Thunder Martial Chapter 253 - Genius Party

Each small town had an imperial sky realm guard and in the vicinity of the Cangli City, within a few thousand kilometers of the area where Zi Chen resided, there were already dozens of them nearby.

It was obvious that the three forces were thoroughly enraged by Zi Chen's actions.

On that day, countless people who reported had received their yuan stones.

On the first day, when the imperial sky realm experts received the reports, they were very generous. After the spiritual consciousness swept across and discovered that the person that they suspected was not Zi Chen, they still took out the Yuan Stones and gave it to the one who reported.

However, on the first day, in a small town, there were actually hundreds of reports. On the second day, not only did the number not decrease, it was still increasing.

On the third day, there was a crowd of people reporting others as suspicious. What was even more ridiculous was that there were people reporting animals as suspicious.

Soon, a full seven days had passed and an enormous amount had been sent out by the Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Sir, I brought another person. He is very sneaky and dishonest, I suspect that he is the person you are looking for. A young man at the eighth heaven grabbed onto a little fellow who was at the third heaven and arrived in front of the Imperial Sky expert.

It's you again? The Imperial Sky Sect couldn't help but frown when they saw this youth.

That's right, sir, I'm here again. I'm here to specifically serve the great power The young man grinned. He rubbed his hands on his clothes as he looked at the other party with hope in his eyes.

Alright, here you are. Imperial Sky was a little impatient, he directly threw ten pieces of Yuan Stone at the young man, to the point where he didn't even look at the little guy who was at the third heaven.

Let him go, how can this person be Zi Chen? Find someone more suspicious next time. The Imperial Sky expert said in annoyance.

Yes, yes! The youth hurriedly nodded, then grabbed onto the little fellow and said, Hurry up and go. Sir is already angry, why are you not Zi Chen?

The young man pulled him away, cursing and swearing.

Humph! If not for his powerful strength and noble identity, the Imperial Sky Expert would have killed the youth with a slap. In these seven days, other than the other cultivators, this fellow had brought over ten or so commoners to deliver to his doorstep.

It was obvious that he was just a little liar. It was just that he himself was an Imperial Sky Realm expert so he really couldn't argue with a small True Qi realm brat

Walking to the marginal zone of the small town, the young man released the little fellow at the third heaven, and patted the other party's wrinkled clothes.

Here, this is your reward for this time. The young man took out ten broken Yuan Stones and handed them over to the other party.

Thank you, thank you! The little cultivator was very grateful and hurriedly left with the Yuan Stones.

Raghav, Raghav, come over here for a moment. At this moment, someone shouted from the corner.

The young man turned around and saw a skinny boy waving at him with a wretched face.

Raghav, it's me, Little Yan. The boy laughed dryly with a flattering look on his face.

If you have something to say, then say it quickly. The young man named Raghav was really impatient.

Brother Luo, I found out that you have a lot of connections recently, and you actually managed to establish a relationship with an expert strong person from a large power. I...! The skinny boy hesitated for a moment and said, I have a few people with me, do you think we can make a move? When the time comes, we'll split it fifty-fifty.

What? Raghav glared.

No, no, I meant sixty-fifty. You sixty and me fifty. Seeing Raghav's glare, the boy immediately broke out in cold sweat, and said, Seventy-thirty, eighty-twenty... I only want one.

The eyes of the skinny boy named Xiao Yan suddenly lit up and he hurriedly said, Of course they are good. Raghav, please wait a moment, I'll go find them right now.

Alright, go ahead. Raghav laughed as he watched the young man leave.

It's said that Raghav's personality has changed a lot recently, to the point that he's becoming more human-like, to make things easier for me. Indeed, it's not fake, to actually be willing to give me a tenth of it.

He had already walked very far, but he was still heard by Raghav.

Raghav? Pui, isn't he just a hoodlum? Bullying the good and fearing the evil is just like bullying the fishes in the countryside. After they left, the smile on Raghav's face disappeared, and he cursed in his heart.

It was a good thing that the Old Mo came up with a plan, and he had become an old man with talent. These words were not wrong, he told Zi Chen to catch a local thug, and then talked with him for a few hours about everything the thug has experienced before finally sending him on his way.

He was an evil person who did not do good deeds since he was young. He stole chickens and dogs at the age of six, fought battles at the age of seven, chopped people at the age of eight, and when he grew up as a cultivator. He became even more ferocious.

During this period of time, Zi Chen wanted to leave the little town several times, but he was always warned by the Old Mo that the Imperial Sky Realm expert was still closely watching.

Therefore, Zi Chen did what he had to do to find a suspicious person. In the past few days, he had also earned a small sum of money, totalling 100 Yuan Stones.

Raghav, you're here. Not long after, the skinny boy from before arrived with his men.

You're f*cking courting death! Zi Chen opened his eyes wide and roared.

Raghav, they are suspicious people. They came from a village tens of miles away. Their identities are unknown... The skinny boy said.


But before he finished speaking, he was slapped, Are you f*cking stupid or just faking stupid? The wanted poster says that it's a man, and you brought some f*cking women over. Are you deliberately trying to kill me?

Zi Chen glared, imitating Raghav. He looked fierce but he was only scaring the ordinary people, in the eyes of Xiantian cultivators, he was just a fool.

Suspicious your mother, scram, I'll tell you this, if you want to die, do not pull me in, do you think the Yuan Stones of the great powers are that easy to earn? Zi Chen scolded Xiao Yan until his head was drenched in dog blood. He then looked at the few women, gave them some broken Yuan Stone, and let them leave.

Furthermore, Zi Chen had warned not to try this with the big powers.

This was just a small town, yet there were people like this boy in this small town. The other small towns added together naturally had quite a few of them, the Yuan Stones of the big powers gushed out like water everyday.

Just the thought of this consumption caused everyone to click their tongues in surprise.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed but there were still no clues about Zi Chen.

After persisting for another three days, for a total of thirteen days, the rewards for the suspicious person would be completely cancelled. During these thirteen days, the three forces had given out hundreds of thousands of Yuan Stone.

The rewards of ten Yuan Stone were cancelled, and at the same time, the wanted posters of Zi Chen were cancelled.

It seemed that the three powers had given up.

But Zi Chen did not believe that they were going to give up .Previously, Zi Chen had already decided to leave Cangli City, the further the better.

His next destination was the north side of the Cangli City, Yongji City.

Zi Chen, I will wait for you at the Genius Party in Cangli City. We will determine life and death there. Regardless of victory or defeat, the grudge between our Li Family and you will be written off once and for all.

When Li Hao spread the news that day, he was very domineering and his heroic spirit soared to the sky.

However, it was met with a wave of disdain.

That Zhanchen Congress from before had caused the three great powers to lose face and all their prestige.

Idiot, go to the Cangli City? it's not like my brain is sick. When Zi Chen heard this news, he could not help but curl his lips.

Zi Chen, I, Cang Meng, will also announce it here. The grievances between you and the Cang Family will be written off immediately after our life and death battle at the Genius Party.

Cang Meng also expressed his stance on that day.

Idiot! Zi Chen continued to sneer without turning his head back.

Zi Chen, and I, Wu Yuan, will also be waiting for you at the Genius Party. After the battle, the Wu Zong Sect will no longer hold any grudges with you. Wu Yuan also spoke up at the same time.

Pfft, my, Zi Chen's, life's goal is to destroy your sect. I won't rest until you die. Zi Chen did not believe it from the start, the three big powers' words were like fart, and what they had done was not human.

Regardless of whether Zi Chen believed them or not, even the many rogue cultivators would not believe them. On the contrary, they sneered at the three forces, using such despicable methods once had already disqualified to

If I were to go to Cangli City, I must have something wrong with my head. Zi Chen looked at the direction of the Cangli City and laughed coldly, then turned and walked towards the debris.

Yongji City, here I come. Zi Chen eventually left.

However, on this day, a shocking piece of news spread out.

The Genius Party that only gathered once every hundred years would be held in the Cangli City. At that time, all the geniuses of the three great sects of the Seven Cities would be present, including the monstrous geniuses among the great powers.