Thunder Martial Chapter 275 - Violent Energy

The Extreme Yin and Extreme Yang clashed, and a destructive aura exploded.

As far as the eye could see, there was only a dazzling golden light, but it carried a terrifying aura. Chu Bing bore the brunt of it and was engulfed by the terrifying golden energy.


She only had time to let out a blood-curdling scream before her figure completely disappeared in the golden energy.


At the same time, a terrifying aura filled the air and the entire battle stage began to shake. Ripples were emitted from the elemental formation, and it appeared once again to never-endingly dissolve the destructive aura.


But this time, the golden energy was truly frightening, the elemental formation could not even last for three breaths of time, and the energy that had been lost completely shattered. At the same time, cracks had appeared on the surface of the entire battle stage.


The cracks continued to spread, like a spiderweb. Soon after, the entire battle stage exploded, and the stone fragments that flew into the air were immediately twisted into crumbs by the energy.

When Yin and Yang collided, all that erupted was annihilation.

Heavens, what exactly happened?

It's just two golden spheres colliding, but it actually created such a terrifying power.

The entire place trembled as though an earthquake had occurred. Many cultivators fell to the ground from the tremors.

Golden rays of the light spread out in all directions like bolts of golden lightning, bringing along the destructive aura. Everywhere they passed, everything was being destroyed.


The high platform had also received the impact of this energy, and cracks instantly appeared. An Imperial Sky Realm expert had to repeatedly release streams of energy and only then did he manage to suppress the collapse of the high platform.


The energy spread and miserable cries could be heard. Who knew how many cultivators were blown away by the energy?


Wherever the golden light passed, everything was destroyed.

This is too scary. What is going on?

Someone cried out in alarm, his body had already been thrown into the air. Luckily, he was still far away from the battle stage, otherwise, he would have been killed instead of sent flying.

These are two kinds of extreme energy. Dammit, why are two kinds of extreme energy appearing on his body?

The only thing that was brought about by the golden light was destruction, destruction of everything.

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

Extreme energy, everyone could only cultivate one type of energy. The price of cultivating two types of energy was to explode and die. This was a principle that would never change.

It was just like fire and water. Upon touching it, it would be destroyed, not merged.

Unless one had great willpower and a great opportunity, they would only be able to coexist by luck. However, it was clear that the Southern region did not possess such an existence.

He cultivates two kinds of extreme energies, but his body doesn't explode? At this moment, everyone was stunned.

An unbelievable thing happened.

The Golden light gradually dissipated, and the world once again returned to silence.

Many people crawled up from the ground in a sorry state, but they did not care about it at all, and looked at the battle stage that was previously a few hundred metres tall, now had a distance of less than three metres. Zi Chen was seated cross-legged, and other than his pale face, he was completely unharmed.

And around him, it was completely empty. The Chu Family girl, Chu Bing had disappeared without a trace, not even her corpse was left, and had been turned into nothingness with a single strike.

Dead, Zi Chen killed The Chu Family's monstrous genius.

Zi Chen won.

Heavens, killing the Five Great monstrous geniuses in one day is too unbelievable.

He killed a monstrous genius in an instant.

Everyone in the crowd cheered again. In addition to being shocked, they were also very excited, and Zi Chen had once again created a miracle.

They simply did not know what extreme power was, nor did they know what the two extreme powers were. All they knew was that Zi Chen had won, causing their hearts to be stirred up.

Zi Chen created a legend, the legend of the Southern region.

This battle will be recorded in the annals of history, so that future generations can engrave it in their hearts and motivate them to move forward.

Everyone cried out in alarm and became extremely excited.

On the high platform, the expression on everyone's faces changed. Zi Chen had actually grasped two types of extreme energy, the cultivation techniques which did not allow his body to explode.

This is incredible.

They had only seen Zi Chen's powerful move, but had not seen Zi Chen's narrow escape, so the expression in their eyes kept changing.

There was not a bit of energy around Zi Chen's body, and he did not need to worry about the might of his body exploding. He slowly stood up, and with the power of his fleshly body, he could still persevere, but in this place, he was at least ten meters away from the high platform.


Suddenly, a cold voice rang out.

Zi Chen turned his head and looked at the high platform, staring at him, Do you still want to go back on your words?

The expert of the Li Family was startled, even though he was shameless, he didn't know what to say at this moment.

The experts of the other families were also stunned. Their expressions kept changing, as if they were in a struggle.

The fact that Zi Chen could win was completely outside of their expectations, but since they had made an oath, they decided to let Zi Chen leave.

However, the cultivation technique that allowed two extreme energies to coexist is too attractive.

It had to be known that just grasping one type of extreme energy is very attractive, yet Zi Chen was able to grasp two of them.

This was just like a treasure mountain placed in front of them. It was so easily obtainable, so who could turn around and leave.

Zi Chen, I'll take you with me. Liu Mingyong said as he waved the wolf tooth staff in his hands, flying towards Zi Chen.

Take Zi Chen and leave this place first. Wang Zhenwei also opened his mouth. light flashed around his body as he similarly rushed towards the high platform.


The Bright Moon Pavilion lady had already made her move, releasing a blurry Moonlight, Zi Chen's figure instantly became blurry. It was obvious that she was afraid that someone would sneak attack Zi Chen.

Danyang City's Qin Family expert also flew out of the high platform.


With a loud shout, the expert of the Cang and Li Families moved. The expert of the Wu Zong Sect also moved, and the Chu Family's expert moved as well. At this moment, none of them wished for Zi Chen to be taken away.

The four experts stepped forward, their auras surging and killing intent filling their eyes. Zi Chen grasped two cultivation techniques that allowed two extreme energies to coexist within his body and he must not be allowed to leave. Even if they could not obtain them, they could not let Liu Mingyong and the others have them.


Liu Mingyong let out a loud shout, and the wolf tooth staff in his hands danced, surging with a terrifying aura as he ruthlessly swung it forward.


The void started to vibrate. After that, under everyone's dumbstruck gaze, the space seemed to become like a piece of paper, as it easily shattered, revealing a huge pitch-black hole. A destructive aura surged out from the wolf tooth staff, like an enraged Black Dragon, it charged towards the four.

The four of them soared through the sky, their expressions changing greatly. With a loud shout, they mobilized all the energy in their bodies and released a powerful attack, trying to dissipate the wolf tooth staff's attack.

Don't hold back, attack with all your strength.

At this moment, the four of them did not dare to hold back, nor did they dare to be selfish. They could only work together, otherwise the Black Dragon would devour all of them.


The absolute arts of the various families were displayed, and all sorts of martial techniques appeared. It was gorgeous and powerful, with a gorgeous radiance filling the horizon. While circulating its terrifying Qi, it collided towards the Black Dragon.

A terrifying energy exploded as the Black Dragon charged downwards. Wherever it went, space would shatter continuously.

This was a terrifying attack. It actually shattered the void, causing the spectators' expressions to change.

At this moment, the Black Dragon appeared and the entire plaza trembled. Even the entire Cangli City began to shake.





The sound of blood spewing continuously sounded out, and the four people who were sent flying were like kites with their strings cut were directly smashed into the high platform.

Immediately after, the high platform released a loud explosion, and exploded into pieces.

One strike from the wolf tooth staff heavily injured the four of them.

What do you mean, going back on your word again? Liu Mingyong held the wolf tooth staff, opened his eyes wide and protected Zi Chen behind him.

Wang Zhenwei and an expert of the Qin family protected Zi Chen on his left and right.

The woman from the Bright Moon Pavilion struck out a hazy Moonlight and healed Zi Chen.

The faces of the four turned pale. Their faces were filled with shock because the wolf tooth staff had severely injured them with one attack.

To the side, the other Imperial Sky experts who wanted to take action also paled. They no longer went forward, but stared coldly at the small battle stage.

No one spoke, because no one was in the right, and they didn't know what to say at this moment.

Are all of you shameless? Are you going to break an oath? Liu Mingyong asked coldly, his eyes burning with fury.

The Imperial Sky experts didn't say anything, but the killing intent in their eyes was unceasing. They didn't move forward, nor did they retreat.

Is there a limit to your shamelessness? What did you say before? Wang Zhenwei's voice was ice-cold. He was known as the one with the most hope of entering the Sovereign Realm, his strength could be said to be terrifying.

The group of Imperial Sky experts' faces were gloomy, the killing intent in their eyes did not decrease but instead increased, no matter what, Zi Chen was not able to escape.

A cultivation technique that could tolerate each other's energy was simply too important.

So what if I break my oath by killing a monstrous geniuses whose future achievements are limitless? At this moment, an elderly voice suddenly sounded.

For the sake of a cultivation technique that can fuse two types of extreme energy, so what if I am shameless once?

An old man appeared out of thin air. He was wearing a grey robe, and his face was full of wrinkles.

However, the aura of this old man, who was about to be buried in the ground, was terrifying. It far surpassed the level of the Imperial Sky Realm. The moment he appeared, everyone could feel his oppressive aura and even space itself began to ripple.

It's him?

Seeing the old man, Zi Chen's face paled, and there was no longer any color on it.

This was a Sect head level expert that Zi Chen recognized. It was the expert of Wu Zong Sect that was beaten into a pig head by Piao Miao.

Wu Ruoshan.

This old fellow had wanted to kill him since the time of the ruins.

Sovereign Realm expert!

The faces of Wang Zhenwei and the others also changed, they were overwhelmed with shock and fear. It was clear that the development of the matter was far beyond their expectations and even someone at the Sovereign Realm had appeared.

What do you mean? Wang Zhenwei looked at Wu Ruoshan and asked coldly.

Kid, don't think that you are qualified to talk to me like this just because you are about to become a Sovereign Realm expert. On this road, as long as you have not broken through to this level, you can die at any time. Wu Ruoshan walked over with a calm expression, completely looking down on Wang Zhenwei.

He swept his eyes across Wang Zhenwei and the rest, and said disdainfully, Now, I will give all of you one more chance, quickly leave, or else, don't blame me for being impolite.

On what basis? Liu Mingyong shouted, and blocked in front of Zi Chen, while the wolf tooth staff in his hands released a terrifying aura.

This was the only thing he could rely on.

What, you still want to rely on this insignificant Core Armament to deal with me?