Thunder Martial Chapter 281 - Legacy

Su Long was very domineering, and his strength was so strong that the situation was a complete mess. Within the Cangli City, he actually dared to threaten and kill experts from the Cang and Li Family.


The sky was filled with dazzling golden light, as if numerous sharp blades were descending. It was sharp and terrifying, and even the void itself was riddled with gaping holes.


The powerful attack from the expert of the Cang Family was instantly destroyed. As if he had suffered a heavy blow to his heart, he was immediately sent flying, and coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.


The expert of the Li Family shouted, his entire body releasing a piercing red light. Boundless flames appeared and filled the entire space, bringing along a terrifying high temperature as it swept towards Su Long. Although it was a flame made of energy, it was still a terrifying flame.

Su Long made his move, simple and direct. His golden palm landed, bringing with it an extremely powerful aura as it struck at the flames.


The huge flames were directly smashed into tiny sparks by the palm and instantly shattered, dissipating along with the healing of space. The expert of the Li Family was also blasted into the air and he continuously coughed out blood.

Old thing, die! Su Long stepped in the air. Like a giant, with every step he took, he would cause the heaven and earth to tremble.

Looking at the disheveled and bloodied Wu Ruoshan, Su Long's eyes revealed a dense killing intent.

Za... World!

At this moment, Wu Ruoshan's figure was no longer visible. All that could be seen was a large pitch-black hole that emitted a terrifying aura, as if it was the Netherworld.

The Abyssal Black Hole was filled with destructive aura.

Seeing this, Su Long had no choice but to let Wu Ruoshan use his strongest method.


The air was trembling violently, the space around him shattered like glass, becoming one with Wu Ruoshan.


Wu Ruoshan roared, and then released his most powerful attack.

The moment he struck out, it turned out to be a black hole. It was as deep as the abyss, like a passageway to the netherworld. It emitted a strange and terrifying aura, as if it wanted to swallow Su Long whole.

Interesting. A look of surprise appeared on Su Long's face, his expression became slightly serious, and then, a bright golden light filled the sky.

It was like a golden Sun hanging in the sky, and not far away, was a huge black hole, trying to forcibly swallow the Sun.


The black hole moved forward, as if thousands of lightning bolts were exploding, the sound of thunder continued to ring out, deafening everyone. Very quickly, it arrived in front of Su Long, wanting to devour him.

But Su Long did not dodge, he just stood there in mid air, as though he was frozen. The golden light was bright and the powerful devouring force of the black hole could not move him at all.

Everyone was stunned, Su Long's strength was indeed terrifying.

Ah...! Wu Ruoshan shouted once again. There were traces of blood on his disheveled hair, and at the moment, blood was flowing out of his seven orifices. Using the last of his strength, he controlled the black hole and swallowed Su Long.

It's merely a black hole. Today, I'll show you how light breaks through the darkness. Su Long sneered, he extended his right hand forward, and a golden light flashed. In the next moment, a gigantic palm print appeared, emitting a resplendent golden light.

A palm print that was dozens of meters wide descended from the sky, grabbing towards the black hole. The golden and black energy continuously collided, bursting out with destructive aura s.


Su Long shouted as he clenched his fingers tightly. In the next moment, he also gripped his golden palm imprint and released a terrifying energy aura. The gigantic black hole was distorted by the palm imprint and finally exploded with a loud bang.


The black hole shattered, causing Wu Ruoshan to cough out blood. His face became even more pale, and despair filled his eyes.

Although the two sides were on the same level, the difference in strength was too great.

Everyone was shocked, Su Long's combat power was just too strong, his strength surpassed someone of the same level. The extreme energy was worthy of being called unparalleled combat power.

Heavens, a single sovereign level existence can fight against three others. This is truly unbelievable.

Some people thought of Zi Chen. With two types of extreme energy, what his future would be like.


Right at this moment, a sword Qi shot over. Like a bolt of lightning, with a dense killing intent, it charged towards the center of Su Long's brows.


In between Su Long's fingers, it shone with a dazzling golden light. Every finger seemed to be cast out of pure gold, as they blocked the terrifying attack of the sword Qi.

This was a small sword the size of a palm. On the surface of its body, a terrifying aura flowed out, but at this moment, it was grasped in Su Long's hand.

Spirit Armament.

Seeing the small sword in his hand, Su Long curled his lips, the disdain in his eyes became even thicker, he looked at Wu Ruoshan and said, You actually use a Spirit Armament?

With that said, Wu Ruoshan's pale face immediately flushed red. He was extremely embarrassed and wished that he could find a hole to hide in.

The Southern region lacked resources and it was easier said than done. This was also the reason why he did not use a weapon at the beginning of the battle.


But who knew that this very Spirit Armament would also be snapped by Su Long with two fingers in the next moment? The Spiritual Energy in the center lost all its energy and fell to the ground.

Wu Ruoshan watched until his heart bled.

Even a Spirit Armament had cost him a lot of effort to make, and it was also about to become a Core Armament soon.

The resources here are scarce so cultivating here is hard. It was so difficult to produce a Sky Martial Cultivator like Zi Chen, yet you all want to suppress him and kill him. Let's just send you, this waste, on your way today, and also save some resources for the Southern region to nurture its descendants!

Killing intent exploded in Su Long's eyes. His entire body flashed with a golden light, and a gigantic sword over 10 metres long appeared, releasing a resplendent golden light as it slashed towards Wu Ruoshan.

The sword was powerful and terrifying, and its speed was even faster than lightning.


The sword fell and Wu Ruoshan was able to block the killing blow but his arm was cut off.

Ah...! Wu Ruoshan screamed as fresh blood spurted out from his severed arm. This happened too quickly, he did not even have time to react as all his dodging was done subconsciously.

Su Long, this is Cangli City.

The two sovereign experts were enraged and rushed forward once again. They were truly afraid that in the next moment, Wu Ruoshan would be beheaded, and at that time, Cangli City would not even be able to raise its head.

Without even turning his head, Su Long's entire body rippled with golden light. Following the wave of his sleeve, a terrifying aura flowed out, like a surging wave, flickering with golden light.



Under the golden light that filled the sky, the two of them quickly retreated. They met Su Long who possessed unparalleled combat power, who could do anything about it?

The difference in cultivation is not big, but the battle prowess is... The two sovereign experts felt helpless.


Blood light flashed again, Wu Ruoshan shouted, his entire body flashed with light, he dodged frantically, but his arm was still cut off/ An existence at the sovereign realm, actually fell to such a state, to the point where both his arms were cut off, it made people speechless.

But no one sympathized, many of them wished that Su Long could kill Wu Ruoshan with one strike. The previous attitude of the other party was still fresh in their minds.

It was as if he was a god from high above that would do whatever he wanted to control the life and death of others.

During this period of time, the experts of the Cang and Li family were once again pushed back, coughing up large mouthfuls of blood as their injuries gradually worsened.

I invite the family's legacy to come out.

After being pushed back time and time again, the faces of the sovereign experts of the Cang and Li Families were really used for sweeping the ground this time. The expert of the Cang Family turned around and shouted in the direction of the family. If they did not bring out their cards, Wu Ruoshan would really be beheaded.

His booming voice spread throughout the entire Cangli City, causing a huge commotion.

I invite the family's legacy to come out

Su Long's appearance had actually made the Cang Family bring out their trump card.

Shocked cries came from the crowd. In the Southern region, the legacy of a great power had not appeared for who knows how many years, or at least a thousand years, or even more.

Even when Piao Miao went to the Wu Zong Sect back then, the Wu Zong Sect did not use their legacy. However, this time, a family legacy was actually used on Su Long.


As the sound of his voice faded, a berserk aura came out from the direction of the Cang Family. A resplendent light appeared from the Cang Family and covered the entire Cangli City with a lightning-fast speed.

The resplendent light rays formed a shield of light, protecting Cangli City.

When the family's legacy was released, their might was naturally terrifying. If they did not put up any defense, the entire Cangli City would disappear.

As soon as the light barrier appeared, a berserk aura began to surge. It seemed that a terrifying object was about to appear, and was currently brewing.

The sky and earth lost their color, the wind swept and Cangli City stirred. Cangli City began to tremble violently, as though the world was collapsing and the day of destruction had arrived.

A group of birds flew across the sky. However, in an instant, they were penetrated by the killing intent and turned into a bloody mist, leaving not even a corpse behind.

The vast Cangli City was able to accommodate millions of people, but at this moment, it was completely silent. Even the sound of panting could not be heard, as everyone's gazes were fixated on the Cang Family.

What exactly was the legacy of the Cang Family?

This was something that the family used to grow up to this point and it has also been used to intimidate foes for ten thousand years. However, when everyone looked at Su Long, he only had an indifferent expression. Moreover, there was a faint smile on his lips, and a little curiosity on his face.

Family legacy huh? I'm very curious, what exactly is it? Just at this moment, Su Long's voice sounded, still calm and obviously full of confidence.

Hmph, you will see it. Hopefully, you will still be able to laugh when the time comes. The expert of Cang Family snorted, a cold light flickering in his eyes.


The heaven and earth that had gone berserk for a long time, suddenly shook, as though a terrifying thing was about to appear. A terrifying killing intent came from the direction of the Cang Family.

Those who disturb my Cang Family, die.

A cold and detached voice sounded, and without any emotion, it spread across the entire Cangli City.

Interesting Su Long continued to laugh faintly.

A terrifying killing intent filled the air, even the sovereign experts felt their legs and stomachs tremble. They felt a chill at the bottom of their hearts, but Su Long remained calm.

I invite the family's legacy to come out.

The Li Family's sovereign expert had also opened his mouth. He didn't know why, but after he saw the calm smile on Su Long's face, his heart was at a loss. He felt that they wouldn't be able to eliminate him with just one family legacy.


Everyone was in an uproar, a legacy that had not appeared for thousands of years was shocking enough, but at that moment, the expert of the Li Family was no longer calm, and actually summoned theirs also.

Those who disturb my Li Family, die!