Thunder Martial Chapter 280 - Extreme Energy

When the three sovereign experts attacked, they released terrifying energy attacks. The magnificent and terrifying light filled the sky, shattering the void as it headed towards the white-robed man.

A terrifying energy rippled in the air. If it were not for the three of them deliberately suppressing the energy so that it would not affect the city below, perhaps just the energy aura alone would have caused half of the city to collapse.

But even so, the entire Cangli City was still trembling, and the buildings around the plaza had cracks appearing on them. Soon after, they collapsed with a loud bang, causing smoke and dust to fly in all directions.


The white-robed man snorted, he stood in the air with his eyes like lightning. The corners of his mouth still carrying disdain and his entire body releasing brilliant golden light, like a Golden Warlord made of gold.


With a loud shout, he raised both of his hands into the air, and a dazzling beam of resplendent golden light appeared from within his hands. It was like a sharp blade, piercing the eyes, causing everyone to be unable to look straight at it.

This was the first time the man released an aura that carried such power. It was as if the sky was falling and the earth was cracking, and the entire Cangli City was trembling.



Around the plaza, seven to eight tall buildings could not withstand the pressure and burst into pieces. Rock fragments flew everywhere, and smoke and dust filled the air.

The terrifying Golden light had yet to be unleashed, yet it already possessed such might, which was truly frightening.

Under the influence of the energy, the white-robed man shook both his hands, a piercing golden light rose up into the sky, bringing with it an extremely sharp aura, and clashed against the attacks of the three sovereign experts.


This time, it was as if the sky collapsed and the earth crumbled. Many buildings collapsed, and more than half of the people in the city fell. There were even more people who fainted from this loud noise.

Just a little bit of energy that was released, yet it had such power. Once all the energy is released, the Cangli City would probably be destroyed.

The collision of energy was like the blooming of fireworks, blossoming of brilliant lights, erupting with a terrifying aura, causing the space to silently shatter and vanish. The white-robed man's attack blocked the attacks of the three sovereign experts.

This is the extreme energy? Wu Ruoshan's expression changed drastically as he felt incomparable shock. He had actually once again seen the extreme energy.

Moreover, he was an existence at the sovereign level.

The opponent's strength was not much stronger than his, but he had the power to fight one against three.

What... extreme energy! The expressions of the sovereign experts of the Cang and Li Families drastically changed as they once again saw the extreme energy. The attacks of the three earlier were most definitely their full strength. However, they were actually neutralized by the opposing party. In this world, only those with extreme energy would possess such might.

extreme energy, was a type of mutation that occurred when one reached the peak of energy cultivation, just like Zi Chen's Extreme Yin lightning and Extreme Yang lightning.

Furthermore, experts who cultivated extreme energy could sweep away others of the same level with unparalleled fighting prowess.

One could see it just by looking at Zi Chen.

Who exactly are you? What are you here for? The Expert of the Li Family frowned. A sovereign expert who possessed extreme energy naturally had an extraordinary background.

It was even more impossible for him to be a mere rogue cultivator, because rogue cultivators would not be able to cultivate the sovereign realm, because the consumption of resources was an astronomical figure.

You can call me Su Long. As for my goal, one is to teach all of you shameless people a lesson, and two is to kill this old fogey! It was the first time the white-robed man reported his name, and his stature was imposing, like a giant. The moment he said that, his eyes turned cold, and a berserk killing intent appeared, sweeping towards Wu Ruoshan.

Kill me? Wu Ruoshan was startled, he was confused, he had no enmity with the other party, why did he want to kill him?

His entire body became ice-cold, his hands and feet became numb. He was targeted by an expert with an extreme amount of energy. This was much more terrifying and dangerous than Piao Miao.

Su Long? The brows of the experts of the Cang and Li Families were tightly knitted. It was obvious that they had never heard of this name before.

What grudge do you have with me that you actually want to kill me? Wu Ruoshan's face turned ugly, he looked at Su Long, his eyes filled with fear.

Revenge for the death of my father, hatred for the murder of my brother and sister-in-law!

Su Long's voice became even colder. The moment he finished speaking, he started to move, and killing intent exploded out of his eyes. Golden light flickered around his body as he rushed towards Wu Ruoshan.

Nonsense. Wu Ruoshan roared, and threw out a palm attack.

The Shatterpalm, this was a terrifying Martial technique of the wu zong sect. It represented destruction, and when cultivated to a high realm, nothing could not be broken.


Golden light flickered around Su Long's body. Following the fall of his palm, a large area of golden light sprinkled out.

Wu Ruoshan's face changed drastically, he instantly retreated, and at the same time, shouted at the other two, What are you two standing around for, he said that on purpose, to kill us one by one, I don't even know him.

Hmph, Su Mengyao is my niece, and the Grand Elder of the Ling Wu Sect is my father. Twenty years ago, my brother and elder sister-in-law died in the hands of someone from your Wu Zong Sect. Su Long explained the entire situation, the killing intent in his eyes grew even stronger.

The Golden light around him surged, and once again rushed towards Wu Ruoshan.

Za World! Wu Ruoshan shouted. Against an expert who had extreme energy, ordinary killing Techniques were basically useless.

With that, Wu Ruoshan's aura changed, his eyes became even colder and fiercer, like a giant who looked down at Su Long. He raised his palm, pointed it at Su Long, and said in a stern voice, Die!

Like a life and death judge, a terrifying flow of energy carrying a monstrous pressure pressed towards Su Long.

Humph! The corner of Su Long's mouth curled slightly, his eyes filled with disdain. The golden light around his body flashed again, and became even more dazzling, and his aura climbed even faster than Wu Ruoshan's. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and similarly, he pointed towards Wu Ruoshan.


Blood rained down, and with a miserable scream, Wu Ruoshan retreated at full speed. His right hand was deformed, and a bloody hole appeared in his palm.


Wu Ruoshan's hair was in a mess, and he seemed to be in a state of madness. From Su Long's body, he felt pressure that far surpassed that of the Piao Miao, and his opponent's killing intent was already rising, evidently not wanting to let him go.


A large amount of golden light scattered, and like many sharp blades, it landed on Wu Ruoshan's body. The latter was once again sent flying, and quite a few wounds appeared on his body, but they did not hit his vitals.

This was originally a fatal strike, but he was able to dodge it.

However, this was enough to shock the world since a sovereign expert was actually suppressed like this.

Furthermore, Su Long's performance was still very calm, and he had not used his full strength. The two were simply not on the same level.

This is the extreme energy, invincible amongst men of the same level, peerless in combat power.

Wang Zhenwei and the rest looked at Su Long who was in the air, their eyes changed. No matter how talented you are, or how strong you are, if you do not have an extreme energy, you would still be suppressed by someone of the same level.

The surrounding crowd had long since retreated outside the plaza and observed from afar. They were extremely shocked when they saw Wu Ruoshan being pushed back repeatedly.

Suddenly, everyone seemed to have thought of something, and their gazes all landed on Zi Chen.

Zi Chen possessed two types of extreme energies, and they were compatible with each other without exploding his body. If he were to mature, what would happen?

If Zi Chen did not die and grew up successfully, then in a few years time, he would be another Su Long and he could very possibly be stronger than Su Long.

And at that time, Zi Chen would probably only need one strike to kill someone of Wu Ruoshan's level.


Seeing Su Long, everyone could see his limitless potential. The imperial sky experts' gazes became fervent and they wished that they could bring Zi Chen back right now. They wanted to cultivate him well, even if they had to pay a huge price.

Uncle was taken away from home when he was young. He hasn't even seen my father for a while, and the Grandpa rarely mentions him. Seemingly thinking about her family, Su Mengyao sobbed in Zi Chen's arms.

Uncle hasn't appeared for decades. Grandpa thought that he had died, and occasionally misses him.

Zi Chen lightly patted Su Mengyao's back to comfort her.


In the air, blood sprayed. Wu Ruoshan was once again pushed back, but Su Long appeared very calm, and slowly walked over.

You...! Wu Ruoshan wanted to say something, but before he could say anything, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

Su Long flew up into the air, his white robe danced and his entire body released a golden light, Weren't you very arrogant, weren't you very shameless earlier?

His voice was calm, but his eyes were cold. His killing intent was dense, and he opened his mouth to insult a sovereign expert.

There was always someone stronger and there is always a sky above the sky.

When the sovereign experts appeared, they suppressed Zi Chen to the point that he couldn't even breathe or speak. Like a god above him, he punished Zi Chen.

But now, Su Long's appearance had actually made Wu Ruoshan look like a drowning dog, and he was in an extremely sorry state.

Su Long lightly struck out with his palm and it brought forth a wave of golden light as a terrifying palm print appeared, carrying a dense killing intent.


It was only at this moment that the expert of the Cang and Li family reacted and they advanced one after another and unleashed destructive attacks.


With a loud crash, all three of them were sent flying. Their eyes were filled with shock.

This was truly the extreme energy. It was known to have unparalleled combat strength. Fighting one against three, yet they were so easily suppressed.

This is Cangli City, how dare you behave atrociously here? The expert of the Li Family shouted.

Killing people in the Cang Li City, you are challenging the dignity of the Cang Family. The expert of Cang Family was not to be outdone.

If Wu Ruoshan was killed, he would naturally not be able to give the Wu Zong Sect an explanation.

You've already lost your face just now. You've long since lost your face when you attacked my nephew-in-law. I haven't even settled the score with you guys yet, but you guys started it again. Su Long was very strong, his eyes flashed with a cold light, Forget it, since you all are sending yourself to your deaths, then I will send you three on your way.