Thunder Martial Chapter 278 - Lightning Fast

The mysterious white-robed man was powerful, with just one finger, he killed an imperial sky realm expert. It was as if he was displaying his might.

At the same time, he was also bragging about his dominance. The moment he appeared, he scolded the several great powers for being shameless.

At that moment, he was standing in mid air, looking indifferent, his mouth always carrying a hint of a sneer, and even more so, he did not place Cangli City in his eyes.

Everyone was stupefied. This was the true power and domineering attitude.

How domineering, this is what you call domineering. In the crowd, one could occasionally hear such soft sighs.

The several great powers had been extremely arrogant before, and they had gone back on their word repeatedly. Even the oath they made had no effect. They were arrogant and shameless, but at this moment, a fierce person finally appeared and pointed at them and cursed at their noses.

Damn it! The Li Family expert was furious. As a sovereign realm expert, he was one of the strongest, but right now, he was being humiliated, and a member of his family had been killed. This was simply a slap to his face.


He took a step forward and a red light flashed around his body. The red energy on his palm converged and blasted down. It was like a burning flame had formed into a giant hand of energy, pressing downwards.

The terrifying aura rippled, this was an attack from a sovereign expert. It was powerful and terrifying and the space could not even withstand it and was smashed apart.

A mere palm imprint. The white-robed man laughed lightly. He stood where he was without moving, his entire body emitting a faint golden light. He raised his hand and struck towards the sky and golden energy condensed in the air and it also turned into a palm print.


The red palm print did not land on the ground and was directly shattered into pieces by the golden palm print. The fiery red energy scattered in all directions like a burning flame. A huge black hole appeared in space and swallowed the flames.

The white-robed man's expression did not change, and there was still a faint smile of ridicule on the corner of his mouth but the Li Family's expert expression changed, and there was graveness in his eyes.

Under this attack, he did not gain any advantage. Instead, he was still at the bottom.

This is your strength? The white-robed man laughed and mocked, You're not strong, but you're still so shameless. You keep bickering with a junior and you don't even care about your face anymore. How dare a scum like you claim to be a big power?

There was silence around them, no one dared to speak, the Li Family expert did not even have the advantage, it was obvious that the other party was powerful.

As for the Imperial Sky experts of the several forces, they were so scared that they didn't dare to say a word. The bloody corpses on the ground was the result of talking too much.

The Limitless Sect of ten thousand years ago, how domineering were there? They laughed proudly at the Southern region, they are true experts. The white-robed man's voice turned cold for the first time, and within his cold indifference, there was also disappointment, But now, the Limitless Sect is gone, and after producing all of you barbarians, you dare to call yourselves great powers, truly ignorant and shameless. It took so much effort for a genius to appear but you actually want to join hands and suppress him.

The white-robed man was a little agitated, as if he was lecturing his own grandson and his voice spread throughout the entire Cang Li City.

The sovereign experts did not dare to reply, but the white-robed man did not intend to let them go, You are a member of the Cang Family, right?

The white-robed man looked towards the Cang Family's imperial sky realm expert.

Cang Family's expert expression changed, but at this moment, there were at least tens of thousands of pairs of eyes staring at him. He naturally could not show any fear, so he said coldly, That's right, I am from the Cang...!

I have seen your shamelessness from before. Not bad, you have reached the pinnacle, and even sold the face of your Ancestor. It's fine if you don't care about your face, but you don't even care about your Ancestor's face. The corners of white-robed man's mouth once again curled into a mocking smile.

The Cang Family's imperial sky expert felt that something was wrong and looked at the other party with extreme fear. At this point, he saw that the other party had pointed a finger towards him.

The golden energy once again appeared like a bolt of lightning, but there was no movement from the energy aura, as though it was an ordinary golden light.

The Cang Family's Imperial Sky expert changed. Previously, when this golden light killed the expert, it killed him in one shot.

Light flickered around his body as he prepared to retreat and avoid this attack.


Just at this time, a loud shout came out, the Cang Family's spveriejg expert had made his move. He had already expected that the white-robed man would kill him, so he waved his hand and released a strike.

With just a wave of his hand, even a single strike could shatter space. An aura of destruction began to spread towards the golden light.


The golden lightning was only the width of a finger and seemed like a golden colored finger-pointed sword. It did not have any energy circulation, but it had passed through the terrifying attack and was not obstructed at all. It then flew towards the Cang Family's imperial sky experts forehead.

The expert flew into the air with an expression of shock, and fell towards the ground, his forehead pierced by the golden lightning.

Another imperial sky realm expert had died.

The surroundings were completely silent, even the sound of breathing had dropped to the lowest point. Two imperial sky realm experts from the Cang and Li Clans had died, and the eyes of the two sovereign experts were blazing with fire.

No one dared to be unlucky at this moment, and many people even held their breath.

Cang Family, Li Family, who would be next?

The Wu Zong Secy or the Chu Family?

Everyone's eyes were wide open as their hearts were filled with anticipation. The shamelessness of the four great forces from before was still fresh in their minds. They were extremely unhappy. Now that they saw the two of them being beheaded, they felt extremely comfortable.

Too domineering. Zi Chen's eyes flashed, this was power, with power, he can do anything.

These vile faces were nothing in the face of immense strength.

If he had that kind of power, who would dare to go back on their word in front of him?



A loud sound exploded in the sky. The two sovereign experts were enraged and flames spat out of their eyes as they attacked together.

A terrifying energy circulated, and a large area of space started to explode. Two destructive energies pressed towards white-robed man.

You're going too far!

A sovereign realm expert was furious and his expression was sinister. To kill someone in front of their own doorstep in front of them was like slapping them in the face. Compared to the other party, what Zi Chen had done was nothing.

Furthermore, the death of the talented Imperial Sky experts made their hearts ache. They were so angry that they immediately joined hands.

Facing the two attacks, the white-robed man's expression did not change, his mouth still had a slight smile, and in a moment, a golden light flew out and landed on Zi Chen's body. Zi Chen felt the pressure decrease greatly, and immediately after, the white robed man raised his hand and threw out two palms prints.

The two golden palm imprints soared up into the skies. Although they didn't release any energy, they still possessed terrifying might.



The golden palm prints soared into the sky and shattered the two terrifying energies. An aura of destruction rippled through the air before finally entering the spatial crack.

Everyone was dumbfounded, they had once again witnessed the might of the white-robed man.

This time, he'd fought two alone, and hadn't lost yet.

It had only been a simple exchange, but the two sovereign experts had already felt that it was difficult to deal with white-robed man. Their gazes landed on Wu Ruoshan at the same time, and it was obvious that they were going to work together, because this white-robed man was simply too strange.

You must be from the Wu Zong Sect, right? After repelling the two attacks, the white-robed man looked at the Wu Zong Sect Imperial Sky experts.

Killing again.

This is the saying before killing someone.

Everyone was filled with anticipation. The great powers were finally going to pay a heavy price for their earlier shamelessness, but even though nobody said anything, they felt extremely comfortable, including Zi Chen.

The Wu Zong sect expert was stunned, his face turned ugly, he did not answer nor did he reply.

Just when he was hesitating, the white-robed man opened his mouth, Even your guts have disappeared. Not only are you shameless, you are also a despicable person who has betted with the reputation of the Wu Zong Sect for thousands of years, and you can even go back on your words. To live in this world is an insult to the Southern region, and it is also an insult to the Limitless Sect ten thousand years ago.

The white-robed man had clearly been here this entire time. From the beginning till the end, he had seen the shameless actions of several great forces.

With that, he pointed his finger once more, and golden energy appeared like a bolt of lightning, flying towards the imperial sky expert of the Wu Zong Sect.

You're courting death!

Wu Ruoshan moved at this moment. He was already prepared, and with a slap, a destructive aura surged. The Shatterpalm appeared.

At the same time, the other two also moved.

The two of them represented the Cangli City and unleashed a terrifying attack.

Once again, the space was destroyed. The crowd could no longer predict why the space that had never been broken for thousands of years was being shattered again and again.

Three terrifying attacks descended from the sky and descended towards the golden lightning. Everywhere they passed, it was accompanied by a large area of shattered space. Its might was peerless. With a 'bang', it shattered the golden lightning.

Haha, it's nothing much.

Wu Ruoshan laughed out loud. The man had been acting so domineeringly this entire time, making him extremely afraid, and making him not dare to make a move rashly. But at this moment, the three of them had combined their attacks.

If you dare to behave so atrociously in the Cang Li City, we will make you pay the price.

You have insulted the great powers and the Cang and Li Clans. From now on, there is no place for you in the Southern region.

The two Master s were also very powerful. Their eyes were cold and filled with killing intent, the two of them thought that they had figured out each other's strength and were confident in their ability to keep the two of them.


But in the next moment, a light sound appeared and a bloody hole appeared in the center of the expert of the Wu Zong Sect's brows. Blood flowed out and the other party's shocked eyes dimmed before he fell to the ground.


Everyone was dumbfounded. They had clearly seen the golden lightning being shattered and disappearing, but when did that bloody hole appear?

This was a very strange scene, even the sovereign experts did not see it.

Zi Chen had always been looking at the white-robed man, not knowing whether the other party was an enemy or friend, whether he would protect him or take a fancy to his Cultivation Methods. At the same time, he also saw that when the man had released the golden lightning, one in front and one behind, there were a total of two, but they had only extinguished one.

But on the other hand, why didn't the few of them notice it, which also confused Zi Chen.


The three of them were no longer calm, their eyes flashed with killing intent, but the white-robed man ignored them and looked towards the Chu Family's imperial sky expert.

Are you from the Chu Family?