Thunder Martial Chapter 259 - Powerful Physique

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The gathering started. The eighth floor was bustling with noise and excitement as Zi Chen, Wang Qiong and the others gathered together to chat about recent events.

I hope you can persevere in these matches. Don't die so early.

The man from the Chu Family was very rude and overbearing as he coldly said to Zi Chen.

I'm afraid that this will disappoint Brother Chu. If I, Li Hao were to make a move, I will naturally be able to kill him. Li Hao said as he walked with Chu CHuan.

That's right, I, Cang Meng can also kill him with one slash. Cang Meng also said.

The few of them, along with Geng Le from the Letian City, formed a small group.

What a pity. Chu Chuan said coldly.

This kind of bumpkin could be solved by anyone. If Brother Chu were to make a move, wouldn't it mean that the bumpkin would be somewhat different? Geng Le said indifferently.

These several people formed a small group, but their voices were not suppressed. It seemed as if they had spread through the entire hall of the eighth floor.

This was a conflict between the two sides, so no one dared to open their mouths.

All of you, aren't you guys too overboard? When the time comes, we can compete with each other in the Battlestage. Why must you all talk so much nonsense? Liu Bo turned and stared at them.

Brother Geng doesn't know, the reason why this Zi Chen is famous is because he can run. He's like a mouse, not only can he run, he can even drill a hole, otherwise, this kind of trash would have been killed long ago. Wu Yuan opened his mouth in disdain, You should also know that if it were not for the invitations from all the powers, he would not have appeared at all, and would be hiding in the cave like a mouse.

Enough. I say, all of you, don't be so shameless. Why are you all even more f*cking arrogant than me? Wang Shan could not bear to watch anymore, and now, he actually stood up and spoke.

He's just a piece of trash. If he hadn't run away earlier, I could have killed him with a finger and slapped him to death with a single slap. Wu Yuan sneered.

Zi Chen had not spoken the entire time, but he was frowning. Now that he saw Wu Yuan's face, he directly went up to him.

Kid, are you here to die? Seeing Zi Chen coming forward, Wu Yuan laughed coldly.

There was no flow of energy, only a wave of brute force that triggered a sharp whistling sound.

It was just the energy of the body, yet it caused the air to howl, causing everyone's faces to twitch.

Wu Yuan's face changed, he raised his hand to block.


A dull sound came out. Wu Yuan retreated five or six steps, and felt a burning sensation in his hands.


Another sound rang out, causing the air to vibrate. This time, Wu Yuan was forced eight steps back, his hands had already become deformed, and traces of blood flowed out.

Zi Chen had attacked twice consecutively without using any Qi. However, he had injured Wu Yuan, and even the expressions of the few monstrous geniuses had become more serious.

Didn't you want to kill me? Come on. Zi Chen walked up, extended a finger, and pointed at Wu Yuan.


So this is your strength? Zi Chen sneered, Trash, you still dare to clamor here?

With three strikes, he forced Wu Yuan to retreat, causing everyone to be shocked.

Then, Zi Chen turned his head and looked at Li Hao and the rest.

Aren't you all also arrogant?

Ignoring the shocked gazes from all around, Zi Chen walked towards Li Hao and the others and raised his hand to hit them.

With a dull thud, Li Hao staggered back a few steps.

Zi Chen acted as if no one was around, waving his palm and smacked them. He did not care about the other monstrous geniuses as he continued to slap them every single time.

His palm caused a sharp whistling sound, and anyone who tried to block Zi Chen's palm would be pushed back and their hands would become deformed.

This physique is too terrifying.

Seeing Li Hao being sent flying with just a slap, everyone's eyeballs nearly popped out. They had a better understanding of the rumored fierce Zi Chen.

After Li Hao, it was Cang Meng again. This monstrous genius whose fighting strength was all on the blade now used his flesh to fight with Zi Chen.


The palm landed again, and both of his hands instantly deformed. Blood flowed out, and his entire body was sent flying.

This is too fierce, sending the three great monstrous geniuses flying just like that, it's too scary.

I already said that Zi Chen's fighting strength is unparalleled, but from what I see, his physical body is unrivalled too.

In Wu Mo's lazy eyes, there was a flash of the Light, and he did not blink as he looked at Zi Chen.

It was the first time he had seen Zi Chen make a move, he did not expect his fleshly body to be so strong.

Wang Shi was the same, his expression grave.

Wang Xian'er continued to smile as if she was not worried about Zi Chen at all.

After beating back the three monstrous geniuses, Zi Chen's gaze swept towards Geng Le again.

You are noisy, and I hate you. You are like a fly. Zi Chen strode forward and waved his palm.

Since you are a fly, I might as well send you flying with a slap.

Scram! Geng Le shouted out explosively, and with the same wave of his hand, he struck towards Zi Chen.


The two palms collided, causing a loud sound to ring out. With a cracking sound, Geng Le's bone was broken from the impact, and his entire body was sent flying.

Zi Chen waved his hand again, sending the Chu CHuan flying. At this moment, only Chu Bing remained in the group from before, her face pale white.

Hmph, you are very lucky, I won't hit women. Zi Chen snorted, and turned to leave.

Zi Chen came in a domineering manner and left in a carefree manner, leaving everyone with a view of his back. The expressions of several monstrous geniuses were all extremely ugly.

All of their hands deformed, and pain spread out from their arms. Today, they had all lost face, and were extremely aggrieved. Their powerful strength could not be displayed.

Zi Chen, go and die.

Zi Chen, come and fight!

A wave of aura surged, the fighting intent of the monstrous geniuses surged, cold light flickering in their eyes.

Zi Chen turned around, with a look of disdain in his bright eyes, You all are just arrogant dogs who don't have any battle prowess at all. At the start of the conference, I will naturally kill you all, and as for now, I will take the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the time.

You... Damn it, Zi Chen, I want to challenge you. I won't stop until I die. Geng Le was enraged, a cold light flowing through his eyes.

As for the Chu Chuan, he stepped forward step by step. The oppressive cold Qi emitted out, and the surrounding temperature dropped by a lot.

Wu Yuan and Li Hao were also not to be outdone, as they took a step forward, the killing intent in their eyes exploded.

Zi Chen, on the other hand, calmly stood there, completely ignoring the provocation from the few people present.

You don't dare? The few of them were extremely aggressive.

Young people these days are truly impulsive. If you have any grudges, you should go to the Battlestage to settle them.

That's right. Compared to our generation, they are a lot more rash.

Hmph, consider yourself lucky.

The group's facial expression changed. They withdrew their auras and turned around to leave.

Zi Chen, there are only a few days left. You should properly enjoy it. Li Hao sneered and walked downstairs.

They had been sent flying by Zi Chen and had suffered an extreme humiliation, so they naturally would not stay here.

Zi Chen's forceful sweeping away of a few monstrous geniuses naturally became the focus of attention.

Several women from the Bright Moon Pavilion walked forward and carefully sized Zi Chen up. After making Zi Chen feel awkward, they said, Zi Chen, go to our Bright Moon Pavilion. We welcome your arrival, and we can grant you the status of a Bright Moon Pavilion disciple.

Zi Chen was embarrassed. No matter how he looked at the eyes of these people, he felt uncomfortable.

We are serious, our Bright Moon Pavilion can make an exception and accept you as a male disciple. Hehe, then you can enjoy life, because all of us are female disciples and all of us are beautiful.

In the surroundings, the faces of many people changed. If they really entered Bright Moon Pavilion, it would be a great fortune for them.

Not him. Wang Xian'er hurriedly pulled Zi Chen back, and said with dissatisfaction, The rule of you not attacking women must be changed. Sometimes, if you meet a girl you hate, you can also attack them.

Aiyo, little girl, what do you mean? Are you jealous?

Immediately after, chattering sounds could be heard.

Zi Chen, the fact that you can suppress them today does not mean that you are strong. They did not use their strongest abilities yet, so you must be careful. Miao Kong whispered to Zi Chen.

After which, several people walked up as they greeted him. Although they had the intent to be close to him, they didn't try to recruit him.

As for the recruitment of Zi Chen, it would depend on whether he was able to survive or not.

Amidst everyone's anticipation, the Genius Party began.

Many geniuses gathered at Cangli City.