Thunder Martial Chapter 254 - Invitation From The Great Powers

The Genius Party that occurred once every hundred years was considered to be a grand gathering of the Southern region. The strongest power, the geniuses of the three great sects of the Seven Cities would all be participating.

It could be said that there were all kinds of geniuses gathering there. When monstrous geniuses gathered, all of them would appear.

Of course, there was no lack of sparring between them.

Genius Party? After Zi Chen heard this, he was also slightly startled, but he did not stay for another second and was about to leave.

What did the Genius Party have to do with him? It was more important for him to stay alive.

However, when the outside world heard of this matter, it caused a huge commotion.

Other than the Golden Age of the Genius Party, what they were even more shocked about was the time when the Genius Party had begun.

It had persisted for god knows how many years and will always happen once every hundred years, but this time was different. Last time at Genius Party, it had been less than a hundred years.

It has only been ninety years.

It was ten years away from Genius Party and this was something that had never happened before. However, the Genius Party seemed to be a little unusual this time around.

Just at the moment when this news shocked the entire world, another even more shocking news appeared. The three great sects of the Seven Cities had actually made a statement together, inviting Zi Chen to participate.

But there was no doubt that the three big sects of Seven Cities represented the highest power, fighting strength and the highest ruler of these million miles.

But at this time, these powers had actually made a statement to invite Zi Chen to join the Genius Party. This was a great honor, and was the first time in the past ten thousand years and they had given it to Zi Chen.

A few years ago, in the young generation, many monstrous geniuses took the lead and were very popular and there was not a huge difference in their strengths. However, in these past two years, Zi Chen had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, causing several great powers to lose face.

The Wu Zong Sect, Cang Family, Li Family, Wang Family, and the Heaven Killing Pavilion, these forces who had interacted with Zi Chen before had never seemed to have an advantage over him.

Three of the three forces could not do anything to Zi Chen.

When he was a Xiantian cultivator, he was chased by both Imperial Sky Realm experts and Zhen Yuan Realm experts alike but he was still alive, and putting aside his true strength, just his ability to survive was already something that the monstrous geniuses could not compare to.

However, not only was Zi Chen alive, his strength was still increasing. In just a few short years, he had broken through from the Xiantian Realm to the Zhen Yuan Realm.

Just when many forces had sent out an invitation together, the crowd went into an uproar. Only then did they understand why the Genius Party was held ten years earlier, and it turned out to be all for Zi Chen.

They clearly know that Zi Chen has enmity with a few major powers, but you still invited him over. Could it be that they want to help Zi Chen resolve it?

Could it be that a great power has taken pity on this talent and wants to protect Zi Chen?

Zi Chen, the battle at the Genius Party, regardless of victory or defeat, all grudges, they will be written off in one stroke. Li Hao spoke again. His voice was strong and his heroic spirit soared to the sky.

This time, no one looked down on him. Many people fell into deep thought.

I, Cang Meng, will also wait for you at the Genius Party As long as you dare to appear, after this battle, all grievances will disappear. Cang Meng said loudly.

I, Wu Zong, am the same. Wu Yuan also spoke up.

The three great forces and three great monstrous geniuses once again spoke. This time, no one looked down on them, no one mocked them, and no one felt that this was a trap.

Just as everyone was deep in thought, a senior executive of the Li Family also opened his mouth. This time, he was the representative of the Li Family, so he said those words.

Heavens, could it be that there is really someone who wants to protect Zi Chen? Just a single battle is enough to resolve the enmity?

The words of the Li Family shocked the entire world.

We, as cultivators, have always gone against the heavens. The conflicts between the younger generation will be settled by the young generation. After this battle, Zi Chen and the Cang Family will no longer have any grudges.

An elder of the Cang Family said such words.

Seven Cities, among the three great sects, Zi Chen has some conflicts with many different forces, the only ones left are the few major powers, which one would he be?

Everyone made their guesses and at the same time, waited for the Wu Zong Sect to speak.

Everyone knew that amongst the many forces, Zi Chen and the Wu Zong Sect had the most conflict. When the Wu Zong Sect annihilated the Ling Wu Sect, they sent out an Imperial Sky expert to kill Zi Chen because of the precious treasure in Zi Chen's hands.

This time, it seemed as though a great power was trying to win over this talent. It was unknown whether or not they had managed to make the Martial Ancestor yield.

We, the Wu Zong Sect are the same. Once Zi Chen enters the battlestage, our grudge will be resolved. From then on, we will no longer have any intention to harm him.

On this day, the world was in an uproar.

Zi Chen, the one who had done so many great things and smacked the faces of all three forces only needed to battle once more to dissolve the grudges.

In that moment, everyone's hearts of gossip were ignited.

Who in the world had fallen in love with this talent?

Amongst the Seven Cities, there were the Wang Family from Cloud City, Chu Family from Floating Snow City, Cang and Li Family from Cangli City, Liu Family from Yongji City, Zhu Family from the Spirit Radiance City, Qin Family from the Danyang City, and Letian City.

Zi Chen had grudges with all of the Five Forces, the only ones left were the other Five Forces.

It is definitely not the Bright Moon Pavilion. The Bright Moon Pavilion is full of women, could it be that some female cultivator has taken a fancy to Zi Chen?

It's impossible for it to be the Letian City. That place is the furthest away from the Cangli City and there isn't a single great power in the Letian City either. All of them are fighting for the position of the Mayor, who would pay attention to Zi Chen?

That can't be the other families, they are so far away, and they don't have anything to do with Zi Chen.

After thinking and guessing, they still could not figure out who was the one who was trying to protect Zi Chen.

The Wang Family, it can't be them either. Wang Shang wanted to kill him so badly. That day, Zi Chen had shattered Wang Shan's teeth.

I'm talking about the Wang Family. It's said that when the Wu Zong Sect was chasing and killing Zi Chen, Wang Xian'er was also attacked and the two of them fled together. It seems that they had an intimate relationship before...!

Many people had heard about the relationship between Zi Chen and Wang Xian'er, and Wang Shan was extremely terrified that day, hence he called him brother-in-law. This caused many people to think that he had a relationship with Wang Xian'er.

There were even some people whose hearts were ignited with the flames of gossip. One must know, Wang Xian'er was not only a monstrous geniuses, but also a beauty.

Should I go or not? Just as the group of cultivators were gossiping about him and Wang Xian'er, Zi Chen suddenly fell into a dilemma.

Everyone felt that it was a great honor to send a joint invitation. Only Zi Chen frowned, this might even be a trap, as he was the person involved and needed to think a lot.

They told you to go to the Genius Party. You would know the moment you heard the name, they did not plan to let you live. If you die in the battle, there would be no more grudges Old Mo appeared from the taiji.

Since they declared it in such a high profile, they naturally have very strong confidence. Furthermore, those three monstrous geniuses are so arrogant and think that they can kill you. If you die, then the grudge will naturally disappear.

Die? Zi Chen raised his head, looked at A Mo, and said, Old Mo, do you think I'm not their match?

You have the perfect physique and the Yin-Yang Spell, so as long as there are no problems with Yin and Yang at the critical moment, you can keep your life but are they really going to let you go? A Mo asked.

A Mo shook his head, and said, I don't know either, maybe some powers really did pity and didn't want a monstrous genius like you to fall just like this.

Should I go or not?

If you go, your life will be in danger. Even if you kill the three great monstrous geniuses, you might not be able to survive. If you don't go and just miss an opportunity, it won't be a real loss. Moreover, you are currently at odds with a few major powers because you are too weak. As long as you become strong enough, all of the contradictions will not be a contradiction. A Mo analyzed.

Then let's not go. Destiny is still in my own hands. How can I bet your own life on the credibility of others? Zi Chen stood up, a light flickered in his eyes, and he had already decided to leave.

Let's go to Yongji City. Zi Chen made up his mind.

Zi Chen, we sincerely invite you. In the Southern region, there are only the three great sects of Seven Cities, don't worry, no one will do anything to you.

Another piece of news came from Cangli City.

But this time, Zi Chen frowned. In the Southern region, there were only the three great sects of Seven Cities, which meant, this place was ruled by the three great sects of Seven Cities.

If Zi Chen rejected the invitation this time, then he would have to indirectly offend all the major forces. Then, in the future, the only way for Zi Chen to survive would be to find a hidden valley to cultivate day and night.

Maybe in a few decades, Zi Chen would reach his lifespan due to lack of resources and his cultivation level being raised slowly.