Thunder Martial Chapter 272 - Dead

Wang Zhenwei and the others were still fighting for Zi Chen. When necessary, they were already prepared to fall out.

Zi Chen's potential was very high, once he matured, he would be able to suppress a large power.

For Zi Chen, they did not hesitate to offend another big power.

But no one would have thought that Zi Chen would suddenly open his mouth at this moment. His eyes were very bright, his tone slow and firm.

That's right, as long as you kill Chu Chuan, our Chu Family will protect you. The Chu Family's expert laughed loudly.

Zi Chen, you...? Wang Zhenwei and the rest looked at Zi Chen in puzzlement.

Seniors, today's kindness is something that Zi Chen will never forget. If I am still alive, I will repay them tenfold a hundred times in the future. Today, they clearly do not want to let me go, so I can only fight. Zi Chen's words were slow but firm, emitting a resolute determination.

The Chu Family's monstrous genius sneered, Zi Chen was severely injured, he was half dead. Let alone a monstrous geniuses, even if he was a genius, Chu Chuan could still kill him.

Do the seniors have some words to say? Zi Chen looked at the expert of the Li Family.

That's right, that's what I mean too. As long as you kill Chu Chuan, our Li Family will protect you as well.

Zi Chen's gaze turned again as he looked at the expert of the Cang Family.

Our Cang Family is the same. You don't have to worry, just fight.

Next was the expert of the Wu Zong Sect.

Hmph. As long as you have the ability, there's no harm in letting you live. With that, the expert of Wu Zong Sect laughed, his eyes full of ridicule.

The heavily injured Zi Chen, against a monstrous genius who was in his peak, it could be seen who will be alive and who will be dead. Even idiots would be able to tell.

The reason they agreed now was because they believed that Zi Chen was definitely going to die.

I don't know how I can trust you, didn't you say the same thing before? Zi Chen spoke again, in a very calm manner.

You...! Several experts were enraged.

Your reputations have been completely lost. How should I trust you this time around? Zi Chen opened his mouth once again, and just as he finished speaking, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Haha, he was already half dead, what other big waves could he possibly have? I am representing the entire Li Family, representing all of the Li Family's face here. The expert of the Li Family laughed loudly.

I represent all the Cang Family's face The expert of the Cang Family also laughed out loud.

I represent the face of thousands of Wu Zong Sect disciples, as well as the face that the Wu Zong Sect has accumulated for thousands of years. The expert of Wu Zong Sect also said the same, his face full of ridicule.

Alright! Zi Chen nodded, then turned and looked at the tens of thousands of spectators.

Everyone, you should have heard, if Chu Chuan dies, the few great powers would not go back on their words. I hope everyone spread today's news everywhere, letting everyone in the world know. Zi Chen spoke, his voice calm but firm.

Amongst the crowd below, many people's eyes were moist. Zi Chen was a genius with limitless potential, yet he was still suppressed by the various forces.

He was strong, had the unparalleled combat power, and had astonishing potential, but was not tolerated by the great powers.

The great powers were overbearing and wanted to kill him time and time again without sparing any face.

Don't worry, if you kill Chu Chuan, even if I have to sacrifice my life, I will spread this matter to the rest of the world. A cultivator opened his mouth and shouted out.

Amongst the crowd, many of the female cultivators were already tearing up. Zi Chen's chest was a mess of blood and gore, yet he actually had to fight a monstrous geniuses at his peak.

Furthermore, he had to face a bunch of shameless big shots that had no reputation.

I, Gao Hu, am the same. As long as you kill Chu Chuan, I will spread the news of what happened today word for word.

Another person spoke up.

Many people were moved by this, and immediately afterwards, voices broke out.

Zi Chen, we trust you!

In the end, all the sounds turned into one sentence.

Countless rogue cultivators, unconditionally believed in Zi Chen at this moment, believed that he would bring about a miracle. Even though many people's eyes were teared, and many people were already sobbing. They had announced that if the great powers went back on their words, they would spread the news of this matter.

Wang Xian'er was already in tears.

A wave of sadness pervaded the square. It was as if a hero of the later years had once again put on his armor and entered the battle.

Tens of thousands of rogue cultivators sent Zi Chen to the battlefield.

He's just a mere rogue cultivator, what can he accomplish? The several Imperial Sky experts sneered. Today's battle had already become a foregone conclusion.

Even if the opponent was a genius, he could kill Zi Chen, let alone a monstrous geniuses.

Bring it on!

Zi Chen turned, looked at Chu Chuan, and held onto the spear tightly.

The dignity of the Chu Family cannot be violated. Today will be the day you die. Chu Chuan said coldly.

Cut the crap. Come on. Zi Chen was very calm, but he immediately coughed out blood.

Haha, you are already half dead. Watch me kill you with one move. Chu Chuan laughed, and a longsword appeared in his hand.

It was as if the ice was made from ten thousand years old and it emanated an endless chill. When it appeared, even the space around it turned white.

Everyone looked at the high platform, waiting for the result of the battle.


Chu Chuan moved. With a flash the sword became like a ray of the light, emitting a dazzling light.

The frightening killing intent merged with the ice-cold chill, forming a bone-chilling killing intent that filled this area. It was like a domain, causing the killing intent to pervade everywhere.

This was a killing blow, and it was also the full power of Chu Chuan. His entire body was like a ray of the light, charging towards Zi Chen with an eye-piercing brilliance.

The only thing left in this world was this beam of the light, this beam of the light from the sword.

Zi Chen stared at the light, his eyes were calm. He did not dodge, and only allowed the sword to fly over.

What is Zi Chen doing?

Why is he still not attacking? Could it be that his injuries are too severe?

The crowd cried out in alarm, and the sadness in their hearts grew even stronger.

That's right, killing three great monstrous geniuses consecutively. His injuries are very severe, it would already be difficult for him to stand. How can he possibly still have the strength to fight back?

That despicable Chu Family, using such a despicable method, actually killed a peerless monstrous genius.

The grief in the plaza became even stronger, many cultivators cried, and could not bear to see this scene.

On the high platform, a few of the Imperial Sky experts were laughing loudly, as if a huge boulder had dropped from their hearts. Seeing that Zi Chen did not move, they finally calmed down.

The sword pierced towards Zi Chen's chest, he could already feel the pain in his chest, this was the pain from the blade piercing through his skin, piercing into his heart.


Chu Chuan laughed sinisterly, the longsword had already pierced into his heart and no more accidents would happen.


But right after, a light sound came out from Zi Chen's chest, it was like a bell, loud and clear, and right after, Chu Chuan felt that the sword Qi that was rushing forward, suddenly slowed down, as though it was blocked by a huge force.

He actually couldn't move forward at all.

This...! Chu Chuan's expression changed, but right at this moment, a golden light flashed. Zi Chen's left hand, shining with golden light, grabbed onto the longsword, tightly grabbing onto it like a steel claw.

Immediately after, the Silver spear on his right hand suddenly burst out with a dazzling golden light that was as dazzling as a golden sun's, piercing to the point that it hurt the eyes. At this moment, many cultivators with weaker cultivations couldn't help but close their eyes.

However, the cultivators with a strong cultivation saw a dazzling golden light appear.

They swore that they would remember this scene after a few years or even dozens of years. An unyielding youth, an ancient weapons, a resplendent golden light, and a fatal blow.

Golden light flashed and it stabbed towards Chu Chuan with unimaginable power.


Chu Chuan wanted to retreat, but the longsword was caught by Zi Chen and could not be pulled out. He gave up on the longsword and prepared to retreat, but the golden light was already in front of him.


With a light sound, the golden light disappeared, and a spear pierced Chu Chuan's chest, the tip of the spear appearing from behind.

This was a strange scene. Chu Chuan held the longsword and pierced through Zi Chen's chest.

The two of them seemed to have perished together as they stood still on the spot.

What's going on?

What happened? Why did I see a dazzling golden light?

Those who did not see this scene exclaimed and turned to look at a cultivator.

It's Zi Chen! Zi Chen has struck back!

Zi Chen killed Chu Chuan, but he also...!

This was a scene that exceeded everyone's expectations. No one had expected Zi Chen to still be able to kill Chu Chuan even under such circumstances, despite the fact that he was seriously injured.

What a pity... A first generation monstrous geniuses was actually killed by a villain, but luckily, Chu Chuan was also dead.

Everyone sighed because they felt that it wasn't worth it.

He's dead. on the high platform, all the Imperial Sky experts' mouths twitched, Zi Chen's heart was pierced, he was definitely going to die.

So what if Chu Chuan died? They could let him go, but the latter had to ensure their safety first.

The few of them laughed.


But in the next moment, a shocking scene appeared. The motionless Zi Chen suddenly moved, his hand pulled out the longsword that was stabbed into his heart. With a shake of the spear in his right hand, he picked Chu Chuan up and said coldly and firmly, I win!


Seeing this scene, several of the Imperial Sky experts' eyes almost popped out of their sockets and their jaws almost fell to the ground. Zi Chen had been stabbed in the chest. How could he have survived that?

He's not dead, Zi Chen is not dead?

Heavens, what did I see? Zi Chen is still alive?

Everyone was shocked, they looked at Zi Chen who was on the battle stage, blood was flowing out of his chest. His face was pale, but the back of his body was as straight as a spear as he held Chu Chuan at the tip of the spear, and fresh blood flowed down from the spear and onto the battle stage.

Another monstrous geniuses died. [TN: Tbh, this was really fast. I thought it would take at least a whole chapter or so]

On the battle stage, the blood of the four monstrous geniuses had already been drained dry, and the lives of the four monstrous geniuses had been taken away.

This is too scary. Is he even human?

Since he still didn't die from that, how can he be killed?

Everyone was shocked, then, cheers came out one after another. Miracle, Zi Chen had once again created a miracle.

On the high platform, the expressions of all the Imperial Sky experts changed. Those Imperial Sky experts who had a bitter face before were filled with surprise, while those Imperial Sky experts who were happy and joking earlier were staring with their eyes wide open, as if they had seen a ghost.

This is simply inhuman. Geng Le felt his legs spinning. This was too scary.

Zi Chen's fighting strength had completely scared him, just like a cockroach that would not die.


Just then, Chu Chuan who was on top of the spear was sent flying by the spear, and his corpse rolled far away. However, Zi Chen was unable to stand up straight and fell onto the ground with his butt facing the ground.

His face was pale white, but his eyes were bright. He sat crossed-legged, and looked at the high platform, Can I go now?

His voice was calm and firm.