Thunder Martial Chapter 285 - Chen Family's Extermination

It was a pitch black night, and it was impossible to see one's hands in the dark. However, a devil came to Chen Family with a bloody long blade in his hand, and like a god of death, he left behind numerous corpses wherever he went.

The birds were flying and the dogs were dancing. Noises continuously rang out. There were screams of women and children in fear, and the cries of children were loud and disorderly.

The Chen Family was in chaos.


In the midst of this chaos, blades of light flashed continuously, and corpses fell to the ground one by one.

Who are you? How dare you come to the Chen Family to behave so atrociously? The Chen Family Head shouted as he rushed over from afar.

You are courting death, coming to the Chen Family to behave atrociously! Another person shouted out explosively, and following that, True Energy surged out one after another, and the sound of air being torn apart sounded out.


With another swing of the blade, another guard was cut down, falling into a pool of blood as his life force dissipated.

The black robed man stood alone, and beside him were many corpses, all of them lying in pools of blood.

The sound of breaking air resounded and two Zhen Yuan Realm experts arrived. When they saw the black robed man, cold light flashed in their eyes and they both shouted, Die!

After which, the two of them unleashed a terrifying attack.

The ground began to shake. The attacks of the two Zhen Yuan Realm experts were not ordinary.


The blade in black robed man's hand flashed again, and like a bolt of lightning, it cut through the sky and illuminated the entire Chen Family.


Fresh blood sprayed into the air as a figure was split in half. With two loud bangs, the figure fell to the ground.

Simple and direct, the black robed man not only slashed the Zhen Yuan Realm expert in half, even his moves were also destroyed, turning into energy and scattering in all directions.

The second expert's face changed, his figure flashed, and he was about to escape, but immediately after, the place lit up again, and a blade Qi appeared.


As the sword Qi descended, blood appeared. With a miserable scream, another Zhen Yuan Realm Expert died.

This was only a very ordinary scene. The black robed man raised his blade and moved forward, without saying a word, his long blade flashed, and no one was able to block this blade, not even an expert at the Zhen Yuan Realm.

In the Chen Family Mansion, countless miserable wails sounded out.

On this night, blood flowed like a river from the Chen Family.

Thief, you came to Chen Family to behave so atrociously, you are courting death.

Let me send you on your way.

Numerous Zhen Yuan Realm experts appeared, and after that, they surged with killing intent as they slashed towards the black robed man.

They were Zhen Yuan Realm experts, so they were powerful and they were not afraid of black robed man at all.

However, once the two sides met, they were shocked to discover that they couldn't even take out a second move from the other side.

When the Chen Family Head and the two elders appeared, what they saw were numerous lifeless corpses, as well as tragic scenes of many Zhen Yuan Realm experts falling into pools of blood.

The Chen Family had lost almost eighty percent of its power, and it was all done by one person. As for the others, they surrounded the black robed man, but did not dare to attack, because the enemy was too strong.

Damn thing, you actually dared to behave atrociously in my Chen Family! The Chen Family Head was flustered and anxious. He roared and with a flash, he rushed towards the black robed man.


In the air, a sword hum sounded out, a light flashed, bringing with it a dazzling light as it slashed towards black robed man.


The light from the blade descended once again. It was extremely sharp, like a bolt of lightning, it struck the sword Qi.


The cries of metals clashing sounded out and after the strike, the two of them were like two beams of light, rushing towards each other.

Family Head, you must kill this bastard.

I'm going to tear him into a thousand pieces.

The surrounding Chen Family people all roared, their eyes filled with hatred and venom. This black robed man dared to actually kill someone here, it was truly brutal and detestable.




The cries of metals clashing could be heard unceasingly. The two of them were like two beams of light as they clashed and terrifying energy fluctuations were emitted.

You, a mere third Heaven can actually block my attack? The Chen Family Head was very surprised that his own seventh heaven was actually unable to suppress the other party.


The black robed man did not say anything. In his cold eyes, there was only killing intent and his blade flashed continuously. Every strike contained a terrifying attack.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them exchanged dozens of attacks.

Who exactly are you? What grievances do you have with my Chen Family, to actually want to massacre my Chen Family? The Chen Family Head's eyes flashed as he asked. Obviously, he had already seen that the man was not ordinary, his fighting strength was terrifying.

But the only response he got was an endless blade Qi. The black robed man did not say a word, only killing intent in his eyes.

Uncle, second uncle, quickly make your move! Kill this bastard! After failing to succeed for a long time, the Chen Family Head panicked and shouted loudly.



The two elders of the Chen Family at the side, who had been waiting impatiently for a long time, turned into rays of light and charged forward.

The black robed man fought against three people by himself.




A series of sharp attacks clashed as they continued to fight. The black robed man fought against three but he was not at the bottom, and even had the upper hand.

In the blink of an eye, a hundred moves had been exchanged. All kinds of lights were flashing, and a terrifying aura surged.

During this period, the black robed man was not injured, but his sleeve was cut off.

Ah... I want you dead! The Chen Family Head was roaring, a terrifying aura surging out from his body like storming waves. It was surging crazily, obviously, he was about to strike a killing blow.


Just at that moment, the black robed man moved. His entire body shone with a golden light and like a bolt of golden lightning, he rushed towards the Chen Family Head.

The long blade in his hand flashed, its speed was extremely fast.


A bloody light burst out, and a head flew into the air. A headless body fell to the ground, blood spewing out of its mouth.

Fast, too fast!

It looked like the Highest Speed of the World.

Ah... Family Head!

Shocked cries sounded, seeing the Family Head being killed instantly, the surrounding Chen Family people were all shocked as they retreated.

The head of the Family Head flew for seven or eight meters before falling to the ground, shock and disbelief still in his eyes.

Dead, Family Head is actually dead!

His head was chopped off in one blow.

Everyone in the Chen Family were terrified, retreating backwards. If not for the two elders, they would have turned around and run away. The strength of the black robed man was simply too terrifying.

Family elder, please kill this murderer. A cultivator shouted.

Family elder, please help.

The other Chen Family people also shouted. They knew that the two family elders were stronger than the Family Head.


The black robed man who had just killed the family head had his feet flash with light and like a bolt of lightning, he arrived in front of one of the family elders. Immediately after, his blade flashed.

His strange speed shocked the family elder He channeled the energy in his body, and the sword in his hand slashed forward.


However, the speed of the blade Qi was even faster. In the blink of an eye, it had already sliced through the other party's neck. With a bone cracking sound, a head fell off and the family elder was also killed

Ah...! This time, everyone was scared and shouted in alarm before scattering in all directions.

This is a demon that killed the Family Head and the family elder

Alarmed cries rang out, and one by one, the Chen Family's people began to flee, and with that, the entire place became even more chaotic.

Who are you? What is the enmity between our Chen Family and you? The other family elder's face was ugly. His eyes were also filled with fear as he retreated step by step. He was the Great Elder of the Ling Wu Zong Sect back then.

The black robed man's ice-cold eyes swept across the family elder and the latter felt a burst of fear in his heart, but he suddenly realized that those eyes were very familiar.

You are...! In a split-second, he seemed to have guessed the identity of the other party.


But before the family elder could finish speaking, he fell to the ground.

The two family elders and the Family Head were killed.

After that, the black robed man carried the long blade and walked forward, with the aim of killing the Chen Family people who were running away.

On this day, the Chen Family was like a river of blood and all kinds of miserable screams could be heard. The Chen Family was exterminated.

The fearful howls woke many people up, but no one dared to come out. It wasn't until the sun rose that anyone dared to show up.

Then, they saw that in the air above Chen Family's residence, the air was red, like a thick blood mist. Furthermore, the door was wide open, and a large pool of blood appeared at the entrance.

Looking further in, there were corpses that had long since turned cold.

Seeing that, many people started to vomit but there were still some who went into Chen Family to see what happened.

There, they saw the endless corpses.

After a long time, someone walked out with a pale expression.

Dead, all of them are dead, other than women and children, no one else is alive. The Chen Family has been annihilated, and in the future, there will be no more Chen Family in Cangli City.

After saying this, the person turned around and left.

The Chen Family was exterminated.

This made everyone shocked and they all guessed that the Chen Family had probably offended someone.

The Chen Family offended Zi Chen and the Chen Zi that they wanted to kill at that time was precisely his alias. Back then, Zi Chen said that he would definitely come for revenge.

But Zi Chen has already left, and disappeared for a long time. How could it be Zi Chen who did it?

Who knows? Maybe the Chen Family has secretly done something shameful, or maybe they have provoked another powerful existence.

Everyone began to speculate, but they all felt that it was strange. Since this was the extermination of their family, why did they keep the women and children?

What? The Chen Family was exterminated?

The Li Family head frowned when he received the news the next day.

Yes. The person replied respectfully.

Is there an idea to that matter? [TN: I think the matter is about the Chen Family trying to use the Li Family to kill Zi Chen. Happened way back in the previous chapters]

It was done by the people of Chen Family, they had a grudge with Zi Chen and wanted him to create trouble, their goal was to kill Zi Chen.

Humph! Patriarch Li snorted, and said: I have no objection to going against Zi Chen but for them to dare try to use us, that is courting death, do they really think that anyone can bully our Li Family?

Go. Since the Chen Family is about to be exterminated anyways, just exterminate them thoroughly. If we don't remove the roots, it will naturally bring about disaster in the future. In patriarch Li's eyes, there was a dense killing intent.

Yes sir! The person nodded and left with a bow.

Hmph, I wonder who did it. It definitely wasn't the Cang Family, and it can't be the Wu Zong Sect. Could it be the Wang Family's people, only they would be so soft-hearted

On the second day, the stench of blood in the Chen Family's manor became even stronger. A large family like this was truly turned into a Deathly Land.

The Chen Family was exterminated, everyone in the family was killed, causing a huge commotion.

This could be considered as another major event that happened since the incident with Zi Chen. Everyone was slaughtered, no one survived.

In a small town, a youth with an ordinary appearance instantly furrowed his brows upon hearing this news.

All killed?

A moment later, he was relieved. It seems that the great powers are still the same ruthless ones. This is the root of the problem.

As time passed, the news of Zi Chen's incident continued to spread like wildfire.

But Zi Chen had disappeared for a long time.