Thunder Martial Chapter 271 - Chu Family's Position

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When the four great forces spoke out to protect Zi Chen, the three great forces were already hesitating. However, the voice that suddenly sounded from the crowd made them firmer in their resolve.

Zi Chen's fighting strength is unparalleled, if you do not resolve the conflict now, how long are you going to wait for?

Can it be that we will have to wait until Zi Chen becomes a Sovereign Realm expert with unparalleled combat power, just like Piao Miao who will be at your doorstep and only leave when he wants to?

The sound fluctuated from left to right, drifting back and forth.

On the surface, it seemed like he was speaking up for Zi Chen, but his real intention was to put Zi Chen to death.

Damn it! Miao Kong cursed, he looked around, there were more than 10 thousand people here and it was easier said than done to find a person in the sea of people.

Who is it? Get the f*ck out here!

Who's talking nonsense here, show yourself if you have the ability.

The crowd became a little rowdy, Liu Bo and the rest started to curse even more, it was obvious that the person who spoke had malicious intentions towards Zi Chen.

What I'm saying is the truth. If even your monstrous geniuses are killed by Zi Chen, then Zi Chen will be able to destroy your sect in the future.

This is an act of slapping your face. Could it be that you big powers can endure it, haha... As a great power, how could you bear to be slapped in the face!

The voices in the crowd were no longer suppressed, they were replaced by mockery and ridicule towards the big powers.

The Zi Chen today will be the Piao Miao in the future. In the future, just wait to be killed on the doorstep.

An extremely mocking voice rang out.

On the high platform, the Imperial Sky expert's face was extremely ugly, the hearts of the three great forces once again became firm.

As for Wang Zhenwei and the others, the threat from them before also did not have any effect.


The expert of the Liu Family's face was covered in frost since there was actually someone causing trouble here. His cold eyes swept across the tens of thousands of people below him. Then, he raised his hand and pointed towards the center of the crowd.


With a light sound, a streak of blood appeared between the brows of a cultivator in the crowd. His vision turned black and he fell to the ground dead.

At the same time, a cold glint flashed across Wang Zhenwei's eyes. He also pointed his finger at the same time, and a streak of red light rushed towards the crowd.


Another cultivator had his head pierced through, and died a violent death.

What we said was the truth. If you let Zi Chen go right now, it would be like raising a tiger. When he comes knocking on your door in the future, just wait to be a grandson.

Another person spoke from the crowd, his voice drifting about erratically.


Wang Zhenwei continued to attack, with a point of his finger, red light shot out, another cultivator fell to the ground and died.

You actually killed them to silence me. However, you all were unable to find me, so why must you all randomly kill innocent people? The voice was still the same.


The expert of the Liu Family took action and pointed his finger.

As expected of a large power. They actually killed so many innocent people. What enmity do they have with you? If you have the ability, then come after me. What sort of ability do you have to randomly kill innocent people?

The voice from the darkness echoed a thousand times.



This time, Wang Zhenwei attacked twice. Two red beams of the light rushed towards the crowd and touched the center of the brows of the two cultivators.


The expert of the Liu Family was not to be outdone, he also pointed his finger, and another cultivator fell to the ground.

The two of them attacked in the air and killed several people in the blink of an eye. Their expressions didn't change at all.

The voice in the darkness finally disappeared.

Zi Chen stood on top of the high platform, and his heavy injuries were slowly being healed.

The two of them striking out repeatedly in the air, clearly representing their determination to protect Zi Chen. This made Zi Chen extremely touched.

Go investigate and find out who they are. I want to destroy them! Wang Zhenwei spoke coldly, her voice filled with boundless killing intent.

As the major powers were speaking, there were actually people causing trouble. They were truly reckless.

Yes sir! A cold voice rang out from the crowd.

What do you say? Wang Zhenwei's eyes flashed coldly, he looked at the three forces.

Zi Chen must die. The expert of the Li Family said coldly.

That's right, he can't live today. The expert of the Cang Family was also very firm.

I won't rest until he dies. The expert of the Wu Zong Sect was even more direct.

Zi Chen had a lot of potential, and although they spoke with extreme ridicule, their words were reasonable. The Zi Chen of today, once he matured, would become another Piao Miao. They could not afford to lose so much face.

Moreover, since they had the ability now, they naturally had to stifle all unfavorable factors against the sect in the cradle.

You guys are going to risk war? Wang Zhenwei was furious.

We of the Liu Family will protect Zi Chen. The expert of the Liu Family also shouted.

We of the Bright Moon Pavilion are the same. The lady from the Bright Moon Pavilion spoke up.

Zi Chen is a monstrous genius. In the future, we might be able to leave this region. My Danyang City's Qin Family will also protect him. An expert of the Qin family was a middle-aged man. He rarely spoke, but once he spoke, he expressed his attitude.

It was now four against three.

Everyone's gazes turned towards the other factions.

Our Letian City doesn't care. It's fine to kill or not to kill. The expert of the Letian City said indifferently.

This was a man with foresight, he knew that even if he had to protect Zi Chen, the other party would not follow him.

Our Zhu Clan is the same. Whether you kill or not is up to you The Zhu Family expert who had a good impression of Zi Chen before also spoke out now.

It was obvious that he knew he could not bring Zi Chen away. This kind of monstrous geniuses, since he could not bring him away, and was not willing to give up to others, he might as well give up.

The only ones left were the Chu Family and the people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion. When it came to the Heaven Killing Pavilion, the various powers naturally did not like the other party.

If an assassin from the Heaven Killing Pavilion wanted to grow up, he would need to assassinate a genius with many forces as his main goal.

Unless someone wanted to buy the monstrous geniuses's life at a high price, they would not take action.

We don't care. With additional monstrous geniuses, we can let our disciples train for a bit. The killers were all hiding in secret and would not reveal themselves. Zi Chen was simply unable to do anything, and this time, the monstrous geniuses killer also did not appear.

In this period of time, Zi Chen has cut down so many people from your Heaven Killing Pavilion, how can you just let it go like this? You really have a good temper. The expert of Wu Zong Sect said in a strange tone.

Didn't those powers of yours kill quite a few of our geniuses? The Heaven Killing Pavilion asked.

We are assassins, our first goal is to train and the second is to assassinate. There is no enmity between us, of course, if you guys can afford to pay, we will naturally try to kill Zi Chen. The Heaven Killing Pavilion expert said indifferently.

The various factions all had different opinions.

But obviously, with the ratio of four to three, Wang Zhenwei's side held the advantage.

Now, only the Floating Snow City was left.

What's your attitude? Everyone looked at each other, waiting for the Chu Family's expert's reply.

Our Chu Family's dignity cannot be violated. The Chu Family's expert coldly spoke, his words were ice-cold.


As the Chu Family's expert's voice fell, a terrifying aura surged out from the spectator stands below, followed by a thunderous loud shout, Zi Chen, do you dare to fight?

His voice rumbled like a thunderclap or a wave, causing the listeners to go deaf from the shockwave.


A figure rose into the air and landed towards the battle stage.

Zi Chen, do you dare to fight me? The man was very powerful. With one step, the battle stage vibrated and a cold Qi filled the entire plaza.

This was a youth that was as cold as ice. His entire body was emitting an endless chill that could even freeze the air.

Chu Family's monstrous genius, Chu Chuan is full of fighting spirit and he wanted to challenge Zi Chen.

Everyone was in an uproar, the sudden scene that happened exceeded everyone's expectations, Zi Chen had fought against three great monstrous geniuses, his fighting strength was unrivaled, but he was severely injured and his chest was a mess of flesh and blood. Never would they have thought that there would be another monstrous genius who would issue a challenge at this moment.

Truly shameless, Zi Chen has already fought with three great monstrous geniuses in a row, and is heavily injured. You only came to challenge him now, if you have the ability, wait for Zi Chen's injuries to recover, then fight him again.

Are the people from the Chu Family that shameless as well? The people from this clan are as cold as ice, but they do not have the heart of snakes.

Too despicable, challenging the heavily injured Zi Chen, are they still people from big powers, are they still the famous monstrous geniuses?

Unsatisfied voices came from below, Wang Xian'er was even more furious, she wished that she could pull Wang Shan and fight Chu Chuan

Sis, I will definitely become a monstrous genius with unparalleled battle power in the future, but I can't do it yet. Wang Shan was about to cry. His sister seemed to want to exact revenge on him today.

Wasn't it just secretly saying bad things about Zi Chen, was there even a need for that?

Don't mess around. Fortunately, Wang Qiong had made his move, and pulled Wang Xian'er back.

What do you mean?

On top of the high platform, Wang Zhenwei was staring at the Chu Family's expert coldly.

Chu Family's dignity cannot be violated. Killing the genius of my family cannot be forgiven. The Chu Family's expert said coldly.

Zi Chen has already fought against three great monstrous geniuses and you still want to fight him now, don't you feel despicable? The women of the Bright Moon Pavilion were also extremely angry.

In the past, they rarely came into the world and only today did they realize that such a shameless existence existed within the several great powers that were as famous as their Bright Moon Pavilion.

Dignity cannot be violated, right? That's good, let Zi Chen recover from his injuries and you can fight to the death to let your people regain their dignity. The expert of the Liu Family said coldly.

Humph! The Chu Family's expert's expression changed slightly. Zi Chen's combat power was matchless, Chu Chuan is not a match for him at all.

If you want our Chu Family to protect him, we can do so. After killing Chu Chuan, we, the Chu Family, will protect Zi Chen. The Chu Family's expert said.

You.... All of them flew into a rage, wishing that they could immediately turn hostile.

The other neutral forces were watching the show with glee. Since they could not recruit Zi Chen, they could only watch with glee.

Isn't he a monstrous genius with unparalleled combat power? Isn't he good enough to kill Chu Chuan and reveal his unparalleled combat power? The expert of the Li Family laughed teasingly.

Indeed, as long as he kill Chu Chuan, we can believe that he has the unparalleled combat power. The expert of the Cang Family was also laughing.

Haha, it's the same for my Wu Zong Sect. If he is to kill Chu Chuan, all our past grudges would be written off. The expert of the Wu Zong Sect laughed loudly.

You all...! Wang Zhenwei was enraged, he really wanted to kill this group of shameless fellows.

Are the seniors serious? Suddenly, a voice came out from the battle stage. It was Zi Chen, his injuries were heavy, but he did not fall down. His eyes were still bright as he stared at the high platform.

Seniors, if I kill Chu Chuan, will I be able to resolve this matter? Zi Chen spoke with a firm voice and bright eyes. His back was as straight as a spear.