Thunder Martial Chapter 264 - Battle of Monstrous Geniuses

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Boundless killing intent appeared from the bottom of the expert of the Wu Zong Sect's heart. If not for the people at the side, he would have already killed Zi Chen with a slap.

The current Wu Zong Sect could be said to have lost face. His sect's monstrous genius was actually beheaded by a rogue cultivator, and there was a difference of four levels between the two sides.

This was a true slap to the face. Hearing the cheers from the surroundings, the expert of the Wu Zong Sect's face became even uglier.

Where are my Wu Zong Sect monstrous geniuses? Quickly kill Zi Chen! The expert of Wu Zong Sect felt extremely aggrieved in his heart. He had lost all of his Wu Zong Sect's face today, but he couldn't do anything about it. The face he had lost could only be retrieved by the monstrous geniuses.

He was glad that two monstrous geniuses had come from the Wu Zong Sect.

Everyone was startled when they heard that. They thought that after Zi Chen killed Wu Yuan, he would have to fight with Cang Meng, but they never expected that the expert of the Wu Zong Sect would actually do such a thing.

This time, two monstrous geniuses came to Wu Zong's side. One was Wu Yuan, and the other was Wu Mo. Wu Mo was a mysterious monstrous genius, very few people knew about him. However, from Wu Yuan's eyes, many could see that he was afraid of Wu Mo, so it could be assumed that his true combat power was stronger than Wu Yuan's.

Wu Mo was currently with Miao Kong. Other than when Zi Chen had beheaded Wu Yuan, he was a little dazed and had been acting very indifferent the entire time.

Being stared at by so many people, Wu Mo laughed blandly, both his hands clasped behind his head, still with a lazy look, as though he did not hear the words of his own seniors.

Wu Mo, go on stage now and kill Zi Chen. Wu Mo did not react at all, which made the Imperial Sky Realm expert very unhappy. Right now, he directly called out his name, and his voice spread across the entire plaza.

I am truly sorry, Martial Uncle. My body hasn't been well recently, so I can't fight to the death. Wu Mo took both his hands away from the back of his head, bowed slightly, and immediately refused, not giving the expert any face.

You...! The Imperial Sky expert was furious and instantly stood up. His ice-cold eyes fell on Wu Mo's body.

Master told me that I should not easily make a move. Otherwise, there would be a bloody disaster in the future. Wu Mo said again, but this time he said it seriously.

Hmph, what a load of nonsense. How can a dignified cultivator believe such nonsense! The expert snorted coldly, he was extremely dissatisfied, and turned and shouted towards the plaza, Disciples of my Wu Zong Sect, go and kill Zi Chen.

A clear voice rang out, echoing throughout the entire plaza and causing everyone to become stupefied.

At that moment, everyone was guessing whether this expert of the Wu Zong Sect's brain was broken. The powerful fighting strength that Zi Chen had displayed was something only the monstrous geniuses could do, other than Wu Mo, who else could challenge him?

If a monstrous genius does not appear, who can kill Zi Chen?

Zi Chen, I will kill you!

Suddenly, a loud shout came out, the sound rumbled and resonated through the plaza, following that, a figure rushed out from the stone chair and landed on the battle stage.


As if trampled by a giant, there was a huge tremor. The battle stage was already filled with cracks, but at this moment, it was trembling nonstop, as though it was about to collapse.

It was precisely Cang Family, Cang Meng. He had abandoned his family's martial techniques and wholeheartedly trained with the blade, so he was known as the Blade Madman. He had only cultivated with the blade, which resulted in him being weak if he doesn't have his blade with him.

Zi Chen, let me, Cang Meng, kill you today. In Cang Meng's hands, the Black blade danced, carrying a heavy feeling and a dense killing intent suffused throughout the entire battle stage.

After the great battle just now, the battle stage was riddled with holes and could not withstand another great war of monstrous geniuses. Cracks spread everywhere and some were even a few meters long.


A ray of energy suddenly shot out from the Imperial Sky Stage expert's location and landed on the battle stage, triggering the dim elemental array. In the next moment, rays of the light flashed on the battle stage and the cracks began to heal. After a few breaths, the battle stage returned to normal.

The expert of Wu Zong Sect snorted coldly, he sat back down, a light flashed in his eyes, obviously he was not willing to give up so easily.

Do you dare to accept the challenge? Cang Meng stood on the stage and took a step forward. The battle stage trembled and a terrifying aura spread out as his ice-cold eyes looked straight at Zi Chen, looking overbearing.

Why not? Zi Chen took a deep breath before kicking at Wu Yuan's corpse. With a flash of golden light, the corpse flew out of the stage and crashed into the ground below.

There's still one more spot for you. Zi Chen used the fingers to point at the side where Wu Yuan's head was.

Humph! Cang Meng snorted, the True Yuan around his body surging berserk.

Hmph, Blade Madman? Your heart is no longer pure. There is no longer any domineering aura left, and today, I will definitely be able to kill you. A golden light flickered around Zi Chen's body, and even his eyes emitted a golden light.

He was talking about the incident with the Chenying Valley back then. The three great monstrous geniuses had said that they were challenging him, so they had summoned the Zhanchen Congress and declared that they would kill Zi Chen.

Cang Meng clearly remembered that incident and his face turned ugly. As monstrous geniuses, they were all arrogant, but unfortunately, no matter how arrogant they were, they could not fight against the family.

Cut the crap! Today, I will kill you!

Cang Meng bellowed, his True Yuan rising to its peak, the long blade in his hand trembled, and suddenly dropped.

Zi Chen's body was covered in a resplendent golden light, he used the Nine Thunder Pass, and like a flash of golden lightning, he dodged one attack from the blade Qi.


The entire battle stage was trembling. Suddenly, many rays of the Light appeared on the battle stage, and like a gentle halo, it dissolved into energy.

With the support of formation, its endurance was even more astonishing. Cang Meng's terrifying attack actually did not manage to slash open the battle stage, nor did it cause any cracks to appear.

Are you still a fanatic? I think it's more like an evil blade. You don't deserve to be called a blade fanatic Zi Chen's feet flashed with light as he dodged with extreme speed. At the same time, he mocked Cang Meng's.

Compared to Wu Yuan, Cang Meng's aura was much more vigorous, the blade skills in his hands had even reached the acme of perfection. Zi Chen did not want to risk being heavily injured.

It was very difficult for Zi Chen to kill three monstrous geniuses in a row. At the moment, he could only listen to Old Mo's suggestion to provoke Cang Meng, causing him to go completely crazy and losing his mind.


The glowing blade Qi was more than ten meters long. It circulated with a terrifying aura as it slashed downwards. At this moment, it was as though space itself was split apart as ripples appeared in the void. The might of this slash was extremely strong.


His perfect physique was still powerful.

This was a battle of monstrous geniuses, where both sides were incomparably strong, making it difficult to determine the victor in a short period of time.

Cang Meng was indeed a blade fanatic, being provoked by Zi Chen again and again. However, although his face was turning more and more ugly, his attack was even sharper, the long blade in his hand flashed continuously, and in that instant, he had slashed more than ten times.



His powerful physique was truly astonishing.

Nice physique, but if you meet me, you'll still die. Cang Meng slashed again with his blade, his movements overbearing.

This was a pure blade technique. Cang Meng walked a fierce path, and he had no defense, only attack. Moreover, he advanced bravely, without any fear.



Cang Meng slashed out tens of times like lightning, in the sky and on the ground, there were blade Qis, filling up the entire battle stage.

Cang Meng's blade technique had almost no flaws. Up till now, Zi Chen had always been passively defending and had not taken the initiative to attack. Now, he was being covered in all directions by the blade Qi that filled the sky.


Golden light flickered around Zi Chen's body, releasing myriad of rays of light. Each ray of the light was like a sharp blade, emitting an endless chill.

His eyes were cold and emotionless, filled with endless killing intent. Cang Meng's fighting strength was not weaker than Wu Yuan's, it was another tough battle.



The blade Qi collided with the sword Qi, producing a loud sound. After that it exploded and shattered, causing the entire battle stage to shake.

The blade Qi that filled the battle stage was scattered apart by the Sword Qi. This was one of the terrifying moves from Cang Meng's blade technique, and it was actually easily countered by Zi Chen.

Cang Meng's will was very firm, and no matter how Zi Chen attacked, he remained indifferent. Besides his expression becoming even uglier, his killing intent became even more terrifying, and there were no other reactions.

Humph! The only response he got was a cold snort.


With an explosive shout, the long blade in Cang Meng's hands started to tremble, and a burst of terrifying aura started to dissipate. Immediately after, Cang Meng held onto his blade with both of his hands, and ran around wildly, fiercely slashing at Zi Chen.


The sky suddenly darkened as if night had fallen. A gigantic blade Qi that was tens of metres long appeared in the air, containing a terrifying aura.

Zi Chen's eyes flashed with light, his entire body immediately erupted, like a bolt of golden lightning, he rushed straight towards the blade Qi. The blood in his body surged and his perfect physique provided energy as he waved both of his fists, striking out towards the blade Qi.