Thunder Martial Chapter 261 - Fighting Wu Yuan

The sky shook, and a huge palm print appeared. The palm print was pitch black, and it was more than ten meters long and it contained a terrifying aura.

This is the Shatterpalm!

The famous Killing Technique of the Wu Zong Sect.

Everyone exclaimed, they never thought that Wu Yuan would use a Killing Technique on his first strike. His power was unparalleled, he obviously had the confidence to destroy Zi Chen.

Who do you think you are? Go and die. Wu Yuan's eyes flashed with a cold light. Following his Spiritual perception, the pitch-black palm print above his head landed, and circulated with a terrifying aura.

This was the Wu Zong Sect's killing Technique, its power was peerless and even Old Mo had praised it before. Now that Wu Yuan had used it, the power of his attack was naturally very strong..

Wu Yuan was very strong, and his realm was much higher than his, so Zi Chen did not dare be careless. The golden light around his body was even brighter, as if it was cast out of gold, shining brilliantly, to the point that people could not even open their eyes.


When the palm print landed on his head, Zi Chen clenched both his fists, the golden Qi inside him surged and his entire body shot up into the sky like a ray of golden light, rushing forward.


A dull explosion came out and Zi Chen actually shattered the palm print with his fist.

This is your powerful strike? Only mediocre. Zi Chen coldly said, as streams of spirit energy swirled around his body.

The difference in strength between the two sides was very large. Zi Chen being able to destroy Wu Yuan's attack also caused everyone to be stunned.

This little guy isn't weak, and his battle prowess is very high as well. Wang Zhenwei had a light smile on his face, as he thought that Zi Chen would win.

The previous attack was just a test, the disparity between their strengths is too great. Within twenty moves, Wu Yuan will be able to kill him. The expert of the Wu Zong Sect said confidently.

A terrifying aura surged around Wu Yuan. He had already walked very far in terms of the Zhen Yuan Realm and had mastered several types of killing Technique.

Kid, you're just a mere second heaven. How are you going to fight me? I was just probing you just now. Wu Yuan scoffed coldly, with extreme disdain.

So what if I'm at the Second Heaven? Zi Chen replied coldly, his entire body glowing with a golden light, blocking the incoming attack.

Die! The pressure that descended carried a terrifying aura as it swept across the area and headed straight for Zi Chen to destroy him. Even though he did not use martial techniques this time, it was clear that this strike was more terrifying than the previous one.

This was an attack made purely with strength, Wu Yuan wanted to use his realm's superiority to defeat Zi Chen in one fell swoop.


The attacks of the two were powerful and terrifying and the entire high platform was trembling.



The two of them were like a ray of the light as they charged at each other. At this moment, they chose to take the initiative to attack.

The two rays of the light continued to stick together and attack. Sounds of collisions of energy continuously rang out, like deafening thunder exploding in the sky.

A berserk energy engulfed the entire high platform, and a destructive aura rippled. As each move was released, the entire high platform trembled.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had exchanged more than ten moves with each other as fast as lightning.

Below, everyone looked up in shock at the two people on the stage. Compared to the previous battle of geniuses, The monstrous geniuses Battle was much more exciting.

I wonder who was so confident that Wu Yuan would win in twenty moves? The two of them exchanged more than ten moves in the blink of an eye, the Yongji Liu Family laughed sinisterly.

Wu Yuan just did not use his full strength. Within fifty moves, Zi Chen is definitely going to die. The expert of the Wu Zong Sect scoffed.

They had their own contradictions with Zi Chen, so they naturally would not side with him.


The high platform was trembling, the two fought faster and faster, many of the cultivators could only see two beams of the light and could not see the actual fighting moves. In the midst of the explosions, they had already exchanged more than a hundred moves, yet they were still unable to determine the victor.

The expert of Wu Zong Sect didn't speak anymore, and the only thing that could be seen was that his expression was extremely unsightly. As for the person who spoke up for Wu Yuan earlier, he also became silent.

The entire high platform was filled with terrifying spirit energy and a terrifying aura continuously rippled and a large amount of golden light scattered.

Wu Yuan shouted, his robes flapping wildly. After a long time, he had no advantage over Chen Feng so he got angry. His hands formed a seal, and a brilliant light flashed as a gigantic sword appeared, dozens of meters in length.

The sword was black, and surrounding its body was filled with a terrifying aura. It then slashed forward, causing space to tremble and ripples to appear.

A wave of Killing Intent filled the entire battle stage. This was the other killing Technique of the Wu Zong Sect, and it was also very powerful.

Azure Peak Slash!

A cold light flashed in Zi Chen's eyes, similarly not wanting to be outdone. The Golden Light jumped from his fingers, and with the appearance of a golden blade, it rushed forward with an aura that was not weaker than that of the black sword.

This was a terrifying collision, the explosion of terrifying energy, it seemed like even the Battlestage could not take it anymore, and was about to collapse.

On top of the high platform, Wang Zhenwei raised his eyebrows when he saw Zi Chen use the Azure Peak Slash, and swept his gaze over the stone chair below.

Azure Peak Seal!

But right after, the Seal in Zi Chen's hand rose up again, and a huge golden seal that was more than ten metres long appeared. It was like a mountain as it descended from the sky with an extremely heavy aura.

Although its color and aura was different, Wang Zhenwei still recognized that it was their clan's Azure Peak Seal.

At the same time, on the other side of the high platform, the expressions of Wang Qiong and the others had also changed.

Wang Shan stuck out his tongue, and retreated a step without leaving a trace, allowing Wang Qiong's and Wang Shi's gaze to fall on Wang Xian'er, who was anxiously watching the battle.

Zi Chen, go and die.

The golden seal exploded with a loud sound. Wu Yuan rushed out, his entire body surging with terrifying spirit energy as he charged towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen's eyes were cold and emotionless, his face had killing intent, this was a battle that would not end until one side died.


The entire Battlestage trembled, and golden light scattered down. With a heavy punch, Wu Yuan was smashed flying.


Zi Chen rushed forward as both of his fists punched out. One after another, Golden Light began to bloom, like two giant millstones, as they smashed towards Wu Yuan.

A terrifying aura revolved, and Wu Yuan similarly bellowed as he struck out with his most powerful attack.

A violent clash sounded. Even the Battlestage had begun to tremble and cracks began to spread.




The powerful blow caused Wu Yuan to take a few steps back. His face was pale white, extremely ugly to behold, he was actually suppressed.

Too terrifying, is Zi Chen really only in the Second Heaven?

Wu Yuan is powerful, but he was actually able to fight Zi Chen to a draw.

A Second Heaven actually suppressed the Sixth Heaven. This is not a normal battle, it's a battle with monstrous geniuses.

Zi Chen was four levels lower than Wu Yuan, but he was evenly matched, with Zi Chen at the top.

Unparalleled combat power!

With a difference of four levels, as well as the ability to suppress Wu Yuan, even if he loses in the end, Zi Chen would still obtain honor from his defeat.

However, Zi Chen could not lose. In this life-and-death battle, defeat meant death, and he did not want to die.


In Wu Yuan's hand, a light flashed and a sharp weapon appeared. This was a weapon that was refined by an imperial sky realm expert, although it could not compare to a Spirit Armament, its tenacity and sharpness was extremely extraordinary.

The surface of the weapon flickered with cold light and revealed a dense killing intent. This was a sharp weapon, Wu Yuan did not know how many people he had chopped killed using it but the ruthless killing intent within it could captivate one's mind.

Man and weapon becoming one, Wu Yuan seemed to have turned into a ray of light, shooting straight towards Zi Chen's face.


Zi Chen raised his hand to block it, and a large amount of golden light appeared in his palm. He was forced several steps back, and on his palm, a scar appeared.


Wu Yuan's attack only caused a little wound?

The expressions of the experts also slightly changed. Zi Chen's physique was really shocking.

Wu Yuan's face also changed a few times, following that, he bellowed, turned into a ray of the light, and rushed forward again.

Scram! Zi Chen shouted explosively. The golden blood and energy in his body surged nonstop, like a completely awakened dragon, providing Zi Chen with endless strength.

He clenched his fist and raised it. Large amounts of golden light scattered about as he charged towards the weapon with his flesh and blood.




Zi Chen punched out repeatedly, his speed was extremely fast, like raindrops falling. The battlestage was shaking and produced a large amount of golden light.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every single fist was imbued with a terrifying power. After the last fist landed, many crackings appeared above the sharp weapon, and in the end, it exploded with a loud bang.