Thunder Martial Chapter 255 - Choice

Zi Chen was stuck in a dilemma.

The seven great powers and three great sects were like a mountain pressing down on his head, causing him to be unable to breathe.

Just the three forces alone had made him unable to handle it, much less all of the great powers of the Southern region.

If he really offended them, Zi Chen would have to cultivate in the mountains.

As for leaving the Southern region, that was even more of a dream. With his legs, he wouldn't even be able to run away.

The Old Mo didn't have any more ideas and sunk into deep thought.

There are dangers if we go, but there are even more dangers if we don't go. Old Mo shook his head, Unfortunately, you're too weak.

The man and the soul fell into a struggle of hesitation.

In the invitation from the three great sects of the Seven Cities, there was also a hint of threat, which made Zi Chen unable to determine if the other party had good intentions or was harboring malicious intentions.

Besides, if you really don't go, I'm afraid that there will be no hiding-place in the future, the three great sects of the Seven Cities. If they are determined to find someone, it is easy. Well.. unless you enter a place devoid of human life.

Furthermore, the way you change your appearance is not something that everyone can see through but there are bound to be some special people in this world who possess some special cultivation techniques. That monk is not simple. I suspect that he would be able to see through your true appearance.

In the end, Old Mo opened his mouth and said, We should still go, but do not reveal our true appearances. We should first go to the Cangli City to have a look and act carefully.

Zi Chen nodded, he could only do it this way.

The Genius Party was a gathering that only happened once every hundred years. Naturally, it attracted the participation of many young elites.

Furthermore, other than the major powers, it was also possible for other people to participate. There weren't too many restrictions.


Along the way, Zi Chen saw many cultivators travelling together. He mixed in the crowd of people and walked towards the Cangli City.

A Luo. Zi Chen smiled good-naturedly. [TN: Finally made up a name that is way different from his]

Good name, I'm A Tian. It seems that we are really fated to meet. The young man was laughing. He was young, probably younger than Zi Chen, with a pretty face. At the moment, he had a smile on his face, and his personality was very cheerful.

Zi Chen laughed and did not speak anymore. It was obvious that he was not used to chatting with strangers.

But A Tian was very cheerful, he always had a smile on his face, Are you from the Cangli City?

Oh yeah, here, they are all talking about Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er, can you tell me about them, I heard that the two of them are intimate? A Tian smiled mysteriously.

You know Zi Chen? Zi Chen looked at A Tian, and his face changed.

A Tian shook his head, he was still smiling, I don't.

Then you know Wang Xian'er?

A Tian was very cheerful, but he had the heart of a gossiper.

Zi Chen was helpless. On the way, he had heard quite a few things about Wang Xian'er, some rumors, and more or less, they were all based on wild imagination, and Zi Chen was extremely unwilling to answer this question. He could only say, I don't know.

However, in his heart, he recalled that beautiful figure. However, the gap between the two of them was simply too great. Back then, he had nearly caused her death.

But she was the one who wouldn't let me go. Zi Chen smiled as he thought of the past.

What nonsense are you talking about? Zi Chen glared at A Tian.

You still say you're not thinking of women? Then why is there saliva at the corner of your mouth?

Of course not, don't speak nonsense. Zi Chen wiped his mouth and sure enough... No drool.

A Tian laughed out loud.

Along the way, there were practically no dangers. Zi Chen simply treated A Tian as a passerby, an ordinary friend. But what he never thought of was that A Tian's fighting strength could actually compare to monstrous geniuses.

Such a lousy storyline! The two of them ran into some silk pants on the road. They were unreasonable, claiming that the two of them were blocking their path.

The main road faced the sky as they walked on their separate roads. The main road was wide, but it was not big enough for the foppish lad's demonic beast to walk on.

The other party was overbearing and unreasonable. Zi Chen frowned, he did not want to cause any trouble and was afraid of exposing his identity.



With just a simple push and tug, the bodyguard behind the silk pants was knocked down. Seeing this, both of the silk pants revealed their sixth heaven cultivation. However, they were both still easily killed.

Simply killing off two sixth heaven made Zi Chen extremely embarrassed. He knew that he could kill the two silk pants but he couldn't do it so easily.

Alright, let's go. A Tian smiled again.

You aren't someone from Cangli City? Zi Chen suddenly asked. This was the first time he had asked a question to A Tian.

Yes, I am from the Letian City. A Tian laughed.

Letian City? Zi Chen frowned.

You are here to participate in the Genius Party's competition?

I just came out to relax and happened to come across this gathering. I felt that it was very interesting, so I came to take a look. A Tian laughed.

As they approached Cangli City, Zi Chen saw more and more cultivators and all of them were at the Zhen Yuan Realm and they were rushing towards the Cangli City.

F*ck, f*ck off. I'm talking about you. Hurry up and f*ck off.

God damn. You dare to block the road? Hit him! Smack all his teeth out of his mouth, then make him kneel on the ground and call me brother-in-law!

That familiar voice, that familiar tone, Wang Shan was still that arrogant and despotic person as before.

What are you all looking at? Disperse for me. If you dare to delay the entry of this Young Master into the city, I'll make all of you kneel on the ground and call me brother-in-law. Wang Shan's small eyes suddenly widened, looking extremely fierce.

In Cloud City, the word brother-in-law was almost the same as Wang Shan's. It was just that for the hedonistic Wang Shan, his personality remained the same even in the Cangli City.

He's the playboy of Cloud City, and his father is Wang Zhenwei. In Cloud City, his fighting strength is ranked in the top three.

Some people discussed in low voices and then left in a hurry. It was obvious that they didn't want to provoke this young master.

This fellow is still so arrogant. Zi Chen thought.

However, he did not care about it. Right now, he had to enter the city to find out everything.

The location of the Genius Party is on the plaza of the Cangli City.

It's said that the people from Cloud City are already here. I saw Wang Shan hitting a cultivator outside and all of his teeth were knocked out. He was then kneeling on the ground and calling him brother-in-law.

The Wu Zong Sect is the closest to this place. I heard that their monstrous geniuses are here and both of them are here.

Once they entered the city, discussions could be heard everywhere, and Zi Chen knew where the location of the Genius Party was without even trying to find out.

As soon as he arrived, Zi Chen saw a twenty meter long high platform, which was currently being built by many of the cultivators. Above the high platform, there were three large blood-red words, which were extremely eye-catching.

Genius Party!

It was obvious that this Battlestage was built for Zi Chen. It was at least twenty meters tall, and the rest of the battle stages were only ten meters tall.

These three monstrous geniuses are really confident. A cold light flashed across Zi Chen's eyes.

The Inns was almost full but Zi Chen was able to rent one at a high price to be used for cultivation.

A piece of Yuan Stone contained a rich amount of Yuan Energy. Cultivators only needed to refine it and it would become pure and then they could absorb it.

Zi Chen sat cross legged, his entire body releasing a golden light, illuminating the entire room.

In each of his hands, there was a Yuan Stone, absorbing the energy within.


With two light sounds, the elemental energy within the Yuan Stone was absorbed cleanly, and then it shattered and fell onto the ground.

Zi Chen's hand flashed and took out two more.

Usually, it would take a long time to absorb just one Yuan Stone. Zi Chen only needed a few hours to absorb it all.

During the day, Zi Chen would go to the surrounding of the plaza to see what kind of people were coming.

The two Cang and Li Families did not go overboard either. All of the experts had retreated, and the two great monstrous geniuses seemed to be in seclusion as well.

And during this recent period of time, the people who had gathered in the city had increased in number. Zi Chen had also discovered some familiar faces.

After Wang Shan, Zi Chen saw Liu Bo again. He was a member of Cloud City and he had decent strength.

Miao Kong. Zi Chen's mind moved, maybe he could get some information from Miao Kong.