Thunder Martial Chapter 26 - Benefits

.....Half a day ago.....

After Zi Chen left, Lin Xue went to Su Mengyao.

The same small house, the same flower fragrance, the same mood.

Senior Sister, please find a way to help Zi Chen Lin Xue came in and said anxiously.

There were only a few people that dared to enter Su Mengyao's room in a blatant manner and Lin Xue was definitely one of them.

What's wrong Xue'er? What happened to Zi Chen? Su Mengyao was wearing a spotless white dress and was sitting on a chair saw that Lin Xue had arrived and asked in a soft voice.

He offended some people again... Lin Xue explained all the matter that had happened, all over again.

First he offended Wang Meng, next was Wang Xiong and then Wu Sheng, the last is Luo Men.

Su Mengyao frowned after she heard what happened, a moment later, she indifferently said You used to say that Zi Chen is very calm, so why is he so impulsive now? If he has a method to resolve it, then it's fine, if not, then there is no need to worry about him anymore. This is the kind of person that will act without any consideration and disregard any consequences, even if I save him this time, he will die miserably next time.

Such an arrogant behavior, even those second generation young masters can't compare to him. Others at least have a background and the qualification to be arrogant, what does he have?

Su Mengyao's words were very blunt but they were the truth, Lin Xue was unable to refute them. Actually, she also agreed with Su Mengyao's view in her heart, the way that Zi Chen handled matters today was lacking of percipience.

But what Zi Chen did is also excusable, his quota was seized. Lin Xue unwillingly said.

It is precisely because his quota was seized that he should be calm, rather than just act in a fit of anger. The quota is important, but if he loses his life, even if he got the quota, what use does it have? Su Mengyao indifferently replied

Suddenly, Su Mengyao chuckled and said,But what Zi Chen said was right, if he really killed Wu Sheng, nobody could fight over the quota with him. But, although nobody would fight against him, he would suffer from the anger of the second elder, perhaps he would get charged with the crime of killing his fellow disciple and then he would be expelled from the sect.

Lin Xue left dejectedly, she did not have any other means to help Zi Chen, at least not right away.

Everything depends on Zi Chen now.


At the same time, Wang Xiong and the others had also gathered.

Zi Chen this motherf*cker, is he a mad dog? Wang Meng could not bear but curse angrily. He hated Zi Chen to the very core. He was at the sixth Layer of True Qi, also had a rank two martial technique, but in the tournament he only got fifth place, he lost all his face this time.

This group gathered together, not only to discuss on how to deal with Zi Chen, but they also heard that Zi Chen offended Wu Sheng and Luo Men.

As everyone knows, Wu Sheng is a person of the second elder. He is also a core disciple so nobody dares to provoke or touch him. As for Luo Men, he was arranged at the most favorable place in the inner sect, naturally he was not simple either.

Although he was at the eighth Layer of True Qi, Wang Xiong couldn't be compared with him.

Zi Chen has offended the two of them, he will not live for long anymore, but they will not act for a while, so we might as well take the lead. Wang Xiong said.

Zi Chen had offended him before, he naturally can't let Zi Chen off.

In addition, if he kills Zi Chen, perhaps he might even please Luo Men and Wu Sheng, it can be said as killing three birds with one stone.

If we kill Zi Chen, will it make senior brother Luo Men and Wu Sheng be discontented? Some people asked worriedly.

No, due to their status, they cannot deal with Zi Chen immediately, but in their heart, they wish that Zi Chen would die earlier. Wang Xiong said.

Very good, I, Wei Lin, will kill him now. A youth stood up suddenly, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Wei Lin, you want to go? But you are at the sixth Layer of True Qi. Did you break through? Wang Xiong looked at Wei Lin surprisingly.

I broke through yesterday, I'm at the seventh Layer of True Qi now. It should be enough to deal with Zi Chen. Wei Lin laughed confidently and said I will go deal with him now.

Are you crazy? This is the first day and you want to kill him, at least wait until tomorrow morning. Wang Xiong stared and said.

Hehehe, I forgot, I will let him live for another day. Wei Lin smiled.


Early the next morning, Wei Lin arrived in front of Zi Chen's residence.

Zi Chen, come out! Wei Lin shouted loudly.

Zi Chen was currently refining the last two True Qi Pills so he naturally wouldn't pay any attention to him.

Zi Chen, get out, this Lord Wei has some matter to look for you. Another loud shout burst forth.

Zi Chen had not even appeared yet, but there were already many inner sect disciples around, some of them knew Wei Lin, they were surprised for a moment.

Wei Lin, who was at the sixth Layer of True Qi, stood alone outside Zi Chen's door. Yesterday, Zi Chen had defeated Wang Meng and Wu Sheng, that were both at the sixth Layer of True Qi. And now Wei Lin was looking for trouble with Zi Chen at this moment. This puzzled a lot of people

Can it be that this Wei Lin is courting death? He's only at the sixth Layer of True Qi and he actually dares to look for trouble with Zi Chen?

Only at the sixth Layer of True Qi also and dares to come, does he think that he is stronger than Wu Sheng? He is simply courting death.

Rather than courting death, he looks confident, it is possible that his strength has already made a breakthrough. Wei Lin is very close with Wang Xiong.

There were all sorts of discussions going around

Come out, Zi Chen, this Lord Wei has some matters to look for you. Wei Lin shouted arrogantly again and again, but there was no activity at all from Zi Chen's room.

In Ling Wu sect, there are rules that do not allow fights within the sect. If inner sect disciples had a grudge, they could resolve it on the battle stage. Although Wei Lin wanted to kill Zi Chen very much, he did not dare to wreck the door of his residence.

Therefore, everyone heard the sound of Wei Lin's furious shouting, but there was not any movements coming from Zi Chen's residence at all

Is Zi Chen not in his residence? Some people could not help but guess.

He shouted for nearly a quarter of an hour and there were still no movements in Zi Chen's residence, just as Wei Lin was guessing that Zi Chen wasn't in his room, the door suddenly opened.

Which dog was shouting outside? Zi Chen stretched himself with an appearance that he had just woken up.

You son of a bitch were sleeping? And who did you say was a dog? Seeing Zi Chen's appearance, Wei Lin's anger burned immediately.

The one who was shouting is the dog. Zi Chen said coldly.

You are the dog! Wei Lin was furious and he shouted once again.

Zi Chen. From the distance a light shout came, a white dressed Lin Xue arrived in front of Zi Chen, she whispered: His name is Wei Lin and from the rumors, he only has the strength of the sixth Layer of True Qi. He is very close with Wang Xiong. Since he dares to come, it seems that he has broken through, you be careful, do not provoke him.

How do you know? Zi Chen was surprised.

Miao Kong told me. Lin Xue said.

Miao Kong was standing amongst the crowd and did not come.

Their eyes met, Zi Chen expressed his gratitude with his eyes and then looked at Wei Lin and said Mad dog, you knocked at my door early in the morning, what's the matter?

You... Wei Lin was furious, he calmed himself and suppressed his anger and coldly said This Lord comes to borrow something from you.

Borrow what?

Give me, Wei Lin, some face, lend me nine True Qi Pills.

Who do you think you are? Do I even know you? Is your face worth nine True Qi Pills? Zi Chen looked at Wei Lin as if looking at some idiot

Zi Chen's words were very rude because the opposite party was looking for trouble.

Good fellow, if you don't give me face then come to the battle stage with me for a life and death match. Wei Lin said.

Idiot, are you retarded? Zi Chen said ridiculously.

Bastard, you just insulted me, I want to challenge you. Wei Lin said in a high voice, as if he owned this place.

Why should I agree with you, idiot. Zi Chen said again.

Because you insulted him, we can testify for that, you must accept the challenge. The crowd separated, Wang Xiong and the others had arrived.

Because you said that I insulted him, I did? Zi Chen looked at Wang Xiong.

He had refined nine True Qi Pills in a single night, Zi Chen now has the physique of a rank seven beast and the strength of the sixth Layer of

True Qi. Although he is unable to defeat Wang Xiong who is at the peak of the eighth Layer of True Qi, but if both sides fought, the opposite party definitely couldn't kill him.

That's right, we can testify for him, it's the rule of the Ling Wu sect, since you were the first to insult him, you can't decline the challenge. Wang Xiong sneered and said.

Zi Chen was very clear, this was a trap that was prepared for him.

He can't decline.

Challenge? If there is no reward, don't blame me for not complying. Zi Chen smiled coldly, since he must fight, then he must strive for the maximum benefit.

Fighting for no reason is time consuming and exhausting, which is very senseless, if he can have some profit, Zi Chen is willing.

What reward? Wang Xiong frowned.

Eight True Qi Pills. A bright light flashed across Zi Chen's eyes as he said it, word by word.

'Hissss.' There were gasps coming from the audience.

The stake is eight True Qi Pills, this is too scary. Exchanged into contribution points, it is 16 points, almost comparable with a 500 years spirit medicine.

Although Wang Xiong was quite rich but when he heard this sum, he was also startled. He did not have that many True Qi Pills at the moment. The five True Qi Pills that were given to Wang Meng last time also took great effort to obtain.

What's wrong? Don't dare? If you don't dare, then don't come and find trouble here. Zi Chen sneered.

Nobody thought that Zi Chen couldn't afford it, because Zi Chen still had nine True Qi Pills yesterday. In one night, he could consume one at most, there should be eight remaining.

But nobody knew that Zi Chen had refined all of the True Qi Pills in one night, he didn't have a single pill right now.

Under the gaze of numerous disciples, Wang Xiong felt very awkward. Eight True Qi Pills was really too much, he didn't have them. But beside him, several other people were whispering in low voices.

Five True Qi Pills, we bet these. Wang Xiong said coldly, he had collected five True Qi Pills from several people.

Good, The challenge of this mad dog, I accept. Zi Chen also nodded. As he did not care about the ashen faced Wei Lin, he said to Wang Xiong If someone lost and goes back on his words, what's to be done?

Hmph, you should be worried about yourself. Just a few True Qi pills, that's nothing. Our reputation is more precious than a few True Qi Pills. The several disciples beside Wang Xiong said coldly.


Zi Chen was the first one to walk towards the battle stage, he appeared very confident.

Putting on airs. Later you won't even know how you died. Wang Xiong looked at the back of Zi Chen, he sneered.

When you fight, you must be ruthless. Even if you can't kill him, you must cripple him. Wang Xiong said in a low voice.

Of course, just because of this boy insulting me, I already wanted to cripple him. Wei Lin said confidently.

They reached the battle stage quickly. It was the previous battle stage. There were many inner sect disciples that came to watch the fun.

Ten True Qi Pills as the stake was a large amount.