Thunder Martial Chapter 256 - Gathering At Cangli City

Just as he took two steps, Zi Chen stopped because he saw that Miao Kong did not come alone. Beside him was an unfamiliar young man.

This was a very special man, with slightly curled long hair that was casually scattered behind his head, looking free and uninhibited, with bright eyes and white teeth, wearing a wide set of robes. As he walked beside Miao Kong, he seemed very lazy.

This kind of lazy youth gave Zi Chen a sense of danger.

Could he be the second monstrous genius from the Wu Zong Sect? Zi Chen frowned and he did not rashly go forward.

At that moment, there was a commotion from the crowd.

F*ck off, everyone f*ck off.


Zi Chen frowned. This fellow was truly like a ghost that would never leave no matter where he went. One would be able to hear his voice from far away and he was so arrogant, as if he was afraid that everyone would not know that he was a young master.

Just as his gaze swept across the disturbance, Zi Chen's body trembled, his pupils contracted, and a beautiful figure appeared in Zi Chen's sight. She was like a fairy, extremely cute, with long eyelashes, like a curious baby as she looked around.

It was Wang Xian'er, the beautiful and talented monstrous geniuses.

She was dressed in red clothes, and like a little elf, she jumped, attracting the gazes of countless people. After not seeing her for a few years, she became even more charming.

Wang Xian'er. It had been more than two years since they parted ways in the small mountain village. Wang Xian'er had turned from a slim and graceful little girl into a beautiful and attractive Great Miss.

Virtually everyone's gaze landed on Wang Xian'er, and within the crowd, hurried breaths sounded.

So, it's her, she's really a beauty. The rumors are true. Her talent is outstanding, and her beauty is peerless.

Could it be that she was the one who had an intimate relationship with Zi Chen? To think that she was such a beauty. What a pity, a flower had actually stuck itself into the cow dung.

A low sigh sounded from the crowd, and many people were dejected.

Of course, there were many women in the crowd, whose gazes did not fall on Wang Xian'er, but upon a slim youth beside her.

His black hairs were like a waterfall, eyes like a morning light, and his temperament was extremely outstanding. Even if he was with Wang Xian'er, it would not cause him to be ignored.

He was Wang Qiong, recognized as the number one monstrous geniuses in Cloud City. His battle power was strong, and he had stepped into the Zhen Yuan Realm at the age of nineteen.

Wang Shan's voice once again rang out, opening up a path for the two.

However, his words were completely unnecessary. When everyone saw these two, they all consciously opened up a path.

Many female cultivators looked at the handsome Wang Qiong, their faces filled with infatuation.

As for the male cultivators, they stared at Wang Xian'er with admiration as they watched her walk forward.

The three of them stepped forward to face Miao Kong, who smiled kindly, while the lazy man beside him had his eyes on Wang Qiong.

Wang Qiong's heart had a reaction, his eyes that were like stars looked over, and starlight flickered.

Zi Chen did not want to reveal his identity and only watched from the crowd.

This is the Genius Party? Wang Xian'er's gentle voice sounded out, it was like the melodious cry of an oriole and it was pleasant to the ear. Her beautiful eyes stared straight at the glaring scarlet words of the Genius Party.

No one spoke, the rumors about Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er had spread a long time ago.

At this moment, no one dared to say anything. They all tactfully kept quiet.

Wang Qiong, on the other hand, frowned. He hated Zi Chen a lot, and it was the same in the past as well.

This time, Wang Xian'er wanted to come here to see the Genius Party, but he was unwilling to do so.

That's right, this is the place where we can kill Zi Chen. Suddenly, a voice came from the crowd. The crowd caused a small commotion, and at this moment, the crowd dispersed as a young man walked over.

Wearing a blue robe, he was extremely heroic. As he slowly walked over, he had a smile on his face, it was Li Family's Li Hao.

Kill Zi Chen? Wang Xian'er wrinkled her nose and asked with some dissatisfaction, You are very confident huh... I wonder where this confidence comes from?

As long as Zi Chen dares to appear, I will naturally be able to kill him. This is not a question of whether I am confident or not, but of strength. Li Hao laughed.

Wang Xian'er was unhappy, beside him, Wang Shan also frowned, this fellow was actually even more arrogant than him, this made him unhappy.

Because right now, even Wang Shan did not dare say that he could kill Zi Chen.

Why must we talk about someone who's about to die here? Miss Xian`er, Brother Wang Qiong, it's rare for you two to come to Cangli City. Li Hao laughed, and did not bother with Wang Shan, but invited the two monstrous geniuses instead.

Hmph. Wang Xian'er wrinkled her nose, snorted lightly, pouted her lips, and turned to leave.

I believe that Zi Chen will not die. Just as she was about to walk out of the crowd, Wang Xian'er said again.

I'm afraid he will disappoint Miss Xian`er, Zi Chen will definitely die this time, unless he does not appear. However, if he refuses the invitation of the seven great powers' three great sects, the Southern region will not have a place for him in the future. Li Hao said loudly.

He will come. Wang Xian'er left, pouting, extremely dissatisfied.

Wang Qiong nodded at Li Hao, then turned and left.

What are you looking at? What the f*ck are you looking at? Why the f*ck is this wild beast making a fuss and looking at us?

Wang Shan curled his lips and also turned to leave, leaving behind a bunch of dumbstruck people and a Li Hao with an ashen face.

It was obvious that the wild beast and the scum that he said was him.

Wang Shan was already quite talented but he was too lazy to cultivate. After obtaining the inheritance in the training grounds, he had redeemed many advantages as the direct line of descent of the family, and his self-confidence was even more explosive. This also caused him to be even more arrogant and despotic, to the point of even daring to mock the monstrous genius of the Li Family.

To even dare to mock Li Hao, this is what a silk pant should be like.

What level of arrogance do you have to be so fearless to say such words?

Everyone was speechless and did not dare to speak. Even if they were surprised, they could only keep it in their hearts.

Tsk, what the heck is this? On the other hand, Wang Shan disdainfully curled his lips. The Southern region was controlled by the seven great powers and the three great sects so Wang Shan was naturally not afraid of a great power that was split into two.

This fellow is getting more and more arrogant, but I like him. Zi Chen had a good impression of Wang Shan.

I didn't expect to hear her say that. Looking at Wang Xian'er's back, Zi Chen frowned.

It was clear that Wang Xian'er did not know he was here, but to say such words, the matter regarding the two of them had been discussed thoroughly recently. If Wang Xian'er were to state her stance now, it would definitely cause another commotion.

And naturally, her words would spread out.

Wang Xian'er said that he will definitely come.

Maybe there really is a great power protecting you. The reason she said this was because she hoped for you to come over. She definitely wasn't acting on impulse. A Mo's voice sounded.


Zi Chen nodded, but he was still worried and did not dare show himself.

In the following period of time, many monstrous geniuses from various major powers arrived one after another. As for the number of geniuses, even more came.

Many people were discussing about Zi Chen, guessing if he would appear and when.


Haha, Brother Wang, long time no see.

At the same time, a hearty laughter spread through the entire Cangli City, and a figure flew out from the city to meet the expert.

Brother Cang, you're too kind. The cultivator that was called Brother Wang cupped his fists, and flew down from the sky, the two of them entering the Guest House.

Zi Chen saw this scene from afar, and his mind fluctuated.

It was Wang Zhenwei, the expert of Cloud City. It was said that he was the person with the most hope of entering the Sovereign Realm in the past few years.

Wang Zhenwei was the first one to arrive at this place, but he was not the last. In the following days, experts would arrive one after another.

Soon, two monstrous geniuses arrived, they were like a pair of golden couple but the icy aura around their body made everyone intimidated. No one was willing to be near them, even if there was a beauty there.

There was only one monstrous geniuses that came to the Yongji City's Liu Family, and many other geniuses came. This was a large clan with unique refining methods, with just their refining techniques, they could become one of the seven great forces. It was obvious that they were not ordinary.

The Danyang City's Qin Family had also sent two monstrous geniuses, and they were twins. Each of them had the combat power of a monstrous geniuses but the most extraordinary thing was that the two of them had a tacit understanding of each other, and knew of a type of combination attack.

If two people fought each other, there would probably be no one who could beat this pair of twin brothers.

Only one monstrous geniuses had come from the Zhu Family.

As for the Bright Moon Pavilion, there were only females and no men in the sect. There were seven to eight beautiful women who appeared, and they chattered on the moment they appeared, like birds that flew out of their cages. They looked fresh and interesting and this made many people speculate as to whether they were here to participate in the Genius Party's competition, or to sightsee and choose their husbands.

They were brought along with them from a young age, and some of them would even stay there for the rest of their lives. Very few people were able to go out and walk around, and only the current monstrous geniuses had the chance to leave this pavilion when they entered society to train.

Of course, there was also a very beautiful legend. The women who were born in the Bright Moon Pavilion would find someone they liked and form a relationship with. Once they became pregnant, they would return to the Bright Moon Pavilion.

If it was a woman, she would be raised, but if it was a boy, he would be sent out of the pavilion and given to the mortals to adopt.

The Bright Moon Pavilion emitted a mysterious color, with many beautiful legends circulating, and many sad and beautiful love stories.

Zi Chen, it's Zi Chen.

And on that day, the Gate's mouth was in chaos, and someone saw Zi Chen.