Thunder Martial Chapter 249 - Breakthrough To The Second Heaven

How many people in this world could have experienced the tribulation of the Zhen Yuan Realm?

A Mo didn't know because he had never heard of it before. Even in the Limitless Sect back then, those who had cultivated to a perfect physique had never experienced a tribulation like this.

And it was such a terrifying lightning tribulation.

The sky was blue and cloudless. Not a single cloud could be seen. The setting sun fell from the sky and sprinkled over their bodies. It was as if a golden veil had been cast over their bodies.


However, in this kind of weather, lightning appeared out of nowhere. It was vast and imposing and filled with a terrifying aura, as if it wanted to obliterate all life in this world.

The descent of the heavenly lightning carried a terrifying pressure, as though it wanted to destroy everything in this world. However, the young man used his body to block it, not dodging at all.


The lightning aura was tyrannical and it struck the young man's body but it did not destroy the young man. Instead, a suction force came from the young man's body, directly absorbing the lightning energy.

The heavenly lightning landed on the young man's body but he was unscathed. Moreover, he had absorbed the lightning energy to temper his body, the young man's physique was astonishing.

The second bolt of lightning was much more powerful, bringing with it a piercing silver light, like an angry dragon descending with a ferocious roar.

The fearsome lightning was filled with destructive aura, but in front of the young man, it was like a docile sheep, directly being scattered. The young man then took a deep breath, causing the lightning that exploded to be swallowed into his stomach.


The heavens and the earth roared as a third bolt of lightning appeared. It was like a frenzied lightning dragon dragging its long tail as it descended with a terrifying pressure.

Extreme Yang!

The young man shouted loudly and the young man then made a seal, it was simple yet profound, following that, a blinding golden light appeared, like a bolt of golden lightning, flying towards the lightning.

The resplendent golden light made contact with the lightning, causing a loud explosion. The lightning dissipated in the air and the tyrannical lightning energy wreaked havoc.

Haha, this is a lightning tribulation, isn't it? Come! The young man laughed out loud. Golden light surrounded his body, making him look like a war god.

Extreme Yin!

Immediately afterwards, a golden light filled with a cold aura appeared. It brought with it an extreme amount of energy as it destroyed the fourth bolt of lightning.

This was an extremely shocking scene. Someone was actually able to withstand the divine lightning while still in the Zhen Yuan Realm. Moreover, such a grand feat had occurred in this forest.

Ha ha!

The young man let out a loud laugh, his voice deafening as he suppressed the thunder and lightning in the skies. A strong sense of confidence permeated his heart, and at this moment, the young man was in high spirits.


The sky shook again, and this time, an even more terrifying aura appeared. A thick bolt of lightning appeared out of thin air, bringing with it a vast aura as it descended. It was as though this bolt of lightning was the only thing in the world.

The young man unleashed another attack. It was very easy. Confidence filled his heart. Golden light began to flicker nonstop, and golden light began to rise into the sky.

However, the change occurred right after another bolt of lightning appeared in the sky. The two bolts of lightning illuminated the entire space in no time at all. The resplendent golden light was instantly shattered by the bolt of lightning, followed by the bolt of lightning landing on the youth's body.

A destructive aura rippled as the summit of the mountain descended three meters below the might of the lightning. The young man's clothes were completely torn, revealing his charred body and black smoke rising from his head.

F*ck...! The youth was speechless, feeling extremely wronged. Why didn't the heavenly thunder appear one after the other? Why did two suddenly appear? This was completely illogical.


Before the youth could recover from his injuries, the heaven and earth shook once again with rumbling sounds. Three blinding lights appeared in the sky. In the blink of an eye, they had grown in size and turned into three terrifying lightning bolts that came crashing down.

The youth opened his eyes wide, overwhelmed with shock. Rays of golden light appeared on his charred skin as he tried his best to resist.


Three bolts of lightning descended at the same time. Almost at the same time, they landed on the young man's body. The destructive aura spread out in all directions with the young man as the center.

This time, more than half of the summit of the mountain had been sliced in half.


Smoke and dust rose in all directions, the tyrannical energy engulfing heaven and earth. The young man walked out from the rubble with cyan smoke all over his body, several pieces of broken stones were spat out from his mouth.

Heavens, are you playing with me?

The young man raised his head, and his pitch black face was filled with grievance.


The lightning tribulation did not dissipate. This time, several lightning bolts appeared. They were like heaven and earth chains as they surrounded the young man, releasing a destructive aura.


The young man only had time to let out a miserable scream before he was engulfed by the lightning. Afterwards, the sound of thunder and lightning appeared and the towering summit of the mountain disappeared, turning into a stream.

The entire world was deathly silent, and only dust and smoke swirled about. It was unknown whether the youth was dead or alive.

After another quarter-hour passed, only a small sound was heard from the mountain stream. A charred youth crawled out from the endless smoke.

There were a total of eighteen lightning bolts that nearly turned the young man into a pile of ashes. However, he managed to endure it. Although he was in a sorry state, he was still alive.

Her newly born skin was translucent like jade, like a woman's body. It was too white.

When all the old skin on his body was shed, the young man's entire body emitted a glaring golden light, and a powerful aura emerged.

I've finally broken through to the second heaven. Li Hao, watch how I'll beat you up into a pig's head. A cold light flashed in the eyes of the young man. Having achieved his breakthrough, his fighting strength had become even stronger. This time, he was extremely confident in facing those monstrous geniuses.

He had caused too much of a ruckus after breaking through the thunder tribulation, so he had to leave now.

As soon as he changed his appearances and entered the forest, sonic booms rang out in the skies, as figures flew over from the horizons.

This is the aura of lightning tribulation.

The man appeared in the sky and looked down. His eyes lit up and then disappeared in a flash of light.

However, when he sensed the dissipating energy waves, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

Is this from a demonic beast undergoing a tribulation of lightning? The man frowned and shook his head, That's not right, this lightning tribulation isn't that powerful. However, it isn't an ordinary lightning tribulation.

After that, the man looked around him carefully and observed every single place where the lightning was wreaking havoc. When he saw that the mountain had actually turned into a mountain stream, his expression changed.

A sharp whistling sound echoed after the man left.

One figure after another appeared in the sky, all of them flying very fast. These were the experts that were flying in the sky, they were obviously Imperial Sky Realm experts.

There were three of them, representing the three forces.

What happened? This place was destroyed? All three of them quickly stepped forward. One of them opened his mouth.

What a powerful lightning energy. With such fluctuations, could it be that someone has passed through the heavenly tribulation?

The three were extremely shocked as they carefully watched the battlefield. Afterwards, they exclaimed in their hearts that they had missed out on the graceful bearing of an expert undergoing his tribulation.

A majestic mountain was actually shattered into pieces. This heavenly tribulation is truly terrifying.

The three of them did not stay any longer. If it was an expert, then they would definitely not be able to defeat them.

The Li Family had been very angry recently since they were slapped on the face by Zi Chen again.

Five teams of the hunting team they had sent out are dead. Those small teams that had been raised and trained since childhood and could even deal with geniuses.

The imperial sky realm expert was even more furious, and threatened to smack Zi Chen to death.

Have you heard? The Li Family's hunting team lost five teams in a forest?

Wasn't the hunting team groomed at great cost by the Li Family? A team that claims to be able to exhaust geniuses to death? Normally, they would never make a move, but because of the matter with Zi Chen, they have dispatched such a terrifying team.

Yeah, it's this kind of team that had five of them killed by Zi Chen.

On the second day, the news of Li Family's tight blockade was leaked out for some reason. At that moment, the entire Cangli City was talking about it.

The Li Family had lost even more face this time.

In the past, the people of the Li Family had always been arrogant when they went out and other people would always look on with envy. However, ever since Zi Chen had appeared, the reputation of the Li Family had been tarnished.

The experts had sent many people, but they could not find Zi Chen, the latter seemed to have disappeared from the world, and suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Of course, in reality, everyone knew that the other party was basically playing hide and seek. He would disappear for two days or so, then he would reappear again.

He came out every two days to kill a hunting team, then he hid himself again and disappeared without a trace. He reappeared again after two days.


The Li Family was completely furious. Every day, they would hear grievous news and their heart would bleed. Furthermore, everyone could hear the Li Family's roars every day.