Thunder Martial Chapter 266 - Dominance

The battle stage was full of blood stains. This was Wu Yuan's blood, and his head was not far away.

Cang Meng took out the Spirit Armament and instantly suppressed Zi Chen. He was strong and arrogant, laughing out loud, his voice resonating throughout the entire plaza.

But in the next moment, a golden light flashed in front of Zi Chen, and the diamond appeared. This was also a Spirit Armament, although it had lost its essence, it was still a rare refining material.


With a loud sound, like a bell, the diamond collided into the Spirit Armament and the two types of golden and black energy collided.

Zi Chen also took out a Spirit Armament.

It's a golden Spirit Armament. Oh my god, Zi Chen has a Spirit Armament too.

Below, everyone cried out in surprise and felt that this was unbelievable. It was already unexpected that a Spirit Armament had appeared, but they did not expect to see another one.

That is a diamond. It has lost its Golden Essence but it has not completely disappeared. It can be activated with his spiritual consciousness.

Diamond, oh my god, that's an extremely important refining material, one finger long can be used to make a Spirit Armament, and Zi Chen's is as big as a fist, it's definitely a Spirit Armament. Someone cried out in alarm.

It was indeed a Spirit Armament. When the diamond appeared, it was dancing in the air like and its speed as fast as lightning. Even the few people on the high platform were stunned.

They had heard that Zi Chen owned a piece of diamond, but never thought that it would be this big.

Furthermore, not all of the Golden Essence had been lost. It was obvious that the Golden Essence still remained since Zi Chen could control it with his spiritual consciousness.

What a lucky fellow.

Wang Zhenwei sighed repeatedly, a rogue cultivator, with an ancient weapon, inheritance, and previous treasure, his luck was extremely good.

So what if he has a diamond? This Spirit Armament is a waste in his hands. Even if he can control the diamond, his spiritual consciousness is not as strong as Cang Mengs. It's only a matter of time before he gets killed. The expert of the Cang Family said.

That's right, Zi Chen is only a Second Heavenly Layer cultivator and his spiritual consciousness is very weak. He can't compare to a Sixth Heavenly Layer practitioner like Cang Meng. It's only a matter of time before he dies. The expert of the Li Family nodded.

The intense battle continued on at the center of the battle stage. The two beams of golden and black light continuously flickered, clung to each other, and continuously collided with each other.

But the result was exactly the opposite of what the two experts had expected. Zi Chen's attack with the diamond was very sharp, like a golden lightning bolt, constantly flashing, making many difficult movements. It was very nimble, even better than the attacks used by the ancient weapon.

A few of the Cang Meng's fatal attacks were all neutralized by Zi Chen. Furthermore, the skills that Zi Chen used to control the diamond actually embarrassed Cang Meng.


Initially, he had thought of using his own strength to kill Zi Chen but he had been unable to do so for a long time. However, now, he wanted to quickly settle the battle so he took out his Spirit Armament.

But unexpectedly, Zi Chen actually took out the diamond, and even suppressed him. This angered him greatly, and he decided to use the Spirit Armament to kill him.

Spirit Armament, being a weapon that was crafted by an Imperial Sky expert, it possessed unbelievable might. Naturally, it was not as simple as just being fast.

It also had terrifying power.

The Spirit Armament was suspended above Cang Meng's head, and the black light around his body was flourishing even more, its aura becoming even more terrifying. The palm-sized Spirit Armament, at this moment, had turned into a half meter long beast, filled with dense killing intent.

Zi Chen, quickly take action, don't let him activate the Spirit Armament to attack! Amongst the taiji, Old Mo had always been paying attention to this battle, and when he felt the change in the Spirit Armament, he quickly warned Zi Chen.


The diamond was vibrating, shining with a golden light and turning into a ray of light to attack the Spirit Armament.

With a light sound, the Spirit Armament trembled, and the light in its center continued to dissipate, trembling in the air.

Cang Meng's face instantly paled.

The Spirit Armament could only display its true power when it was used by an Imperial Sky realm expert, or when it was used by someone who possessed a powerful spiritual consciousness.

Cang Meng was only in the Zhen Yuan Realm and they have just started cultivating their spiritual consciousness.


The diamond smashed onto the Spirit Armament once again, releasing a loud noise, like a bell, resounding through the entire plaza. Moreover, the strength behind the attack was extremely strong, causing the Spirit Armament to tremble.

When Zi Chen was at the Xiantian Realm, he had cultivated his spiritual consciousness. After that, his spiritual consciousness became stronger after his second tribulation. The golden light was resplendent, naturally, much stronger than Cang Meng's spiritual consciousness.





The diamond kept on hitting the Spirit Armament, causing it to shake non-stop. The black light that was surging around its body was forcibly dispersed, and immediately after, the half meter long Spirit Armament also returned to its original form, becoming the size of a palm, floating above Cang Meng's head.

Zi Chen used all his strength and struck out with his last attack. The diamond was like a meteorite, emitting a dazzling golden light and struck the Spirit Armament, causing it to shake unceasingly. The Spirit Armament trembled, and like a lost Spiritual Energy, it fell from the sky and landed on the battle stage with a thud.


At the same time, Cang Meng also suffered a mental injury from the Spirit Armament, causing him to cough out a large mouthful of blood.

You... How can your spiritual consciousness be so strong? Cang Meng's expression changed, his face filled with disbelief.

Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness was actually stronger than Cang Meng's.

The expert of the Cang Family's face was extremely ugly. When the Spirit Armament came out, the fight was practically over without suspense, but he never expected that Zi Chen's spiritual consciousness was actually stronger than Cang Meng's. He had forcefully suppressed Cang Meng, and had even injured his spiritual consciousness.

The diamond suppressed the Spirit Armament. Oh my god, it truly is worthy of being a precious treasure.

Many people who did not know what was going on were shocked beyond belief and cried out in alarm.

Hah! Cang Meng shouted out explosively, his hair flying wildly. With the long blade in his hands, he began to tremble lightly, and then, one after another. black light surged out and suddenly slashed at Zi Chen. At the same time, he instigated his spiritual consciousness to the Spirit Armament, wanting to harass Zi Chen.


The diamond flashed with a golden light, and struck down on the Spirit Armament, following that, it became a beam of the light, and struck Cang Meng's head.


The silver light flashed like a poisonous dragon, its speed extremely fast.


With a flash of the light, a ray of blood appeared. The spear brushed past Cang Meng's shoulder, leaving a deep scar. If not for Cang Meng dodging at the critical moment, the spear would have pierced his heart with that strike.

Ah...! Cang Meng roared loudly, it was very wild, the cold light in his eyes became even stronger, as though it had solidified into a cold light that shot out, erupting with a terrifying aura. He wanted to fight Zi Chen to the death.

The diamond descended again, and like a heavy hammer, it struck Cang Meng's head. The latter's body trembled, and felt a bit dizzy.


Cang Meng bit his tongue, and the intense pain caused his mind to become clear. Seeing the spear enlarged in his eyes, he tried his best to block, but was only able to barely block one of Zi Chen's attacks.

However, his reaction was obviously slower by a beat, and his body was once again left with a bloody scar.

Although the diamond was not as sharp as the Spirit Armament, it was even heavier than the Spirit Armament.


Cang Meng shouted, the True Yuan around his body surging, wanting to fight Zi Chen head on, but Zi Chen completely ignored him, controlling the diamond to attack from far away, hitting the opponent so hard that his head was spinning. Then, he would use the ancient weapon to launch an unexpected attack.

This was a slow tactic but it was very smart, and could also prevent Cang Meng from doing anything unexpected.

The surrounding spectators were all struck dumb.

What's going on? Cang Meng is actually suppressed?

Earlier, he occupied the absolute top and he even took out his Spirit Armament. His original intention was to kill Zi Chen, but to think that he would be suppressed.

Previously, Cang Meng had always been on the advantage. Zi Chen was only able to passively defend earlier.

At this moment, he was being suppressed and continuously injured. There would always be situations where his life was in danger.

Cang Meng's hair was wildly flying, he roared towards the sky, and his aura crazily surged. He still had a few strong attacks that he had yet to use, and the moment he used them, Zi Chen would naturally be injured.

But at that moment, Zi Chen used the diamond, and struck him until he had no way to resist, while the ancient weapon was like a poisonous snake, digging their way through every crack. In a short moment, his body already had many wounds.

Blood flowed out, dyeing his clothes red. This caused him to look even more miserable, and his expression became even more ferocious.

After continuously retreating, Cang Meng finally found a chance to gather his strength and struck out with a fierce move.

At this moment, the heaven and earth darkened as a thick blade Qi appeared. It was pitch black as it covered the entire world, as if at this moment, the only thing in the world was this blade Qi.

This was one of the Cang Meng's strikes that was infused with spiritual energy. It was the most pinnacle strike he had ever performed, and it was also a domineering and beautiful slash.

As the blade slashed out, the world trembled. A terrifying pressure descended, engulfing everything in its path.

Boundless golden light flashed, and Zi Chen seemed to have put on a layer of golden armor. He transformed into a ray of the Light and rushed forward, the blood in his body surging crazily, as if a True Dragon had awoken, providing him with endless power.