Thunder Martial Chapter 257 - Zi Chen Comes

In this short span of half a month, practically all of the monstrous geniuses and geniuses had come. Only Zi Chen did not appear.

Zi Chen was the first rogue cultivator to be invited by many great powers in the past ten thousand years, so he naturally became the focus of everyone's discussion.

In the current Cangli City, almost everyone was guessing whether Zi Chen would come or not.

Wang Xian'er once said that Zi Chen would definitely come, but this Genius Party is about to begin, and he hasn't appeared yet, so it should be soon.

Everyone was filled with anticipation, wanting to see this monstrous genius that attracted the attention of many great powers.

That trash, Zi Chen, should be afraid.

What genius, he's just a kid.

At the same time, such discordant voices appeared in the Cangli City. Moreover, there were no less than those who supported Zi Chen.

Ever since the announcement of the Genius Party, the great powers did not bring up the matter of Zi Chen again, as if they had forgotten about Zi Chen.

When exactly will Zi Chen appear?

Many monstrous geniuses had gathered to see Zi Chen. They also wanted to see this person who had offended several large powers at the same time.

In these past few days, Zi Chen had been walking along the streets and alleys and saw many experts arriving. Almost all of them were here, and other than the three great monstrous geniuses, the Cangli Clan and the Wu Zong Sect did not say anything excessive either.

Zi Chen and Old Mo felt that it was time.

Zi Chen, it's Zi Chen.

Just that one day, a commotion broke out at the mouth of the Gate, and the portrait of Zi Chen from before was hung all over the streets and alleys of the small villages. Now that Zi Chen had appeared, he was naturally recognized.

It's indeed Zi Chen, just like the drawing, only more handsome and more refined.

The crowd was in discussion, and there were many people shouting out Zi Chen's name, they were extremely passionate.

He is Zi Chen, the person who caused the three great powers to suffer losses. He is still alive and well.

None of the three powers can do anything to him.

The Gate's mouth was immediately blocked, many people wanted to take a look at Zi Chen's elegance, and they would occasionally step on others and push each other away.

Zi Chen smiled and walked into the Cangli City.

Zi Chen came out with a high profile. This is the tempo to kill the three great monstrous geniuses.

Three Great monstrous geniuses, just you wait. Since Zi Chen was able to make your family suffer, then naturally, he will be able to kill you as well.

After Zi Chen appeared, the surrounding people started to shout, seemingly supporting Zi Chen, but also provoking him.

Zi Chen frowned, and looked around.

It was clear that those words were not spoken by a major power. Rather, it was said that there was someone else that wanted him dead.

Don't bother with these people first.

Zi Chen's appearance quickly spread to Cangli City, and many people rushed over, wanting to witness the glory of the King of Fame.

Zi Chen was dressed in black and had a slender figure. Walking on the main street, he was surrounded by many fanatical cultivators.

Zi Chen!

The first to rush over was naturally Miao Kong. Up till now, he was the only brother Zi Chen trusted.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Miao Kong did not shy away from the status of a Wu Zong Sect expert at all, and gave Zi Chen a big bear hug.

You finally appeared! Haha, I knew you would survive. Miao Kong laughed, obviously very excited.

Let me introduce you. My senior apprentice-brother, Wu Mo, took care of me. Miao Kong blinked his eyes and introduced the man next to him to Zi Chen.

Zi Chen was relieved. What Miao Kong meant was that Wu Mo was on his side.

Wu Mo was that lazy looking guy, but he gave Zi Chen a kind of dangerous feeling. At this moment, his face had a light smile, and he nodded towards Zi Chen.

Looking towards the source of the voice, three youths walked forward. In the middle was Wu Yuan, and on both sides were Li Hao and Cang Meng.

What identity do I have? Zi Chen is my brother. Miao Kong did not fear Wu Yuan's gaze in the slightest and stared back.

How many people did he kill from our Wu Zong Sect, do you still think he is a brother? Wu Yuan glared at him, a cold light flickering in his eyes.

Brothers will always be brothers. As for them, they deserve to die. Miao Kong coldly replied. In the trial grounds, after obtaining the inheritance, Miao Kong's status had risen greatly, so it was natural that he wasn't afraid of Wu Yuan. Although the two of them were in the same sect, they were two different forces that had endless contradictions with each other.

Furthermore, the ones who advocated destroying the Ling Wu Sect were also from the same faction as Wu Yuan.

Miao Kong actually said that the disciples in his sect deserved to die, the temperature of the air instantly turned cold, all the rogue cultivators retreated, not wanting to be drawn into the commotion.

Although many people knew that the Wu Zong Sect belonged to two different forces and did not get along, it was the first time that a conflict had been brought onto the stage in front of so many people.

Miao Kong, how dare you, in front of outsiders, to say that your own disciples deserve to die, no wonder you were sent out that year, the Ling Wu Sect taught you these things, where is your upbringing? Wu Yuan was overbearing.

They want to kill my brother for no reason at all. They deserve to die. Miao Kong was not afraid at all. After obtaining the inheritance, their side's power had grown. The current Miao Kong was not the Miao Kong of the past.

I will teach you a lesson on behalf of the sect's elders today. Wu Yuan's eyes flashed with a cold light, he stepped forward and with a surge of aura and he rushed towards Miao Kong.

Wu Mo didn't say a word earlier, but now, he took a step forward. The ground suddenly trembled, as if he had stepped on the mingmen of Wu Yuan's aura, and the latter's aura shrank back.

He is the junior brother of I, Wu Mo, I don't think you need to teach him a lesson. Wu Mo glanced at Wu Yuan, who was dressed in loose robe clothes, looking lazy, as though he was still dreaming. In his eyes, he did not even need to look at a monstrous geniuses.

You...! Wu Yuan's face changed slightly, there was a look of fear in his eyes. Wu Mo looked lazy and unrestrained, but his fighting strength was definitely strong. There was a rumor in the Wu Zong Sect that Wu Mo had killed a genius at the Ninth Heaven before.

Even though he was stopped by Wu Mo, he did not want to lower his status and shouted, Wu Mo, did you hear what Miao Kong said just now? To be able to say such outrageous words, if I do not teach him a lesson today, what face would the Wu Zong Sect have left?

What he said is very true. To provoke others for no reason, you deserve to be killed. If you have the ability, then go back and kill them. Do you think you have any face by attacking your own junior brother here? Wu Mo ridiculed.

Hmph. You need to take back the face you lost yourself, not teach your junior a lesson. Besides, are you worthy to be his senior? Wu Mo scoffed, he looked lazy but his words were even more fierce than Miao Kong's. He did not even look straight at Wu Yuan, nor did he look directly at Li Hao.

Wu Yuan was immediately embarrassed and the other two people were also embarrassed.

Zi Chen, do you only dare to hide behind others? Li Hao turned his head and looked at Zi Chen, ready to recover the awkwardness.

Are you here to throw away your life? Cang Meng also said coldly, the attitude that Wu Mo had just showed displeased him.

Looks like you know your limits. Knowing that you have nowhere to hide, you intentionally came here to throw away your life. Don't worry, we have already built the battlestage. Wu Yuan also changed his target.

Are you dogs? Who tries to bite anyone it sees? I'm here to die? Why don't you tell me that I have come to kill you all? Zi Chen sneered, since he was here, he would naturally want to fight, and there was no need to act cowardly.

How dare you! Cang Meng bellowed, the Qi around his body surging.

Shameless boasting. Back then, who was it that ran away like a dog with his tail between his legs? Now, you actually dare to speak such arrogant words? Li Hao sneered.

I'm afraid you must have vomited a few liters of the blood you fled from that day. You look even worse than a dog. Wu Yuan also sneered.

Zi Chen did not mind, and laughed: I admit that I have escaped, I admit that I have been fleeing, but you guys, in order to kill a small Xiantian like me, you all did not hesitate to send out your Imperial Sky experts. To think that you guys are still monstrous geniuses, and yet you all claim that your fighting strength is strong, in my view, you are just like a beast.

Zi Chen was a rogue cultivator, without any power or influence, and was also in a vulnerable position. At the moment, his ridicule had a big effect.

The three of them were so angry that their eyes were wide open.

Follow me to Battlestage if you have the ability, I'll kill you immediately. Li Hao was furious.

If you want to die, I can grant your wish, but I'm happy today, and I'll let you live for a few more days. When the Genius Party, you don't need to beg me to kill you.

The smell of gunpowder permeated the air. At any moment, a war might break out, and the people in the surroundings retreated even further.

It was Liu Bo who had come as well, and he was representing Cloud City. Now that he had appeared, he directly walked towards Zi Chen.

I haven't thanked you for what happened last time. Liu Bo ignored the gazes of the surrounding people and walked forward.

What are you thanking me for? You gave me an ancient weapon. Zi Chen patted Liu Bo's Shoulder and laughed.

Earlier, they were still at loggerheads, as if they were about to start a war, but when Liu Bo appeared, the two of them started chatting.

Liu Bo might not be strong, but after obtaining the inheritance, he would naturally be able to soar into the skies.

The faces of the three instantly turned extremely unsightly.