Thunder Martial Chapter 260 - Battle Of Geniuses

Cangli City!

Stone chairs had already been erected around the city center plaza, and at this time, a lot of people had already gathered.

No one wanted to miss the once in a hundred year gathering of geniuses.

The surroundings of the stone chairs had long since become a sea of people. All kinds of cheers and shouts could be heard, forming wave after wave of noise.

In the center of the plaza, there were several high platforms, all of them were at least ten metres tall.

One of the twenty meters tall high platforms was so eye-catching, taller than the other high platform by ten meters, and it was even more sturdy. The stone walls around the high platform were all engraved with words.

Genius Party!

The three forces were very confident that they could kill Zi Chen.

Ah... It's here, it's here!

Amidst the exclamations, a group of people appeared. Many monstrous geniuses and geniuses also walked towards their respective seats.

That's Wang Qiong, the number one monstrous genius of Cloud City. I wonder who he's going to fight with today.

That's Wang Xian'er, she's so beautiful.

The monstrous geniuses all went up on stage one by one, causing many people to shout in shock, the sound waves were like surging waves, surging around the plaza.

Zi Chen, as long as you can kill the three of them, the various major powers will come out to protect you.

Miao Kong appeared at the same time as Zi Chen, the latter said with a voice transmission.

Zi Chen nodded.

Zi Chen has appeared.

Zi Chen, I love you.

As the well-deserved King of Fame, the appearance of Zi Chen naturally caused even more cheers, especially from the rogue cultivators.

It was because Zi Chen was just a rogue cultivator, yet he could actually cause all the large powers to join forces and cause them to lose their temper.

Zi Chen's popularity was high, upon his appearance, all the voices were drowned out, and only the cheers for Zi Chen sounded out.

That's right. Kill the three great monstrous geniuses.

Excited voices sounded from the crowd.

That's right, kill the three great monstrous geniuses.

Immediately afterwards, sounds like waves of sound continuously rang out.

Zi Chen frowned, his expression turning ugly, while the faces of Miao Kong and the rest also changed.


There were some special spots around the high platform, and on them sat the experts of various forces. They were the real experts, and had long established their prestige.

It seems like this little guy has offended quite a few people. On the high platform, Wang Zhenwei heard the shouts and smiled slightly.

This little guy is lawless. He doesn't put any of the other powers in his eyes, so it's normal for him to offend some people. Someone beside him chuckled.

There were a total of ten experts present, representing the various powers.

This guy is showing off too much. It will be hard for him to see the light of day. An old man spoke up.

It is your people from the Heaven Killing Pavilion that cannot see the light of day. Young people should be full of vigor and fighting strength. The expert that was talking was from Yongji City and some of his disciples were killed by the killers from the Heaven Killing Pavilion.

As soon as this child appeared, he immediately stepped on top of the heads of major powers and began to attack and killed their disciples with ill intent. This time around, the odds are against him. The Chu Family man spoke coldly.

Why didn't you say that a disciple of your family offended him first? Next to him, a cold voice called out. This was a beautiful middle-aged woman. She was the only woman among the ten.

Everyone, there's no need to argue. In this battle, if Zi Chen dies, it will also be his fate. But if he lives, then I, Wang Zhenwei, representing the Wang Family, will naturally protect him. Wang Zhenwei chuckled.

It's still too early to say anything now. Let's wait for him to live first. However, the chances are not high. The expert of the Wu Zong Sect spoke up.

Because of Zi Chen, this time, the monstrous geniuses did not make a move but we can take a look at the competition among the geniuses and see what kind of geniuses have appeared over the years.

The expert of the Danyang City slightly smiled.

Just at this time, a beautiful woman also appeared on a high platform.

Thank you all for coming to Cangli City, the Genius Party that gathers once every hundred years, begin now.

The competition is divided into two stages. The first is the battle of geniuses, and the second is the monstrous geniuses Challenge Competition.

After saying a few more things, the woman continued, Right now, the first battle between geniuses will begin. As for the rewards...

The first place's reward is ten thousand Yuan Stone.

Second place, five thousand.

The third is three thousand.

The victor will be witnessed by the experts of the major powers. In this battle of geniuses, everyone must remember that our friendship comes first and our battle comes second.

The woman left the high platform. She was obviously an expert as well, as her figure was as light as a swallow.

Afterwards, the geniuses that had been prepared all took to the air.

The battle instantly began, with many different coloured attacks filling up the high platform.

Above the stone table, many cultivators raised their heads and watched with relish as they cheered. However, the monstrous geniuses were not interested, as they were looking forward to the second round.

Naturally, it was Zi Chen who wanted to fight the three great monstrous geniuses the most.

That was also the main highlight of this gathering of geniuses.

To the geniuses, not only the Cangli City, but even the entire Southern region did not have a single accurate measurements that defines their strength.

This caused many geniuses to rush into the Battlestage, and there were many who lost to just one move.

God damn. Scram! People like you are even geniuses!

Amidst the cheers, there would occasionally be some people shouting and cursing. It was clear that not everyone was watching the match from an appreciative angle. There were also some people who didn't have the qualifications to come up onstage, but were very anxious as they continuously cursed and spoke rudely.

Idiot! You're not strong enough, yet you still dare to get on the stage? Are you trying to embarrass yourself?

You can't even tell a genius from a fool, the farther the better.

There was a small commotion in the crowd, and quite a few people were cursing. Although it caused a lot of revulsion, they were still acting on their own.

The battle of geniuses, the most important thing to do is to participate. Everyone, don't get excited. An indifferent voice spread throughout the entire arena. Those who were scolding felt as if their hearts were being hammered by a heavy hammer. They suddenly trembled and remained silent.

Occasionally, one would be injured or maimed, but they wouldn't die. The overall situation developed according to how their friendship came first and their competition came second.

But because there were too many geniuses, it would take a long time to get out of the top ten.

If it was previous sessions, monstrous geniuses would all fight, and the final battle for the top ten would also be The monstrous geniuses Battle. At that time, the atmosphere would be very hot, but this session, without monstrous geniuses participating in the battle, although the top ten would be fierce, there would be one less type of passion.

Five days later, the top ten were finally decided. After that, the representatives of the Cangli City sent out their prizes one by one.

The result was as expected and there wasn't any unexpected dark horse, as the top ten were all people from the great powers.


After the rewards were given out, heaven and earth suddenly shook, following that, a figure jumped towards the high platform.

Zi Chen, do you dare to fight me? Wu Yuan stood on top of the battle stage and let out a loud shout as his voice surged and a boundless aura surged. In the battle of monstrous geniuses, Wu Yuan was the first to take the stage.


The people on the stone table were in an uproar, they never thought that the three great monstrous geniuses would be so anxious. The geniuses had just received their reward but Wu Yuan had already jumped on the stage. Moreover Wu Yuan had actually persuaded the other two, so he was the first one to go up.

Seems like he is full of confidence. He feels that he could kill Zi Chen in one move. Another expert nodded.

He has the demeanor of our Wu Zong Sect. The expert of Wu Zong Sect was very satisfied.

Wu Yuan has inherited the Wu Zong Art, his fighting strength is strong, Zi Chen will definitely die, I wonder how many moves he can endure?

That's hard to say. According to his usual battle record, he should be able to last for more than ten moves.

Other than that, the big powers who had conflicts with Zi Chen also did not look favorably on him.

Everyone's eyes fell on Zi Chen.

Two years ago, Zi Chen appeared out of nowhere and had always been challenging those who were stronger than him, the monstrous geniuses.

Whether he would pass through this trial along the way, or end it here, everything would depend on Zi Chen.

Zi Chen raised his head, looked at Wu Yuan, and said coldly, If they want you to be their cannon fodder, then I will grant you your wish, and kill you first.

As soon as he finished speaking, Zi Chen jumped up with a tap of his feet and instantly appeared above the high platform.

Today, I have come to kill you. I will make your blood stain the Battlestage and hang your head high. Wu Yuan spoke coldly, his aura sweeping across the entire high platform.

Kill me. Let's see if you have the qualifications to do so. I think that the final result is me killing you! Zi Chen took a step forward, and the Battlestage began to tremble. Gold colored Qi surged into the sky, covering more than half of the sky.

Before this, you were constantly fleeing. This time, let's see where you can run to. The two of us won't stop until we die. Wu Yuan's eyes revealed a cold light, he walked forward step by step, like a giant that caused the high platform to tremble.


Step by step, the two approached each other, and when the distance between the two was more than 10 metres, under the expectant gazes of the crowd, Wu Yuan finally made his move.

The sky shook and a huge palm print appeared, revolving with destructive auras.