Thunder Martial Chapter 268 - Li FIre

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Boundless flames filled the world. Flame blades appeared one after another, surging with a terrifying aura.

Killing intent filled the air and engulfed the entire high platform. In the midst of Li Hao's shout, dozens of blades descended from the sky.

Although they were blades made of flames, they had fused with the flames and contained a terrifying flame energy.


The spear in Zi Chen's hands swept horizontally, causing a large amount of silver light to appear. Like a great wave, it rose into the air, crushing the flames and causing the blades to break.

Extreme Yang

At the same time, Zi Chen made a seal with his hands, and Golden Light flashed continuously between his fingers. This was the last battle, and he had to go all out.

The previous two battles had consumed a lot of his energy, and he had sustained serious injuries. Right now, he could only end it quickly, because the battle of attrition would be disadvantageous to him.

A blazing golden light appeared, bringing along the destructive aura that the lightning should have, as it charged towards Li Hao.

Fire Burst First Slash!

Li Hao shouted and the flames in front of him surged, forming a gigantic blade that rushed towards the golden light.


The Extreme Yang broke apart the blade Qi, bringing a blazing energy with it and it smashed towards Li Hao. With a loud shock, Li Hao took a few steps back.

Below, everyone was in shock, Zi Chen was already heavily injured, and had consumed a lot of energy, but his attack was still powerful.

Extreme Yin!

With another loud shout, the energy in Zi Chen's body swiftly flowed away, turned into an extremely cold and sinister energy, and rushed towards Li Hao.

This was a cold golden light that contained a terrifying aura.

Fire Shield!

In front of the Li Hao, a huge shield formed, as if it was cast by flames.


With a loud explosion, golden light swirled around, the destructive aura rippled, and the fire shield instantly burst apart, even Li Hao was pushed back.

Extreme Yin Slash!

Extreme Yang Slash!

Azure Peak Seal!

Zi Chen made his move again and again, releasing many powerful martial techniques. Between heaven and earth, golden light scattered down, covering the entire battle stage in a gold color, dazzling and glaring.

Every single martial techniques that Zi Chen shot out was extremely terrifying, and every single one of them could serve as a trump card. The martial techniques were gorgeous and dazzling, flowing with a terrifying energy.

Even though he was severely injured, Zi Chen had suppressed Li Hao at this moment.

After fighting two monstrous geniuses consecutively, he had been heavily injured, and had expended a lot of energy. However, he is able to suppress a third monstrous genius.

All of the cultivators were stunned, they were shocked, all of them could no longer remain calm, Zi Chen's fighting strength made them afraid.

And on the high platform, the Liu Family's expert, even more so, could not sit still.

He hated that he couldn't immediately get up and slap Li Hao to his death, so that he could protect Zi Chen.

Compared to Zi Chen, any Li Hao, any Cang Meng, were all trash. In front of Zi Chen, they still dared to call themselves monstrous geniuses, it was really funny.


Li Hao was once again sent flying, his face pale white, his expression changing continuously, his expression sinister and terrifying.

Being suppressed by the heavily injured Zi Chen, he felt utterly humiliated. Previously, he had even said that if he could not kill the other party, he would commit suicide.

Li Fire!

Li Hao let out a sinister roar, and became even wilder. A terrifying aura appeared and a blazing flame shot out from Li Hao's body.

This was the Li Fire from the Li Art. The temperature was very high, and an aura of destruction could be felt from it.

It was said that only people with extraordinary talents could comprehend the Li Fire. This was a strange type of flame, far more powerful than ordinary flames, and the temperature was even higher.

That's Li Fire, who would have thought that Li Hao actually comprehended the true Li Fire from the Li Arts.

The Li Fire contained a high temperature and heat. It is said that it can burn mountains and boil the seas. It can even smelt Gold Essences.

The appearance of the Li Fire caused a huge commotion.

Even the experts on the high platform was stunned.

Li Hao actually comprehended Li Huo.The expert of the Li Family was startled. Clearly, even he did not know about this, and immediately laughed out loud, Haha, since the Li Fire is out, Zi Chen will definitely die. There is no suspense at all.

This battle is about to end. In the end, he's just a clown.

At this moment, the appearance of the Li Fire caused the temperature of the entire battle stage to rise rapidly as well. It was as if it had reached an extreme heat and the air felt like it was on fire.

The high temperature caused space to distort as well. Above the battle stage, the elemental formation's light shone continuously, resisting the high temperature. Even so, the entire ground was covered with water vapor, which was a sign that the ground was about to melt.

I've comprehended the Li Fire, what are you going to use to fight me, Zi Chen. Li Hao stood in the middle of the Li Fire like a giant looking down on Zi Chen.


The Li Fire filled the horizon and like a string of fire dragons, it rushed towards Zi Chen.

Once the Li Fire appeared, who could contend against him?

Many people below cried out in alarm. The entire battle stage, under the influence of the fire dragons, had started to melt. Even the elemental formation on the battle stage was not able to resist.

The fire dragon finally submerged Zi Chen and when one looked at him, Zi Chen looked as if he was ignited by fire because his entire body was ignited with blazing flames.

A rumbling sound came out from within the flames. It seemed as if Zi Chen was attacking the flames.

It's useless. There's nothing to block since it's justfire. Even an ancient weapon can be melted by it. Your mortal body is only struggling in death. Li Hao shouted with great confidence.


The fire was raging, and its power was even greater. Aside from the high temperature, there was also a terrifying aura circulating within.

On the battle stage, Zi Chen's appearance could no longer be seen.

Only, once in a while, an energy would surge out, proving that Zi Chen was still alive.

It's useless. In a few breaths, you will turn into ashes. A cold light flashed across Li Hao's eyes as he laughed wildly.


Li Huo was in high spirits but Zi Chen did not give up on resisting.

Several breaths of time had already passed, and energy was still flowing within the flames. Everyone cried out in alarm, and Li Hao's eyes flashed with a strange light.

The fluctuations of the energy grew weaker and weaker, until only the blazing flames were left. Zi Chen seemed to have lost all signs of life.

Is he dead?

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the place where Li Huo was burning. Zi Chen no longer made a sound.

However, there were still many people who did not believe that Zi Chen would die, because he did seem to be able to create many miracles.

He's dead, no matter how much of a genius he is, even if he's a monstrous genius, he won't be able to defeat the Li Fire.

The Li Fire is too terrifying, it just killed Zi Chen like that. Amongst the younger generation of monstrous geniuses, who could possibly match up to Li Hao with the Li Fire?

Everyone exclaimed in surprise. There was no activity within the fire. The burning fire was also slowly dissipating at this moment.

Haha, no matter how much of a genius you are, no matter how strong you are, you will still turn into ashes in front of my Li Fire. Li Hao laughed, it was full of wild confidence.

There was no more sound from the fire. At the same time, the fire gradually died down and a blurry figure appeared.


Everyone widened their eyes.

Inside the fire, it was not ashes, but a figure.

Golden light surrounded his body as he held a silver spear in his hand. The elemental energy around his body swirled like a diagram of yin and yang, with hot elemental energy lightning on one side and extremely cold elemental energy lightning on the other. They intertwined and rotated with each other, emitting resplendent golden light.

All of the blazing flames and high temperature were blocked outside by the spinning Yin Yang Diagram. And inside the Yin Yang Diagram, Zi Chen was standing straight with his spear in hand, his eyes releasing a cold light and his body surging with energy.

Zi Chen is still alive.

The Li Fire didn't harm him at all.

Zi Chen had once again created a miracle, and even the Li Fire did not burn him down.

Unfortunately, this is not the real Li Fire, but only a preliminary comprehension. If it were the real Li Fire, Zi Chen would have definitely died today.

What a pity, what a pity.

But even if it's the Li Fire that has just been comprehended, it's extraordinary for Zi Chen to be able to block it.

On the high platform, a few of the Imperial Sky experts spoke out, but their words contained a sense of schadenfreude.

What? You can even block my Li Fire? Li Hao was overwhelmed with shock and his face changed as he looked at Zi Chen in disbelief.

The Yin-Yang Energy slowly rotated. After today's consecutive battles, Zi Chen's understanding of the compatibility between Yin and Yang deepened, allowing him to create a shield that protected him from the Li Fire.


Zi Chen held his spear and shattered the remaining flames of the Li Fire. He took a step forward, his eyes cold and filled with killing intent.


As his cold voice fell, Zi Chen transformed into a beam of the Light and charged towards Li Hao.


Amongst the Silver spear, an Golden Light shot out. This was the lightning from the Extremely Yang, and it was very powerful, directly pushing Li Hao back.

Zi Chen's comprehension of Yin and Yang deepened and his attack power became even stronger, and at the moment, his was suppressing Li Hao.


Spear light flashed, and like a Golden Dragon, it rushed towards Li Hao.

A loud sound came out, causing Li Hao to retreat immediately as he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

Zi Chen's fighting strength was much stronger than before, and his injured body was also gradually recovering under the influence of the mysterious heart.


Li Hao was once again swept flying by the golden light, the battle turned out to be one-sided. Under Li Huo's attack, Zi Chen's understanding towards the Yin-Yang Energy deepened, his fighting strength increased even more.

Li Hao was forced to retreat as he coughed out blood.

Li Fire! Li Hao roared, the flames around his body surging once again, like many fire dragons, they quickly rushed towards Zi Chen.


The Yin-Yang Energy around Zi Chen grew even stronger, and rushed out of his body. It was like a gigantic Yin Yang Diagram, causing ripples on the outside, while the Yin-Yang Energy spread out and directly forced Li Hao to retreat.

I don't believe it. Li Hao's hair was in disformation, his face was ferocious, and his body was stained with blood. Light flashed in front of him, and a palm-sized small sword appeared.

Luminous light circulated around the small sword, like ripples in water, and the instant it appeared, a terrifying aura spread out.

The entire battle stage was locked on by a chill in the next moment.

This is... Forbidden Artifact!

At the same time, Zi Chen's expression instantly changed. He never thought that Li Hao would actually possess a forbidden artifact.

Haha, Zi Chen, I want to see how you block my forbidden artifacts attack. Li Hao laughed sinisterly, completely berserk, obviously this was his last trump card.

A forbidden artifact was equivalent to a strike from a Sect head level expert.

Furthermore, Li Hao was already prepared. He would use his Spiritual Consciousness to control it and launch a terrifying attack the moment the forbidden weapon appeared.