Thunder Martial Chapter 252 - Troll Army

Chenying Valley!

The three monstrous geniuses stood in front of the high platform, exuding a heroic aura as they spoke out, giving Zi Chen ten moves and that they will only fight with one hand.

Furthermore, they were sitting high up here, waiting for Zi Chen for three days.

Below, the people the three great forces had brought with them all shouted in unison. Their voices were like a tide, one wave after another, rising and falling.

Just as the atmosphere in the Chenying Valley reached its peak, the people brought by the three forces finally scolded Zi Chen till he was worthless. Finally, Zi Chen's words came from the little town.


There's actually ten people hiding here.

Heavens, these three forces are truly going crazy. They brought ten Imperial Sky Realm experts to kill Zi Chen.

Truly shameless. To think that these three great monstrous geniuses were still clamoring here. So it turns out to be a scheme.

Why? Why does Zi Chen know about this? Could it be that he had come here before, and left after feeling the presence of the Imperial Sky Stick?

The crowd was in an uproar, this time, the three great monstrous geniuses' gazes changed. Their battle prowess was powerful, and they were known as the monstrous geniuses.

Nonsense, he's obviously scared, so he said there's imperial sky realm experts here.

That's right, he's just a piece of trash who didn't dare come here. Afraid of being killed, he started a rumor, discrediting the three great forces, and the three great monstrous geniuses.

Amongst the crowd, the troll army once again took action, using their silver tongue to once again restore the advantage.

Who is Li Hao? He is the monstrous genius of the Li Family, and what is the Li Family? One of the three great families of the Seven Cities and they are one of the strongest! They have countless cultivation techniques and killing Zi Chen is like killing an ant.

There is a reason why Zi Chen is cowardly. Wu Yuan has inherited the Wu Zong Art, his fighting strength is terrifying, how could he scheme.

These people were eloquent. With just a few words, they had transformed the disadvantage into an advantage.

Some of them seemed to be deep in thought as they nodded their heads repeatedly. However, some of them scoffed at him.

This Zi Chen is truly a despicable person.

Being at an advantage, the troll army continued to discredit Zi Chen.

That's right, I am here to inform everyone, Zi Chen has already killed two people, the rest are not his match. Another voice shouted.

Xiao Mo Town was the closest town to this place, and Zi Chen's previous words had come from that place.




When the ten of them appeared, they ignored the shocked gazes of the crowd and flew towards Xiao Mo Town.

Ten beams of the Light flew across the sky, and a terrifying aura swept out in all directions.


Everyone was dumbfounded. The Imperial Sky experts actually appeared.

The truth was right in front of them. Even the troll army didn't know what to say. Even if they could argue, they couldn't think of anything to argue about.

Three Great monstrous geniuses.

How upright! Haha! What a great three great monstrous geniuses!

Laughter sounded from the crowd. Those people who did not believe in the Three Great Powers were laughing loudly. Their laughter was ear-piercing. Those who believed in them before felt that they had been deceived. Not only had they deceived their feelings, they had also deceived their souls.

The troll army was speechless, the Chenying Valley continued to laugh out loud.

Just at this time, a bald person walked out of the Chenying Valley.

Standing on the high platform, the three monstrous geniuses felt like there was a knife behind their backs, and their faces were burning.

They were monstrous geniuses, and were extremely arrogant, but they could not disobey the family. They had the confidence to kill Zi Chen, but their family didn't agree, so they thought of such a plan.

But who would have thought that it was seen through by someone else.

Furthermore, after careful preparation, they even used the troll army. All in order to discredit and provoke Zi Chen.

But it seemed to have the opposite effect.

The three monstrous geniuses were enraged, but when they heard what seemed to be bold and heroic words just now, they attracted many disdainful gazes at this moment.

Who was it? Who reported that news just now? Come out right now!

Right at this moment, a terrifying pressure appeared in the sky. A sharp-eyed person noticed that it was the imperial sky realm experts who had just left.

Speak, who was the one that reported just now?

They had a terrifying and imposing aura that was also tyrannical and it also carried a crazed killing intent. Many cultivators were unable to withstand this aura and directly fell to the ground.

Then, after searching for a while, they knew that they were actually tricked, there was no trace of Zi Chen in Xiao Mo Town.

There were over ten thousand people here. All of them were looking at one another. All of them blinked their innocent eyes. Although they wanted to laugh, they did it in a very good manner to conceal themselves.


The ten meter long high platform exploded, and the three monstrous geniuses left.

After coldly sweeping a glance at the crowd, the imperial sky realm experts turned around and left as well. It was obvious that it was impossible to slaughter all of them.

The troll army left dejectedly. With the facts laid out in front of them, who could say anything?

Early in the morning on the second day, Zi Chen caused another stir as he killed dozens of Zhen Yuan Realm experts from the three forces overnight.

The news quickly spread and caused a huge commotion.

The three great forces failing to kill Zi Chen even after so long had also attracted the attention of the Seven Cities and the three great sects.

Without a doubt, Zi Chen had become the shining star of the younger generation, but as to how strong he was, people werr still unable to give an accurate evaluation.


Many Imperial Sky Realm experts flew to a dense forest and started their search


The air trembled, and in the air, a huge sword appeared. As it bloomed with resplendent light, it transformed into a several dozen meters long rainbow, charging down towards the dense forest.

The ancient trees were like tofu that was easily torn apart. When the trees met the rainbow light, it would explode with a loud bang.

This was a huge act. For a single person, they had actually destroyed a whole forest.


A Demonic Beast that was about to reach the Imperial Sky Realm roared towards the sky. The aura around its body was tyrannical, but it did not dare to compete with the experts, so it turned and ran.

The Ten Thousand Beasts cried out and fled in panic.


All living things were exterminated, rocks burst into pieces, and the ancient trees turned into crumbs.

This was an extremely large amount of effort. The three powers displayed their battle power to the entire world, and over a dozen of them appeared in the sky, obliterating the entire forest.

Outside the dense forest, there were many Zhen Yuan Realm experts guarding it. Let alone one person, even a fly would not be able to escape their eyes.


On this day, the heaven and earth trembled, as if doomsday had arrived. The Demonic Beast howled, and screamed its last scream.

Such a big commotion naturally attracted quite a few people's attention.

Seeing the ancient trees disappear one by one, and the mountain ridges becoming flat ground, everyone was shocked and astonished at the extravagant work of the three forces.

Zi Chen watched from afar, his face pale white. It was fortunate that he left early, otherwise, with this kind of search, he would definitely die, just like those ancient trees, being smashed into pieces.

The three powers have gone completely mad. We should leave now. A Mo's voice rang out, and even he was trembling in fear.

Leave? Zi Chen laughed bitterly.

The three forces were completely crazed, not only for the heavy treasure, but also for their face.

Since we can't go to the Floating Snow City, we can enter the ruins. That is our world. A Mo suggested.

When Zi Chen finished looking for Lin Xue, he had already planned to go to Floating Snow City, but he never thought that the Floating Snow City would know that he had killed Chu Fei, and that Chu Xiong had also died in his hands, so his original plan was no longer feasible.

The last option was to go to the ruins, this was also what A Mo had discussed with Zi Chen previously. After angering the three forces and causing them to lose all face, he had nowhere to go so he can enter the ruins.

In one day of time, the forest had become a plain and not a single living creature was left alive.

Is Zi Chen dead?

Not even a fly flew out. If Zi Chen was in the forest, he would naturally not be alive.

Everyone was guessing at Zi Chen's life and death.

However, when they returned to the town, they discovered that the ten thousand Yuan Stone bounty had become twenty thousand.

Adding all of them together, the three forces had offered a total of sixty thousand Yuan Stones.

Zi Chen is good at disguising himself. Anyone who is found suspicious can be reported and they will receive ten Yuan Stones' by the Imperial Sky Realm expert.

At the same time, another piece of news appeared. Zi Chen's face became extremely pale.

The three major powers went completely mad. They had actually arranged for imperial sky realm experts in every single city and town. This was truly a huge amount of work.

The rewards of twenty thousand Primeval Stone made people sigh in admiration and it also made people go crazy but it was no use, no one knew where Zi Chen was.

Moreover, they announced that there will be a reward of ten Yuan Stone for any reports on a suspicious person. The ten Yuan Stone prizes were fatal. Anyone who was suspicious would be questioned and the one who reported it in will receive the reward.

Furthermore, there was also an imperial sky realm expert was here to guard. The massive spiritual consciousness swept down, preparing to search every inch of the town.

From now on, entry and exit can only be done through here. At the same time, a cold voice sounded from the sky.