Thunder Martial Chapter 276 - Sovereign Experts Making A Move

The wolf tooth staff released a terrifying aura. With one attack, it injured four Imperial Sky experts.

But in Wu Ruoshan's eyes, this was just an insignificant weapon.

Since he was strong, he naturally wasn't afraid of this weapon. There was still disdain in his eyes.

You can try. The aura being emitted by the wolf tooth staff in Liu Mingyong's hands was even more terrifying.

You want to use this Core Armament to deal with me? Haha, is your brain broken? Wu Ruoshan laughed disdainfully, as if he had heard an enormous joke.

Whether it's broken or not, we'll know after a try. Liu Mingyong held the wolf tooth staff, flying up, the energy around his body surged and his posture became imposing.

To dare to go against a Sovereign Realm expert while being at the Imperial Sky Realm, it clearly required a great deal of courage.

I will ask you once more, are you going to return or not? Wu Ruoshan asked coldly.

Of course not.

Little fellow, the difference between us is not something that this Core Armament can make up for. Since you insist on making a move, then I also just so happen to be lacking a Core Armament that I can take advantage of.


With a huge shake, Wu Ruoshan struck out with his palm. The next moment, a huge palm print appeared, and it was at least several hundred meters in size. Black energy curled around it, blotting out the sky and blotting out the sun.

This was the Shatterpalm, created by a Sovereign Realm expert, it was naturally terrifying, and had the power to destroy heaven and earth.

As a result, even the space shattered as black light appeared one after another. At the same time, a terrifying pressure fell down, making it hard for people to move.

Liu Mingyong felt as if he was in a quagmire, and his movements became slower and slower.


He roared loudly, and like a clap of thunder, the energy within his body surged crazily towards the wolf tooth staff.


The pressure brought by Wu Ruoshan instantly dissipated. At the same time, like a giant who held onto the wolf tooth staff, Liu Mingyong smashed towards the palm print.


Wherever the wolf tooth staff passed, space shattered. A pitch-black light swirled like a Black Dragon coming into life, bringing with it a terrifying aura as it collided with the palm.


The heaven and earth shook violently, the space crumbled like paper, and many big holes appeared. Facing a Sovereign Realm expert, the wolf tooth staff was still as powerful as before, and directly dispersed the gigantic palm print.

At the same time, a terrifying force rushed forward and directly landed on Wu Ruoshan's body.


Wu Ruoshan's body, as though he had suffered a heavy blow, flew backwards, flying for a full 10 steps before stabilizing.

His face was pale and the blood in his body surged. His turbid eyes were already filled with shock as he exclaimed, You...?

That's right, it is a Core Armament that has reached the peak. It is also the most successful Core Armament that our Yongji Liu Family has forged in the past thousand years. On top of the wolf tooth staff, the black light coiled around as it emitted a terrifying cold light.

Wu Ruoshan's expression kept changing, looking at the wolf tooth staff in Liu Mingyong's hand as it released a blazing light.

This kind of weapon was known as the strongest among the Core Armament, comparable to a Sovereign Realm expert. How could he not be jealous, how could he not be moved. [TN: Author just randomly added in this name. A core armament should be more powerful than a forbidden artifact]

Now, not only did he want Zi Chen's cultivation techniques, he also wanted this Core Armament.

What, you still want to snatch the Core Armament, then come. Let's see how strong you are With the wolf tooth staff in his hands, Liu Mingyong was very confident.

This was the Core Armament that Liu Family was most proud of over the past thousand years. It was extremely powerful, capable of allowing him to jump levels and challenge others.

Breaking through to the Sovereign Realm from Imperial Sky may seem like a single step, but this step is the step that countless heroes have not been able to pass.

This blockage that was comparable to a natural moat caused people to be filled with reverence and fear. It was unknown how many people died in this blockage.

This also led to the disparity in strength between the two of them.

A fish leaping into the air to become a dragon was still a fish but once it broke through, it was equivalent to a dragon. The disparity was too great, almost unimaginable.

To be able to use a single Core Armament to suppress a Sovereign Realm expert, Liu Mingyong has already done something to be proud of.

You should be glad that I am only in the Imperial Sky Realm right now. Otherwise, this staff attack would not be as simple as shaking you back. Liu Mingyong said, full of confidence.

Hmph. Little guy, do you really think you're invincible? Wu Ruoshan scoffed.

I don't dare to say I'm invincible, but it's enough to deal with you. Liu Mingyong was very confident, he shouted, Are you going to return or not?

Is that so? Wu Ruoshan sneered, as an existence of the Sovereign Realm, he was the strongest when faced against mere Imperial Sky Realm experts, but when facing such a Core Armament, he had to be wary, but he did not care, and shouted towards the sky, What, you two still want to watch the show?

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone's expressions changed.

Could there be someone else in the dark?

Light flickered as two figures appeared in the air. These were two old men, one on the left and one on the right. A terrifying aura surged from their bodies.

Sovereign Realm experts.

Liu Mingyong's face paled. The two elders that appeared once again were actually Sovereign Realm experts as well.

He was reluctant to face one, but he was confident that he could win. However, now that three of them had appeared, there was no chance for them to win at all.

The two Cang and Li family, are you going to fall out with our great powers today? Wang Zhenwei, however, was not afraid as he coldly spoke.

The expert who was known as the most promising person to advance to Sovereign Realm was full of pride, not to mention that he was also representing Cloud City.

An ancient city that had been passed down for 10,000 years had an unfathomably deep foundation.

Today's matter was truly out of my expectations. The matter of the two types of extreme energy being compatible is extremely important. You can take the Core Armament, but Zi Chen will have to stay behind. The old man from Cang Family spoke out.

You're going back on your word again? Liu Mingyong asked coldly.

This is not reneging on one's promise, it is only two kinds of extreme energy, and it is far too important. We can guarantee that Zi Chen will not be harmed in the slightest. The old man from the Li Family also said.

Who would still dare to believe your promises? Since it's like this, then follow me to the Cloud City. We'll talk about what you want there. Wang Zhenwei said.

Ahh, it seems that you are stubborn. If that's the case, then you can't blame us for taking action.

The Cang Family expert looked at the few of them and sighed.


In the next moment, he made his move without holding back. A huge palm print appeared, emitting a terrifying aura as it descended.

At the same time, Wu Ruoshan and the old man from the Li Family also made their moves at the same time.

When the three experts attacked at the same time, their might was terrifying. The entire Cangli City trembled as if there was an earthquake.

In this world, who could resist the attacks of three Sovereign Realm experts?

When the three of them attacked, they released a terrifying energy. This energy was much stronger than Forbidden Artifacts.

Wang Zhenwei was instantly sent flying a hundred meters back. Soon after, the expert of the Qin family was also sent flying and blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth.

The woman from the Bright Moon Pavilion had a hazy moonlight over her body, and similarly unable to block this terrifying attack. Her body was light and nimble, yet he continued to retreat.


Liu Mingyong shouted. The wolf tooth staff descended, shattered the space, and a Black Dragon appeared to break one attack. However, the two attacks that came at the same time also forced him back.

It was clear that the Sovereign Realm experts did not plan to kill them, and did not want the relationship between the few forces to get into a deadlock. Their goal was only Zi Chen.

Don't you three factions feel that it's shameful? You swore an oath just now Liu Mingyong roared, waving his wolf tooth staff and rushing forward.

The entire Cangli City was trembling, as if they were being destroyed, and were emitting rumbling sounds. In the entire plaza, there was not a single person standing and many cultivators had run out. As for those who were slow, they were swept up on the ground by the pressure.

This is an extremely important matter, we can guarantee that we won't harm Zi Chen.

The elderly man from the Cang Family opened his mouth and a huge palm print several meters wide appeared in midair as it smashed towards Zi Chen.

That's right, we will not kill Zi Chen! Wu Ruoshan also sneered, he extended his hand and the Shatterpalm appeared.

I won't kill Zi Chen, but he has to follow me to the Li Family. The expert of the Li Family was not to be outdone, as he released a fiery red palm print.

Shameless! Wang Zhenwei was so angry he started to roar.

The three Sovereign Realm experts said that they would not kill anyone, but when they attacked at the same time, forget about Zi Chen being at the Zhen Yuan Realm, even if he was an Imperial Sky Realm expert, he would still not be able to withstand this force.

They had no intention of letting him live. The Bright Moon Pavilion lady was furious, but she could not help it.

She had finally witnessed the shameless actions of the three great powers, and they had actually existed for ten thousand years.


Zi Chen raised his head and looked at the three terrifying palm prints, his eyes filled with unwillingness.

In the end, he still lost the bet.

The shamelessness of the three forces had far exceeded his imagination. If he knew that there were Sovereign Realm experts here, he would have never come and hid for the rest of his lives. Even if he died in the mountains, he would still have a chance of survival.

But now, it was gone no matter what.

He was unwilling!

If I don't die, I swear, I will definitely eradicate you three powers. Zi Chen roared in his heart as he made his last struggle in his heart.

He wanted to roar out, say a few harsh words, or happily curse, but the terrifying pressure was too much for him to do anything.

He could only wait for death.


Three palm prints descended towards Zi Chen with a fearsome might. Although they were here to capture him, no one could guarantee that the next moment, they would bring about destruction.

Three palm prints descended at almost the same time, but when they arrived in front of Zi Chen, they did indeed explode with a loud bang.

A terrifying aura pervaded the air and the remaining meters of the battle stage shattered in an instant. A destructive aura rippled as it charged towards Zi Chen.

Sure enough, one of them had tried to kill him.

Wu Ruoshan, you!

The other two paled and cried out in alarm.

Zi Chen must die! Wu Ruoshan roared, a cold light flickering in his eyes.

The palm imprints of the three experts had exploded. Naturally, their auras were frightening, but in the next moment, an even stranger thing happened.

The battle had already exploded, but Zi Chen was still standing in the air. It was as if he was flying, standing in midair, and around him, a golden light barrier suddenly appeared.

When the destructive aura arrived in front of Zi Chen, it silently dissipated upon encountering the golden shield, and did not harm Zi Chen in the slightest.

Furthermore, as if the golden light had frozen in midair, even though the destructive energies were attacking him, Zi Chen did not move an inch.

At the same time, someone saw that in the midst of the golden light, a blurry figure appeared behind Zi Chen.