Thunder Martial Chapter 25 - Rank One Martial Skill

Spoiler(Highlight it) : The sect will face retribution soon so don't worry, I was also pissed off when I was translating this chapter

There was a certain courtyard within the Ling Wu sect, an especially large one, within which there were many pavilions set up. Several of which were several stories high.

Here, inner sect disciples could exchange contribution points for things such as medicine pills, martial techniques, weapons, as well as a variety of other goods.

By the time Zi Chen arrived, dozens of people had already gathered at the courtyard. Some were inner sect disciples wanting to exchange their contribution points, while a handful were people who had ranked in the top ten and wanted to claim their rewards.

Upon seeing Zi Chen, nearly everyone's expressions twisted slightly, their complexions somewhat unusual.

It was at this time that Wu Sheng emerged from within one of the pavilions. As soon as he noticed Zi Chen's presence, his mouth pulled up almost imperceptibly with what seemed to be a smirk. It was almost as if he was ridiculing Zi Chen, saying, 'So what if you have strength? It doesn't mean anything if you don't have any background, because without a backer, you aren't worth a fart. See, the seat of core disciple was taken by me just like that.'

In the depths of Zi Chen's clear eyes, a cold light flashed viciously as he stared calmly back at Wu Sheng. At his side, Miao Kong also refrained from speaking. His expressionless face remained wholly indifferent as if he had already seen through all of Wu Sheng's pretenses.

Pathetic. To always depend on the support of some elder, what is so great about someone like you? Already at the sixth layer of True Qi and possessing a rank two martial technique, yet you're still incapable of defeating Zi Chen. I really don't understand how you can be so overbearing. If I were you, I'd have piped down and followed close behind the elders' asses already, instead of coming out to show off and making a fool of myself instead. Lin Xue snorted coldly as she scoffed at Wu Sheng.

Hmph, how bold. Wu Sheng's expression instantly darkened at her words, his face becoming incomparably gloomy. Lin Xue had spoken the truth and hit his sore spot. Although he had managed to succeed in entering the core of the sect today, he would inevitably be mocked by others because of the unconventional way in which he had achieved it.

Zi Chen, don't get too cocky. Our disparities will only continue to grow larger from now own. You better pray that you don't fall into my hands one of these days. Once again, someone had directed their hostility at Zi Chen, and Wu Sheng seemed eager to target him.

You're absolutely correct. Indeed, the gap between us will only continue to stretch. You have already been defeated by me today, and if there should come another day in which you meet me in combat, you will only lose again. If there is yet another opportunity, I may have a slip of hand and accidentally kill you. That would be unfortunate, because then I do not know whether or not there are other people qualified to fight for the quota with me anymore. Zi Chen responded chillingly before flicking his sleeves into the air and walking past Wu Sheng, his movements completely natural and unaffected.

Finished, everyone else thought to themselves This fellow really does not know to stop even after reaching the heights of heaven and the depths of earth. To actually butt heads with a core disciple, he really is courting death.

Although the seat of core disciple had already been seized, it was unavoidable that some would complain about the results. On the other hand, one had to be strong in order to complain, and unfortunately, the weak had no right to grumble. With such an aggressive outburst, Zi Chen was no doubt finished.

After being a core disciple, one will be trained entirely by the sect with no restrictions on the usage of medicinal pills, until he reaches the Xian Tian Realm. The gap between them will keep getting bigger and bigger.

There were discussion all around him, but Zi Chen did not bother to listen.

At this moment, there was a white clothed youth standing in front of Zi Chen. He was an inner sect disciple, but Zi Chen couldn't tell exactly how strong he was.

Why is it only four True Qi Pills and eight contribution points? Zi Chen asked coldly as he stared at the opposite party, anger resurfacing in his eyes. The reward for achieving first place was obviously declared to be five True Qi Pills and ten contribution points for my compensation. Why is it less now?

On the sidelines, many other disciples spectated, as if they were watching something amusing.

Boy, don't haggle over this. This is the custom here. Senior brother Luo Men is not obligated to give the contribution points to you

That's right, what do you think this place is? A charity hall? Senior brother Luo Men is just taking his reward.

All of the surrounding people warned, rather than saying it as a reward, it's more appropriate to say that he was embezzling other's share.

I'm being pushed over again. Zi Chen's heart was angry, his eyes burning as he glared rigidly at the youth ahead.

There's only this much? Luo Men said indifferently

This embezzlement had already become a custom. Most of the other inner sect disciples were already aware of it, and although they were unwilling, they had already resigned themselves to the fact that they would be cheated out of some materials. But surprisingly, Zi Chen was not only reluctant to accept it, he instead questioned him.

If I don't get the reward that I deserve, I will go look for the elder. Zi Chen remained cold as before.

Facing the elder, he could only swallow the decision. He may not have gotten the title of core disciple, but if he was going to be bullied by an inner sect disciple again, he was afraid that the days ahead would be even tougher. Perhaps he would have to bear with this anger every day.

Zi Chen, forget it. You already have many enemies. I will give you another True Qi Pill, Miao Kong sighed next to him in a low voice.

Zi Chen shook his head adamantly, firmly saying, I must obtain what I deserve from here. Since I already have a lot of enemies, I don't mind if there's one more.

Luo Men's face darkened in an instant, his eyes flashing with a cold gleam. All the viewers around them had a hint of pity in their eyes.

Seems like the blow this fellow received today was not light, just like a mad dog, he will bite anyone he sees, he had just bitten Wu Sheng a moment ago, and now he also wants to bite senior brother Luo Men. What a pity. If he had a backing then he would have had the qualifications to be rampant, but since he does not have any backing, no one will protect him. Yet he is still so rampant, really courting death.

Finished, a genius will disappear

Hearing the discussions around him, Zi Chen turned a deaf ear, no matter what, he must get the things he deserves today.

Good fellow, you win. his expression changing constantly, Luo Men finally compromised. He gave Zi Chen his two contribution points back and gave him another True Qi Pill, if it was someone else, Luo Men naturally would not compromise, but Zi Chen was somewhat special, if he looked for the elders, the elders will naturally help him.

The rank one martial technique? Zi Chen asked.

Hmph, wait, I will get it. Luo Men sneered, he glanced at the rank one martial technique under the cabinet that had been prepared, he then turned around and walked towards the Martial Arts Pavilion, a moment later, Luo Men came back holding a scroll.

Take it, three months later, remember to return it, otherwise you will die very miserably. Luo Men threw the martial technique on the table.

The surface of the scroll emitted a trace of silver light, the whole scroll was covered by a mystical flow of energy. As the scroll appeared, there seemed to be an additional oppressive pressure in the hall. The character on the scroll were just like lighting, glittering unceasingly.

This is an extraordinary martial technique scroll.

This is the Thunderbolt Finger

My God, senior brother Luo Men actually took out the the Thunderbolt Finger.

Gasping sounds were heard from all around, they were looking at Luo Men shockingly.

The Thunderbolt Finger is a rank one martial technique, and was also generally acknowledged as the strongest rank one martial technique in Ling Wu sect, at the same time, it was also regarded as the most useless rank one martial technique.

Because many years ago, it was very formidable. There was even a legend that it was a Xian Tian Martial technique before but unfortunately, there were several moves that had been lost, making it incomplete. Therefore it was classified as a rank one technique. But if successfully mastered, it was still very strong.

Unfortunately, over the years, in the entire Ling Wu sect, there had been no one that was capable of mastering the Thunderbolt Finger. Gradually, this strongest martial technique turned into the most useless martial technique.

Today, Luo Men took out this martial technique, obviously he was retaliating against Zi Chen, making trouble for him.

What a pity, just for one True Qi Pill and two contribution points he missed a rank one martial technique, going back with a useless martial technique.

This time, Zi Chen really suffered a big loss

Amidst the chatter all around, there was also some cold laughter; Zi Chen was already very unlucky, but unexpectedly even the martial technique also had issues. He was clearly holding a rank one martial technique, but it was even inferior to a rank three martial technique.

My ten contribution points will be exchanged for four True Qi Pills and two Qi Restoration Pills. When Zi Chen heard their comments, he did not have any expressions, just like in a fit of anger, he didn't take a look angry at all. He put away the martial technique, and at the same time, Zi Chen said towards Luo Men

Hmph. Luo Men's mouth corners curled upwards as he sneered, and gave Zi Chen the things that he wanted to exchange for. After that, Zi Chen left.

He left hastily and walked quickly.

In the eyes of other people, Zi Chen was afraid, but as for Zi Chen, if he left a little bit later, he wouldn't be able to hold his burst of loud laughter anymore.

For others, the Thunderbolt Finger was a useless martial technique, but Zi Chen actually could feel the power of the lightning coming from it. At the same time, he also felt a sense of intimacy, the aura coming from the scroll felt the same as the one inside his body.

This martial technique was custom made for someone like Zi Chen that cultivated a lighting law.

Go away, do not come and look for me anymore.

After Zi Chen walked out of the front door, he left in a hurry while saying these words to Lin Xue and Miao Kong. His figure slowly vanished.

You... seeing that Zi Chen left, Lin Xue was angry, her eyes also turned red.

He does not want to implicate us. In these two days, he had offended many people. Miao Kong said lightly.

What should we do? Just watch him fend for himself? Lin Xue said

Besides this, we do not have any other options, the only thing we can do now is train hard and not disturb him

At the outer sect, Zi Chen handled matters calmly, today's matter is contrary to his character, but he is not the impulsive type, perhaps he already has a solution. Miao Kong said.

What solution can he have? He can only wait for death. No, I have to look for senior sister and ask her to help Zi Chen. Lin Xue left anxiously.

Miao Kong shook his head and heaved a low sigh and muttered: Zi Chen, I believe that you will not die. I hope you don't disappoint me.

After he said that, Miao Kong Left.


Zi Chen returned to his residence in a hurry and shut the door tightly.

He had just entered the inner sect, although he had provoked some people, but they won't make a move immediately. Therefore, Zi Chen wants to get stronger before they act.

He currently has the strength to oppose the enemy that is at the sixth Layer of True Qi. Once he refines these nine True Qi Pills, his strength will grow once more, even if he is unable to break through to the seventh Layer of True Qi, he will at least reach the peak of the sixth Layer of True Qi.

Sitting cross-legged, Zi Chen closed his eyes and heart, he calmed himself down, after that, he swallowed a True Qi Pill.

The Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Technique began to revolve. After revolving the energy from the True Qi Pill, it was soon absorbed by his heart and a moment later, as his heart pounded, a pure silver energy flushed through all the limbs and bones of Zi Chen.

A quarter of an hour later, the True Qi Pill was refined by Zi Chen smoothly.

At the same time, the second True Qi Pill entered his abdomen.

With the unceasing injection of True Qi, the True Qi Pills were decreasing one by one... The time slowly passed and when the fifth True Qi Pill was refined thoroughly, Zi Chen felt that his own body was transforming once again.

This time, Zi Chen could clearly feel that his body became stronger. It seemed to have reached the limits of a rank six fierce beast and will soon break through to the physique of a rank seven fierce beast.

After the seventh True Qi Pill was refined by Zi Chen, a suction force appeared on Zi Chen's body, all of heaven and earth energy in the entire room began to surge and be absorbed by Zi Chen's body.

Having reached the limit of the amount of True Qi his dantian could hold, changes were occurring once again. The quality of True Qi became higher, at the same time, an electric snake in the middle of the True Qi became increasingly clear.


Sixth Layer of True Qi.

When Zi Chen opened his eyes, he had broken through and he had refined seven True Qi Pills, half a day had already passed

The sky brightened, Zi Chen looked at the last two True Qi Pills and then, without any hesitation, he swallowed them completely