Thunder Martial Chapter 267 - Cang Meng's Death

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This was an intense collision.

The sky was shaking and the ground was trembling. Ripples appeared on the battle stage, but this time, the formation was unable to dissolve the destructive aura, and after persevering for a few breaths, the light faded, and the elemental formation lost its energy once again. Many large crevices spread on the battle stage.

The head of Wu Yuan suddenly exploded under the might of the destructive aura.

The destructive aura was wreaking havoc and Zi Chen's life and death was unknown. As for Cang Meng, after releasing that strike, he fell on his butt, the strong impact made him cough out blood continuously.

After throwing out that terrifying attack, all of his true Yuan was exhausted. He was gasping for breath. At this time, he didn't have any intention to recover right now. After suffering a heavy blow to his consciousness, he would need a very long time to recuperate. If Zi Chen didn't die from this strike, then he would definitely die.

Whether it was the spectators below, or the surrounding high platforms, or the rogue cultivators, monstrous geniuses, or geniuses, at this moment, all of their gazes were focused on the battle stage.

Waiting for the destructive aura to disappear.

Victory and defeat would be revealed at this moment. Whether Zi Chen had been slashed by this domineering blade, or if Cang Meng would follow in Wu Yuan's footsteps.

Everyone was filled with anticipation.


The destructive aura did not dissipate. Before anyone could even see whether Zi Chen was alive or dead, a silver light rushed out from within the destructive aura.


The speed of the silver light was extremely fast, causing even space to emit ear-piercing hisses, it directly shot towards Cang Meng.

Cang Meng consumed a lot of energy, and the silver light was extremely fast, so he was unable to dodge in time. He could only stare wide-eyed, unable to believe what was happening as the silver light shot towards him.


With a flicker of silver light, it pierced through Cang Meng's chest. A powerful force appeared and brought Cang Meng forward.

The silver light turned into a spear and it raised Cang Meng up in the air. The spear hilt constantly trembled and emitted buzzing sounds.

Everyone was still waiting for the energy to be destroyed and they simply did not expect a silver light to appear, and it happened so quickly. By the time they could react, Cang Meng was already staring at the battle stage.

He opened his eyes wide and looked at the spear that was stabbed in the heart in disbelief, blood flowing out from the wound.

Everyone was flabbergasted. They were all incomparably shocked.

Just like that, a monstrous geniuses was pierced through his heart. The outcome of the battle was too unexpected.

At this moment, a figure walked out from within the destructive energy. His clothes were tattered, and several wounds appeared on his body.

It was Zi Chen, his face was pale, the wounds on his body were numerous, he had clearly been severely injured, and the moment he appeared, he spat out three large mouthfuls of blood.

You...! Cang Meng looked at Zi Chen in shock, his life force was about to dissipate.


Even the battle stage was trembling. When Zi Chen arrived in front of the Cang Meng, he grabbed hold of the spear and with a flash of the light, Cang Meng was thrown into the air. Then, Zi Chen slashed with the spear.


The crowd was in an uproar and was extremely shocked. A monstrous geniuses was actually cut like this, so cleanly and nimbly.

Dead, even Cang Meng is dead.

Even Cang Meng, who possessed a Spirit Armament, was killed. Moreover, the spear is even ranked below his weapon

Zi Chen had consecutively killed two monstrous geniuses in a single day, so it was destined that his name would spread far and wide across the entire Southern region.

Endless rogue cultivators looked at Zi Chen with eyes filled with fanaticism and worship.

A rogue cultivator had killed two monstrous geniuses in one day, and he challenged two people of a higher cultivation level.

Damn it! The expert of the Cang Family was furious, and almost lost control. Cang Meng actually died like this, he was a monstrous geniuses, and moreover, he was the direct descendant of their family.

Below, all the monstrous geniuses looked at Zi Chen differently.

Geng Le had a face full of disdain before, but when he saw Zi Chen killing two great monstrous geniuses in a row, his face also paled.


The eyes of the Chu Family's monstrous geniuses had become colder. It was as if they had turned into true ice and even the air was frozen with their coldness.

He really is extraordinary. Zhu Zicong previously did not even look at him seriously, but when Zi Chen's true fighting strength was displayed, he had no choice but to take him seriously.

Powerful! A monstrous genius of Dayang said after a while as his eyes flashed.

Beheading two monstrous geniuses in a row was enough to prove Zi Chen's strength, and he was even a monstrous genius who had jumped levels to battle. Above the high platform, there was already an Imperial Sky Realm expert who wanted to protect Zi Chen.

They naturally knew just how hard raising a monstrous genius is. Not only do they get an endless amount of resources, there were also various martial techniques, cultivation techniques, and random selections.

However, such monstrous geniuses were killed by a rogue cultivator.

What was a rogue cultivator?

A rogue cultivator had no resources, nor any backings. However, this rogue cultivator was actually able to kill two monstrous geniuses from a great power.


Just as everyone was stunned by Zi Chen's powerful strength, the heaven and earth shook, a red figure flew out, with a speed that was extremely fast, like a bolt of the Lightning, it flew towards the high platform.

Boundless killing intent filled the air, the red light was blinding to the eye, and with a terrifying aura, it charged towards Zi Chen.

Cang Meng's body was directly thrown away. After that, the spear turned into a ray of silver light, and like a silver dragon, it stood in front of him.



A loud sound came out, the silver light exploded and Zi Chen was forced back, his face turned pale white.

Looking ahead, an indifferent youth appeared. It was his strike that had forced Zi Chen back.

Li Family's Li Hao, the last of the three great monstrous geniuses. If Zi Chen were to kill him again, the several great forces would come out to protect Zi Chen.

Zi Chen, I didn't think you still had some tricks up your sleeve, to actually kill Cang Meng and Wu Yuan. But no matter how strong you are, today is still the day you die. Li Hao said coldly, the light around him surging, bringing about endless pressure to everyone.

On the high platform, the group of people were no longer calm.

Zi Chen has already killed two monstrous geniuses, his fighting strength is unquestionable, his potential is deep and unfathomable, this battle should be over. Yongji City's Imperial Sky, upon seeing Li Hao on stage, frowned and spoke in dissatisfaction.

After just two battles, someone's heart was filled with love for this talent.

He said he was going to challenge the three great monstrous geniuses, and that there were only two of them. The expert of Wu Zong Sect said as he shot a glance at the expert of the Liu Family.

Slashing two people in a row doesn't prove his strength, nor does it prove his potential The expert of the Liu Family stared.

It was clearly three matches before, why is it only two matches now? The expert of the Cang Family also said.

Zi Chen had killed Cang Meng and they had spent countless resources to cultivate him so they were not happy at all.

But Zi Chen is already injured, and for him to fight Li Hao with a heavily injured body, don't you think that's shameful?

Zi Chen would have already died if it wasn't for the agreement. If you want this to end, wait for him to win this match. Li Family Imperial Sky Realm expert sneered.

If Zi Chen wins, your family's little fellow will die. The expert of the Yongji City glared at them fiercely.

If he's weak, he deserves to die. The expert of the Li Family snorted, showing his extreme confidence.

That's right, there were only two battles so far. Many opportunities and coincidences happened in these two battles so how can you tell his value? The expert of the Cang Family said.

It's worth it, to kill two monstrous geniuses consecutively, and to fight battles against people at a higher level. If this is not considered valuable, could it be that the dead monstrous geniuses are the real value here? The expert of the Yongji City was very dissatisfied.

Their Yongji City was famous for their artifact forging, but their combat power was not very strong. If they succeeded in recruiting Zi Chen, in the future, their strength would greatly increase.

Liu Mingyong, pay attention to your tone. The expert of the Yongji City's Liu Family's words had attracted the displeasure of both sides. [TN: If you forgot, the Liu Family is in Yongji City. They are basically the owner of the city]

Alright, since there's still one more match, let's continue watching. It's been a very exciting battle, and I haven't seen them in a long time. Wang Zhenwei appeared very calm.

Humph, you sure are confident. Let's see if you can still laugh later The expert of the Li Family sneered.

On the battle stage, Zi Chen held the ancient weapon, his entire body shimmering with golden light, and said coldly, You sure are confident.

You are already injured, can you still fight? If I can't kill you even now, I might as well kill myself with a tofu. Li Hao was very confident, his eyes flashed with a cold light.

Cang Meng and Wu Yuan were very confident in themselves before. They even threatened to kill me, but as it turned out, they were just spouting nonsense. Zi Chen replied indifferently, As for you, for you to step out for the third time and kill me while I'm heavily injured, it is sufficient to see that you are a villain. I, Zi Chen, am an upright and upright person. How could I not be a match for a villain? To be killed by you is an insult to me.

Zi Chen's words were said without mercy in front of the tens of thousands of people. Li Hao was so angry that his face twisted, and his expression turned sinister.

That day, you all plotted to kill me and had the Imperial Sky experts in the dark. If this isn't an act from a vile character, then what is it?

Cut the crap. Let's fight to the death. Li Hao's eyes flashed with killing intent, the red light around his body flickered, like a ball of burning flames, his aura soared to the peak.

You are not fit to be a monstrous geniuses. Since you want to fight to the death with me, that's fine. Since you want to die, then I'll grant you that wish. I'll have the three of you gather underground. The body of the heavily injured Zi Chen shone with a golden light, the silver spear in his hand released a cold light.


The blazing red light emitted out like an endless flame that filled the entire high platform. A tyrannical aura was fully displayed, and like a big ball of heavenly fire, it rushed towards Zi Chen.

Li Arts, Li Family's cultivation techniques, was as famous as the Azure Dawn Secret Art and Wu Zong Sect Art.


With the sound metals clashing, the ancient weapon began to rapidly dance about as it scattered out a large amount of silver light, shooting towards the flames.

The monstrous geniuses battle began once again.


The entire high platform was trembling and the tyrannical energy continued to wreak havoc. The cracks on the surface of the battle stage grew larger and larger, before flying out to release another energy beam. The battle stage had returned to normal.


Li Hao shouted, releasing the Li Family martial techniques. In the sky, endless flames appeared and turned into tangible objects, as though they were sharp blades that cut through the sky, they rushed towards Zi Chen at an extremely fast speed.