Thunder Martial Chapter 279 - Su Mengyao's Uncle

Are you from the Chu Family?

When white-robed man's words fell and it caused the expert's heart to tremble.

Previously, the white-robed man had said the same thing. No matter who he said it to, the other party wouldn't be able to answer it, and neither would he be able to.

Cold sweat trickled down his forehead. The Chu Family's Expert was terrified.

The dignity of the Chu Family cannot be violated, right? The white-robed man smiled faintly.

No... No! The Chu Family's Expert shook his head and gave a smile that was uglier than crying.

He was an imperial sky expert, so he was powerful. However, the stronger he was, the more precious his life was. He did not want to die. At the very least, he did not want to be slaughtered to death.

What do you think about this matter with Zi Chen? The white-robed man asked but did not kill him.

He... He...! Chu Family's Expert wiped off his cold sweat, his brain working very quickly, he said, Damn them, they are weak, damn them, as for the grudges between the young, it's better to let the young people settle it. Zi Chen has already displayed his unparalleled combat power, he is a monstrous genius that's hard to come by.

With that said, The Chu Family's Expert looked like he had collapsed. He felt that all the strength in his body had disappeared, and his spirit was dispirited.

Not bad, you're quite insightful. Today, I'll let you off. The white-robed man laughed.

Thank you... Thank you! The Chu Family's Expert revealed a smile that was uglier than crying. Even though he was still alive, he had lost all his dignity.

This was completely different from the ice-cold feeling he gave when he was facing Zi Chen just now.

The way the surrounding people looked at him changed.

Previously, when he was facing Zi Chen, he was cold and arrogant, like an ice man, and said that the dignity of the Chu Family would not be infringed upon. But now that he was up against white-robed man, he changed his face and looked just like a villain.

This is also someone who bullies the weak and fears the strong. What Chu Family's dignity cannot be violated?

He is arrogant and domineering the moment he sees a weak person. When he sees an expert, he curls up like a tortoise. Truly a despicable person.

Whispers of discussion sounded from the crowd. It was obvious that many of them were dissatisfied and felt that the white-robed man should have killed the Chu Family's Expert.

A villain who went back on his word like that was indeed deserving of death. Furthermore, he had been very shameless before, causing people to feel disgusted with him.

The white-robed man turned his head and looked at Zi Chen. In this period of time, he did not look at the three sovereign experts, Do you understand now?

The white-robed man looked at Zi Chen, and in his eyes, there was the affection of a senior for a junior.

Although Zi Chen's talent was not very high, he was still intelligent. He understood the white-robed man's words, and nodded. Zi Chen said, Thank you, senior, for saving my life, and for teaching me.

The reason why he didn't kill the Chu Family's Expert was because white-robed man wanted Zi Chen to understand that al promises couldn't compare to strength.

Do not place hope on the illusory others. Fate must always be in your hands.

At the same time, Zi Chen had a faint guess that the white-robed man would have to tell him, Coming to this time to participate in the Genius Party and gamble your life is the wrong decision. It would have been better to enter the deep mountains to train by yourself.

You and I are fated, so you don't need to call me senior. It was so difficult for the Southern region to have a genius like you appear again. I can't let you die like this. Just call me uncle from now on. The white-robed man said.

Uncle? Zi Chen looked at the white-robed man, who was extremely strong, but seemed to be only a few years older than him.

Such an expert actually made Zi Chen call him uncle?

That's right. According to seniority, relationship, and age, you have to call me uncle. The white-robed man laughed, this time he was smiling, the corner of his mouth no longer had any ridicule.

Zi Chen was still a little doubtful.

How come I now have an uncle? What according to seniority? What relationship? As for age, that was fine. Zi Chen had read about it in ancient books and there were many old monsters that could revert back to their youth after cultivating to a certain level.

Presumably, this person was the master.

Zi Chen!

At this moment, a familiar and pleasantly surprised voice sounded from the crowd.

The doubtful Zi Chen was frowning right now and when he subconsciously turned his head, he saw a beautiful figure.

Her delicate face looked like it was sculpted jade, her cherry lips slightly opened, as though she was calling for Zi Chen, her pair of large eyes that were as gentle as water also looked at Zi Chen, her eyes were filled with joy and excitement.

She was a beauty. When she appeared, she had already attracted many gazes. There were a lot of women present. However, there were likely no less than five who could match up to her.

Mengyao, why are you here?

It was actually Su Mengyao. After they left the ruins, Zi Chen had not seen her again, and she should be in the Floating Mist Sect. Why did she appear here?

Just at this moment, Su Mengyao's body released beams of golden light, and her entire body was dragged by the golden light, rising into the air, releasing a misty color, flying towards Zi Chen.

You are from the Floating Mist Sect? Zi Chen guessed.

No, he's my uncle. Su Mengyao walked forward and pulled Zi Chen's hand.

Uncle? Zi Chen was startled. When had Su Mengyao ever had an uncle? The Grand Elder only had one son, Su Mengyao's father.

This is a long story, I will explain it to you slowly in the future. Right now, you two little couple can go down and wait. I need to take care of some things. The white-robed man smiled benevolently.

The words 'little couple' made Zi Chen feel extremely awkward, and Su Mengyao's face reddened even more. Then, she pulled Zi Chen and left.

Sis, she's Su Mengyao, your biggest competitor. Amongst the crowd, Wang Xian'er saw Su Mengyao, she had an appearance comparable to hers, but now that she was holding hands with Zi Chen, she felt dissatisfied.

When Su Mengyao appeared, Wang Shan had already told them everything he knew about her.

Sis, her aptitude is unknown, but she obtained the inheritance. In the future, she will also become a monstrous, and furthermore, she entered the Floating Mist Sect. The reason why Zi Chen could rise in power is related to her Grandpa. Furthermore, there was a rumor that the Wu Zong Sect chased Zi Chen is because her Grandpa gave him a precious treasure.

Because he hated Zi Chen before, Wang Shan wanted to obtain everything about him. He had intentionally asked about Su Mengyao, and now that he had to reveal it, Wang Shan did not hesitate at all.

Hmph, what couple. Wang Xian'er pouted her lips, a little dissatisfied.

Right, right. They are not a couple yet. I said the wrong thing. It's... Yes... Nothing. But Sis, she's your biggest competitor, and there's one more but she is not to be feared. Her talent is not high, and she did not receive any inheritance. You just have to compete with Su Mengyao, and you will become the big one, and they will all be small, and will all listen to you. Wang Shan said.

Pah! Who said that I would marry him? He wants to marry me! If he wants to marry me, who said I would marry him? Wang Xian'er spat out, her beautiful face immediately turned red. She became extremely bashful, and revealed the look of a little girl.

Sis, your face is already red, and you still say you don't want to marry Zi Chen? Wang Shan giggled, but he suddenly felt a chill on his spine, and just as he turned his head, he saw a pair of cold eyes staring at him.

In the face of Wang Qiong's ice-cold gaze, Wang Shan immediately shut his mouth, looked at his heart and nose, and spoke no more.

As for Wang Qiong, he also glared fiercely at Wang Xian'er, but couldn't do anything against his little sister who had always been willful since childhood.

As for Wang Shi, he did not pay attention to this matter from the start.

He didn't dare to care because he was afraid of getting beaten up.

Even though Wang Xian'er was young, she was a monstrous genius. Her talent was even higher than Wang Qiong's.

Just at this time, Su Mengyao pulled Zi Chen along, and descended from the sky, together with Wang Zhenwei and the others. During this time, An expert of the Qin family took out a pill and fed it to Zi Chen.

The pill released a rich and delicate fragrance, and after the expert of the Qin family took it out, one could tell from the expressions of the few people who was nearby that it wasn't a common product.

After Zi Chen consumed it, he felt that his injuries were recuperating. He knew that it was a rare pill and quickly thanked him.

You're welcome, it's just an ordinary pill. The expert of the Qin family laughed.

At this moment, no one dared to stop Zi Chen, and no one dared to show a shameless side, as if everyone had turned into a good person, a person who had a sense of loyalty.

Even the face of the Heaven Killing Pavilion's old man had a hint of gentleness in it.

It was because of that domineering white-robed man who dared to challenge the Cangli City.

In the air, a terrifying aura surged, and a ruthless killing intent filled the air. The four sovereign experts stared at each other, as if a great battle could break out at any time.

You are from the Floating Mist Sect? Wu Ruoshan asked with eyes overflowing with coldness. He hated the people of the Floating Mist Sect so much because his heroic name had all been ruined by Piaoiao.

No! white-robed man shook his head, a sarcastic smile appeared on his face once again. Ever since he had appeared, he had been calm and collected, his entire body emitting an endless amount of mysterious colors.

Then who are you? Why must you ruin our great matter and kill our experts? If you can't give a reason today, then you can stay. The expert of the Li Family shouted.

That's right, this is the Cangli City. In this world, no one has ever dared to behave so atrociously. The expert of the Cang Family said in a cold voice.

The Sky Martial Continent is very big, so big that it far surpasses your imagination. Merely a Cang Li City, hehe, is it big? The white-robed man sneered, then said: You said that I have ruined your great matter, could it be that you three old fellows, who are about to be buried, are going to make a move against a junior, something so shameless, is it something big?

The white-robed man ridiculed, his words were rude.

You're courting death!

Coldness flashed in his eyes. Wu Ruoshan took a step forward and energy surged around his body. Streams of light appeared from his fingers, and then, he pressed his fingers down.

He could no longer tolerate the white-robed man's constant humiliation.

You're so arrogant at such a young age. I can see that you have a life coming today, but no life will be leaving with you. When expert of the Cang Family made his move, he released his Martial technique. The entire Cangli City trembled as if there was an earthquake, and a terrifying aura filled the air.

Boundless pressure engulfed Cangli City.


The entire sky was filled with flames, and the red light shone brightly. The temperature was very high, and even the air was burned into a large pitch-black hole, as if it were a rolling fire dragon.

The Li Family sovereign expert also took action.