Thunder Martial Chapter 283 - Killing Wu Roushan

Tianwu Union could be said to be a huge monster, and it was simply impossible to imagine just how big it was.

You want to know what kind of power the Tianwu Union is?

No one could answer that clearly, not even Su Long.

But you have to ask, who are these people in the Tianwu Union?

Then someone will tell you, the core members are a bunch of Sky Martial Cultivator, they are said to have the strongest aptitude, the most terrifying combat power, the most destructive power, and the most unparalleled combat power.

At this moment, facing the threat of the Cangli Family, Su Long's expression did not change at all. He did not even frown a little, and even threatened that the Cangli City would be annihilated within three days of his death.

The distant cultivators was in an uproar, all of them were shaken.

What do you mean by 'strong'? This is what you call 'strong'.

What do you mean by 'domineering'? This is what a true domineering person looks like.

Some of the disciples, who had always relied on their own forces, finally saw what a powerful and domineering existence was like.

This method was much more brilliant than theirs.

As Su Long's threatening words fell, the monstrous geniuses were no longer calm. They seemed to have seen the future Zi Chen right in front of them.

Perhaps dozens of years later, if Zi Chen cannot handle a power, he might also take out such a golden order badge. He would throw it into the air and say tyrannically, If I die, within three days, your family will not exist.

Zi Chen was a Sky Martial cultivator, so it was obvious that he would join the Tianwu Union.

Other than that, the Sky Martial Cultivator's unparalleled combat power was what truly made people fear it.

To be able to break through to sovereign realm, which one of them wasn't a genius and which one wasn't powerful. However, in the hands of Su Long, such an existence was forced to retreat after a few rounds, and if they wanted to kill him, they had to think of the backlash.

Sky Martial Cultivator! Previously, he had wanted to fight with Zi Chen and felt that Zi Chen was a pretty good opponent, but seeing Su Long's strength, he wholeheartedly wanted to surpass Zi Chen.

It was obvious that no one could defeat Zi Chen in the same level. The current him might be able to suppress Zi Chen, but once Zi Chen reached the same level as him, Wu Mo would naturally be suppressed.

Wang Qiong was no longer calm, a bright light flashed in his eyes, and a fighting spirit that refused to admit defeat rose within him.

His battle prowess might not be comparable to the Sky Martial Cultivator's, but he could use the difference in their cultivation levels to make up for it.

A Sky Martial Cultivator is also not the strongest. Among the crowd, a bald monk muttered.

As for the other monstrous geniuses, those who looked down upon Zi Chen previously, after seeing how powerful Su Long was, all of them were like defeated roosters as they pulled their faces away.

If nothing unexpected happened, Zi Chen would follow Su Long and leave the Southern region, entering the Sky Martial Continent. It was like a dragon entering the ocean, a male eagle spreading its wings, entering the world that belonged to him.

The monstrous geniuses who previously disdained Zi Chen's identity as a rogue cultivator was now feeling complicated.

A single Su Long had allowed them to see Zi Chen's limitless future.

Every monstrous genius had different thoughts, so no one said anything.

Even the experts of the Cang and Li family, who were controlling their legacies, fell silent.

Su Long said that Cangli City will disappear within three days within three days if he dies so they had to think this through.

The Tianwu Union was omnipotent.

Perhaps in the next moment, an extremely strong and powerful expert would appear and destroy their Cangli City.

The voice that was hidden in the silence made Wu Ruoshan lose all hope, there was clearly no one left to protect him.

Right at this moment, Su Long's ice-cold eyes swept towards him. The killing intent in them was not concealed at all, and he coldly said, I'll send you on your way now.

No... I am a member of the Wu Zong Sect. If you dare to kill me, the Wu Zong Sect will definitely not let you off. Wu Ruoshan roared in despair, and retreated.

thr Wu Zong Sect, I will make a trip there also. Su Long said coldly.

No... Brother Cang, Brother Li, save me...! Wu Ruoshan was extremely frightened as he continued to cry for help.

The two of them hid far away, pretending not to hear anything. Even their family legacies could not do anything, not to mention them. Even if they had ten times the guts, they would still not dare to make a move.


The aura around Su Long's body became berserk, and his entire body started to emit a dazzling golden light before he unleashed a powerful attack.

More than half of the city had been dyed gold, and a terrifying aura was circulating.

Ah...! The golden light swept over with a terrifying aura. Wu Ruoshan screamed miserably as he used all his strength to flee.

The golden light carried a boundless killing intent and caught up with Wu Ruoshan. After that, Wu Ruoshan's entire body became golden, like a Sun.

It was like a firework, falling into silence after the brilliance.

The world was deathly silent. A sovereign expert had actually died, just like that, easily killed by a single strike.

This was the first time that the people of the Southern region had a vague idea about the Sky Martial Cultivator.

That was power!

Unparalleled combat power!

The sword Qi of the blade Qi had long dissipated. It was clear that they had been watching the fight, and had their reservations.

Everything was settled after Wu Ruoshan died.

No one dared to make things difficult for Zi Chen anymore, and all of them had fawning smiles on their faces as they bowed and smiled. This was the might of an expert.

It was much better than an oath or a reputation.

Zi Chen, congratulations on becoming a Sky Martial Cultivator. Your future prospects are limitless. Liu Mingyong shouted loudly.

Thank you for your help. Zi Chen had a very good impression of Liu Mingyong and was very grateful.

Come, come! Chen'er, come here! Liu Mingyong waved his hand, gesturing for Liu Chen to come over.

After hearing from Su Long, they had already determined that Zi Chen was a Sky Martial Cultivator. Once he grew up, his future would be limitless.

At the same time, Wang Xian'er, Wang Shan, Wang Qiong and the others were also called over by Wang Zhenwei.

This is the first time Wang Xian'er has met Zi Chen officially, the two of them looked at each other for a few seconds before Su Mengyao smiled and said, You must be Wang Xian'er, I have heard of you before, your talent is outstanding and your face is unparalleled.

Su Mengyao's eyes carried a smile, her words were very gentle, like a spring breeze, causing people to have a good impression of her.

Is this considered showing weakness? Wang Xian'er thought about it blissfully and changed the topic, You must be big sister Mengyao, Zi Chen kept on mentioning you, praising you as if you were a fairy. I had always wanted to meet you once and I did not think that you were even prettier than what Zi Chen said.

Wang Xian'er also sweetly smiled, looking a little weird. She held Su Mengyao's hand and started chatting with her intimately.

The first time they met, they were like a pair of good friends, chattering and laughing with each other. This made everyone speechless.

Of course, only the two of them knew what was on their minds.

Zi Chen, our Bright Moon Pavilion will always have a place for you. She was a female disciple of the Bright Moon Pavilion and had an outstanding appearance. At this moment, she revealed a kind smile.

Zi Chen, if you have time, come yo Danyang City. We Qin Family will naturally receive you well. The twin brothers of the Qin Family also spoke out.

Various similar sounds could be heard continuously.

Even the old man from the Heaven Killing Pavilion came over and said a few words in an amiable manner, the same goes for the Zhu Family.

They all saw through Zi Chen's potential, and now that Zi Chen also had a strong backing, no one dared to put on airs anymore.

The expert of the Letian City and Geng Le also came forward at this moment with a fawning face and very courteous words, inviting Zi Chen to the Letian City.

Zi Chen originally wanted to ask whether Geng Le knew who A Tian was, but thought better of it so he didn't ask.

The two Cang and Li Families were no longer domineering. They lowered their statuses, apologized, and then offered to recruit Zi Chen.

No, I will take him and leave to join the Tianwu Union. Su Long said directly.

They had already guessed it, but after hearing Su Long's words, everyone was shocked, and some of the monstrous geniuses even revealed looks of envy.

Even though they did not know what the Tianwu Union was before, it did not lack their yearning.

Su Long did not stay there for long. After Zi Chen greeted his friends, he brought the two of them and left.


Zi Chen flew towards the battle stage from before, where there were some spoils of war that he did not dare to take earlier.

After killing the Five Great monstrous geniuses, there were naturally five Spatial Rings, and inside, there were all the treasures of the five monstrous geniuses. Zi Chen had coveted them for a long time, but he did not dare take them.

At the same time, Zi Chen also picked up Li Hao's Forbidden Artifact under the eyes of a group of people. Although there were quite a few cracks on it, it was still able to unleash a terrifying attack.

Also, Cang Meng's Spirit artifacts sharpness was not any less than an ancient weapon, these were all his spoils of war. Previously, he wanted to take it away but he couldn't. However, he could now.

Not far away, Su Long had killed the imperial sky experts and a sovereign expert, but he had not touched their wealth.

Su Long looked at Zi Chen with praise in his eyes. Under such a situation, how he was not blinded by the benefits and only took what he should take, with such a cool demeanor and knowing how to choose. As long as his luck was not too bad, his future achievements would be limitless.

Su Long waved his hand, and beams of golden light shot out and they soon flew away..

You're leaving again. Will we meet again in the future? Looking at Zi Chen's back figure, Wang Xian'er pouted her lips. She was extremely dissatisfied and her eyes were red and teary.

The Genius Party, which only opened once every hundred years, had finally ended.

However, the crowd's enthusiasm did not dissipate. Not only did they witness the rise of Zi Chen, they also saw his unparalleled fighting strength, and were fortunate enough to witness a great war between sovereign experts.

Things related to Zi Chen, as well as the scene of that huge battle, spread among the large cities a few days later.

Zi Chen's sudden rise in power was shocking. The shamelessness and arrogance of these few great powers caused people to be infuriated. Su Long's domineering aura caused others to feel reverence for him.

That day, Zi Chen killed Five Great monstrous geniuses consecutively. In the end, The Chu Family's monstrous genius was even killed by him while he was heavily injured.

Zi Chen's fighting strength is too terrifying, even with a severely injured body. He can still kill a monstrous genius, and his vital force is very tenacious. He was still alive even after being stabbed in the heart with a sword.