Thunder Martial Chapter 248 - Killing With An Ancient Weapon

Hearing the big man's words, Zi Chen's face turned cold, it was obvious that the big powers were going crazy. In order to kill him, they actually wanted to kill all the people who entered the forest.

Moreover, this man would rather kill by mistake than let them go.

With a cold snort, Zi Chen took large strides forward and swept his cold eyes across the four big men.

Which family are you from? What big words you have there.

The four of them were stunned for a moment. They didn't expect there to be someone else in the dark. When they raised their heads again, they were stunned to see a young man they didn't know.

Brat, who are you? Why do you look so familiar to me? One of the men frowned.

He is Zi Chen! Suddenly, there was a cry of alarm from the side.

Zi Chen, he is Zi Chen. That's right, he is Zi Chen.

Zi Chen changed his appearance. When he revealed his true face, he was recognised.

Good boy, we've been bitterly searching for you for so long. I didn't expect you to be hiding here.

The four big sized men separated, slowly approaching Zi Chen, while at the same time, True Yuan undulations surged from their body.

Of course, we are here to kill you!

The eyes of the sixth heaven leading the group flashed with killing intent as he coldly snorted, Kill!

Immediately after, a Tyrannical Aura appeared and the big sized man rushed towards Zi Chen.

Around Zi Chen's body, a golden light flickered as he struck out with his palm. The golden palm imprint was like a fan as it emitted a blazing aura.



Terrifying killing intent surged out, and a ray of Blade Qi appeared from the side, directly slashing towards Zi Chen's head.


Zi Chen punched out with his fist, causing a huge tremor. The entire forest trembled. The Blade Qi was shattered, and the fifth heaven cultivator was forced back.

Swish! Sensing the killing intent approaching from behind, Zi Chen turned around and slapped him with his palm. Another person was pushed back along with a large amount of golden light.

At the same time, Zi Chen let out a loud shout, and with a side kick, a dazzling golden light blocked the last person.

The four of them attacked once, and then all of them were forced to retreat. They then surrounded Zi Chen from all sides.

Brat, you do have some skills, but you are merely at the first heaven. Even if you're monstrous geniuses, you will still have to die today. Killing intent flashed in the big man's eyes. His right hand was red and swollen. It was obvious that he had suffered a loss from the previous fight.

Cut the crap. Today, I will kill all of you. In the future, I will also kill the monstrous geniuses behind you. Zi Chen's eyes flashed with a cold light.


Zi Chen's body flashed with golden light, his eyes were cold and emotionless, releasing a large amount of golden light, like many sharp blades.

The entire forest was trembling. A tyrannical aura circulated and every ancient tree exploded under the sweeping energy.


The Blade Qi was smashed apart by Zi Chen's fist, but before he could kill his opponent, the other three attacks had already arrived.


Although the four of them were powerful, Zi Chen was not afraid.

But the four of them seemed to know a type of combined attack, their attacks and defenses were almost perfect, even Zi Chen could do nothing about it.

Brat, this is our Li Family's combined attack. We have practiced it for dozens of years already, even if you spread your wings today, you will not be able to escape. The leader was very arrogant. He was at the sixth heaven. He was the strongest here and was the main attacker.

The other three attacked and defended.


Azure Peak Seal!

With a loud shout, a golden light flashed on Zi Chen's fingers, and each of them became golden, as though they were made of pure gold, and a Seal was released very quickly.


The heaven and earth shook. A huge seal appeared, releasing a terrifying Qi, revolving with a cold destructive energy as it flew towards the big sized man's head.

Help me!


The air trembled, a terrifying aura circulated in the air, and the huge palm grabbed onto the golden seal. The two violently clashed, and in the end, the golden seal exploded, and numerous cracks appeared on the palm.

Go to hell!

The big sized man roared, he used his mind to control the palm imprint, and grabbed towards Zi Chen.


Brat, this is futile. We have been together since we were young, training our combined attack, and our coordination is flawless. Let alone a mere first heaven like you, even if a sixth heaven genius were here, we would still have the confidence to kill him. The large man sneered as he thought that victory was within his grasp.


Around Zi Chen, the Golden Lights started to flourish more and more. With one step, the forest started to tremble and golden light shone even more brightly, illuminating the entire forest.

Zi Chen, be careful. Yin and Yang must be in equilibrium. A Mo reminded.

Zi Chen was only at the first heaven. Even when facing three fifth heaven and one sixth heavens combined attack, he did not lose out.

Zi Chen waved his fists, releasing a terrifying attack, the blazing golden light covering the entire forest, followed by an extremely cold Qi.

The Yin-Yang Energy continued to circulate as Zi Chen launched his strong attack.

He's actually taking the initiative to attack.

The four men were extremely helpless. Right now, they were actually forced to defend, and they were even suppressed by this little fellow of the first heaven.


This is useless. When you consume a lot of energy, we will naturally be able to kill you. The big man said. At the moment, the four of them were defending, so they didn't consume too much energy.

Moreover, they were strong. The True Yuan in their bodies was richer and they had more.

It had to be said that this combination type attack was an extremely terrifying cultivation technique. Even if it was a sixth heaven genius, they would still die from exhaustion. But today, the person they had encountered was actually a monstrous geniuses, and an extraordinary one at that.

The four people were continuously forced back, and their faces were extremely ugly. Although they weren't heavily injured, they felt extremely humiliated after being suppressed by this little fellow.

Brat, once your True Yuan is exhausted, I will definitely flay you alive. The big man gnashed his teeth.

Brat, stop dreaming. Our defenses are indestructible. How could you break through with your mere cultivation at the first heaven? The big man laughed loudly. The other three people activated their defenses.

Is that so? Then let me see how hard your turtle shell is. A cold light flashed in his eyes as his killing intent surged. Zi Chen charged towards the four of them.

At the same time, a brilliant light flashed in his hand, and a long silver spear appeared, emanating an ancient aura. This was an ancient weapon. Although it could not be activated with spiritual perception, it was comparable to a precious treasure.


The spear flashed like a bolt of silver lightning and in front of the spear, the Defensive Light Shield that Zi Chen couldn't break earlier was like paper and was penetrated in an instant.


The spear had pierced through his neck, the big sized man's eyes were filled with disbelief, he never thought that he defense he was full of confidence in would actually be so weak.

I'll send you on your way. A golden light flowed out from the spear. In the next moment, the big sized man's body exploded.

Eldest Brother!

Cries of alarm rang out as grief appeared in the eyes of the other three men. The four of them grew up together and cultivated together. Although they weren't blood brothers, they had been inseparable for decades, and were even closer than blood brothers.

Brothers? You guys have a deep relationship with each other. Fine, I'll send you guys to reunite. There was only coldness in Zi Chen's eyes, without any mercy. To be merciful to the enemy was to be cruel to oneself.


The spear flashed by like a dragon leaving its lair, drawing out a large amount of silver light and piercing straight into another experts chest.

The spear was pulled out, blood spurting out and another person fell to the ground.

I'll send you on your way!

Under the ancient weapon, everything became simple.

A bright light flashed as a spear Qi shot out, striking another person in the throat. Another person fell to the ground.


A wave of aura swept out, and light appeared on the spear, causing the last person to fall under the ancient weapon.

After killing four people, Zi Chen was about to search them but before he could, he heard the sound of something tearing through the air.

It was clear that they were people of the Li Family and it was another group that understood combination type attack.


Seeing the four people lying in pools of blood, the expressions of the newcomers drastically changed.

You are Zi Chen!

Just then, they coincidentally recognized Zi Chen.

Zi Chen unleashed his True Yuan, the killing intent in his eyes surging as he held his spear ready to strike.


The four of them did not want to be outdone so with a roar, they rushed towards Zi Chen and unleashed a combined attack.

However, there was still no suspense. After a fierce battle, the four of them fell into a pool of blood. Not a single one of them survived.

Beneath the ancient weapon, the four of them could not last as long as the previous four could.

It could be seen that these people were carefully groomed by the Li Family. Being together since they were young, and also knowing the combined attack, they naturally spent a large price on them.

This was exactly what Zi Chen wanted.

Zi Chen sat cross-legged on the summit of a mountain. After adjusting the Yin-Yang Energy in his body, he would charge toward the second heaven.


Between heaven and earth, a silver light flashed as a bolt of lightning descended from the sky.