Thunder Martial Chapter 250 - Bounty

Zi Chen, if you have the ability, come out and fight. I can kill you a thousand times over with just a flick of a finger!

Li Hao stepped on the Roc King and flew towards the various forests, but every time he arrived, he was a step too late and all he saw was a clean and cold corpse.

Seemingly every place he went, Li Hao would howl towards the sky and say some provocative words.

After a few days, Zi Chen still did not appear. Instead, it was Li Hao's fury that attacked his heart, causing him to almost vomit blood, as he suffered internal injuries.

The Li Family was greatly humiliated, but the Cang Family and the Wu Zong Sect did not come out to make fun of them, because they were not much better off.

The experts that they had been sent out were also losing their lives and they did not even see the shadow of the other party.

The several great powers were thoroughly enraged and they began to issue high prices for the bounty.

Zi Chen was like a loach, very slippery. No matter how hard they tried to find him or make the encirclement even tighter, it was all to no avail.

Almost every day, there would be people dying but not a single one of them would be able to discover Zi Chen. The latter was like a ghost as he walked amidst the forest, concealing himself during the day and coming out at night to cause trouble.

For anyone that discovers Zi Chen, they will receive Five Thousand Yuan stone each from the three great powers, totalling fifteen thousand yuan stones.

The three forces were completely anxious. This time, they offered fifteen thousand yuan stones in total in order to find Zi Chen, causing everyone to go crazy.

The current Zi Chen had almost become a nightmare for the three forces. They could not get rid of him and could not kill him. The three great monstrous geniuses were brimming with confidence, claiming that they could kill Zi Chen with a flick of a finger a thousand times.

All of them nearly suffered internal injuries.

They were powerful but they didn't even get a chance to fight yet.

The fifteen thousand yuan stone bounty could be said to have brought a great shock. This time, the three forces had teamed up together to issue a bounty, so it was naturally impossible to be false. Thus, many cultivators walked out of the towns into the dense forest, searching for traces of Zi Chen.

And almost everyone was holding a portrait of Zi Chen.

At the same time, the Heaven Killing Pavilion also suffered a huge pressure, and after being unable to find and kill Zi Chen, it had dealt a huge blow to their reputation as assassins. They could only send out more assassins to find traces of Zi Chen.

Amongst the dense forest, the ancient tree was like a small mountain. The damp air was filled with the thick smell of blood.

Come out, come out. A black-clothed cultivator held onto a sabre with both hands and repeatedly shouted out. His voice was sharp and was filled with fear.

Come out! If you have the guts, come out right now. What's the point of hiding in the dark and attacking? There was another person at the side who was also shouting loudly. He wasn't any better off; his face was full of fear, as if he had seen the grim reaper.

Beside him, two corpses lay on the ground. Their life force had dissipated and the fatal wounds were located at the back of their bodies. Sharp weapons were stabbing out from the back of their bodies and blood was flowing out as the smell of blood permeated the air.

In the distance, a figure appeared beside an Ancient Tree, staring at the two of them. He was dressed in black, was tall and slender, had cold and emotionless eyes, and held a Silver spear in his hand, exuding a cold aura.

Zi Chen, I know it's you. If you have the ability, come out and fight me to the death. The cultivator shouted and began to swing his sabre around aimlessly.

You've been sneakily following behind us and sneakily attacking us all this time. Where is your skill? If you have the ability, then show yourself. The other person also shouted loudly in fear.

They were all members of the Wu Zong Sect, and there were more than a dozen of them. They traveled together, and were extremely powerful and they had the goal of killing Zi Chen.

After staying in the forest for a few days, they still could not find Zi Chen. A group of people were cursing and boasting that they could kill Zi Chen with a flick of a finger.

Of the dozen or so people who died, only two remained, but they did not know who the killer was, nor did they know if it was a human or a ghost.

Panic, uneasiness, anxiety, and worry made them lose control of their emotions.

Their numbers were large but as time went on, only two were left. They called for the murderer but as their companions fell to the ground and died, their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. Their bodies and minds had suffered an unimaginable torment.

The two of them were on the verge of collapse. They were unable to persevere any longer and were completely in fear and despair.


Who is it!

The other cultivator sensed his presence and immediately turned around to slash out with his sabre. However, there was nothing behind him, not even a shadow of the killer. The few slashes had caused his companion's body to fall to the ground, along with a hole in his chest that was bleeding profusely.

Escaping along the way and seeing his companions die one by one with his own eyes, fear had encircled in his heart and erased his strong will. Now that his heart was pierced, not only was there no fear in this cultivator's eyes, there was even a sliver of relief.

Rather than waiting for death in terror and suffering physically and mentally, it was better to just die.

At this moment, death was a release for him.

The last cultivator roared loudly, his hair in disarray as though he had gone mad. The sabre in his hands slashed randomly, its blade sharp and cold and many Sabre Qi appeared and slashed in all directions.

This was a fifth heaven cultivator and logically speaking, he is considered an expert. But along the way, several sixth heaven cultivators had died, not to mention the fact that he was just a fifth heaven cultivator, it was already a miracle that he had been able to survive until now.

However, this miracle would end here.

He completely crumbled as the Sabre Qi flashed continuously and hacked into the ancient trees one by one. The leaves flew randomly in the forest and obstructed people's line of sight.



Seeing the spear coming out from his heart, the cultivator felt like he was struck by lightning and all of his movements froze at this moment. He wanted to turn around and see if the culprit was Zi Chen, but unfortunately, all his energy had been drawn out at this moment.

This was a very large forest, and the great powers had predicted that Zi Chen would be hiding here so they had sent out many experts.

However, they had not expected such an outcome.

In the dense forest, Zi Chen was like a ghost as he silently appeared, killed, and then disappeared without a trace.

In this dense forest, Zi Chen acted like there was no one around, he never fought with the experts and when he saw the three great monstrous geniuses, he would immediately take a detour to kill those who were weaker than him.

He wanted the three major powers to go completely berserk. But of course, other than this, he had no other better ideas.

After killing countless people from the three forces, two days later, Zi Chen finally left the dense forest and changed his appearance, entering a small town.

During this period of time, Zi Chen heard the sound of something tearing through the air one after another above his head, and one by one, they charged into the dense forest.

Clearly, the three forces had gone completely mad and were willing to send many of their Imperial Sky Realm experts.

Whoever finds Zi Chen, the three forces will each reward him with ten thousand Yuan Stone.

It used to be five thousand, but now it had risen to ten thousand. Even Zi Chen was shocked when he saw it and his eyes flickered for a moment.

If he had the Body Division Technique, he would report himself at once.

Thirty thousand Yuan Stones would be enough for him to use for a long time and his physique and cultivation techniques were very special as well.

In this period of time, Zi Chen had already used up half of the Five Thousand Yuan stone.

Thirty thousand Yuan Stones were enough to attract many rogue cultivators.

But Zi Chen was not afraid, as long as he did not reveal himself, no one could find him.

F*ck, it's the d*mned monk!

Suddenly, Zi Chen saw a familiar figure in the middle of the town. It was the Good and Evil Monk who was wearing a cassock.

The latter walked in the crowd with a kind face, hands clasped together and a smile on his face, as if he was an esteemed monk. However, Zi Chen could clearly see that for every person the monk looked at, golden light flickered in his eyes.

Zi Chen planned to rest for two days before going to the next place. He wanted to kill many experts from the three forces so they would not dare to send out any more cultivators to kill him.

Zi Chen, come out here. I, Li Hao, can kill you with one finger a thousand times over.

On this day, a monstrous geniuses appeared in the sky above the town. Li Hao stood on top of the Roc King and shouted angrily towards the town.

When Zi Chen saw Li Hao, he curled his lips.

Zi Chen, Chenying Valley, Zhanchen Congress, if you have the guts, go ahead. I, Li Hao, will wait there for you.

A few days later, his throat was dry and smoke was coming out of his throat.

Zi Chen, in three days, Zhanchen Congress, I will naturally be able to kill you.

Li Hao's high profile had garnered a lot of attention. This was the first time that someone had annihilated the people from the three forces, but what would happen to the Zhanchen Congress this time?

Everyone was filled with anticipation.

Before the time was up, a few cultivators had already rushed towards the Chenying Valley to see.