Thunder Martial Chapter 263 - Killing Wu Yuan

The battle stage was filled with blood and it was sanguine. It was bright red, exactly the same as the blood stained battle stage that Wu Yuan had mentioned.

But unfortunately, this was not Zi Chen's blood, but Wu Yuans.

On top of the stone chair, everyone was tongue-tied, they did not expect Zi Chen to actually block Za World, and not only that, he was not injured at all.

KILL...! Wu Yuan roared, ignoring his injuries, he rushed towards Zi Chen in anger.

This was a battle that would only end with one side dying.


The sounds of energy collisions continuously sounded from the high platform. The battle had practically been one-sided, and Wu Yuan had already been sent flying for the third time as he coughed out large mouthfuls of blood.

I don't believe that I can't kill you. Wu Yuan's clothes were torn and his entire body was stained with blood. His eyes were red, his hair was disheveled and he was extremely crazed. In today's battle, he had completely lost face. Only by using Zi Chen's blood could he wash away all the humiliation.


Wu Yuan bellowed, his voice was ice cold like an evil spirit, exuding an endless chill. His aura changed once again, and it was filled with aggression, destruction, and terror.

I want you dead!

However, the more powerful the attack, the more powerful the backlash.

Today, he had been humiliated time and time again, and his life was at stake. Even if he had to lie in bed for half a year in the future, he had to kill Zi Chen today.

This... Wu Yuan is risking it all.

Heavens! Once it's unleashed, the enemy will be at death's door even if they don't die. This will determine life and death!

All the cultivators who knew the origins of this move had their expressions turn wild. They knew that the final victor would be revealed in the next moment.

Zi Chen sensed danger and let out a loud shout. The Seal appeared again in his fingers.


With a slight tremble, a large expanse of golden light shone out, bringing along the blazing destructive aura as it transformed into a golden bolt of the lightning and charged towards Wu Yuan.


Wu Yuan shouted loudly. After fusing his Qi and energy, he would launch his last attack, and after that, if Zi Chen did not die, then he would die. If Zi Chen died, then he would also be weakened for a long time, and would suffer an unimaginable backlash.

The battle stage was shaking, and it even spread out a few meters, like a series of large cracks. Even the elemental formations in the middle turned dim, and lost some energy.


The energies collided. After a long while, a thunderous sound was emitted and spread to the surroundings. Moreover, there was a terrifying energy that raged around the battle stage.


The energy rampaged across, and a crack appeared on a ten meter tall battle stage. It immediately shattered, and stone chips flew everywhere as smoke and dust covered the sky.

Immediately after, the second battle stage broke apart. The fragment flew around randomly and was scattered by the energy in an instant.

After that, all of the battle stages exploded and turned into fragments. Only in the middle, the twenty meters long battle stage with the elemental formation was still intact, but it was also on the verge of exploding.

Around the stone chair, who knew how many cultivators were blown away by the energy, many people even fell and sat on the ground.

The clash of these attacks was truly terrifying. It could be said that victory and defeat had been decided in this exchange.

Some of the cultivators' hair and faces were disheveled, and their clothes were all torn apart. Some were swept away by the energy, and accidentally smashed their heads, causing blood to flow out, but they did not seem to have noticed. All of their eyes were wide open as they looked at the battle stage.

The smoke and dust dissipated, and everyone's eyes turned to look at the battle stage, waiting to see who the final victor is.

Wang Xian'er was very anxious, her face full of worry.

It was only Zi Chen's first battle, yet he had already met with such a strong opponent. It was unknown whether Zi Chen was still alive or not.

At the other side of the crowd, Li Hao and Cang He looked at the battle stage with a serious expression.

Just as they were anxiously waiting, a figure finally appeared on top of the battle stage. He staggered and couldn't even stand properly.

It's Wu Yuan!

Upon seeing the figure that stood up, everyone cried out in alarm.

It's Wu Yuan, it's actually Wu Yuan.

Wang Xian'er's expression instantly changed, her eyes were filled with disbelief. And Miao Kong, at this moment, also felt that it was inconceivable, how could it not be Zi Chen.

One must know that Zi Chen had always been very strong before. He didn't even get injured when he blocked Za World

How was this possible?

Everyone revealed an expression of disbelief, feeling that everything was inconceivable.

It's because the martial techniques was too terrifying.

That's the ultimate martial technique, and Wu Yuan is also four levels higher than Zi Chen. It's normal for Zi Chen to be no match for him.

A sigh came from the crowd. A monstrous geniuses actually fell just like that.

On top of the battle stage, there were many cracks that were one or two meters wide and many meters long, and at this moment, Wu Yuan's eyes were wide open, looking in front of him with disbelief as a miserable figure crawling out from the crack.

It was Zi Chen. At this moment, many cracks appeared on his clothes, his hair had also become disheveled, and his face was somewhat pale. That strike just now had heavily injured him.

Zi... Zi Chen... You... You're not dead yet? Looking at Zi Chen in front of him, Wu Yuan felt as if he had seen a ghost, and even his voice began to tremble.

He didn't die, Zi Chen actually didn't die!

This is too terrifying, he actually didn't die from such a strike

Seeing Zi Chen's appearance, the crowd exclaimed. This time, it was the many rogue cultivators that shouted and everyone started to cheer.

Zi Chen did not die, and was full of energy, he had defeated a monstrous genius from a great power.

His eyes were still cold as he looked at Wu Yuan, as if he was looking at a dead man, I already said, you are just a cannon fodder. Since they sent you to your death, I will fulfill their wish and send you on your way.

His words were calm, but emitted an endless chill, and Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light as he walked forward.

No... I don't believe it! Wu Yuan roared, his expression sinister and terrifying. He then wildly activated all the True Yuan in his body and prepared to strike again.

Zi Chen was full of energy, his speed was very fast, and like a ray of golden lightning, he arrived in front of Wu Yuan in a blink of an eye.


As the golden light flashed, a head flew up and landed at the side of the battle stage, rolling around for a few rounds. Then, it stopped there, looking like it had been hung up high in the sky.

Wu Yuan's body had not fallen yet. On the headless body, fresh blood spewed out, reaching two metres high, like a rain of blood, sprinkling onto the battle stage

The battle stage had turned completely bloody.


A monstrous geniuses died just like that.

Furthermore, his head had been chopped off and blood was splattered on the battle stage

At this moment, no one said a word, even the monstrous geniuses were no longer calm. Zi Chen was able to kill Wu Yuan who was four levels higher than him.

If both sides were at the same level, they would have suspected that Wu Yuan would be killed in one move.

Suddenly, a light cough broke the silence in the plaza. Zi Chen coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood, but this mouthful of blood was nothing compared to Wu Yuan's headless body that spat blood.

At this moment, only then did everyone react. The silent square instantly emitted a roaring sound, causing a sharp scream to ring out.

The sound waves were like waves that were constantly being transmitted.

Wu Yuan is dead. Zi Chen killed a monstrous geniuses.

His Second Heaven has actually slayed a Sixth Heaven monstrous genius. This is a true monstrous genius. [TN: My bad, the author said he was two levels behind Wu Yuan a while back so I kept putting two levels behind. Guess it's actually four levels. Anyways, I changed it all]

That's great, that's great. Wang Xian'er jumped in joy. Zi Chen was still alive and had killed him.

Don't be happy too early, but there are still two matches left. Wang Shi poured cold water on them at the right time, causing Wang Xian'er to be extremely dissatisfied.

Terrifying, truly terrifying.

The eyes of the other monstrous geniuses on top of the stone chair also constantly flashed, it was unknown what they were thinking about.

Dammit, he actually killed Wu Yuan.

The faces of the people from the big powers were ugly, but on the high platform, the faces of the Wu Zong Sect's expert were equally ugly. Previously, he had shamelessly said with full confidence that Wu Yuan could kill Zi Chen in just a dozen moves.

But the two sides, after exchanging hundreds of blows, were unable to determine victory or defeat.

He also said that Wu Yuan could use Za World to kill Zi Chen, and everything would end here.

But in the end, Wu Yuan used a destructive move, a martial technique that would cause a great backlash. However, he did not even manage to kill Zi Chen, and was instead killed by him.

Hehe, not bad, little fellow. As expected of the so-called unparalleled monstrous genius The man from the Yongji Liu Family laughed, and looked at Zi Chen with eyes full of praise.

Yes, he has a lot of potential. The only girl present, the monstrous genius of the Bright Moon Pavilion, also gave a rare compliment.

Compared to Zi Chen who was praised, the dead Wu Yuan was only a dead man. Not only did he die, the few people who thought highly of him before had also been humiliated.

The few Imperial Sky experts who were optimistic about Wu Yuan previously did not say a word, their expressions extremely unsightly.

The expert of Wu Zong Sect was flustered and anxious. He suddenly stood up and looked at Zi Chen with cold eyes.