the black robed man's chest. At the same time, the spear brought another man flying hundreds of meters, nailing him onto a tree, the spear hilt trembling.

A single strike had nailed an Eighth Heaven to death.

Suddenly, everyone's expression changed. However, at this moment, a golden lightning bolt flew over from afar.


The golden light turned into a human figure, an indifferent youth. When he landed on the ridge, he was like a giant.

The unlucky Nie Tian was almost at his limits, but the moment he saw the Golden figure, his eyes that were about to fall apart, brightened up, as if they thirsted for life.

He recognized this person, although it was a surprise, a shock. But at this moment, A Tian wanted to laugh out loud.

He had been unlucky in his entire life, so being able to to cultivate was the greatest opportunity of his life. And today was the second time in his life that he was lucky.


Golden light flashed, and it was abnormally sharp. A head flew into the air and fresh blood splattered all over the mountain ridge.

The person was very ferocious. As soon as he appeared, he killed two people, shocking the others.

Who are you? The opposing party's True Yuan that was surging around their bodies was only the Fourth heaven but his fighting strength was extremely terrifying. He had nailed an Eighth Heaven to a tree from afar.

Your killer. Zi Chen's eyes were filled with killing intent, lightning appeared beneath his feet and like a ray of light, he rushed into the crowd.


Light flickered, and the golden radiance was blinding. Another sharp sword Qi flashed, and another person died. Blood splattered everywhere, dying this entire mountain range red.

Zi Chen's fighting strength was definitely powerful, at the moment when he rushed into the group of people, it was as though there was no one around, and it seemed like he was killing chickens instead of humans.

Seeing this scene, Nie Tian wanted to laugh out loud, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he felt a heart wrenching pain, and his mind was spinning. It was obvious that he had lost too much blood, and was severely injured.


The golden light illuminated the entire mountain ridge. Zi Chen's powerful attack caused the mountain ridge to tremble, causing the rocks to tumble down.

Are you still not using pills to heal your injuries? Zi Chen suddenly shouted loudly. He used his spiritual perception on Nie Tian and he had already sensed that he was growing weaker and weaker.

Err...! A Tian was startled. Where would he get pills from?

Forget about pills, he did not even have many yuan stones.


Just at that moment, a porcelain bottle flew towards Nie Tian, who caught it, and Zi Chen's next words then sounded out, Quickly use it, grind it into pieces, and apply it to your wounds.

Nie Tian was grinning, he looked like a very bright person, but unfortunately, his entire body was covered in blood, making him look like a ferocious person.

I've only experienced luck twice in my life, but that's enough. The first time is me being able to be a cultivator and the second is having my life saved.

The unlucky Nie Tian was obviously the lucky Nie Tian today.