Thunder Martial Chapter 287 - Man In The Portrait

Zi Chen casually replied, causing the leading man's expression to become unfriendly, and an additional chill filled the air.

At the same time, Zi Chen felt a sharp glint on his back, as if the eyes of the three people behind him had also turned cold.

You didn't even look at the portrait but you say that you've never seen the person before? A hint of killing intent appeared in the leaders eyes and spoke coldly. These people were not kind people, they were powerful.

I've stayed here for half a year, and I haven't seen a single person. Other than beasts, I might be able to help look for beasts, but for people, you guys have come to the wrong place, and should be going to the Yongji City. There are a lot of people there. Zi Chen said calmly.

Kid, do you know the price of lying? The sixth heaven expert that spoke earlier had an ice-cold voice.

Why should I lie? You guys are going to compensate me for my loss later on. How could I lie? Zi Chen smiled slightly.

Losses? What losses? Everyone was stunned.

My thatched hut and these bedding can't be used anymore. You guys will naturally have to compensate for my losses and I will not ask for much. Just pay me one Thousand Yuan stones. Zi Chen said with a serious expression.

Ha ha! A hearty laugh sounded.

One Thousand Yuan stones for a thatch hut? The others also laughed.

That's right. If it wasn't intentional, the original price would be cheaper. But you guys clearly did it on purpose, that's why it's doubled. Zi Chen said seriously.

When they heard this, a few of them burst out laughing. One of them laughed until his waist was bent. He hugged his stomach as he laughed until he was about to cramp up.

I didn't hear wrong right? Haha, there's actually someone who wants us to compensate him, and he's even doubling it.

Third brother, you didn't mishear him. That's what he said, haha...

How funny, in the entire Southern region, there are still people who dare to claim compensation from us?

And he even increased the compensation by double.

A few of them laughed, then looked up and down at Zi Chen as if he was a dead man.

Good, good, good. It's been a long time since I've seen such an interesting fellow. Fine, since he asked, I'll compensate him for some of his losses. The man who was referred to as third brother stopped his smile and killing intent flashed in his eyes. Holding a long blade in his hand, with a cold glint, he walked towards Zi Chen, step by step.

Didn't you want compensation? The man's eyes were cold.

Third brother, remember, don't kill him.

Exactly, such an interesting fellow should be tortured for a while longer.

You actually made us laugh. You must compensate us with your life.

The other three carried were clearly ready to watch a good show.

Nevermind, I have changed my mind, your attitudes are too vile, and have no sincerity. I want two Thousand Essence stones. Zi Chen's expression also became unfriendly, and the corner of his mouth also revealed a playful smile.

Very good, you have guts. I like it. The man stepped forward as the long blade flashed with light. I wonder if even my life can pay off your compensation.

With that said, a blinding light appeared. The long blade in his hand brought a cold light as he slashed towards Zi Chen's head. Streams of True Yuan swirled around as a terrifying aura surged.

This was not to cripple Zi Chen, but to directly kill him.

Of course you can. However, one life isn't enough. I want four.

Zi Chen sneered, a cold light flashed in his eyes. He extended two fingers, and it looked like he was casting it out of pure gold.

You're courting death! Seeing that his opponent was using the finger to block, the man's eyes became even more disdainful. Killing intent exploded out of him and he urged the long blade to descend faster.


The strong wind whistled and Zi Chen's black hair danced crazily, and a sound of metals clashing rang out. When the blade was just two inches away from Zi Chen's face, it was caught by the two fingers and remained unmoving.

You? The man paused for a few moments, but the long blade still did not budge an inch and his expression immediately changed. Knowing that he had met a tough opponent, he prepared to let go of the long blade and quickly retreat.

Four lives first. Zi Chen's eyes had a hint of killing intent in them. With two of his fingers pinching forcefully, the long blade broke apart. At the same time, a streak of cold light shot towards the man's neck.


With a light sound, a cold light pierced the man's throat. The man's face was filled with shock and his hand was still holding onto the other half of the long blade.

Third brother!

Third brother!

Everything happened too quickly, like a flash of light, and in an instant, the outcome was already decided. The people beside him who were still laughing and they were ready to watch a good show but they didn't expect such an outcome.

Return my third brother's life!


In a blink of an eye, three rays of lights charged towards Zi Chen with murderous intent.

Gales danced and snow flew everywhere, and a bone-piercing coldness raged and was extremely icy cold.


Beneath Zi Chen's feet, a golden light flashed, the Highest Speed of World appeared, and with a step, he disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of a man, a golden sword Qi shot out from his hand, it was a bright golden light filled with killing intent.


A golden light flashed by and a bloody light appeared. A head flew into the air, bringing with it shock and fear. Hot pillars of blood shot into the sky and melted the snow that filled the sky. It was as if a rain of blood had rained down.

Second brother!


In the blink of an eye, yet another person had died.

Golden light flashed again, causing their vision to be blurred, and a blinding light also appeared in their eyes. One of them could not help but close his eyes.


The golden colored Sword Qi pierced through the center of cultivator's brows, like a flower of blood blooming, the cultivator fell down from the sky and closed his eyes, never opening them again.

Out of the four, three had died, and only one Eldest remained. But at this moment, his seventh heaven cultivation was not enough to give him confidence.

The speed of the young man before him was very strange. He could only see a blurry figure and a chill arose in his heart. He knew that he had offended someone he shouldn't have.


Just at this time, a powerful force came from behind him, and Zi Chen had already arrived behind him.


The man let out a loud shout, waved the long blade in his hand, and poured all of the energy in his body into it. He ruthlessly slashed backwards, and a terrifying blade Qi appeared.

However, what met him was a golden fist that emitted a piercing golden light. With a force that could destroy metal, it shattered the long blade, and then the fist landed on his chest.


Fresh blood splattered everywhere. The man flew over ten meters backwards before collapsing on the ground. He couldn't help but cough out another mouthful of blood. It was as if a bloody plum blossomed in the snow.

You... Who exactly are you? The man's face was filled with shock, he looked at Zi Chen in fear.

Zi Chen took a big step forward, and stepped on the man's chest with his foot. Under great force, he stomped on the man's chest, causing his bones to crack, and then asked with a cold voice: Tell me, what are you looking for A Tian for?

A Tian... You know Nie Tian? The man's expression changed.

The man in the portrait was A Tian, so Zi Chen naturally recognized him.

Less nonsense, what did I ask you? Zi Chen asked coldly, he exerted force with his legs and the man screamed.

Hmph, since you know Nie Tian, you must be one of the evil left behind. Very good, Young Master Geng Le will not let you off. The man's eyes were filled with hatred.

Geng Le, Letian City. Zi Chen's eyes flashed.

Brat, just you wait! Our experts will be here very soon. At that time, let alone you, even if it's Nie Tian, he will be dead without a doubt. The man's eyes were filled with hatred.

What exactly is going on? Tell me in detail. Zi Chen asked coldly.

In your dreams. The man gritted his teeth with a face full of venom.


Golden light flashed and a sharp Sword Qi appeared. One of the man's arms suddenly flew up, and blood splashed out.

The man's arm was chopped off.

Speak, what happened? Zi Chen's eyes shone with a cold light.

In your dreams! The man gritted his teeth.


With another flash of blood light, another arm flew up. Zi Chen's attack was decisive and incomparably vicious.


The man couldn't hold it in any longer and shouted out involuntarily.

In the end, what's going on? Why does Geng Le want to capture Nie Tian? And why did you guys come to this desolate place to chase after Nie Tian?

This could be considered a torture method, but Zi Chen was obviously not good at it, but luckily, he was ruthless enough to be decisive and emotionless.

I'll talk... I'll talk...! After the cultivator was tortured to the point that he didn't look human, he finally decided to talk.

We are from Letian City, and we have come here to kill Nie Tian. He is the foster son of the previous Mayor, and we want to eliminate him at his roots.

We've chased him all the way here, but he's disappeared. He should be somewhere nearby.

Letian City was in a state of chaos. Fighting for the position of mayor is frequent and mayor was changed very frequently. It was also the most chaotic place in the Southern region.


Knowing everything, the golden sword Qi in Zi Chen's hands flashed, and instantly swept past the other party's neck, causing a blood line to appear.

Nie Tian, so A Tian's name was actually Nie Tian, the foster son of the original Mayor. Zi Chen thought of the young man who always had a smile on his face.

He had a very good impression of Nie Tian, and there was a warm smile on his face, as though he was extremely happy every day. Only at night would he feel the loneliness in his body, like an old wolf licking its wounds in the dark.

Zi Chen had guessed before that Nie Tian was someone with a story, but he never thought that it would actually be a blood feud. It was obvious that the smile on his face every day was just to hide the sorrow at the bottom of his heart.

As for Geng Le, back then in Guest House, he had ridiculed and got beaten up by him. His impression of him was simply too poor.

After that, Zi Chen explored the bodies of the four people, but didn't find anything of value. He only found a few Yuan Stones, and after calculating everything, there were only a few of them.

Other than A Tian's portrait, there was nothing else.

A Tian is nearby, I have to look around. Zi Chen decided to help A Tian.

Zi Chen went deeper into the mountains, searching for traces of humans along the way. He found out from the dead cultivator that A Tian was currently in this area.

In just three short days, Zi Chen had traveled across more than half of the mountain range and many footprints were gone. Wanting to find a person here was simply like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Zi Chen increased his speed, the lightning beneath his feet suddenly appeared, like a ray of light, continuously shuttling through the ground.

Another two days had passed, but Zi Chen still did not obtain any clues.

Zi Chen did not give up. The current him had the ability to save A Tian, so he had to find the other party.


Until the seventh day, Zi Chen heard the sound of exploding energy, followed by the sound of fighting.