Thunder Martial Chapter 273 - Wolf Tooth Staff

The cheers from the surroundings were extremely loud, with each wave becoming louder and louder, but they were unable to suppress Zi Chen's low and slow, yet firm words.

Can I go now?

With that said, the cheers of the cultivator that resounded throughout the entire competition grounds stopped. All of the cultivators stopped cheering and turned to look at the high platform.

It was time to fulfill their promise.

The faces of the several Imperial Sky experts were extremely ugly. At this moment, how could they renege on their promise? They had used the face of their whole family.

The expert of the Cang Family really wanted to slap himself twice. He had just used the face of their family head and now, if he decided to go back on his words, the consequences could be imagined. He hated himself for speaking such words.

It was the same for the expert of the Wu Zong Sect. He even brought forth the face of a Wu Zong Sect that had existed for thousands of years.

No one said anything, they were all silent, they didn't know what to say.

They really wanted Zi Chen to leave, but they were not willing to accept it. They were conflicted, because on one side, it was about their face, while on the other side, they had to worry about the future Zi Chen.

Everyone, you're not going to go back on your word, are you? This time, The expert of the Liu Family had a face full of ridicule, You must know, just now, you all brought face to the whole family. If you go back on your words, these people will help you spread your heroic deeds to the entire Southern region.

That's right. We will spread today's matter to the entire world. After the disciples of the several big powers go out for training, they will be despised by the world.

We will walk through the streets and alleys, tall mountains and lofty mountains. Wherever there are people, we will go and spread the glory of the several big powers.

Some of the cultivators among the crowd brazenly spoke up.

You really don't care about your face anymore, you want to go back on your word? Seeing that the few of them did not react, Wang Zhenwei's expression was cold. When necessary, he would act.

Of course we won't go back on our word. However, the battle is not over yet. At this moment, a clear and cold voice sounded. It was as if ten thousand year old ice was rubbing against each other, emitting an even denser coldness.

Her voice was pleasant to hear, but very cold.

The monstrous geniuses of my Chu Family have not died yet. I can still fight, and I have the strength to do so. The figure walked out. Her figure was light and agile as she jumped towards the high platform. She had an exceptional appearance, slim and proud twin peaks, a slim waist, and under her white clothes, her straight jade legs were emitting an enchanting light.

It was Chu Family's Chu Bing, a very beautiful woman, but at this moment, she was really annoying and many wanted to slap her to death.

There are still people in my Chu Family, and they are not dead yet. I can still fight, do you dare? The woman's beautiful big eyes were cold and ruthless. Her words were pleasant to hear, but they were filled with killing intent.

You can still fight? Did you fight before?

Zi Chen fought against four monstrous geniuses and isn't able to even stand steadily. Don't you feel that it's too shameless to challenge him?

To think that you're even a beauty. You have such a venomous heart.

Many people were angry. There were shameless people every year, but this year, there were many of them.

As expected of someone raised by a great power, even women were this shameless.

Zi Chen, do you dare to accept this weak girl's challenge? Chu Bing spoke again, her voice was clear but cold, the True Yuan around her body was surging, it was extremely terrifying. This was a monstrous geniuses, her power was strong and there was no semblance of a weak girl.

F*cking shameless. Seeing that Zi Chen is heavily injured, she comes out to challenge him. Moreover, she is at her peak, really shameless. Why don't I accompany you in battle, we can fight three hundred rounds in bed.

Many people cursed, but they did not dare to go overboard. However, they never expected that such a fierce voice would suddenly resound from the crowd.

Looking towards the source of the voice, it was Wang Shan.

A very arrogant young man who spoke such domineering words. He was simply a well-deserving playboy. Only such a person would be able to think of another way to fight in such a situation.

Beside Wang Shan, Wang Xian'er's beautiful face suddenly turned red, like a red apple. She was very cute, she quietly put down the hand that was pinching Wang Shan, stuck out her tongue, and felt very embarrassed.

She only wanted Wang Shan to say a few ruthless words, but she never thought that Wang Shan would actually be this ruthless.

Look... What the f*ck are you looking at? Have you never seen such a handsome guy before. Isn't fighting in bed also a battle? Wouldn't it also be a good method to test one's strength? Being stared at by everyone, Wang Shan braced himself and shouted.

Yes, bed wars are also battles. Friend, you are very fierce!

Haha, well said. Bed fighting is also another method of testing one's strength. If you want to fight, then fight him in bed.

The Wang Shan of the past was very annoying, and was a true playboy. However, to be able to say such vile words today made one feel not even the slightest bit of disgust for him. Instead, it even made one approve of it.

Even some of the female cultivators with tears in their eyes were chuckling.

It was obvious that everyone felt the shamelessness of the great powers and were disgusted by them.

On top of the battle stage, Chu Bing's expression became even colder, and the killing intent around her became even stronger. The coldness around her spread, and a layer of white ice crystals appeared in the air.

Do you dare to fight? Her words were ice-cold, and the coldness in them caused the hearts of the onlookers to tremble.

That's right, our Chu Family's monstrous geniuses are not finished with this battle. We'll talk about it after you kill Chu Bing.

The Chu Family expert said. It was hard to imagine how thick of a face he had to have to say such words.

However, there were still many shameless people.

That's right, that's what we meant just now. We will advance and retreat together with the Chu Family.

The Chu Family's monstrous geniuses are still alive, this battle is not over.

Haha, if you have the ability, continue to fight.

The other three powers were no longer concerned about their reputation.

You all are truly shameless. A terrifying aura surged from Wang Zhenwei's body, a boundless killing intent surged, sweeping across the entire high platform.


The Liu Clan expert's aura also turned berserk as he said coldly, You want to fight? That's good, I'll fight this little girl.

The expert of the Liu Family's unreasonable words caused the expressions of the various forces to instantly change.

At the same time, the woman from the Bright Moon Pavilion also released her aura. It was as if her entire body was covered with a layer of mystery like that of a Moonlight.

All of you are really shameless. She shouted lightly, and the Moonlight danced in the air in a blur, but there was a terrifying aura circulating about.

What are you doing, don't forget, this is Cangli City.

The experts of the Cang and Li Families also did not dare to show any sign of being weak, and a terrifying aura surged around their bodies as they opposed each other with equal force.


The expert of Wu Zong Sect also stood up. A terrifying energy circulated on the surface of his body and the entire high platform was trembling.

Our Chu Family's dignity cannot be violated. The Chu Family's expert stood up abruptly and his cold energy exploded.

Everyone released their aura, neither giving in to the other, nor fearing the other.

All of you are so shameless, yet you still dare to boast so shamelessly. The expert of the Liu Family's eyes were wide open, like a copper bell, his hand flickered with light and a wolf tooth staff appeared.

The wolf tooth staff was as black as ink and emitted a terrifying aura. The instant it appeared, it caused the space around it to distort, and ripples to appear in the space around it, causing everything to shake.

A terrifying aura spread out, engulfing the entire plaza. At this moment, even the cultivators below felt a sense of majesty.

This is... You actually brought it? Looking at the wolf tooth staff in the expert of the Liu Family's hands, a few Imperial Sky experts' eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

The faces of the Cangli Family, Wu Zong, and the Chu Families were even more aghast.

That's right, our Yongji Liu Family's fighting strength is not strong, but our refining skills are definitely the best in the entire Southern region, what are we going to do if we don't take out our weapons? The expert of the Liu Family held the wolf tooth staff, and said with his eyes wide open.


The Liu Family's expert's aura also turned berserk as he said coldly, You want to fight? That's good, I'll fight this little girl.

The wolf tooth staff in his hands had moved slightly, but from his right to left, a terrifying aura spread out. The entire high platform trembled, as cracks spread out from the high platform, and the terrifying pressure caused more than half of the people in the plaza to fall to the ground.


A few of the Imperial Sky experts released their energy to protect the high platform. Otherwise, the high platform would have been destroyed.

You are here to participate in a gathering between the younger generation but you actually brought out this thing? The Imperial Sky experts still had a look of disbelief on their faces. No matter how they thought about it, they couldn't understand why he would bring such a powerful item to such a small gathering.

As for the other Imperial Sky experts, their expressions also changed drastically.

If I don't take it out, will you listen to me? The expert of the Liu Family glared and the wolf tooth staff in his hand shook again. It was clear that he wanted to switch hands again.

Enough! The others hurriedly stopped him.

The rest of the people in the plaza also had faces of shock. That weapon was too terrifying.

What kind of weapon is that?

Just a slight tremble is already so powerful. If it was just a casual swing, wouldn't it be able to destroy Cangli City?

Everyone's expressions changed. Some of the monstrous geniuses seemed to have thought of something when they saw the wolf tooth staff, but all of them shut their mouths at the same time.

Zi Chen stared at the expert of the Liu Family. In his heart, there was only one word to describe him.

Too fierce!

Just taking out one weapon would cause all of the Imperial Sky experts face to change. From the looks of it, as long as the weapon was smashed down on them, they would be killed.

Little girl, don't you want to fight? You want to protect the dignity of the Chu Family? That's good, as long as you can block one of my attacks, Zi Chen will fight you. The expert of the Liu Family's gaze swept towards Chu Bing, his voice was as loud and clear as a bell.


At the same time, the wolf tooth staff in his hands changed hands once again. A terrifying aura dissipated and many people fell and vomited blood.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed. This was true dominance, this was true terror.

He could completely see that this was the power of the wolf tooth staff and the expert of the Liu Family did not use any energy at all.

How could he block it? Forget about her, even among Imperial Sky Realm experts, there were not many people here that could block a single strike from the wolf tooth staff.

Junior naturally cannot defeat senior, but I am able to kill Zi Chen, so I do not need to trouble senior to take action. Her voice was light and nimble, but it was filled with endless killing intent. Chu Bing's face was pale white, but she forced himself to speak.

Hmph, bullying a heavily injured person, are you even qualified to be a monstrous genius? The expert of the Liu Family snorted and an immense pressure was released.

Chu Bing became even paler.

Liu Mingyong, you bullied a junior, what kind of ability is that? The Chu Family's expert shouted at the moment, but his face was extremely pale.

With the wolf tooth staff in hand, Liu Mingyong pointed at the Chu Family's expert, causing the latter's mind to tremble. Liu Mingyong bellowed, So? If you don't keep your promise, then what's wrong with bullying her?

Let me tell you, today, I, Liu Mingyong, will protect Zi Chen. Whoever dares to go against Zi Chen is going against me and then I will beat them to death with this wolf tooth staff. Liu Mingyong was very fierce.

Don't forget, this is the Cangli City, aren't you afraid that you won't be able to leave along with the weapon? The two experts from the Cangli City also made a threat.

You can try. Liu Mingyong was very stubborn.

Neither side was willing to back down.

What's the point of arguing here, it all depends on Zi Chen's decision. The Chu Family's expert sneered and turned to stare at Zi Chen: Zi Chen, are you willing to fight a fair life and death battle with Chu Bing for your final freedom?

If you kill Chu Bing, then regarding this matter, we can let bygones be bygones. You can leave as you wish.