Thunder Martial Chapter 258 - Wang Xian'er

Zi Chen!

After chatting for a long time, a clear and melodious voice sounded.

Wang Xian'er had been jogging the entire way, and now that she saw Zi Chen, her face was filled with smiles. Her little face was flushed red and she was gasping for breath.

I knew you'd come. Wang Xian'er ran in front of Zi Chen.

Behind her, Wang Qiong heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, his sister did not rush over, he had been blocking her the entire time, but he was unable to do so for long.

Get out of the way! Get the hell out of the way! Do you think you're watching a show? At this moment, a discordant voice sounded.

Zi Chen looked at him, his face had a playful smile.

Wang Shan's heart suddenly skipped a beat. The aura he had purposely put up just now instantly collapsed. The latter had a face full of smiles, and he called out, Brother-in-law.

The smile on Wang Xian'er's face grew wider. It was obvious that she had already known this name since long ago and was very satisfied. Behind him, Wang Qiong's forehead was covered in a few black lines, as if he wanted to slap this unreliable Wang Shan to death.

Earlier, he said that he would show Zi Chen his might and let him know just how powerful he, Wang Shan, was.

Zi Chen nodded.

The Genius Party was about to start, and these monstrous geniuses were about to gather for the last round, which could be considered as a get together.

She even forgot about her relatives.... Wang Qiong glared at his sister in dissatisfaction, and then glared fiercely at Zi Chen.

The Guest House had a total of nine floors.

It was said that the ninth floor was a place for Sovereign level existences to eat. Normally, they would not open it, so even if they were Imperial Sky Realm experts, they would only be able to eat on the eighth floor.

This time, the gathering of experts from many different forces was considered a grand occasion, so naturally, they had to open the ninth floor.

This was the second time that Zi Chen had come to the Guest House. The first time was when Li Huo and the others had entertained him, and on that day, when Li Hao spoke to him, he acted as if he was treating his servants as slaves.

After two years.

Li Huo, Cang He and the rest were already dead spirits under his spear, and Li Hao, who was once so arrogant, was now no longer so unreachable, and was no longer so powerful.

Moreover, the other party had already viewed him as the greatest enemy in his life.

The hall of the eighth floor was dazzling in gold and jade. It was grand and imposing, and at this moment, even more geniuses and monstrous geniuses had gathered.

Especially Zi Chen, who was being pulled by Wang Xian'er, had attracted enough attention. It was clear that they had already heard the news of Zi Chen arriving in Cangli City.

And now that such a King of Fame had appeared, it didn't seem right for him to not attract any more attention.

Come, come, let me introduce you one by one. Wang Xian'er pulled Zi Chen, as if she was a little girl showing off in front of others, and walked towards one monstrous geniuses after another.

He is Liu Chen, Yongji City's Liu Family, he's very powerful. When she came to Liu Chen's side, Wang Xian'er purposely made an exaggerated gesture.

Liu Chen looked like he was around 25-26, he was slightly fat with a simple and honest smile on his face. Hearing Wang Xian'er's words, he also stood up.

Liu Chen cupped his fists.

Of course, this is the famous Zi Chen. He is handsome, has talent, is handsome and elegant, and has the most popularity. Wang Xian'er introduced him in a very cute manner.

Nice to meet you!

Zi Chen was a little embarrassed, touching his nose and more or less, he felt a little awkward.

These two are from the Danyang City's Qin Family, this is the older brother Qin Xing, and this is the younger brother Qin He. Wang Xian'er pointed to the pair of twin brothers.

Miss Xian`er, I am the big brother Qin Xing, he is the Younger brother Qin He. The one who was pointed to as the younger brother stood up and said unhappily.

Hehe, it's about the same.

Amongst a group of monstrous geniuses, Wang Xian'er was the youngest, somewhat mischievous, and very cute.

The two brothers had smiles on their faces, clearly not angry at all.

Zi Chen slightly nodded, and allowed Wang Xian'er to lead him into the distance.

The latter looked at Zi Chen and gave a faint smile before sitting down. One could vaguely see the disdain in the other party's eyes.

These two ice-like people are people from the Chu Family. The man called Chu Chuan and the girl is called Chu Bing.

Zi Chen, you're the one who killed Chu Fei and Chu Xiong? Just as Wang Xian'er finished speaking, Chu Chuan immediately opened his mouth, just like the aura around his body, his voice was also extremely cold.

That's right! Zi Chen said.

Then you are courting death. No one who has offended our Chu Family has survived. There was killing intent in his eyes.

The dignity of the Chu Family cannot be desecrated. If you don't die at the Genius Party, we will meet again. Chu Chuan said.

Truly boring. Let's go, let's go, I'll introduce some interesting people to you. Wang Xian'er pulled Zi Chen and left.

Take a look. Aren't they interesting? Wang Xian'er looked in front of him and laughed.

However, when Zi Chen looked at the few people in front of him, he did not feel anything interesting at all. He was like a small animal being looked at by some curious demonic beast.

And the most lamentable thing was that these people were all great beauties.

How is it, my eyes aren't bad right? This is the King of Fame, Zi Chen. Wang Xian'er flaunted to the few of them.

You are Zi Chen, the King of Fame whose name is spread and stirred like wildfire?

Wow, I've been talking about you recently.

Everyone says that you have unparalleled combat strength.

So handsome!

Several female Bright Moon Pavilion cultivators went up and chattered incessantly. After asking a dozen or so questions, even Zi Chen did not know how to answer.

Zi Chen, are you interested? Come to our Bright Moon Pavilion.

That's right, Zi Chen. Our place is filled with illusion and is very beautiful.

Many people came forward to strike up a conversation. Their eyes were moving about, rippling like water, as if they were electric currents.

No way, no way. He can't go to your Bright Moon Pavilion. Wang Xian'er did not expect these few people to be so passionate, so she quickly pulled Zi Chen back, and said warily, That place is actually not good at all, you better not be fooled. The people there are shameless.

Zi Chen rubbed his nose, not knowing what to say.

Behind him, Wang Qiong's face was even colder, wishing that he could beat Zi Chen in a single strike and knock him out of the eighth floor.

Come, Zi Chen. This is a person from the Letian City. He is a Young master and also a monstrous genius. His name is Geng Le. Wang Xian'er brought Zi Chen to the last youth.

Geng Le looked at Zi Chen, then shifted his gaze to Wang Xian'er and said, Miss Xian`er, you are a favored child of heaven, a Princess of the Cloud City. To be together with such a person, is he even worthy of your status?

Not worthy? Where is he not worthy? Wang Xian'er looked at Geng Le.

Geng Le laughed, his voice was very casual, without any other emotion, but his words were very hurtful, and he even directly ignored Zi Chen.

You...! Wang Xian'er was furious.

Don't be angry Miss Xian`er, what I said was the truth. This kind of countryside bumpkin has no power or influence, nor any virtue or talent, Moreover, he might not even be able to keep his life, what is there for you to linger for?

A Princess like you should be cared for, and should not be wronged. If you follow a country bumpkin, how can you live a good life?

Geng Le spoke rudely, he did not even look at Zi Chen directly.

Afterwards, there were some other geniuses that were introduced, but their expressions were quite friendly.

Zi Chen's current fighting strength was enough to kill a genius, and was worthy of being called a monstrous geniuses.

This is Wang Shan, do you still need me to introduce him? Wang Xian'er looked at Wang Shan and laughed slyly.

Sis, why are you doing this? Wang Shan pulled his face, with a bitter look on his face, he turned and called out respectfully, Brother-in-law!

This is Wang Shi, Wang Shan's brother. Wang Xian'er continued to introduce.

Hehe, ignore him, he looks fierce, but he's actually a good person, it's just that he used to hate you, but ever since you passed the inheritance on to Wang Shan, he's much better. Wang Xian'er's words completely made the cold aura Wang Qiong created disappear and he felt quite awkward.

This is my big brother, you have seen him before too, Wang Qiong, his talent is great. Wang Xian'er introduced her brother at the end.

This... Nice to meet you. Zi Chen was very embarrassed, he could only clasp his hands together.

Humph! Wang Qiong scoffed coldly.

You don't need to care about him. Although he is my brother, he will obey me in everything. He is the one you don't need to care about the most.

The Heaven Killing Pavilion experts did not appear. As for the other powers, almost all of them came.

Of course, there was no need to introduce Li Hao and the others.

Genius Party, it will open in a few days. I hope you can persevere for a few more matches.

From the start, the smell of gunpowder was strong and the people of the Chu Family were aggressive.