Thunder Martial Chapter 270 - Protect Zi Chen

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The diamond turned into a ray of the light and flew towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen had continuously attacked Li Hao's head with the force of a ton earlier, causing his mind to be in a daze. Then, using a powerful attack, Zi Chen shattered the protective shield and used the Nine Thunder Pass before he could even react. Then, he immediately killed Li Hao.

This was a premeditated strike, and also one that Zi Chen had accurately calculated.

Just then, Li Hao's shocked expression froze, and his life force dissipated. With a loud bang, he fell to the ground, and his blood stained battle stage.

This is the Genius Party, it was held early in order to kill Zi Chen!

However, they did not kill Zi Chen. Instead, they were all killed by Zi Chen/

Zi Chen was heavily injured, but he did not fall down. His waist was as straight as a javelin, and his eyes were as cold as lightning.

Dead, dead! Li Hao is actually dead.

Heavens, Li Hao was killed too!

Zi Chen killed Li Hao, and in a single day, he killed three great monstrous geniuses.

The instant Li Hao fell to the ground, the cultivators in the crowd were completely stunned. They were dumbstruck and could not believe what they had seen.

It was like a massive wave, each wave stronger than the last.

Everyone was shocked by Zi Chen's unparalleled combat power.

Too terrifying, killing three monstrous geniuses in one day.

And out of the three of them, one of them had Spirit Armaments, and the other had a Forbidden Artifact.

Heavens! What did I see?! I saw the rise of the strongest monstrous genius!

To kill all three great monstrous geniuses, Zi Chen possesses unparalleled combat power.

Everyone was cheering in excitement. They were even using howls to express the excitement in their hearts.

This is the history of the rise of a monstrous geniuses. When Zi Chen's name spreads throughout the Southern Continent, the battle today will be recorded in history.

In the future, Zi Chen will become famous throughout the Southern Continent and become the strongest monstrous genius in this world after today's battle.

Too terrifying, too domineering. To use the deaths of three great monstrous geniuses to prove his own potential.

The excitement of the crowd was indescribable.

In the audience, the faces of many monstrous geniuses had become extremely pale.

Too strong, too strong. Danyang City's Qin Family's monstrous geniuses sighed.

If we don't join hands, we won't be able to beat him. The Qin Family's monstrous genius also spoke up.

As for Geng Le, his face was completely pale. Previously, he still looked down on Zi Chen and he did not understand why such trash's fame was so great. Now, after seeing the bloodied corpses of the three great monstrous geniuses, he finally understood.

Scary, too scary. Is he even human? How could there be such a monstrous genius in this world. Moreover, he is only in the second heaven.

Zhu Zicong muttered to himself, his expression did not look too good either. Previously, he was disdainful of Zi Chen, but now, he felt a chill down his spine.

Wang Xian'er ignored him, jumped and yelled in joy, pulled Wang Shan along, and ignored the other party's grimacing expression as she pinched and clawed at his body, in order to proclaim her excitement.

Is she still my sister? Brother-in-law has beaten me up and you are also hurting me. Wang Shan endured the pain, feeling wronged, and at that moment, he no longer had that arrogant look.

No matter how arrogant he was, even his own blood brother Wang Shi's expression changed at this moment, let alone him.

I want to bring him back to Cloud City. As she was overjoyed, Wang Xian'er shouted out loud and pinched Wang Shan's arm again, causing the corners of Wang Shan's mouth to twitch.

Wang Qiong's eyes constantly flashed with light, it was unknown what he was thinking about.

What powerful battle power. It makes my heart itch and I really want to spar with him. Beside Miao Kong, Wu Mo's eyes flashed.

Senior Brother, are you kidding? Miao Kong asked, Zi Chen had won, and now that he had people who wanted to protect him, he was happy for him.

Of course, even if it's a spar, we have to find another time. Master said that it's not suitable to fight today. Wu Mo laughed.

Wu Mo had even dared to spar with Zi Chen when he had killed three great monstrous geniuses. It could be seen that he was very confident in his own strength.

In a short time, he actually broke through to the Second Heaven, and could step into the Third Heaven at any time. Such a fast cultivation speed. Moreover, even killed three monstrous geniuses today. No, I have to find a chance to take action as soon as possible.

Among the crowd, a bald man muttered.

It was clear that this was yet another person who dared to make a move after seeing Zi Chen fight with the three great monstrous geniuses, and who was even more confident.

So terrifying. I never would have thought that his battle power was this strong. A smiling young man looked at Zi Chen who was on the high platform, and was obviously very shocked.

Zi Chen going all out against the three great monstrous geniuses and cutting down the three great monstrous geniuses would definitely cause a huge commotion. In the days to come, this matter would probably spread throughout the entire Southern region.

And today, Zi Chen would receive the protection of the other forces, this was what was said previously, from now on, Zi Chen would not have to always run.


On top of the high platform, An expert suddenly stood up, a glint flashed across his eyes, and with a loud roar, the high platform trembled.

Zi Chen's battle power was unrivalled, he had cut down three monstrous geniuses, no matter what, he had to fight for them.

Good job! The expert waved his fist at Zi Chen, expressing the goodwill in his heart.

Zi Chen had displayed his powerful fighting strength and unfathomable potential, so it was only right for them to show him some goodwill and start recruiting him.

On the high platform, there are ten Imperial Sky experts and five of them had kind smiles on their faces. Even the women of the Bright Moon Pavilion was the same.

Ha ha! Wang Zhenwei laughed loudly, and his voice rumbled as it spread throughout the entire plaza. Everyone raised their heads in surprise.

A few great forces would work together to protect Zi Chen.

Zi Chen slayed the three great monstrous geniuses and did a great deed. Now, it should be time for you all to declare your positions, right? Wang Zhenwei looked at the expert of the three forces.

Position? What do you mean? The expert of the Li Family asked with an ugly expression.

What do we need to show? The expert of the Cang Family also asked, and as for the expert of Wu Zong Sect, he did not say a word, his eyes flashed with killing intent as he stared straight at Zi Chen.

What kind of position are we talking about? According to the agreement, you guys will Zi Chen in the future, don't tell me you guys want to act shamelessly again? Liu Mingyong's eyes were wide open, his gaze was not friendly.

Do you want to break your promise in front of all these people? Wang Zhenwei's gaze swept over them.

The crowd did not deliberately suppress their discussions as their voices spread throughout the entire square.

Suddenly, there was a commotion.

What do you mean? Are the three factions going to go back on their words?

They are actually able to do such a shameless thing. Could it be that they really don't care about their face anymore?

Angry voices rose from the crowd.

As for Zi Chen who was on the battle stage, his expression did not change, his gaze was resolute and the spear in his hands tightly clenched. This time, it was all a gamble, using his life as the gambling stake.

He had guessed this long ago.

The attitude of the three powers was also within his expectations.

Can you guys not be so shameless? You actually went back on your words. A voice filled with dissatisfaction came out from the crowd. It was Wang Xian'er.

That's right, you guys are still some big powers, you don't even keep your promises. When word of this spreads, you will become a laughingstock in the entire Southern region. Wang Shan also opened his mouth, but no matter how he looked at it, his expression was still unnatural.

At the side, a pair of slender, jade-like hands were viciously pinching his arm. It was obvious that they were using this as a form of threat.

Wang Xian'er did the same for the other two people, but the two of them had firm wills and knew that there was a strong relationship between them, so they did not speak up.

Humph! Wang Xian'er was so angry that she snorted, but was unable to do anything to the two of them.

What big power are you? All of you are people with decent appearances, and you don't even bother with keeping your promises. Do you even have any reputation or face?

A voice sounded from the crowd. It was very familiar, it was Liu Bo's, and he was just hiding in the crowd.

Southern region, with you great powers as the strongest, are you really going to go back on your words and kill a monstrous genius?

Aren't you afraid of becoming the laughing stock of the entire Southern region in the future?

Excited voices also sounded from the crowd, but they were all very restrained and did not act too aggressively.

On the high platform, the faces of the three forces' experts were extremely ugly. It was obvious that this matter had aroused the anger of the people.

However, their monstrous geniuses had been killed, and quite a few geniuses had died, so how could they take this lying down?

It seems that you all do not plan to compromise. Could it be that you all want to start a war? Wang Zhenwei said coldly.

He represented the Cloud City, a terrifying great power. At this moment, he actually said that he would not hesitate to start a war, it couldn't help but cause their expressions to change.

That's right, my Yongji Liu Family, although our combat power is not strong, but by doing this, you have also aroused our anger. The expert of the Liu Family also expressed his position.

For the sake of one Zi Chen, another great power was willing to go to war.

Everyone was stupefied in their hearts. At this moment, if they still could not see through Zi Chen's potential, they would be fools.

It was clear that the reason the great powers spoke up for Zi Chen was because his potential was too great.

Such a terrifying battle force, once it reaches Master level, wouldn't it just be a massacre at the same level?

Although our Bright Moon Pavilion does not care about worldly affairs, we cannot afford to see the killing of geniuses. If Zi Chen is willing to go to my Bright Moon Pavilion, I can arrange an identity for him, but of course, if there is someone who wants to kill him, we would not hesitate to help out.

The third party was the Bright Moon Pavilion, a very mysterious sect, one of the three great sects. Although it was rare for them to appear, for them to be able to stand firmly for the past ten thousand years showed that they were extraordinary.

Everyone was shocked as another group of people spoke out. They did not hesitate to fight in order to protect Zi Chen.

The three forces' experts frowned as they obviously did not expect this to happen.

I also feel that killing a monstrous genius is a very immoral act. The Danyang City's Qin Family expert said.

Another group of people had spoken out. The three major powers hesitated.

You all haven't spoken for a long time, are you afraid that Zi Chen's potential is too great?

You guys are afraid that Zi Chen will become stronger in the future and pose a threat to you all, right?

The current Zi Chen is able to kill your monstrous geniuses and he will eventually break through to the Imperial Sky Realm. Moreover, his combat power will be peerless as well. Now is the time to resolve this conflict, do you want Zi Chen to guard at your doorstep and kill your people?

Right at this moment, a series of silhouettes appeared in the crowd. This voice was very ethereal. Suddenly, it came from the left, then from the right, making it hard for people to fathom it.

It's them again.

On Zi Chen's expressionless face, there was a hint of killing intent. It was these people again, who had appeared at this moment.

The three forces had obviously been hesitating before, but now, their faces were frosted over.