Thunder Martial Chapter 265 - Spirit Armament

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Die! The light in Cang Meng's eyes became brighter, the cold light became brighter, and a ruthless killing intent filled the air.




The blade Qi descended from the sky, and with a ghastly killing intent, it welcomed Zi Chen's golden lightning. However, in the next moment, the blade Qi trembled in the air, and released a clanging sound.

This scene happened very quickly, so fast that Zi Chen couldn't even react to it. A blade Qi that was split into three instantly slashed down.

Zi Chen only had enough time to swing his fist and shatter one of the blade Qis, while the other two blade Qis directly slashed onto Zi Chen's shoulder, causing a terrifying force to dissipate as Zi Chen directly plummeted towards the battle stage.

Zi Chen fell to the ground and caused a huge tremor. The battle stage trembled and Zi Chen retreated a few steps back, each step causing the battle stage to tremble. Only after five steps did Zi Chen stabilize his body.

At this moment, at Zi Chen's shoulder's, there were two wounds, and a bit of blood was shed. Cang Mengs strike would instantly kill other cultivators, but luckily he had a perfect physique and strong defense.

Zi Chen was injured, and his arms were almost cut off.

Everyone below was shocked. Cang Meng's move had changed too quickly. No one had expected it, and all of them felt a chill at the bottom of their hearts.

Everyone's faces changed as they felt the terror of this move.

Fortunately it's Zi Chen, his physique is similar to a demonic beast, if it was anyone else, even if he didn't die from this move, he would still be crippled.

Every single monstrous geniuses has their own unique method. Cang Meng is indeed a monstrous genius.

Everyone exclaimed, many of them were praising Cang Meng's move.

Such a move would definitely be a fatal blow that would catch the opponent unaware.

On the high platform, the Cang Family's Imperial Sky expert nodded his head in satisfaction. The battle had only just started and Cang Meng had already injured Zi Chen.

This time, there won't be any unforeseen events and the result is Zi Chens death. Cang Meng had loved blade techniques since he was young. He was infatuated with blades to an extreme degree, and his talent was very high as well. He was born with the ability to practice the blade, and in terms of the advancement of his blade skills, he was even faster.

That was why the Cang Family did not interfere with Cang Meng.

The others did not say a word as they looked at the battle stage.

The injured Zi Chen's gaze turned much colder, like an angry wolf, and a dangerous aura surged from his body.

It was a spear, shining with a silver light, and had an ancient aura. It was an ancient weapon, and the appearance of it attracted many cries of surprise.

That's an ancient weapon.

The ancient weapon that he had obtained in the trial grounds.

Li Huo and Cang He both died under the ancient weapon.

It is the same for the people from Chenying Valley. Ancient weapons are too terrifying, they are practically invincible.

This was something that wasn't any weaker than a Spirit Armament. The only disadvantage was that it couldn't be controlled with one's will. However, its sharpness and tenacity was a bit stronger than a Spirit Armament.

The true battle has just begun. Zi Chen held the ancient weapon in his hand, his killing intent was intense, the wounds on his shoulder had already slowly healed, Zi Chen's recovery rate was still as astonishing as before.

Hmph, to be able to block my three attacks, you do have some tricks up your sleeves. Cang Meng sneered.

Die. Zi Chen shouted coldly. On the Silver spear, a bright light shone like a silver moon.

Boasting shamelessly, let's see how I'll behead you. Cang Meng shouted coldly. A cold light flashed in his ice-cold eyes, and the long blade in his hands coiled as he suddenly swept it towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen jumped up, the spear danced in his hands, releasing a bright silver light, following the infusion of spirit energy, the spear light rushed forward like a silver dragon, a blinding light illuminated the horizon, without waiting for the blade Qi to be split in mid air, he rushed up and sliced apart the blade Qi.

It was as if a silver dragon had let out a long roar, transforming into a silver light as it charged towards Cang Meng.

Cang Meng raised his blade and swept up the endless blade Qi.

Sparks flew in all directions. The ancient weapon that was invincible, actually did not slice apart the long blade. It was obvious that the long blade was not a common weapon either.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had engaged in a fierce battle of more than ten moves. One of them was silver while the other was black.

Cang Meng's expression was solemn, as though he had entered a mystical realm. The long blade in his hand continued to move, the blade Qi flashed, and no matter how Zi Chen attacked, the opponent could easily resolve it.

Just what is the quality of the Cang Meng's long blade? Even the ancient weapon wasn't able to destroy it.

The ancient weapon is powerful, if it were to come into contact with normal weapons, it would instantly shatter. Cang Meng's black blade has already come in contact with it for over ten times, yet it is not damaged at all.

The cultivators who had seen the sharpness of ancient weapon were extremely shocked at this moment.

Thousand Blade Transformation!




When the Clang was released, the blade Qi trembled in the air and instantly separated. One became two, two became three, and there transformed into many streams of blade Qi.

The blade Qi became a dozen or so, but its aura did not decrease by much, each one containing boundless killing intent.

This move is useless against me. Zi Chen bellowed, the ancient weapon in his hand released a blinding light, his right hand thrusted out like lightning, and in that instant, one spear after another appeared, flying towards the blade Qi at extreme speed.




The spear Qi penetrated through the air and landed on the blade Qi, producing an explosive sound. The two of them dispersed, transforming into natural energy.


The Silver spear in Zi Chen's hand trembled, then, it began to spin extremely fast. It was as if it had turned into a round shield and blocked Zi Chen's head, and also blocked the blade Qi outside.

More than a dozen blade Qis were dispelled by Zi Chen in the end.

But right at this moment, a dangerous aura rose from Zi Chen's heart, and a boundless killing intent surged towards Zi Chen. He didn't have time to think so he could only hurriedly slash forward..


At this moment, he saw clearly what it was that he chopped at. It was a lump of the light, a pitch-black light.


The black light's speed was extremely fast, like lightning, it once again rushed towards Zi Chen.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Zi Chen brandished the spear, blocking multiple attacks, but the black light had a lot of strength, so each attack was able to push him back. After dozens of attacks, Zi Chen was already at the edge of the battle stage.

The black light flew over once again. Zi Chen was furious, he roared and the silver spear released a gold light, transforming into a golden lightning bolt and struck the black light.


A loud dull sound reverberated out, causing the battle stage to shake. The black light that was attacked by the ancient weapon trembled for a moment, then disappeared, revealing what was inside the black light.

It was actually a blade.

This is... a Spirit Armament! A special aura was being emitted from the long blade. Zi Chen cried out in alarm, this was a precious that could be controlled by spiritual consciousness.

Spirit Armament, that's a Spirit Armament.

Cang Meng actually has a Spirit Armament.

Shouts of surprise came from below.

This was a black blade, only the size of a palm. It was extremely sharp, and with every strike that it struck, Zi Chen felt a dangerous aura circulating around it.

Ancient weapon versus Spirit Armament, this is truly a fierce battle between two evenly matched opponents.

Hmph, he has ancient weapon while Cang Meng has a Spirit Armament, it can be considered equal. Noticing the looks from the surroundings, the expert of the Cang Family snorted coldly.

That's right, only a Spirit Armament can resist an ancient weapon. The People of the Li Family nodded.

The others did not say anything, because the battle on the battle stage was not over yet.


The Spirit Armament turned into a ray of the light and flew towards Cang Meng, following that, a wave of killing intent filled the air.

The sky shook, a terrifying aura rippled, and a blade Qi that brimmed with boundless killing intent appeared as it ruthlessly charged towards Zi Chen.

It was another killing move, and its power was very strong. Its bone-piercing killing intent made Zi Chen feel a boundless coldness.

Cang Meng's fighting strength was already terrifying, and now that he had a Spirit Armament, he was like a tiger with wings.

Numerous attacks appeared, and instantly suppressed Zi Chen.

Zi Chen who had just reached the center of the battle stage was once again forced to retreat.

In the audience, Wang Xian'er bit her lips in concern.

Wang Shi's brows also furrowed.

They are shameless to begin with. Wang Shan was also furious.

As for Wang Qiong, his expression did not change, and continued to quietly watch the battle.


Haha, Zi Chen, let's see if you're still alive after this.

He had been suppressing Zi Chen to begin with. Now that his Spirit Armament appeared, Zi Chen no longer had any strength to fight back, and so, Cang Meng laughed out loud in a very arrogant and arrogant manner.


Just as Zi Chen was able to push back an attack, a terrifying attack descended.

I have a Spirit Armament in my hands, and I can also suppress you. How are you going to turn the tables on me? Today is the day you die. The battle stage will be stained in your blood. Cang Meng was overbearing, taking a step forward, causing the battle stage to shake, following that, he unleashed a powerful attack.

It was a fist-sized stone that emitted a faint golden light. It was incredibly heavy, and when it appeared, it was actually floating in the air.


The stone trembled, and turned into a ray of golden light, charging towards the black blade with a speed that was not weaker than the black light.