Thunder Martial Chapter 27 - The Fight on the Battle Stage

On the battle stage, Zi Chen stood indifferently. In front of him was Wei Lin with a grin on his face.

Outside the battle stage were many inner sect disciples that came to watch the fun. Several hundred people had gathered, the first reason was that the stake of ten True Qi Pills was very big, which intrigued them. The second reason was that they also wanted to see how strong the inner sect assessment champion is.

In each generation, there were a lot of brilliant fights within the inner sect, but all of them were brushed off by Zi Chen's performance. At fifth Layer of True Qi, he had comprehended the true essence of a rank three martial technique, fused two martial techniques, and he had even defeated Wang Meng and Wu Sheng. Wu Sheng's talent was comparable with the senior brother Chen Feng of that year.

Although he did not become a core disciple, but the reputation of Zi Chen in the inner sect was very high, his natural talent could even compared with that of the inner sect genius, Su Mengyao.

The crowd came with anticipation, hoping that Zi Chen could create a brilliant feat yet again, but this hope wasn't big, because many people guessed that Wei Lin who was at the sixth Layer of True Qi had broken through once more.

Hmph. Outside the battle stage, Wang Xiong and company had gathered, looked at Zi Chen and sneered. The disparity between seventh Layer of True Qi and sixth Layer of True Qi was very big. Zi Chen was very strong and was able to beat Wu Sheng, but he won't be able to defeat Wei Lin because Wei Lin comprehended his rank two martial technique and is also at the seventh layer of True Qi.

I do not only want your True Qi Pills, but also your life. A cold light flashed across Wang Xiong's eyes.

The fight had yet to start, but suddenly there was a small disturbance within the crowd. Senior brother Luo Men was coming from afar, and wherever he passed, the inner sect disciples would make way for him.

Senior brother Luo Men. Wang Xiong's eyes brightened as he saw that Luo Men was walking towards him.

Hmm, good. Amidst the eyes of awe from the crowd, Luo Men arrived in front of Wang Xiong. There was a trace of appreciation within his eyes.

Zi Chen did not give him any face under the watchful eyes of the public, so he naturally must teach Zi Chen a lesson. It would be for the best if he dies and since Wang Xiong had come forward to deal with Zi Chen, Luo Men was very satisfied.

Senior brother flatters me, this Zi Chen is simply a mad dog, and I must teach him a lesson. Wang Xiong said as the others nodded.

Well, I heard that this boy actually wanted to used eight True Qi Pills as the betting stake, really reckless, you should have promised him, it is only eight True Qi Pills. Luo Men said indifferently.

Yes, yes, what Senior Brother Luo Men said was right, but it's already too late now. If Zi Chen dies, then the rest of his True Qi Pills will belong to senior brother Luo Men. Wang Xiong nodded repeatedly, but was actually thinking in his heart, That Luo Men has occupied the place with the most benefit. Embezzled others contribution points, naturally he is filthy rich. Eight True Qi Pills? They are nothing to him.

Good, then let's look at the fight. Luo Men nodded. He was satisfied with Wang Xiong's response, his eyes then turned towards the battle stage.

On the battle stage, Wei Lin was gathering his True Qi and Zi Chen was actually motionless, his expression was very tranquil.

Boy, I will let you know today that you're only a nobody that just entered the inner sect. I will let you know the gap between us. Wei Lin sneered, the aura on his body solidified, at the same time, True Qi was encircling on his body's surface.

The seventh Layer of True Qi, Wei Lin had really broken through.

Regarding this scene, Zi Chen wasn't surprised at all, the inner sect disciples were not some pig headed people. If he didn't have that kind of strength, how would he dare to be arrogant in front of Zi Chen. But, Zi Chen wasn't stupid either, since he dared to bet, he must have the assurance of winning.

Against the seventh Layer of True Qi, Zi Chen was motionless, but his body was actually emitting the aura of a fierce tiger, the Fierce Tiger Fist appeared.

Hmph. A trivial rank three martial technique, the Fierce Tiger Fist. Look at my rank two martial technique, the Rolling Stone Fist. Wei Lin grinned fiendishly, the strength of the seventh Layer of True Qi surged, he then waved his fists and sent out a punch towards Zi Chen.

The fight began.

The fist's winds were howling, waves of True Qi burst forth, rounds of punches were sent out, just like a giant rolling stone, it appeared in front of Zi Chen.

The Rolling Stone Fist, a rank two martial technique. It can be used to either attack or defend. The attack was like a rolling stone, it was getting bigger and bigger, the fist's wind was without any loopholes. There was offense in defense and defense in offense. If it couldn't be stopped at an early stage, then it couldn't be broken at a later stage.

Good boy, crazy enough. His fist's pressure had already appeared, and moreover, the scale was quite large, but Zi Chen was still motionless. Wei Lin made a disdaining remark, as his fist's pressure rolled again, it became even denser, collected and rolled towards Zi Chen.

On the battle stage, the wind howled, and an oppressive pressure appeared.

What is Zi Chen doing? Why has he yet to made his move? Doesn't he know that if he can't break the Rolling Stone Fist at its early period, then he won't be able to do it later?

What is Zi Chen up to now?

Under the battle stage, the crowd was puzzled, Miao Kong also frowned slightly, and Lin Xue was anxious.

Hmph. After the Rolling Stone Fist's pressure had increased in scale, Zi Chen snorted coldly, the aura of his body soared suddenly, just like an awakened Fierce Tiger.

His sixth Layer of True Qi strength revolved around in his body, both of his fists clenched tightly and made a crackling sound. His blood and qi was rushing and roaring in his body, just like a strong and ferocious beast.


The Tiger's Roar Shook the Mountain, the majestic aura of a king was completely revealed. The second move of the Fierce Tiger Fist was sent out just like the passing clouds and flowing water, followed by the third move directly. In that split moment, Zi Chen seemed to have transformed into a Fierce Tiger, and dashed towards the huge rock like fist.

By facing toughness with toughness and restraining force with force.


The thundering exploding sound rang out instantly, the entire battle stage started to sway and the stones fell off while some cracks appeared on the ground.

Wei Lin only felt a strong surging force, along with an indomitable aura that burst up from the opposite side and broke through his airtight attack. It instantaneously struck his body, and he was soon blown away

He flew until he was outside of the battle stage and fell to the ground with a Peng sound.

He was defeated in one blow.

Zi Chen won overwhelmingly. He stood at the place where Wei Lin stood before, underneath his foot were numerous cracks being spread out. His white clothes were floating because of his surging qi, his posture very imposing. There were a lot of disciples eyes below that were blurred because of this.

Outside the battle stage, it was dead silent. Before the match, they imagined different outcomes, but each speculation, was Zi Chen being defeated. However, the outcome had actually surpassed their expectations.

Wei Lin who is at the seventh Layer of True Qi was defeated in one blow.

The sixth Layer of True Qi, Zi Chen broke through in only one night After the dead silence, astonished cries rang.

They had discovered the thing that was off. The moment that Zi Chen attacked earlier, it felt like a ferocious beast.

This is impossible, he was still at the fifth Layer of True Qi yesterday, moreover he had not arrived at the peak of the fifth layer of True Qi, why did he have a breakthrough today? Wang Xiong also had a face of disbelief.

The reason why he believed that Wei Lin could win was because Zi Chen had just broken through to the fifth Layer of True Qi, even if he has True Qi Pills, it was impossible for him to break through to the sixth Layer of True Qi in such a short period of time.

All of the plans were based on Wang Xiong experience of refining True Qi Pills, but he never expected the time it took Zi Chen to refine a True Qi Pill was a quarter of an hour. He had also completely refined it without wasting a tiny bit of energy.

Give them to me Zi Chen stood on the battle stage as he ignored the defeated Wei Lin and looked at Wang Xiong below as he held out his hand as he said indifferently


Wei Lin was ignored, feeling ashamed and resentful, he was finally unable to suppress the churning blood in his chest and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His head drooped and he suddenly fainted.

Give what? Wang Xiong still asked while he already knew the answer, he was obviously regretting this in his heart.

What's wrong? You want to go back on your words? At the corner of Zi Chen's corners mouth held the trace of a sneer as he said ridiculing: Just some trivial five True Qi Pills, even if you want to go back on your word, it does not matter, as long as you kneel on the ground and crawl around the battle stage like a dog


The people besides Wang Xiong were furious, their eyes exuded out fire, they wish to tear Zi Chen into shreds, but they were all blocked by Wang Xiong.

Good boy, you have guts. Wang Xiong sneered, then he took out a bottle from his chest.

Wang Xiong, you... One person opened his mouth and said. While the people beside Wang Xiong gawked.

If you agree to bet, you must accept the loss. A trivial five True Qi Pills are nothing. Wang Xiong gave a calm smile and he flung the flask in his hand towards Zi Chen.

There was a hint of praise in Lup Men's eyes who was next to Wang Xiong.

Pa Zi Chen caught it with ease and opened the flask to take a look. There was exactly five True Qi Pills

‘Hmph. You guys are still tactful. Zi Chen sneered, he turned around and walked out directly from the battle stage, he didn't even look at Wang Xiong anymore.

He left naturally and unrestrained.

So cool. Wang Xiong was utterly helpless against him. Some female disciple's eyes shone once more.

However, after seeing a beautiful figure catch up to Zi Chen, they revealed an envious expression one after another.

Zi Chen, you are so powerful. Lin Xue said in admiration, her eyes shining brightly.

Thanks. Zi Chen chuckled.

Where are you going now? Lin Xue asked.

Going back to practice; otherwise, I will be killed by others, Zi Chen said.

Oh, enhancing one's strength is the most important thing, Lin Xue said.

What's wrong?Zi Chen looked at the somewhat dejected Lin Xue as he asked

I want to take a look at some martial techniques in order to see whether I can exchange for a rank two movement technique and I want you to accompany me to go together. Lin Xue lowered her head, her eyes did not dare to look at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen smiled and said: There should be nobody that will come and look for trouble with me today. I will accompany you.

But, your time... Lin Xue said hesitatingly.

Relax, I have my ways. Zi Chen as if he had remembered something and asked: You just entered the inner sect, where did your contribution points come from?

Senior sister gave them to me. Lin Xue said.

Zi Chen felt relaxed. Su Mengyao's status was very high in the inner sect, so it was very normal for her to have some extra contribution points.

Let's go then

After they passed through several pavilions and were pointed out by some inner sect disciples, Zi Chen arrived at the place where he received his contribution points yesterday, but he turned and entered the Martial Arts Pavilion.

The Martial Arts Pavilion was divided into three floors. The first floor was for rank three martial techniques. The second floor was for rank two martial techniques, and the third floor was for rank one martial techniques.

Among them, rank three martial techniques were the most numerous, and were placed on rows of bookshelves.

Beside the Martial Arts Pavilion, a scarlet clothed old man sat there, he is the elder who guarded the Martial Arts Pavilion and was also responsible for registering some things.

Both of them went to the second floor directly. There were many rank two martial techniques there.

Star Burst Fist, Overlord step, Mountain Splitting Palm, Rolling Stone Fist, Stone Splitting Palm... and many other martial techniques, there were over one hundred scrolls.

The movement techniques were the Overlord step, Flowing Frost Step, Burst Step, Moving Cloud Step, and dozens more.

After Lin Xue arrived, her eyes were not placed at the rank two movement techniques, but at some martial techniques, it must be known that she already owned a rank two martial technique, the Thousand Illusionary palms.

Weren't you looking for some movement technique? Why are you looking at that martial technique? About that, Zi Chen did not mind, he thought that Lin Xue was just curious. But when Lin Xue was standing in front of the Titan Fist and intended to exchange it with contribution points, Zi Chen finally understood Lin Xue's intention; however, he couldn't help but ask