Thunder Martial Chapter 277 - Dead Imperial Sky Realm Experts

When the experts made their move, a terrifying aura surged out, releasing a rumbling sound like that of thunder, causing the entire Cangli City to tremble violently. On the plaza, many of the cultivators were paralyzed as they watched the scene in shock.

Who in the world could block the attacks of three Sovereign Realm experts?

As the terrifying energy descended, Zi Chen had already lost all hope. He no longer had any hope of living, all of his grievances and unwillingness to die, would disappear into thin air along with his own death.

He was angry, he roared. He was not willing to give up, but under the immense pressure, he could not speak or move.


With a slight tremble, which caused the air to vibrate, a Defensive light Shield suddenly appeared on the surface of its body. The golden light was resplendent and dazzling, blocking the external energy attack for Zi Chen.


Boundless energy wreaked havoc, causing the surrounding space to shatter as large, pitch-black fissures appeared. This was a terrifying attack, if it landed below, it could destroy half of the Cangli City and over half of the city's population would die.

But this fearsome attack was unable to destroy the golden shield.

The light shield that suddenly appeared was bright and resplendent. Despite the impact, it did not budge an inch, as if the two were separate. It was as if they were no longer in the same space.

On the plaza, the people who had collapsed looked up to the sky and were shocked beyond belief when they saw the golden shields blocking the way.

He really blocked the destructive energy?

Heavens, what exactly is this golden shield? It could actually block one of the three Sovereign Realm experts attacks

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock as they cried out in alarm.

What a powerful Defensive light Shield, Zi Chen actually has such a method. Heavens, even three Sovereign Realm experts attacks were unable to break through its defense.

Did Zi Chen already expect this for him to have such a backup plan.

All the Imperial Sky experts were dumbstruck. They didn't understand what had happened, and the light barrier that suddenly appeared was actually this terrifying, blocking the attacks of the three Sovereign Realm experts.

Could it be that Zi Chen still has another precious treasure on him? This precious treasure can form the strongest defense in the world, so strong that it can't even be broken through by Sovereign Realm experts?

The resplendent golden light was extremely similar to Zi Chen's previous energy, causing people to have endless associations.

But very quickly, this conjecture was dispelled, if there really was such a Defensive light Shield, Zi Chen would have used it earlier and not be seriously injured.

The terrifying energy slowly dissipated and the torn space was also quickly healing. The Cangli City stopped trembling and everything returned to normal.

In the air, the golden shield around Zi Chen's body was still as dazzling as ever, like a golden Sun. This was it, blocking the terrifying attack just now, as if it had the strongest defense.

The three Sovereign Realm experts looked at the golden shield and their expressions changed. They looked around coldly.

Inside the light barrier, Zi Chen basically did not know what was happening, and did not know why a golden shield appeared.

After the taiji received one blow, Old Mo was already fast asleep, it couldn't possibly be him. Furthermore, to be able to block one of the three attacks from the Sovereign Realm experts, even the awakened Old Mo did not have this method.

It was the same resplendent gold, but it was completely different from the energy in his body. His own golden energy was thunder, and it contained destructive auras.

However, this golden energy was hard to describe, but it seemed to be a type of extreme energy, and was extremely sharp.

There's someone behind Zi Chen!

Suddenly, an exclamation sounded out, seeming extremely shocked.

There's someone inside the light barrier. Other than Zi Chen, there's someone else behind him. Another person cried out in alarm. It was obvious that they noticed the abnormality and were extremely shocked.

Everyone saw the figure that appeared behind Zi Chen.

Previously, they only vaguely saw a Golden figure, they thought that they were seeing things and did not say anything, but now, they truly saw a person.

Everyone's face changed. Other than the three of them, there was actually one more person, and it was obvious that this person had blocked one of Sovereign Realm experts attacks.

I didn't come to this place for nothing. I was actually able to witness such a good show. It's just that the supporting roles are too shameless, actually making a move on a junior! An indifferent voice resounded throughout the entire plaza and spread throughout the Cangli City.

Everyone's heart trembled. At this moment, everyone in Cangli City heard the voice.

Sovereign Realm expert, definitely a Sovereign Realm expert.

Everyone's expression changed. Another Sovereign Realm expert appeared, but luckily, this time, the expert seemed to be on Zi Chen's side.

The golden light cover had disappeared, but Zi Chen was still standing in mid air, as if there was a ball of energy holding him up. At the same time, a white figure appeared behind Zi Chen.

This man wore a spotless white robe and appeared from behind Zi Chen.

This was a man who had appeared out of thin air, yet possessed extraordinary strength. The golden shield from before, was clearly his own doing, and actually blocked the Sovereign Realm experts attack.

Zi Chen turned his head, and looked at the man in white up close. He was very young, and should not be older than thirty years old, but he had the strength of a Sovereign Realm expert, which was inconceivable.

A faint golden light emitted from the young man's body. This golden light was the same as the energy from earlier.

Where did this rat come from? How dare you sneak attack me in the dark? Before Zi Chen could express his gratitude, a cold voice sounded out.

Wu Ruoshan stared intently at the young man, his entire body emitting a cold aura.

At this moment, all of the great powers in the Southern region were looking at the white-robed man. However, they were shocked to realize that they were not familiar with him.

This was a new face, not someone from the three great sects or the Seven Cities.

You scoundrel, how dare you attack in the dark? How dare you? The expert of the Cang Family also shouted coldly, his eyes revealing a cold glint.

The attacks of the three people before weren't strong, and it didn't represent their battle power. So, they weren't afraid of the young man at all.

Rat? Hur hur, what a wonderful name, not bad at all. The young man laughed softly as his voice spread throughout all of the Cangli City. He looked at the two of them with disdain as he said, If I am the one who made a move in the dark and am a scoundrel, then what are you who repeatedly break your promise and bullying the weak?

The young man mocked, Should this be called shameless, or something else?

As the sound of his voice faded, the crowd burst into an uproar.

This young man was truly domineering. He came here and said that the great powers were shameless.

Impudent, where did you come from, to dare behave so atrociously in the Cangli City? The expert of the Li Family bellowed, he took a step forward and a tyrannical Qi appeared. Like a tide, it rushed towards white-robed man.

The white-robed man was imposing. Standing there, he looked like the only existence in the world, with his feet on the ground above, the terrifying energy silently dissipated before it could even reach him.

Cangli City? Are they specially made to be shameless? The white-robed man's expression did not change, there was still a hint of ridicule.

The mysterious white-robed man, with his powerful strength, had displayed his powerful side the moment he appeared.

To think that you two are actually Sovereign Realm experts. You actually treat this little guy like this. You are extremely shameless. If you two still have any face, I believe that your face is thicker than the city walls.

The white-robed man was very rude, his voice shook the entire Cangli City. Everyone could hear him clearly, and there were even more people paying attention to this place.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock. There was actually someone who dared to curse the Cang and Li Families in the Cangli City.

Bastard, who are you to dare behave so atrociously in the Cangli City. Do you think of this place as your own backyard? Just at this moment, an explosive shout rang out. It was the Li Family's Imperial Sky expert who spoke out when he saw his family expert go quiet.

The white-robed man looked at the other side, and a faint smile appeared on his lips, as he said softly: You are people of the Li Family right?

That's right, this is the sphere of influence of our Li Family. The expert of the Li Family said proudly.

Very good. Looking at the other party, the white-robed man nodded his head, It seems that you are a fox who likes to flaunt your powers.

You...! The complacent Li Family's Imperial Sky Realm expert's face instantly changed.

But before waiting for him to finish, he was interrupted by the white-robed man, You are a fox taking on the role of a dog and relying on the power of a man, you made a promise and did not hesitate to take out your family's reputation to vouch for yourself, but you still ate your own words and did not even care about your face anymore. What meaning does a person like you have in this world? This kind of shameless action is simply an insult to all of the Sky Martial Continent.

The white-robed man was obviously very angry. As he finished speaking, he pointed his finger towards the Li Family's Imperial Sky Realm expert.

Golden light flashed, like a golden lightning, it directly rushed towards Li Family's Imperial Sky Realm expert.

There was no flow of energy or any aura. It was just a beam of golden light.


However, the golden light had pierced through the center of the expert of the Li Family's brows and destroyed his spiritual consciousness. The latter's eyes went black and fell down from the sky.


The corpse crashed into the ground, causing a lot of dust to fly into the air.

A mighty Imperial Sky Realm expert was killed with a single finger.


He killed an Imperial Sky expert with a single finger?

This is too terrifying, just what is the background of this white-robed man? He actually killed an Imperial Sky Cultivator with a single finger, and not just that, I felt no aura from that golden light at all.

Shocked exclamations came from the crowd, all of them stared with widened eyes, staring at the sky in disbelief, at the imposing figure of the white robe.

It had only been a short period of time since the other party's appearance, and he had only spoken a few words to scold a major power for being shameless. Yet, he had immediately made a move and killed one of them.

It was clean, nimble, arrogant and domineering.

Zi Chen was also dumbstruck, the power of this strange expert was simply too overwhelming.

Bastard, you dare to attack in Cangli City? Just at this time, the Li Family Sovereign Realm expert reacted and flew into a rage.

Cangli City, is it really that big of a place for it to able to produce shameless people? The white-robed man seemed very calm as he destroyed one of the riders in the sky with one finger, but the sneer on his face continued to exist.

With just a single sentence, the question left everyone speechless.

Is Cangli City not big?

Southern region, it is one of the three great cities of the Seven forces.