Thunder Martial Chapter 286 - Fourth Stage Heavenly Tribuation

This year's winter had come very early. The cold wind was like a blade, and the sky and earth were covered in silver, covering a great distance of ten thousand miles.

The shocking incident with Zi Chen, under the passage of time, had finally, completely calmed down.

After the heat of the heart, it was as if they were lonely and cold. In this winter, many people felt very cold.

After the tea break, there was no more talk.

There was nothing new about the three forces of the Seven Cities. As for the incident with Zi Chen, after half a year, almost everyone was able to recite it from memory, and no one was willing to hear about it even after hearing about it.

But occasionally, people would guess where Zi Chen was.

The Chen Family was exterminated and became a family that disappeared after offending the monstrous genius, becoming a passerby.

In this cold winter, in the middle of the endless mountain range, a thatched hut covered in snowflakes seemed very lonely.

The heaven and earth were made of silver, the thatched hut was alone in this place, and only the cold wind accompanied it.

This was a rare and spacious land within the mountain range. It was around a few hundred square meters with pure white snow covering the ground.

In the distance, ancient trees towered into the sky. A cold wind blew past and occasional snowflakes fell from the branches and leaves, emitting popping sounds.


Just at this moment, golden light appeared from the forest, its speed was as fast as a golden lightning.

This was the Highest Speed of World, the third form of the Nine Thunder Pass. At this moment, it appeared like a beam of light.

The golden light flickered as it stopped in front of the thatched hut, transforming into a figure. This was a young man in his twenties, with a handsome face that exuded determination and a pair of eyes as black as ink.

It was precisely Zi Chen who had disappeared for more than half a year.

He did not follow Su Long and left the Southern region to join the Tianwu Union. Furthermore, Su Long did not have the intention to bring Zi Chen away either.

However, Su Mengyao had invited Zi Chen to the Floating Mist Sect, but she was rejected by him. After this battle with the Cangli City, he understood one thing, he could not place his life in someone else's hands.

After his injuries had been completely healed, Zi Chen had reached the peak of the Second Heaven after a life and death battle. His potential had been ignited and he had experienced heavenly tribulation, causing his strength to break through once again. After that, Zi Chen went to the Chen Family.

As a result, the Chen Family was exterminated.

Afterwards, Zi Chen travelled northwards, distancing himself from Cangli City. After passing by the ruins, he found a large mountain range and began to cultivate in peace.

This place was fairly close to Yongji City and he would only need a few days to reach there.

That day, he had obtained Spatial Rings from five monstrous geniuses, and there were quite a few of them. In this short period of time, Zi Chen did not need to worry about not having enough Yuan Stones.

Thus, Zi Chen went into closed door cultivation for half a year, and focused on cultivation.

In his mind, the lightning youth had successfully evolved the Nine Thunder Pass to its third form, but not the fourth form. Zi Chen guessed that this was the limit of what the lightning youth could do.

Furthermore, this third form's speed had already reached a true limit. Even if he is against an imperial sky expert who is going at normal speed, he might not even be able to catch up to Zi Chen.

In his imagination, there was nothing that the lightning youth could not do. The killing techniques of the various large families could all be evolved and all of them but the fact that the Yin-Yang Spell could not evolve left Zi Chen a little disappointed.

In this half a year, Zi Chen's strength had increased once again, reaching the peak of the third heaven. The time to breakthrough was clearly not far.

As long as he diligently trained for a few more days and refined a few more Yuan Stones, he would be able to break through to the fourth heaven.

Everything was going in a good direction. The only bad thing was that in the last battle, Old Mo seemed to have consumed a lot of energy. It had been more than half a year, but there were still no signs of him waking up.

The cold wind outside howled. Zi Chen walked into the thatched hut and the footprints he left behind were quickly covered by the snow.

In the room, Zi Chen took out the Yuan Stone, activated Yin-Yang Spell, and started refining it, causing his body to emit a golden light.

After the last battle, Zi Chen's understanding of the compatibility between yin and yang had deepened once again, and the number of times the two energies had clashed had obviously decreased by a lot.

Three days later, there were many more Yuan Stones on the ground in front of Zi Chen. At the same time, Zi Chen opened his eyes, which shone brightly.

I can attack the fourth Heavenly Layer now.

Walking out of the thatched hut, the snowstorm in the outside world had already stopped. The sunlight shined down, bringing some warmth to the cold winter.

Zi Chen's body became like lightning, running into the depths of the mountain range. He wanted to find a place to attack the fourth heaven.

An hour later, Zi Chen found a relatively empty area to prepare for his tribulation.


The sky was blue and cloudless, yet the sound of rolling thunder could be heard. It was deafening as it spread throughout the entire mountain range.

A terrifying pressure descended from the sky. This was true might of the heavens as it pressed down towards the mountain range. Some of the beasts that were hibernating were immediately awakened with fear. As for the Demonic Beast in the depths of the mountain range, they let out uneasy roars.


This time around, it was the fourth stage of the heavenly tribulation. If Zi Chen was not mistaken, there would be thirty-six bolts of heavenly lightning descending, each more powerful than the last.


Zi Chen jumped into the sky, transforming into a ray of lightning, using his golden fist, he forcefully shattered the lightning, and then absorbed the lightning energy to temper his body.

Within his body, golden blood and energy shot up into the sky, filling the sky and surging outwards.


The second bolt of lightning was also destroyed by Zi Chen. He was like a Golden Warlord with unparalleled combat power, not even putting Heavenly Thunder in his eyes as he shattered it with a single punch.


The heavenly lightning was berserk, and its power was even stronger. The rumbling sounds spread for several hundred miles, showing the endless might of the heavens.

Bolts of heavenly lightning fell down, their auras were terrifying, the beasts in the mountain range trembled in fear, and the Demonic Beast roared uneasily.

During this time, Zi Chen released his Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang. He also unleashed all kinds of martial techniques, and tested their power under the divine lightning.

At the same time, Zi Chen's body shone with a brilliant light as a heavenly lightning hit him. He is using the energy of heavenly thunder to temper his body and is also a form of transformation.

The golden spiritual perception was even more resplendent, it had experienced tribulation lightning together with Zi Chen, and after experiencing tribulation lightning, it became increasingly crystalline and resplendent.


The fourth stage tribulation lightning had a total of thirty-six bolts of heavenly lightning. At the beginning, they fell one after the other, but in the end, they descended at the same time.

From Zi Chen's body, the golden light became increasingly brighter, he had unparalleled combat power, and his physique became astonishing, but he was still struck by the heavenly thunder until his entire body started to emit smoke, and his bones started to emit crackling sounds.

The thunder tribulation was terrifying, and every time it appeared, it would bring about a fatal danger. It meant that the heaven and earth could not tolerate him, and there was no way to gain the approval of the heaven and earth.

All of the heavenly thunder came down at the last moment, almost killing Zi Chen. His bones were shattered in many places, his entire body was pitch-black, and he had suffered heavy injuries.

However, after Zi Chen had successfully endured the tribulation lightning. A majestic life force soon emanated from his body, causing his bones to crackle and his charred old skin fell to the ground. His new skin became as smooth as jade, glowing with a brilliant light.

Every time he experienced a tribulation of lightning, he would undergo a transformation.

With his breakthrough, Zi Chen's perfect physique became even stronger, and his fighting strength increased yet again.

Soon after, the golden sunlight was blocked and a large amount of snowflakes fell down once again.

Seeing the snow again, Zi Chen seemed to recall the scene from several years ago. A pair of ice-cold short dagger pierced into his heart.

Destiny makes a fool of people.

A few years later, the Zi Chen who had survived the great disaster back then actually possessed such strength. Even the Great Elder of the Ling Wu Sect had died in his hands.

After that, when Zi Chen returned on the same path, he was in a good mood after his breakthrough.

But when he returned to his residence, he discovered that the thatched hut was already gone. The grass was all over the place and the bedding was strewn all over the place. There were a few big footprints on the ground.

What's going on?

Zi Chen frowned, this was a desolate place, the closest village was 100 miles away, and it was winter, so it was impossible for a hunter to come here to hunt, but at the moment, looking at the messy scene, it was obvious that someone was here.




Just at this moment, a few figures flashed in the distance, their speed extremely fast. In a few breaths of time, they arrived in front of Zi Chen.

A total of four people surrounded Zi Chen from four different directions. Streams of energy surged and locked onto Zi Chen with their auras.

Did you destroy my house? Zi Chen looked at the four of them.

These four people were all strong, and all of them were at the Zhen Yuan Realm. Moreover, judging from the surging True Yuan on the surface of their bodies, three of them were at the Sixth Heavenly Layer, and the other one was even stronger.

Such a person came to this forest and destroyed his own thatched hut.

Zi Chen couldn't understand.

Brat, this place is desolate, why did you build a thatched hut here? The lead seventh heaven expert asked coldly.

Since this place is deserted, why have you come here? Zi Chen asked in return, he was very calm.

Cut the crap. We are the ones asking. Just answer whatever we ask. It's not your turn to ask questions here. One of them shouted out in dissatisfaction.

How overbearing! This place is deserted and unmanned. I can live anywhere I want. Who do you think you are? Zi Chen sneered.

Brat, you dare to speak like that? Are you courting death? The Sixth Heavenly Layer cultivator's eyes flashed with killing intent.

Third brother, don't get too excited. See if he recognizes it first. The expert besides asked.

Kid, open your dog eyes wide and see if you've seen this person. The young man called Third Brother took out a portrait from his bosom and unfurled it.

In the painting, there was a handsome young man. A faint smile hung on his face, and he seemed to be very happy.

Never seen him before. Zi Chen shook his head after a single gspear.

Kid, you say that you've never seen one before? The leader's expression turned cold.