Thunder Martial Chapter 251 - Slaughter In The Night

Chenying Valley, Zhanchen Congress.

There were over ten thousand people here, there was a sea of people waiting quietly for Zi Chen's arrival, looking forward to the big battle.

Li Hao urgently wanted to kill Zi Chen so he appeared very early in the morning. Following the sound of the Roc King's cries, Li Hao descended from the sky.

It was still the ten-metre long high platform. Li Hao stood on top and scanned his surroundings, his body surging with a strong will to fight.

Li Hao is here!

After a while, the ground started to tremble, Cang Meng carried a big blade on his back and walked into the Chenying Valley.

The arrival of another monstrous geniuses caused quite a big commotion.

It's Cang Meng, the monstrous genius of the Cang Family.

Compared to a few months ago, Cang Meng's face was currently very gloomy. They were the monstrous geniuses that represented the three big forces of the Seven Cities but they were toyed with by a small rogue cultivator and no one was in a good mood.

The monstrous genius from the three forces were here, wanting to kill Zi Chen.

A monk appeared in the crowd. His eyes flashed as he looked at the crowd. A faint golden light appeared in his eyes and a moment later, a look of disappointment appeared on his face.

Then, his gaze once again landed on the high platform, there, Li Hao's entire body was releasing a crazy fighting intent, following that, he also glanced at his surroundings.

idiot, do you take him for a fool? You three are monstrous geniuses. Looking around, a faint golden light appeared. The monk cursed under his breath, became angry, and turned around to leave.

The monk turned around and left, but when he walked out of Chenying Valley, he saw a young man standing opposite of him.

Hmm? The monk frowned slightly as a golden light flickered in his eyes. However, when he looked again, he found that there was no one there.

It must be Zi Chen!

With a thought, the monk ran towards the other side at a lightning speed like a golden light.

Could it be an illusion? Impossible. The monk shook his head and searched the surroundings, but he couldn't find anything.

Just as the tens of thousands of people were waiting, Zi Chen did not appear. As the disappointment in their heart spread, the cultivators who wanted to watch the battle of the monstrous geniuses also shook their head and sighed.

Zi Chen, you are just a coward. If you have the ability, appear in the Zhanchen Congress. I, Li Hao, will give you ten moves.

When the sun began to set and Zi Chen did not appear, he was so angry that he began to shout and brag.

The Wu Zong Sect monstrous geniuses also spoke, they were no longer low-key.

I can cut you into ten pieces with one slash, as long as you dare to appear. The long blade in Cang Meng's hands released a terrifying aura.

They were very powerful and sullen and during this period of time, they walked all the way from the east to the west, searching for Zi Chen. They simply did not have time to cultivate and not only did Zi Chen slap the three forces' faces, he had also slowed the progress of the three monstrous geniuses' cultivation by a lot.

No matter how loud the three of them shouted or how powerful they were, Zi Chen still did not appear and a disappointed voice came from the crowd.

That's right, he's just a mere remnant of a Ling Wu Sect, how could he possibly be a monstrous geniuses? It's just a rumor, otherwise why didn't he appear?

A piece of trash like him dares to call himself a monstrous geniuses?! Truly shameless! At this moment, he doesn't even have the guts to come!

Unsatisfied voices sounded from within the crowd and many people echoed as the sounds of discussion became louder and louder.

Zi Chen's fighting strength is unrivaled, he had killed a lot of experts from the three big families, wasn't Cang He and the rest all killed by Zi Chen?

You all are saying that Zi Chen is trash right now but I don't know what your intentions are. If you all aren't trash, why don't you all go up?

Some people could not bear to listen any longer and started to retort.

It was getting late, but Zi Chen still did not appear. The crowd was divided into two groups: one group was made up of pro Zi Chen and the other one was made up of anti Zi Chen.

If his battle prowess is unparalleled, he is a monstrous geniuses, why would he not dare to appear? He was still scared out of his wits, hiding somewhere.

The cultivators were all very excited, Zi Chen's absence had disappointed many people who wanted to watch the battle.

Back then, when the three great monstrous geniuses pursued Zi Chen, he was only at the Xiantian Realm.

Bullshit, that day, the three great monstrous geniuses didn't even manage to see Zi Chen. He had ran away without even meeting them.

That day in the Zhanchen Congress, didn't Zi Chen appear again? He killed a few geniuses and killed everyone. Someone shouted.

The two groups of people were very excited and spoke very excessively.

If you f*cking continue with your nonsense, do you believe that I'll kill you?

Idiot, Zi Chen is trash. If he is not that trash, why didn't he appear?

There were many people who discussed on the spot. Those who refuted him were all very powerful, and each of them was extraordinary.

The two groups of people argued intensely and many were supporting Zi Chen's side.

Amongst the crowd, there were quite a few who were sent out by the three great forces. Zi Chen was currently at his peak, and his fame was too great, constantly slapping the three great forces in the face. It was necessary to discredit him and bring about some negative public opinion.

Zi Chen, I'll wait here for you for three days. Let's see if you have the guts to come. The sky darkened and torches lit up around the high platform. Li Hao stood on top of the high platform and the flames reflected his resolute face as he said.

Li Hao is mighty!

Li Family is mighty and will slay that villain Zi Chen. A booming voice resounded from below.

Li Family is mighty and domineering. More people agreed.

Zi Chen, I will definitely kill you. Wu Yuan also rushed onto the high platform, the Qi around his body surging.

Wu Yuan is mighty, the Wu Zong Sect is mighty!

Kill Zi Chen, kill that villainous Zi Chen. The sound wave was very loud, like the sound of thunder in the sky.

Then there was Cang Meng, who also had a lot of supporters.

Cang Meng is domineering and mighty. With a single slash, he can cut apart that trash Zi Chen.

In the entire canyon, there were actually many people who came to watch the battle and support the three monstrous geniuses.

Amongst the crowd, many of the people sneered, they naturally knew what was going on. In the past, the three great monstrous geniuses might have been very popular, but now that Zi Chen had appeared, the three great forces had lost all their face, how could they possibly be that popular.

At the same time, they secretly lamented the three great powers' shamelessness.

Zi Chen, quickly appear! Quickly kill these three pieces of trash! Some people were extremely dissatisfied with the way these great powers handled things, as they prayed in their hearts.

In their hearts, the three great monstrous geniuses were the three great trash.

On that day, Zi Chen's ice-cold voice came out from the town closest to the Chenying Valley.

Li Hao, Cang Meng, Wu Yuan, if you guys still have a little face, don't be so shameless, it will make others look down on you even more. Around the high platform, there are at least ten Imperial Sky Realm experts. You really think highly of me, I wonder how I am supposed to fight against you three trash and the Imperial Sky Realm experts at the same time?

Zi Chen opened his mouth, the tone extremely cold.

Zhanchen Congress, you are not qualified to make me participate. Fighting one on one, I will definitely be able to kill all of you and you also know that. That's why you shamelessly came here with your experts. You all only have this little bit of potential, and the power behind you all is shameless to the extreme.

I do not know how you shameless powers grew up, but I am certain that if all of you continue to be this shameless, you will definitely end up in ruin.

That night, Zi Chen said a lot of things, but these words were the most outrageous and arrogant. Many people were looking for Zi Chen, but no one found him.

Since all of you are this shameless and want to kill me that badly. In that case, I shall have all of you shameless fellows pay the price.

With that said, Zi Chen left the town and headed towards the next forest.


Silver light flashed, illuminating the pitch black night. A cultivator collapsed into a pool of blood with astonishment in his eyes.

These were the people from the Wu Zong Sect, and they were all killed by Zi Chen.


The Li Family's hunting team had a total of four people. They had cultivated together since childhood and were skilled in the art of combined attacks, yet were killed by Zi Chen.

The Li Family, the Cang Family, and the Wu Zong Sect had met with a calamity that night. Zi Chen was like a ghost as he floated in the forest, and wherever he passed, corpses would fall one after another.

This was a night full of killing, and was also the nightmare of the three forces. Experts were killed one after another, and they fell into a pool of blood.

You must pay the price that you deserve for your shamelessness.

That night, Zi Chen fought his way through the slaughter. When the sky lit up, he quickly escaped and changed his appearance.